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  • Top Kill Fails: Is a Nuclear Solution Really on the Table? [View article]
    I'll admit BP's P.R. effort is horrific, but all the talk about kicking out B.P. and letting the military takeover is ridiculous. This is an engineering problem, not a military exercise. B.P. has pulled together the top minds from their company and from others to attack the problem. I'd rather have top notch engineers who are spending all their time trying to solve this issue in charge, over a firm that says all the right things but doesn't have the horsepower to attack the problem. B.P. is up against an unprecedented problem, and they just haven't hit upon the proper solution.... yet.

    I've heard comments that they should drop a battleship on this thing, now the nuclear option, high strength concrete... I think the average layman simply doesn't understand the challenge. The notion that B.P. simply isn't trying is laughable. Every day that this spill continues further erodes their bottom line and their image.

    Like many disasters, this has become a political issue. Having Rep. Ed Markey constantly screaming about the big bad oil company doesn't help in any way... except to score political points for Rep. Ed Markey. He's not the only politician using this as an opportunity to score points. If they really want to help, they can help everyone focus their efforts on fixing the problem and dealing with the cleanup. Once that's behind us, they can hold their usual hearings to grandstand and score points. Right now, it's not helping.
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