Snowboard 2k01

Snowboard 2k01
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I bought my first stocks in December 1987. At the tome I was processing 250' coils of power cable in the Western World largest cable factory ( Black Brown Marker). All the talk in the media was of the coming depression due to the October Crash.. I asked my self why are we working 60 hours a week if the economy is going to hell! I left there in 1996 due to lack of laws concerning second hand smoke. I have been involved since 1996 in the design and production of printed media. I snowboard ,boogie board and in-line skate as well as bicycle. I run and own a busy wide format print shop. I lived in a tent for six months cooking over an open fire.
  • Description: Occasional Investor. Trading frequency: Weekly
  • Interests: Energy stocks, Stocks - long
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john petreson Jul 16, 2013