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  • Why Won't the FCC Just Let the Internet Be? [View article]
    Why are you directing your inquest at me ? Did I defend the Patriot Act in any way in my comment ?

    Do you understand that the Bush administration is no longer in power ? Is there some sort of genetic problem with the left that causes them to say "What about what Bush did ?" every time there is criticism of Obama and his thugs ?

    I did not and have not ever defended the Patriot Act. Period.

    But do not tell me that what Obama and his progressive, radical thugs (and that includes his accomplices, Pelosi, Reid and this current Congress) have not done immense damage to our liberty and freedom in 2 short years. I am watching these tyrants very closely. And judging from the last election, so is much of the country.

    If you want to continue with blinders on, that is up to you. But leave me out of your "What about Bush ?" arguments, as they are irrelevant. Anything that Bush did that Obama did not like -- Obama had 2 years to reverse it or overturn it. And that includes the Patriot Act. Instead, Obama has become "Bush on steroids", continuing and making worse the Bush policies, while heaping more government control on all of us.

    This administration is the biggest threat to our liberty in my lifetime. You want to debate Bush-- do it with somebody who is defending Bush. That wouldn't be me.
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  • Why Won't the FCC Just Let the Internet Be? [View article]
    We have an amazing piece of technology, which provides freedom of speech and communications beyond anything ever seen before....
    and it does not appear to be broken-- so why are we getting a "fix" ?

    If there is one thing that is as sure as the sun rising tomorrow, it is that the "fixers" are not done. There is no such thing as "just one little adjustment".

    The FCC, having learned by watching so much that this administration and this vile Congress have done, give us this "fix" at Christmas, when they expect few to be paying attention.

    It is not easy to steal large chunks of liberty from Americans in broad daylight, so they steal it in little tiny pieces. They steal it in 2,000 page bills that are passed unread, and by decree of the Christmas, when citizens are only too happy to not be thinking about their government for a few days.

    They are not done stealing. This is a certainty.

    Merry Christmas.
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  • President Obama talked taxes, jobs, education, the deficit and U.S. competitiveness in his four-hour meeting with 20 CEOs, striving to come across as willing to listen and work with business. Boeing's (BA) Jim McNerney gets in the mood, saying he plans to add 4,000-5,000 jobs next year. Only one Wall Street figure attended, an odd choice: Richard Wolf of UBS.  [View news story]
    Give us a break with the nonsense about how Wall Street just wants to be unregulated so they can do whatever they want-- OF COURSE THEY DO. A child would understand that. And the unions and trial lawyers want to be able to do whatever they want-- everybody wants to do what they can get away with.

    There is no shortage of regulations from government. If you have ever operated a business, you would know that.

    And there is no shortage of financial regulations, either. There is, however, a shortage of people of integrity and principal. The laws on the books have not been enforced by those whose exact job was to enforce regulations.

    That is why we have Wall Street running a sky's-the-limit casino, why Bernie Madoff can operate for years, why securitized mortgages will soon cost the citizens many billions more, and why trillions of dolars have been wasted trying to save the financial system of this country.

    Just spare us the crap about how more regulations on evil business will solve any of this. The laws that are already on the books would have had most of the perpetrators in handcuffs a long time ago-- if the laws were enforced.
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  • President Obama talked taxes, jobs, education, the deficit and U.S. competitiveness in his four-hour meeting with 20 CEOs, striving to come across as willing to listen and work with business. Boeing's (BA) Jim McNerney gets in the mood, saying he plans to add 4,000-5,000 jobs next year. Only one Wall Street figure attended, an odd choice: Richard Wolf of UBS.  [View news story]
    The last time Obama met with business execs, he had them break out into workgroups of 4, then he told them he would check back on their progress in a few hours. Little, if anything, was accomplished. It is probably safe to assume this dog and pony show will fare no better, despite the happy talk that we will hear from the execs, post-meeting.

    What business really wants is for this government to get out of their lives. Already burdened with absurd new 1099 regulations starting next year, and with no idea what their healthcare costs will be under a mountain of new rules headed their way, they need the one thing Obama will not provide-- relief from an overbearing government.

    Obama's ideology clashes with business. Nothing can come of this, except that a few of the favored companies get government business.

    Almost two years into his term, and all we get is another meeting. This is truly pathetic.
    Dec 16 03:36 AM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • George Soros may view gold as the "ultimate asset bubble," but he and some other big money managers continue to list investments in gold as their largest holdings. “People who are selling gold here are making a big mistake,” Michael Pento says. “The gold bull market will end when real interest rates become positive and we’re very far away from that."  [View news story]
    Why is this being dredged up again and misquoted (again)? Have we not been down that road (many times) about what Soros said ?

    This comment by Soros continues to be misquoted by people who claim to be financial reporters. Soros did not say gold was in a bubble. Not then, and not now. So, that is why Soros is keeping his gold investments-- we are not there yet.

