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  • The Top Ten Energy Storage Stories of 2009 [View article]
    Oilsands correctly comment about the Algae to biofuel process, he mention an Italian project, there are many more being on blue print or construction (, from my point of view is the easiest way to conciliate 2 apparently irreconcilable trends, increasing use of energy vs. global warming.

    It´s specially valuable because:

    1. It´s a biofuel
    2. Generates a market value for CO2
    3. It is in a circuit away of agriculture, food or forest supplying.
    4. It combines with present infrastructure (oil, carbon and gas ) generation
    5. It can be installed in land attach to actual plants.
    6. Different genetic modified algae can be use for different products.
    7. Its a closed circuit not affecting environment.
    8. It qualifies for carbon credits
    9. It´s easy to operate underdeveloped countries can use it.

    Jan 1, 2010. 04:55 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • 2010: Time to Arrest the Oil Extortionists? [View article]
    110% agree: as since we discovered fire until now everybody qualifies as speculator (bartering then trading) market rules are the best way know by civilization to present times to control the human emotions of greed and scrooge otherwise we could be killing each other just to buy bread.

    Greed has been in Human History, finding the best way to articulate it into the general wellbeing is the art.


    On 2010 Jan 01 01:05 PM prudentinvestor wrote:

    > If we follow the logic of this silly article, we would need to file
    > anti-trust and gouging charges against many, if not most, of our
    > corporations.
    > The author, and some commenters, are upset that the price we pay
    > for oil greatly exceeds the cost of pulling it out of the ground
    > at the world's cheapest wells. By this logic, how about the price
    > we pay for cereal? Grains cost about $5 for a bushel (about 50 lbs).
    > Most kids need to eat cereal, and their parents are forced to pay
    > $4 for a box that contains 10 cents worth of grain. After adding
    > some sugar, etc, the cost of the contents of a box of cereal is 20-25
    > cents, yet the poor consumer has to pay 15x-25x that cost. Should
    > we haul the managements of the cereal companies off to jail?
    > How about clothes? People need underwear and socks, and our retailers
    > sell them for 10x-20x what they pay the Chinese for them, so why
    > don't we haul our retail executives off before the courts or the
    > congress too?
    > How about tomato soup, or pasta, or soap, or toothpaste? Do you think
    > the cost of ingredients in the package are commensurate with the
    > price charged to the consumer? Should we sue their producers' executives
    > too?
    > There are many other examples of necessities for which the consumers'
    > final price greatly exceeds the basic cost of the goods or the raw
    > material. This is natural, as there are many other components of
    > cost, and if business cannot profit, it will not make the effort
    > to develop a product and bring it to the consumer. However, the author's
    > deficient logic implies that all these goods have to be subjected
    > to price controls by the state. This is what centrally-planned (aka
    > communist) economies have attempted, and the result was that production
    > of all these necessities dropped, and so did their entire standard
    > of living.
    Jan 1, 2010. 04:29 PM | 5 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Apple: All Signs Point to Growth [View article]
    Are mexican by chance?........

    On Dec 31 12:04 PM PedroG wrote:

    > I am a retired money manager/financial planner (at age 46...11 years
    > ago). I started buying Apple at 37 for my personal accounts and
    > have accumulated thousands of shares of Apple. I believe it is the
    > best run tech company in the world. Their expansion of their stores
    > internationally and domestically is the key to their growth. No
    > other tech company offers the service that they do. Currently they
    > only have 1% of the total handsets in the world so it is quite possible
    > that they could obtain 5-10% in the next three to five years. The
    > "Mac" sales are growing through the roof and the desk top will never
    > die... just evolve. Apple will continue to move more into home entertainment
    > and will become a major player in this market and 3D. Just look
    > at the interconnection with Disney & Apple (Steven Jobs is the
    > largest shareholder and is on the Disney board of directors.) Apple
    > could easily hit 280-300 per share by the end of this year. With
    > over 30 billion in cash and no debt Apple is in the "sweet spot"
    > for major growth for the next several years. I am buying Apple aggressively
    > at it's current price.
    Dec 31, 2009. 02:17 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Apple: All Signs Point to Growth [View article]
    Hold your horses, China is the biggest problem right now they were expecting 5 million units (which Unicom bought and paid in advance) and it was a fiasco, Apple´s China team never understood how the markets works there and they were sure to change chinese consumer patterns.

