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  • Axion Concentrator 21: Beginning Nov. 15, 2011  [View instapost]
    I have not been able to be a part of all the excitement around here with TG calling all of you individually. To me that spoke volumes.

    But moving on to issues. When TG answered my production questions to someone he mentioned a standard 6 second dwell time and then an 11 second dwell time at some stations. How do you compute that for an 8 hour shift. Last call we were at 100 batteries worth of electrodes per shift. How do you interpret his statements this time. I couldn't quite figure out what he meant.
    But if I take a 400,000 order and make batteries 5 days a week, 52 weeks a year for one shift that is 1540 batteries per day.

    1540 batteries means at least 45,000 electrodes a day. Do these numbers make sense or was he suggesting that it would take 3 shifts per day to do those numbers? Thanks for any input.
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  • Axion Power Concentrator 20: Beginning Nov. 13, 2011   [View instapost]
    I recognise the concern many have about dealing with the Chineese. But some companies have been very successful doing so.
    ZBB has partnered up with a muti-national conglomerate in Korea. They have partnered up in Australia. They have now partnered up in China. They have hired experienced management that has dealt with an American company selling high tech products overseas.

    There is always danger lurking but I see a company with a game plan and an execution strategy. My favorite line of the conference call went something like this:
    " We waited until the last minute to hire needed new management because we didn't want to waste any money"

    The danger to this company is lack of funds not patent protection.
    But they have 5 million dollars of orders on backlog. More orders coming from their new partners, and a team in place to market, manufacture, and deliver the new product. It is an exciting small company that is playing with some very big kids in the neighborhood. On top of that they are pinching pennies. I like that.
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  • Axion Power Concentrator 20: Beginning Nov. 13, 2011   [View instapost]
    John Petersen,
    I just finished listening to ZBB's conference call. I liked everything I heard but one thing made me laugh. Their system is able to take the grid power, roof solar power, wind power etc. into the box and disburse it. They disburse it in DC voltage just as an EV car battery would want it. So they are a good solution for a company ( like Walmart) that might have a roof top solar installation and wants to also have car charging stations. They can take everything in and then disburse it properly. Makes sense.
    The funny part is when the CEO stated that they could take the wind or solar collected energy and dispurse it to the car instead of the "coal generated" energy going to the car.
    My mind was filled with warning signs. " No peeing in the swimming pool." " Stop using my clean energy for your dirty work" " We do not authorize bad electrons into your car"

    I was laughing but he really had no idea of how silly what he said really was. But all of that aside this company has it together and is on a good path for clean tech survival and profit.
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  • Axion Power Concentrator 20: Beginning Nov. 13, 2011   [View instapost]
    You could be right that most automakers will take their lead from BMW. But it only takes one to look at the facts and say "I want a small order of 300,000 for my next model year. BMW might have done the groundwork but a small run now would be perfect for both Axion and the PbC.
    But when you think about it I am sure that BMW and Axion have already had the "if it proves out what numbers are we talking about buying" talk. They have had the "when would we need to ramp" talk. They have had the "can we be exclusive for awhile " talk.

    No two companies ( just like NS and Axion) can join together to test an evolutionary product and not have those talks. I'm no rocket scientist but I'm guessing that if the product tests well ( and it has so far) Axion will need some new Electrode lines next year to meet the extra demand for the 2013 model year.

    The question isn't is BMW going to buy if it test well? It is how many electrode lines do you need for all the other automakers if it test well. Remember, the clover lane facility will be at full production for the NS contract.
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  • Axion Power Concentrator 20: Beginning Nov. 13, 2011   [View instapost]
    Here is what I wanted to know:

    From the report:
    We have one customer that accounted for approximately 86% and 80% product sales for the three and nine month periods ended September 30, 2011, respectively, and two customers that accounted for approximately 14% and 19% of product sales for the three and nine month periods ended September 30, 2010, respectively.

    Now I am not an accountant, but, lets assume the 85% customer is East Penn and the flooded lead acid battery contract. That equals 3.865 million in flooded. The other two customers I assume are NS and the Detrioit OEM (GM). Thats one million dollars in PbCs this year. Basically in the last three months. 4000 PbCs in the quarter? I can accept that number. Small and going to grow bigger.

    The Gen 2 line is working and Axion is on schedule to start delivering product to those that want it.
    If some one could ask if those numbers are a correct assumption of the breakdown of revenue I would appreciate it.
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  • Axion Power Concentrator 20: Beginning Nov. 13, 2011   [View instapost]
    I have always been a believer that the GM assist system, was the perfect fit for the PbC. It would be a much larger PbC system than a stop/start system. It is a GM exclusive. And the GM, Penn State, East Penn connection was made earlier by one of our posters.
    I would bet $5 of Bangwhiz's money that it is GM.
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  • Axion Power Concentrator 19: Beginning Nov. 10, 2011  [View instapost]
    If phraseology is important it might be a good idea not to misquote Mr. Granville. I believe he thought a cash infusion of some type ( probably an equity offering through the shelf registration) might be needed.
    He never said an "equity dillution" would be needed.
    Since new stock does not dillute this would probably be a term to stay away from using.
    A question like " Besides using the shelf registration for a cash raise next spring has the board considered any other options?", might be a little nicer to ask.
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  • Axion Power Concentrator 19: Beginning Nov. 10, 2011  [View instapost]
    Sounds very familiar. I believe someone warned of a possible goodwill writedown due to the Think impact a few months ago.