    He said gold would be the ultimate bubble. Would be. Do you really think he thought that the "ultimate bubble" is anywhere near $1400 ? Do you think that is what "ultimate" means to Soros? We are a long way from "ultimate".

    The interview with Ms. Bartiromo was in 2 parts, but only part 1 is provided in the Telegraph's story. The Soros comment was in part 2. (There is another quote in the Conway story, but Soros does not say gold is in a bubble in that comment, either. He just states that "...The ultimate asset bubble is gold. " That is not the same as saying gold is in a bubble. )
    Nov 22 05:57 PM | 3 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Who Deserves the Credit for GM? [View article]
    So, if no bankers go to jail, nobody goes to jail ?

    The people who are letting the bankers walk away are the very same people who orchestrated this latest taxpayer heist to benefit GM (The union, if truth be told).

    It is neither the duty nor the responsibility of our government to bail out failing companies. But then, after bailing them out the first time, the government rewarded them with another incredible bailout of $45 billion dollars in tax credits, because their IPO needed a boost and Obama needed a success story (such as it is). There is no case to be made for yet another theft of taxpayer money.

    Businesses fail every day in this country. That allows other, better managed businesses to succeed. It doesn't matter if Johnson Control or even U.S. Steel loses a customer. They have lost customers before, and they will again. Dealing with it is part of business management. And if GM still cannot stand on their own after the first improper bailout, it is time for them to disappear.

    Nov 19 12:28 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Who Deserves the Credit for GM? [View article]
    Credit ? Is that what is being awarded for this tax-payer financed fiasco ?

    No need to rehash the bailout and trampling of bankruptcy law-- that is well documented.

    But the very recent IRS ruling, which gave GM $45 billion in tax credits (A benefit denied other companies that go through bankruptcy), and which was decided as GM approached their IPO (just a lucky coincidence) meant that GM would not be paying taxes for years. Give that break to any company and see if it has an impact on their IPO.

    So, we know who will TAKE "credit" for this fraudulently-engineered, taxpayer funded "success" -- it is the Obama administration. Oddly enough, they seem to have accidentally stumbled onto a discovery-- that less taxes is actually good for business. But their "discovery" will be short-lived, as it is only for their union cronies at GM, instead of all Americans.

    The better question is "Who deserves jail for the corrupt mess with GM ?"
    Nov 17 04:18 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Joshua Brown has heard from just the three people he needed to convince him that gold is frothy - Jim Cramer (calling for a 20% allocation), Richard Russell (saying gold's in "speculative" phase), and his mom.  [View news story]
    Is gold a bit "frothy" ? OK.....that may be true. And Cramer's endorsement of the metal set off mega-alarm bells at my house (wired to alert whenever Cramer likes anything I have more than $25 invested in)

    But we have years of sovereign crises left....Ireland is in the batter's box now....other PIIGS are crowding the on-deck circle....Bernanke has installed a brand new Twin-Turbo Moneyprinter that does not have an "off" switch...

    Also, the author is not suggesting gold has neared its peak-- but only that it is starting to get attention. This is how the housing bubble got rolling, as you may recall.....Before too long, "Mom", Aunt Betty and half the neighborhood were flipping condos. The other half of the neighborhood was camped out overnight at the new homes sales office, afraid of being left out.

    During the tech stock bubble, do you remember how many people were giving you stock tips ? It was hard to tell if it was a tech bubble or a stockbroker bubble.

    Soros is right about this one-- The gold bubble will be the ultimate bubble. It will be something to behold. Gold is not overheated-- it is just warming up.
    Nov 13 02:55 AM | 7 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • As the U.S. budget deficit adds another $140B in October, the co-chairmen of the deficit commission propose curbing Social Security cost-of-living increases, raising the retirement age, lowering the corporate tax rate, and limiting the mortgage interest deduction. Good luck with the plan ever coming to a vote, as 14 of 18 panel members must reach agreement. (.pdf)  [View news story]
    The devil is in the details, of course, but it was encouraging that so many special interests immediately condemned the plan.
    Nov 11 02:23 AM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Time to let the federal estate tax die, Casey Mulligan writes. The estate tax is extreme in the size of its exemptions and its marginal tax rates, and could be replaced by a tiny increase in payroll or income taxes.  [View news story]
    Well.....perhaps we could send the government a letter.....

    Dearest Government,

    As your humble servant, I beg you to please forgive this rude transgression into matters which I am not wise enough to be permitted inquiries.

    But, if I may most humbly ask.... should you deem this inquiry worthy of consideration....If it pleases you, might it be possible to tax another of your subjects a little more in order that others might be taxed a little less ?

    It has been rumored amongst us commoners, who gladly serve you, our benevolent government, in every manner asked of us, that some of your subjects are trying to give their money to their children. Their children !! Oh please forgive the exclamation marks, I beseech thee. I shall not allow myself to express such careless emotions again.

    But the children know nothing of the greatness of our government. The children do not understand the wisdom you possess. The children do not toil and have never done anything worthy, your excellency, most benevolent government.

