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  • Otelco: One Of My Top Ideas That Is Overlooked And Misunderstood By The Majority Of The Market  [View article]
    In the risks section they say that 2 are the main ones " no refinancing debt (partially solved), and being technologically dysfunctional....they are not able to keep pace with market 4G, video services etc,

    So they must find another way, new capital, selling the business etc. not an easy alternative .
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  • Best Investments For 2016  [View article]
    Who wrote this article?
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  • Transocean: Time To Buy, In 5 Charts  [View article]
    Well, cost of military equipment is not the object of this article, let say only that a country with half the population and 1/10th of the military budget of U.S is developing weapons as effective as imagine who they are.
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  • Transocean: Time To Buy, In 5 Charts  [View article]
    That´s is OK if they don´t bankrupt
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  • Why I Covered My Short Position In Lumber Liquidators  [View article]
    Sorry but not true, thousands of customers bought a product that is safe for all U.S but California, as a matter of fact just 1% of the product is subject to possible demand, less than GM or Ford, less than Dell or Samsung.

    What whapenned here is just an infamy.
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  • Why I Covered My Short Position In Lumber Liquidators  [View article]
    Yes but intention is just the same, and again nobody will go to jail..
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  • Why I Covered My Short Position In Lumber Liquidators  [View article]
    He will answer you that he was playing in the Mr.Gecko, he also played IN the rules....of course he sold BEFORE THIS ARTICLE and now is large, just for the sheeply to feed him the numbers show.

    This "evil" definition in law is quite open, what is evil?, VW is evil?, deserves to shut down because is "EVIL"?.

    The point is that a honest company was under a severe attack of a TV program without legal enforceable evidence, thousands of jobs in risk because of it, human suffering, broken relations, families, careers etc.....just because a program was looking for "content".
    Ethics??, fine, and you?
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  • Transocean: Time To Buy, In 5 Charts  [View article]
    Well, reading the same information and charts you posted i read it in a different manner, even when RIG has improved THE SURVIVAL POINT, it doesn´t mean is an attractive investment in the future.

    The reality is that oil is reaching a peak in consumption, even the new cars and new cities will be mitigated with new solar and fuel efficient cars, U.S is reducing it´s oil volume by almost 1% per year, sin transportation, the shift in electricity will be even stronger.

    In the other hand oil will not reach historic prices in many years, perhaps decades or ever, the main apportation to energy and improvement of billions of persons is U.S made, the fracking technology suddenly makes available billions of barrels of oil...CHEAP oil, cheaper than deep sea perforations, energy will be available at reasonable prices for many millions.

    So I don't see RIG expanding the business of deep sea platforms, i don´t see anybody risking money in fields where oil is over $50 / per barrel in the next decade....As Tudor invest says....Fundamentals.

    Dec 16, 2015. 05:36 AM | 4 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Monday Market Madness - Oil Below $40  [View article]
    I could be brave enough to say that "this oil price is a conflict between Saudis and Iranians " and has nothing to do with market, inventory levels´s a fight between Mohammed and Ali.
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  • Molycorp: Will Asset Sales Work?  [View article]
    Nop, It has to show how will be able to survive debt crisis, 0.5 is a good price if......
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  • TransMontaigne Partners: Midstream MLP Yields A Secure 8.6% With Imminent Growth Levers  [View article]
    LNG and LPG have a close correlation and elasticity, there is a huge NG stock right now but this lines will consume a huge (600:1) that will erase NG stocks during 2016

    Each Cherniere trains will compress 1.75 million tons per year, multiply that for 600 and that for 7 for 2016, another 2 for 2017 and that only for this company its another company with 5 trains in 2018...that´s huge.
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  • TransMontaigne Partners: Midstream MLP Yields A Secure 8.6% With Imminent Growth Levers  [View article]

    A nice article Michael , as usual coming from you.

    In relation with the market prices what is your opinion having a new fact in the market starting next month with Cherniere (LNG) starting the first 2 liquefaction trains in the Gulf coast.

    This people is going to take a huge amount of gas out of the market (they are compressing in a 600 to 1 ratio ) and have fully operational 7 lines next year.

    How in your opinion could this affect TLP ( not i Frontera but perhaps in BOTSCO)

    Nov 2, 2015. 02:22 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • 12 Stocks Acting Like A Money Machine With Increased Dividends  [View article]
    I´ve been reading you for a while, surprised to see that you are in the top 3 in SA portfolios!!, congrats! and thanks
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  • Why Oil Is Underpriced  [View article]
    First time reading you but will be doing it in the future

    You are only seeing the economic/market side of the situation, however few commodities have a so intense politics firepower as oil.

    In addition to that many other forces are in the game of oil, a few.

    Technology, New CAFE and California pollution laws are reducing the use of oil in a bit less than 1% per year in U.S and China due better efficiency in gas mileage.

    Also solar and wind energy is coming into the equation in U.S case, this will mean a drastic reduction in coal core energy producton an NG stations and turbines, hard to say a number but for sure is not increasing oil use.

    In the other hand, fracking will become a more universal tool for oil recovery, as per today only TX and OK are supplying shale oil, and see what a mess! in prices..... from Paris to Moscou, from Buenos Aires to Mexico etc. there are huge oil deposits available with fracking, this is in most cases cheap oil where no huge platforms and infrastructure are required.

    And finally, as Gary Schilling says, there in history has been always technologies that allow materials to be available or eliminated of human activity, you name it, gold, silver, wood, steel, etc...oil is not an exception.

    Handling this variables as price risks seems sensible, but it seems that we are gradually going into a post oil society.

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  • Best S&P 500 Industrial Stocks According To A Winning Ranking System: Buy Southwest Airlines  [View article]
    Good article Ari, will follow your advice.

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