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  • WSJ: Keystone pipeline decision on collision course with midterm elections [View news story]
    "By eminent domain, TransCanada seized part of Bishop’s 20 acres near Nacogdoches for construction of the Keystone XL pipeline, which the company insisted needed to be built right through his orchard and garden."
    That is taken directly from the article I linked. Does "seized" seem more friendly to you than "land grab"? There are currently 1200 in TX and OK (all commercial ranchers and farmers) who are in legal battles with TransCanada over the use of there land. If you understand tar sands then you understand the corrosive nature of it as opposed to sweet crude. Burying the line will cause more problems not less.
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  • WSJ: Keystone pipeline decision on collision course with midterm elections [View news story]
    Correct, but don't confuse the Interstate Highway system with the seizure of private property by a Canadian firm and the acquiescence of such actions by US politicians who want to retain the label of conservative...they are not....and the amen corner of comments on this thread that foolishly believe this is a left-right is not. My point is clear...if you support the construction of the XL pipeline, you have no right to call yourself a conservative...and the comments on this thread support my contention that the public who think this is a left-right issue are ill-informed. Also consider the fact that if you are a rancher in TX, you take little risk in the construction of a rail system or highway system on your land (could even support your business), but if your aquifer is effected by the slightest leak (which has already happened) you are out of business, so I don't see the same parallels you see.
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  • WSJ: Keystone pipeline decision on collision course with midterm elections [View news story]

    It's amazing how woefully ill-informed the public is on this project. The only way the pipeline gets done is through the eminent domain land grab in OK and TX. 40 years ago every Republican House member would be on the floor protesting these It looks like the unlimited contributions from the Oil/Gas industry trumps true conservative values like private property rights...that's the true "travesty".
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  • January Nonfarm Payrolls: +157K vs. consensus +160K, 196K previous (revised from 155K). Unemployment rate 7.9% vs. consensus 7.8%, 7.8% previous. [View news story]
    I am sorry, but the U3 rate was 9.2% in that month...down from 10.8% from 12/82. If your trying to praise Reagan, don't use his first 3 years to do it. When he took office the U3 rate was 7.5%
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  • Initial Jobless Claims: +46K to 388K vs. 365K consensus, 342K prior (revised). Continuing claims -29K to 3.25M[View news story]
    Federal employees are up about 120k under Obama...vast majority are in Homeland Security and Defense. I think these are apples/oranges comparisons with states. Over the next year you should see that number decrease with the Iraq drawdown.
    The following chart only goes to 9/11', but you can see the increase in 02' (Homeland Security) and 07' (surge). All other dept's have been relatively flat. Veterans Affairs got a huge boost after 09'...I would view that as positive.
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  • Initial Jobless Claims: +46K to 388K vs. 365K consensus, 342K prior (revised). Continuing claims -29K to 3.25M[View news story]
    Actually we have lost about 700k public sector jobs (mostlty teachers, cops) since the peak in 09'.
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  • Initial Jobless Claims: +46K to 388K vs. 365K consensus, 342K prior (revised). Continuing claims -29K to 3.25M[View news story]
    Remember last weeks number excluded a state that didn't get their data in time...that was added this week. If you average the 342 and 388 figures the last two weeks, you get the 365 that was consensus.
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  • Aug ADP Jobs Report: +201K vs. +149K consensus, 163K prior. [View news story]
    Very interesting...but your comment on Keynes being a bubble creator is incorrect. Keynes only advocated filling gaps in the private sector with public money within the confines of a single business cycle, not as a structural remedy. This is why the modern Republican party's remedy for low/high aggregate demand or low/high interest rates is exactly the same solution...nominal tax cuts in which 60% of the benefit goes to 1% of the population (Romney/Ryan) or nominal tax cuts in which 70% go to 5% of the population (Bush 43)...I find it very humorous...also, my confusion is a product of your comments about labor productivity and deficits, which are illogical, not your recitation on the life and influences of Keynes. Deficit spending when aggregate demand is relatively high is counter productive because it crowds out private sector credit...when demand is low, it is productive...that is Keynes distilled...that is why he only advocated deficit spending within the recessionary part of the business cycle...and also why those who think deficit spending now is crowding out the private sector are dead wrong. marginal tax rates are the lowest in a generation...why is it not creating aggregate demand? Could it possibly be that the distribution of tax cuts (70% to 5%) are inherently inefficient?
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  • Aug ADP Jobs Report: +201K vs. +149K consensus, 163K prior. [View news story]
    Keynes would advocate using gov. deficit spending to fill the gap caused by a decrease in aggregate demand in the public sector...which is what exactly Reagan did with his tax cuts with borrowed money....also...labor is at it most productive today(because of US R&D spending i.e. internet) than any time in the country's your comment is quite confusing to me. In fact, labor force participation and productivity are inversely related...thus the structural problems we have in this country. We can only hope to see our productivity exceed cheaper labor costs in a global economy to compete.