    My sincerest apologies if I have wasted any precious seconds of your time, and I shall understand if you deem my brash inquiry to be unworthy of a reply.

    Your humble servant,
    Mr. Ed, Jr.


    Now that a recent election result seems to have gotten their attention, we could demand that our government stop borrowing and spending this country into bankruptcy.

    That way, maybe we wouldn't just accept the premise that one citizen must be taxed more whenever another citizen gets a tax reduction.

    It's our money-- not the government's. This might be an opportune time to straighten out some of their notions about who works for who.

    Just a thought....
    Nov 10 07:14 PM | 4 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • A little-noticed tax loophole will give investors in the new GM a cool $45B against future tax obligations. This gift from the IRS, usually stripped from companies that enter bankruptcy, could not have been foreseen by GM's bankruptcy-avoiding peers - like Ford (F), which borrowed heavily, and now owes creditors $27B.  [View news story]

    "But that treatment is normally banned for companies that go through a bankruptcy as GM did. Bankruptcy normally gives other large advantages such as debt cancellation, which for GM was billions of dollars. The Internal Revenue Service, however, decided that companies that got money under the Troubled Asset Relief Program such as GM (and Chrysler, now owned by Italy's Fiat) could apply the normal rule."

    Ohhhh......I see..... The IRS, without any input from the administration, just "decided" that this $45 billion rule would apply to GM, even though other companies that go through BK do not get that benefit.

    What a lucky break for GM and the union, with their IPO coming up. Imagine IRS ruling that means GM won't be paying taxes for years (Gee, I wonder who will get stuck with the bill on this ?).

    Of course, some people might get real cynical about this, and suggest that it is being done so that the IPO will be a success, which would allow the administration to take credit for a revitalized (but not taxpaying) GM. But those people probably also think GM was saved in some special way in order to benefit the unions.

    People can be so cynical, can't they ? Good thing there isn't any other corruption taking place in America these days, otherwise it might start to look like a pattern.
    Nov 7 05:33 PM | 3 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Election Results: Big Win for GOP, Potential Loss for the Economy [View article]
    Seniors paid for their Social Security benefits through payroll deductions and employer matching amounts. Then, instead of investing the money wisely, our government wasted the money and left an IOU. Now, the government must borrow to return their pre-paid benefits.

    Requesting something that you have already paid for does not make you a hypocrite.
    Nov 5 03:47 AM | 3 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Election Results: Big Win for GOP, Potential Loss for the Economy [View article]
    Indeed. Bush and Cheney were willfully negligent. A blind eye was turned to the "Masters of the Universe" in NY's financial district.

    Congress, controlled by Democrats, insisted that Fannie & Freddie were in fine shape and that what was needed was "housing justice", Owning a home was to be a new "right". Ability to pay was not to be considered a hindrance.

    And then Obama rewarded the sleepwalking, corrupt President of the NY Fed (Geithner) by making him Secretary of the Treasury. A promotion for his fine work overseeing NY's financial district. We do not need to rehash his dishonorable record.

    Now, Bernanke and his crew are busy robbing us blind by debasing our currency, in order to continue the bailout of banks who commit perjury in our courts, after having trashed the property laws of at least 49 states while selling their toxic securitized crap to the world.

    It makes no difference who is in power when it is systemic corruption.
    Nov 5 03:15 AM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Republican Victories Could Crush Stocks and Bonds Before Sending Them Higher [View article]
    Once upon a time, fundamentals or politics or bad news mattered, but Bernanke proved there is a trump card-- QE.

    Bernanke has again played the trump card-- QE2. He may not be right, but he has even more trump cards and he is determined.
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  • Election Results: Big Win for GOP, Potential Loss for the Economy [View article]
    "I am concerned that we are moving back towards a belief that business is efficient and rational and therefore does not need to be regulated."

    Well..... that seems to be a bit of a strawman argument. There is nobody who can be certified as sane who believes in "no regulations" or "no government".

    If, by "business", you mean the business of big banks and Wall Street, which has turned into a game of who can invent the most ridiculously exotic piece of useless and/ or fraudulent paper......yes, these are people who have proven that they cannot be left unsupervised.

    But, regulations are useless if there is nobody willing or competent to enforce them. And regulations for the sake of regulations-- such as the new law (in the heathcare bill) requiring 1099's for all business-to-business dealings that exceed $600 in a year-- will just strangle growth.

    As with almost everything politicians make a big fuss about, there are already laws on the books that, if actually enforced, would resolve most of the things that need to be "regulated".

    But the game in Washington is to get "major legislation" passed (Grand prize awarded to the politician who gets his name in the actual title of the bill), and then it is on to the next economy-killing bill.

    Anybody who operates a business can go on for hours about the inane regulations and accompanying paperwork that keeps them from being much more productive.

    What is needed is fewer, smarter regulations-- and the will to enforce them.
    Nov 3 12:55 PM | 9 Likes Like |Link to Comment