    If they don´t change the business model China will be the biggest failure of Apple after Newton.

    There are other problems to, the 27´screens are having problems...and tablet ( ISlate) will not be a walk in the park as it was with IPod, big competition is already in the market and even if you think the device is an exit a big portion of the market already bought Kindle even if they like it they already have something.

    I´m APPL investor but trying to recognize the risks.


    On Dec 31 12:07 PM jmmx wrote:

    > Ahhhh - now a 7-inch model too? I like that. Still pocket sized and
    > bettered priced. I hope it is true.
    > Also new - from China it is said that Apple expects to sell 10 Million
    > units in 2010. Seems high to me - but I like that idea. :)
    > Happy New Year to you all!
    Dec 31, 2009. 02:07 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Dow 50,000 by the End of the Next Decade? [View article]
    Give us your inflation figure for the period......the compounded one..
    Dec 31, 2009. 01:37 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • GMK - Gruma Worry Over Venezuelan Nationalization [View instapost]
    It seems that your only investment is Gruma , it could be interesting to have your comments in other mexican ADR´s.

    Dec 31, 2009. 01:31 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • 2010 Investing: A Tale of Two Economies [View article]
    My first car was a Ford Maverick which costs me less than $3,000, now a Ford equivalent is $25,000...what they do is:

    1. They recollect money
    2. They spend money (more than recollected)
    3. They have deficit
    4. They print money (Eurodollars, petrodollars, chinedollars etc.)
    5. They produce inflation
    6. They ask you "to increase productivity"
    7. Back to point 1....

    As they are using money in things that are not incumbent to US people then you find that:

    America has not railroad infrastructure
    America only has airports and highways
    America only has carbon and oil (most of it)
    America has the worst First World Health system
    and some others..


    On Dec 30 01:40 PM User 449977 wrote:

    > "The $3.5 trillion that was overcharged for commodities in the last
    > few years was withdrawn from household wealth."
    > Everyone seems to call this the work of the evil speculators pushing
    > commodities about inflated money looking for a home?
    Dec 30, 2009. 01:55 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • 2010 Investing: A Tale of Two Economies [View article]
    Never i could expect this comment from a professional investor, prepare´s going to rain.

    However, congratulations, your analysis of working hours with european countries, same with health are punctual, and you don´t mention it but the lack of transport infrastructure in U.S. in comparison with Europe, Japan, Korea, is amazing.

    And yes, is true, 60% of the assets in US are in hands of 1% of the population and now is worst than ever after Bush period, the ability to provide cheap commodities, cheap gas and cheap food (avoiding with it to increase the income level) will produce an explosive mix to the "american dream".

    We have been incorporating at least 50 million per year into the "market" in the last decade most of them in China and Southeast Asia, the next decade will increase them in another 600 million (1,100 in 2 decades of XXI century) as you say nothing as Capitalism to keep masses on line.....and this century is a masses one.

    Increasing minimum hour salary in US. is the first step and keep it in present value over time is the other, after that the model seems to complicated...

    Dec 30, 2009. 01:29 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • 5 Reasons Why the Apple iSlate Will Be a Failure [View article]
    Well, you are honest about it, but your kid already have their own, the concept of "Apple ecosystem" is moving even into your home, with time you will understand the basis concept around all this, you are used to have computers as and object or instrument for Excell, Word and few other utilitarian things, your kids will use theirs in a different way, they will be interacting with it.

    On Dec 30 09:37 AM rrtzmd wrote:

    > ...I've never owned an Apple anything and have never quite understood
    > the fascination with Apple products versus competitors...and for
    > the life of me, I don't understand "apps" maybe Apple could
    > market the device to its clearly long line of devotees...still, I
    > wish people would get it through their heads that any color tablet
    > produced by anyone is going to have some sort of LCD screen...and
    > reading books on any LCD screen for more than a couple of minutes
    > is a severe eyestrain...the reason the Kindle is so popular is people
    > discovering that they CAN read books for prolonged periods WITHOUT
    > eyestrain because of the e-ink technology...however, as far as I
    > know, there is no color e-ink currently available...hence, any "itablet"
    > is NOT going to be competitive with eink devices for bookreading
    > purposes...
    Dec 30, 2009. 11:02 AM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Top 10 Electric Car Makers in 2010-11 [View article]
    Your "americentric" list lacks some important names:

    Renault (as Nissan) is working with several projects in the EV field, few car companies are more serious about it.