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  • Aug ADP Jobs Report: +201K vs. +149K consensus, 163K prior. [View news story]
    I ses a lot of comparisons to 2009-today and 1/81' - 8/84' as far as U3 unemployment. Reagan started at 7.6%..topped out at 10.8% in 12/82' and we stood at 7.6% at 8/84'...Obama started at 8.3%...topped at 10% and now we are at 8.1%...similar trajectory. The slight difference is Reagan added 200k state/federal/local jobs during this time and Obama has seen a drop of 800K public sector jobs. I think there is an argument to be made that Reagan was the ultimate Kensyian in the respect that our national debt increased 2.89X during his tenure(his 8 fiscal years/budgets). After fiscal year 2009 (Bush's last budget) our gross debt stood at 12.2T....we are now at 16T. Obama would have to push that debt to 35T+ at the end of 8 years to match Reagan's record. With that much deficit spending, should we not have seen much better results on GDP/job growth than Clinton?
    I happen to believe that Reagan was correct to cut marginal rates to offset the loss in agregate demand caused by Volkers' agressive rate increases. I also believe it was correct to push for the 83' Tefra act and the 86' tax inceases after the economy had healed to claw back about 50% of the lost revenue( still not enough to halt huge deficits). I don't understand those who claim to praise Reagan in this modern Rep. party. If you have any respect for Reagan's legacy, I suggest you read the latest op-eds by David Stockman (OMB dir.) and Bruce Bartlett (chief eco advisor) to understand how the modern party is not respecting the legacy of Reagan.
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  • Aug ADP Jobs Report: +201K vs. +149K consensus, 163K prior. [View news story]
    What is the standard "required time" it should take to re-fill 8.5M jobs lost plus the 3.6M new entries over an 18 month period of time.
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  • Aug ADP Jobs Report: +201K vs. +149K consensus, 163K prior. [View news story]
    That is incorrect. During the "Bush miracle" of 1/04 to 12/07 (48 mos) we produced 7 million private sector jobs...mostly construction...that's roughly 145K/month. Of course that was completely lost in 08' what we lost in the first 3 years puts Bush 43's private sector growth for 8 years at a negative number. will have to adjust the dates on the chart. ADP charts do not cut/paste after alteration.
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  • The weekend's box office numbers saw a bit of a surprise when political documentary 2016: Obama’s America edged into the mix with an estimated $6.238M haul to beat several big studio debuts. Despite the unexpected surge in the film, the overall theme from the weekend is that the late summer doldrums are now in full swing and that the industry still hasn't been fully recharged since the Colorado theater shooting in July. Seeing the August movie slump: DIS, LGF, VIAB, SNE, TWX, CMCSA[View news story]
    Does anyone believe that an individual would spend money with anything that has Dinesh D'souza's name attached to it, and not go in with preconceived delusions? the way, wouldn't our founding fathers also have had anti-colonial sensibilities?
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  • Congressmen Elijah Cummings and Henry Waxman warn Wal-Mart (WMT +0.3%) in a letter that they hold evidence of wrongdoing at the company's Mexico affiliate including tax evasion and money laundering. The finding from the pair of lawmakers is unrelated to any conclusions the DOJ may be making on the issue. On tap for Wal-Mart: Q2 results (earnings preview[View news story]
    I am not sure what WMT has to do with F&F, but if you seriously want to know why large amounts of US purchased weapons find there way into MEX, here is a Fortune Mag. article which has been the best sourced research on the matter...ATF isn't the problem, it's the insane gun laws in AZ..from the article..."Customers can legally buy as many weapons as they want in Arizona as long as they're 18 or older and pass a criminal background check. There are no waiting periods and no need for permits, and buyers are allowed to resell the guns.... By 2009 the Sinaloa drug cartel had made Phoenix its gun supermarket and recruited young Americans as its designated shoppers or straw purchasers. Voth and his agents began investigating a group of buyers, some not even old enough to buy beer, whose members were plunking down as much as $20,000 in cash to purchase up to 20 semiautomatics at a time, and then delivering the weapons to others."
    Ask yourself an honest question...who is really protecting the lives of our uniformed officers...ATF or the NRA? As far as F&F, I don't think I have read so many comments.
    Voth begged the AZ Atty Gen to prosecute before the deaths, but was ignored...and then he gets thrown under the bus by Issa.
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  • July ADP Jobs Report: +163K vs. +176K prior and expectations of 120K.  [View news story]
    FT..I suggest you read about the "Bear Stearns Ruling" by the SEC in 2004 which, with executive fiat, allowed the (then) 5 largest investment banks and the 2 largest commercial banks to increase their balance sheet leverage from 12:1 (since the end of WW2) to 40:1. To put it in prospective, Lehman was 34:1 when they collapsed. From that point to 07' their was more Alt-A and subprime issuance then in the 15 years combined. 84% came from the federally un-regulated shadow banks (Ameriquest,Countrywid... Before 04' 60% of securitization was done by FNM,FRE...after 04'...more than 60% was done by 5 leading IB's. If Gramm-Leach and Commodity Modernization Act was the bomb, then Bear Stearns Act was lighting the fuse...and Congress had nothing to do with any of this.

    Are you sure you want to resurrect these de-regulatory policies?
    And to compare Reagan to Obama is silly. Reagan was the ultimate Keynsian. He increased our national debt by 2.89X in 8 years. When Obama took over the 09' fiscal budget was already passed and our national debt stood at 12.5B gross (15.9B now). Us national debt would have to be north of 36B after 8 years of Obama to match Reagan's record. Put that much on a credit card and you can really juice the economy.
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