    If I were a Telsa investor I might want to heed the advice from that same accountant.
    Nov 12, 2011. 11:47 AM | 3 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Axion Power Concentrator 19: Beginning Nov. 10, 2011  [View instapost]
    I have felt your frustration and understand it completely. TG was wrong when he thought the Gen 1 line would produce commercial electrodes in meaningful quantity. The line wasn't good enough to meet the requirements for the best markets for the product.
    The building of the Gen 2 Line tells me all I need to know. The board understands what is needed. They spent 6 Million dollars hiring a top design firm and installing the gen 2 line. Axion can now potentially commercially produce 70,000 PbCs per year if our calculations are correct. That would be a total of $17,000,000 revenue. So, Axion is in a position to conduct business now. To confirm this we need TG to confirm the production capabilities.

    Axion cannot be expected to hamper any relationships with any potential customers by speaking out of turn. This is why JP is suggesting we soft sell the question so TG can answer in a way he is comfortable.

    Customers can't be expected to place orders without fully testing large quantities of the PbCs under actual working conditions. This is why Axion is producing test batteries now. The PbC sales figures should give us a glimpse into the near future. If indeed they are selling large strings of PbC batteries and they confirm that those sales are in several or many different markets then we know that everything is left up to the PbC to prove its worth in the field.

    Axion can't be expected to sell large quantities of PbC batteries if they cannot produce them. The next big sale will be NS ralroad. They paid Axion to develop BMS and then patented their proprietary BMS work. The information given next week will go a long way to helping us understand that market. But in no way do I expect TG to give information NS does not want released.

    Heck we all want TG to tell us that everything is set and the future is now. But everyone realizes that nobody will buy PbCs in large quantities and stake their future business on the PbC if it isn't fully field tested.
    Again, I share your investor uneasiness . The risk grows as the money runs thin. But TG never would have planned on 2012 financing by shelf registration if he wasn't sure a large order is coming.

    I'm excited about next week. I thank everyone who can participate in the conference call. I join John in asking that the questions be phrased lightly and delicately in order that we can give TG
    the opportunity to answer without sounding negative. Boxing him into a corner is not going to happen anyway.
    So be glad for the opportunity to ask him a question and help all of us learn more about Axion's future.
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  • Axion Power Concentrator 19: Beginning Nov. 10, 2011  [View instapost]
    I believe we made some predictions on another concentrator a while back. You might skim those.

    But $.31? I have to believe that is a guess and not based on any chart or substance. After all Axion will grow its revenue this year to 10 Million. There is no reason to believe that it isn't on a growth pattern as of now. I expect this to be much clearer to the world after next weeks conference call.
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  • Axion Power Concentrator 19: Beginning Nov. 10, 2011  [View instapost]
    And in response the market sends Telsa even higher.

    Some things just don't make sense sometimes.

    A lithium battery is pierced in a side crash test. Three weeks later the car bursts into flames. GM says the National Safety Testing Center didn't follow procedures. What will they say when someone burns inside the vehicle? Where is Ralph Nader when you need him?
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  • Axion Power Concentrator 19: Beginning Nov. 10, 2011  [View instapost]
    As a shareholder of several companies that went belly up I feel much pain for the MegaC shareholders. They actually would have had some decent return from the bankruptcy settlement if the legal fees could have been kept down. But instead the nonsense litigation just goes on and on.
    Just happy to be buying Axion at todays prices.
    Nov 11, 2011. 01:03 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Micro-Hybrids: The Fuel Efficiency Innovation Of The Decade  [View article]
    One could add a hitch to the front of a Prius and have a Horse pull the vehicle also. It would add horsepower but still not be practical. It would change the prius from a Hybrid to a Horsebred. In this manner the warranty wouldn't be voided. It would be a true Hybrid with a range extender.
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  • Axion Power Concentrator 19: Beginning Nov. 10, 2011  [View instapost]
    Thanks for pulling that together. It reminded me that TG has been pretty straightforward in trying to tone down my expectations. Unfortunately I am not easy to tone down.
    After reading your excerpts again all I want to know is:

    How far along are the planned demonstration projects?

    Because until those are completed Axion has no negotiating leverage.
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  • Axion Power Concentrator 19: Beginning Nov. 10, 2011  [View instapost]
    I believe Mr.Peterson has stated in previous post that it is a non-issue. The lines at New Castle build both 12v and 16v batteries. The difference between an AGM and a PbC from a manufacturing POV is very small. The difference between having a 6 cell case or an 8 cell case on the assembly line is also negligible for manufacturing purposes.
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