    Pegeout has for next year a diesel hybrid which is the best concept in my opinion.

    Mercedes, Audi, BMW all of them have car based in batts and fuel cells, in my opinion the long term race will be for the fuel cells.

    Chinese car makers are moving into, A123 just signed something .

    And finally the future of electric transportation is coming in the form of bicycles and scooters, that is way that India and China are facing the future (which is more responsible by the way).
    Dec 30, 2009. 10:49 AM | 4 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Select the Top 10 SA Contributers [View instapost]
    How to rate so many, so different, so good mixed with so different favorites are:

    The best quantitative: Bespoke
    The best technical Alan Von Altendorf
    Best narrative John Petersen
    Best Appleite Jason Schwarz
    Best Dark side The Mole
    Best chartist David Fry
    Best dreamer Dividend4life
    Best important information David Hunkar
    Best commenter Old Trader.

    Dec 30, 2009. 05:14 AM | 8 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Will Apple's Tablet Succeed Where Others Have Failed? [View article]
    110% agree, a new Apple pruct is unexpected or it is not...

    On Dec 28 02:53 AM jmmx wrote:

    > MG -
    > Pretty nice post here. Let me give you my take on it:
    > When the NY Times reported "senior employee inside Apple" as saying:
    > "let’s just say Steve is extremely happy with the new tablet.” -
    > This was a code speak.
    > You remember how the iPhone totally reinvented the cell phone? Well
    > if Jobs (assuming the Steve in question was Jobs) If Jobs is really
    > so happy - then you can expect the same amazing redefinition from
    > the tablet. Expect to see the unexpected.
    > IMHO
    Dec 28, 2009. 01:00 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Thoughts on the Apple Tablet, iPhone Rumors [View article]
    Apps and Itunes are fundamental parts of Apple ecosystem, the Chinese version of Apps is coming strongly and perhaps it could become as important as the english version.

    Next year will bring a new I phone, a new line of computers with a revolutionary 4 processors chip, new prices in the line and sorry tablet....yet, batteries are not as expected in performance and problems with software /haptic screens....
    LED´s perhaps?
    That is the gossip I heard.
    Dec 27, 2009. 04:18 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Another Reality Check for Energy Storage Investors [View article]
    C´mon John give us a break is Xmas session... and you are producing like usual!

    As you know I am a disenchanted soul of the batteries available as fuel for the future of land transportation, mainstream production of EV vehicles are far away, whatever the technology used , I losted with VLNC from 3.25 to comments.

    But I strongly disagree that AXPW has a 1.52 value, it´s the market price last Friday but market will realize that actual value is 0.35 so even when they have a good amount for the future viability, real value is 5X less.

    Dec 27, 2009. 03:25 PM | 3 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Another Reality Check for Energy Storage Investors [View article]
    While I have a grade of agreement with your comment just say that it´s not the same moving a hand tool or a GPS or Phone than moving 2 tons around for 120 miles and recharging it in a reasonable time...believe, from DARPA and Defense to Ford or Renault everybody is after it...and nothing substantial happens.

    On Dec 27 10:14 AM User 340859 wrote:

    > It's not surprising that a guy with a large position in Axion and
    > Exide, two lead-acid battery manufacturers, doesn't like lithium-ion
    > battery manufacturers, but here is a reality check: Lead-acid batterries
    > are becoming outdated. Lithium-ion is the new state-of-the-art, and
    > there are many more uses of them than in automobiles. Lithium-ion
    > batteries are used in digital cameras, computers, GPS devices, cell
    > phones, IPODs, and an increasing number of consumer items. The growing
    > popularity of solar will also increase demand for lithium-ion batteries.
    > John has consistently, and frequently, bad-mouthed AONE, but the
    > stock is up over 47% from its November 23 low of $14.31. Meanwhile
    > Axion has lost over 10% in the same time frame.
    > I prefer performance over hype. For now, AONE has been performing.
    > Lithium may only be a trend, but the trend is your friend.
    Dec 27, 2009. 03:10 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment