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  • Research In Motion (RIMM +3.2%) is bouncing a little today. The rally comes in spite of reports carriers such as AT&T and Verizon are pressuring RIM to lower the BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) fees it charges for its 78M subscribers. BIS accounts for over a third of RIM's revenue, and is a needed source of profit as hardware losses accelerate.  [View news story]
    shorts are starting to cover in case something is done or announced at or before the July 10th annual shareholder's meeting.

    however, it appears that with current management on meds that desparately need to be changed to a new prescription called "reality", nothing is going to be done except for alot of ranting at heins and his clique.

    Today's deat cat bounce is called a "short squeeze" which is what the markets have been doing the past few big rallies, nothing but huge manipulated short squeezes thanks to the HFT trades and algorithm bots that are helped along with the extension of TWIST, ZIRP and many central banks' TWITS that use printing of money to prop up stock/bond markets.
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  • 7 Things Research In Motion Must Do To Curb Its Decline [View article]
    Regarding #6 Offer Upgrade Path for Consumers buying Blackberry 7, yes it's a damn shame that Blackberry's "9800 on down, will not get the OS 7 update. They aren't built for OS 7".

    And OS 7 is a HUGE improvement over OS 6 in so many ways, especially on a 4G phone.

    RIM should have put more work into marketing OS 7 and promoting OS 7 instead of hyping BB10 which is right now vaporware.

    I still think they should heavily discount BB's with OS7 to keep sales limping along until BB10.
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  • 4 Things RIM Must Do Or Die [View article]
    Frankly, I'm not crazy about a Windows mobile platform, regardless of the version. I do like the current Blackberry 7.1 OS. But it is suicidal for RIM to keep pushing for a QNX based OS that is really not geared towards mobile platforms like a Blackberry and because anyone with a Blackberry won't be able to upgrade to BB10.

    How insane is that? Imagine if Microsoft suddenly dictated to the world that in order to use the new version of their Windows operating system, let's say Windows 100, that customers would not only have to purchase new hardware but that none of their existing Windows machines are upward compatible? That's the height of arrogance which has been going on since the Co-CEO's pushed QNX and Playbook.

    I think there is a problem with the QNX OS based solution overall and this QNX approach is killing RIM's R&D. But time and money are both running out, perhaps a subset of QNX or faster mobile OS can be found/developed/used that is compatible with iPhone and droid apps .
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  • Barclays' downgrade of Research In Motion (RIMM -1.9%) stems from skepticism about BlackBerry 10's prospects, and a belief a breakup of RIM is unlikely, given how its products are intertwined.The downgrade comes as a slide allegedly containing RIM's 2013 roadmap is leaked. The touch-only BlackBerry London is expected in Q1, as is a keyboard model codenamed Nevada. With a flurry of Windows Phone 8 launches due in Q4, it won't be easy for BB10 to carve a niche.  [View news story]
    go to any cell ph shop in a residential area and they'll tell you that more low end phones are being sold, in fact more low end droid phones are being sold than more expensive iPhones and Blackberrys.

    At a recent Father's day weekend sale at T-mobile that advertised free 4G phones with 2 year activation, droid phones were the big seller because they were much lower priced and hardly any Blackberry phones were sold because they are too expensive for consumers. (but I upgraded to a Bold 9900 anyway but had to pay $100 which I will get back as a rebate).

    There is alot of demand for smartphones that play videos, play mp3's, take photos except that most folks can't afford higher end phones and end up buying lower cost, low end smartphones.

    Higher gas and utility bills coupled with lower wages across the board means most consumers have less money to spend on stuff, even in the US.
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  • Research In Motion (RIMM -1%) edges lower following a downgrade to Underweight from Barclays, whose PT is now just $6. The downgrade comes as CEO Thorsten Heins, who appears staunchly opposed to a sale or the opening of RIM's network, tells "there's nothing wrong with the company as it exists now." More than a few people seem to disagree.  [View news story]
    I'm no insider but the writing is on the wall for anyone who is awake. Waiting another 8 months until BB10 is launched will mean roughly 3 quarters of increasing losses and burn through of cash on hand and customers aren't going to wait that long and neither will developers even if RIM does email better than anyone else, it's not enough.
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  • Research In Motion (RIMM -1%) edges lower following a downgrade to Underweight from Barclays, whose PT is now just $6. The downgrade comes as CEO Thorsten Heins, who appears staunchly opposed to a sale or the opening of RIM's network, tells "there's nothing wrong with the company as it exists now." More than a few people seem to disagree.  [View news story]
    Heins is an absolute fool. Happy day of reckoning ahead. He may be very very smart, but he can't see the trees for the forest and vice versa. The company is dying right in front of him, the stock price is tanking, enterprise customers are abandoning BES and Blackberrys for other smartphones, and all he can say is there is nothing wrong with RIM ?

    What a total jack as---s. Is anyone from Jaguar financial or Fairfield holding taking notice of the clowns running RIM into the ground? Is everyone in a coma?
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  • RIM Is Hurting, But It's Not Dead Just Yet [View article]
    RIM is a deadman still walking and barely breathing. The self-inflicted damage however will continue to get worse over the next few quarters; there is no way that RIM can stay in its present form until BB10 launches in early 2013, the operating losses will really increase over the next few quarters. RIM's management, the former co-CEO's and the Board, are both responsible for making incredibly bad decisions by putting so much of RIM's R&D into the Playbook while putting on hold R&D for the Blackberry, thus not only ensuring that they shoot themselves in the foot but then also insert that same foot into their mouth to boot.

    However, RIM is a great place for naked shorting and shorts to make alot of money and they will continue to laugh all the way to the bank at the expense of current RIM shareholders and blackberry users.
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  • Is Research In Motion Ready For A Takeover? [View article]
    Music insider analyst/blogger Bob Lefsetz isn't some random yahoo:

    What I haven't published was a post he sent with a laundry list of complaints emailed to him from music execs and vip's about last year's over the air upgrade to 7 which was an unmitigated disaster for them, many of whom threw their blackberrys away soon after last March 2011's disastrous blackberry upgrade. These music execs and vip's don't want their names published and so Lefsetz didn't add that post to his archives for March 2011.

    Regardless, no one at RIM or Blackberry gives a hoot whether anyone in the music business from the big four (Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment,[4] Warner Music Group and EMI Group) has "complaints" about Blackberry especially since most have already switched to iPhones anyway.

    The point in publishing was to show that someone cared enough to try to get thru to RIM and let them know. and to show how little they cared to followup. Of course it's too late now.
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  • Is Research In Motion Ready For A Takeover? [View article]
    Of course. It's the launch of BB10 running QNX that has been delayed.
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  • Is Research In Motion Ready For A Takeover? [View article]
    (former fan of Blackberry who thought RIM was going to turn around in 2012 and was sadly mistaken and purchased RIM shares in May)

    I just checked my emails, and I realized that I had sent out that email to a RIM exec a year ago March 2011, not 4 years ago, my mistake. However RIM has been making really bad decisions for the past 4 years.

    Here is the thread that epitomizes RIM's dismissive attitude towards last year's disastrous upgrade and putting all their eggs in the Playbook basket. I have changed the names except for the music insider analyst, Bob Lefsetz who pronounced that RIM was toast at the end of his blog post.

    For the record, I never did get any kind of a response back from RIM's public relations team except for Jason's email replies stating he has "forwarded the email to our public relations team in North America who should reach out soon, thank you for your time."
    From: Jason
    Date: Thu, 10 Mar 2011
    To: Susan
    Subject: RE: Part 2 of disastrous BB OS upgrade: Why Apple Wins
    Please be patient, I am not on that side of the business and just want to get this complaint to the right parties to look after.
    I do appreciate that you have brought this to our attention and will get this to the correct party to have it looked after .
    Best Regards,
    Regional Channel Account Manager
    From: susan
    Sent: Wednesday, March 09, 2011
    To: Jason
    Subject: Re: Part 2 of disastrous BB OS upgrade: Why Apple Wins
    Hi Jason,

    If you read the emails I sent you, the first email I sent you is a compilation of different replies that inside music industry analyst Bob Lefsetz received in response to his own post about his recent disastrous BB upgrade experience which is in the second email, this email.

    You should take the time to read both emails to get an idea of how bad the recent upgrade experience was not only by bob lefsetz, but by HIS READERS! Many of whom are music industry bigwigs.

    I have taken the time to write and email you, and to do RIM a favor, the least you can do is to read the emails I have forwarded you!

    Bob Lefsetz's last words were:

    RIM is toast.

    In light of your reply, I understand why he wrote this.

    From: Jason
    Date: Wed, 9 Mar 2011
    To: susan
    Subject: RE: Part 2 of disastrous BB OS upgrade: Why Apple Wins
    Can you provide the full company information for the customer who was upset?
    Best Regards,
    Regional Channel Account Manager
    Research In Motion
    From: susan
    Sent: Wednesday, March 09, 2011
    To: Jason
    Subject: Part 2 of disastrous BB OS upgrade: Why Apple Wins
    Hi Jason,
    As per my earlier email, here's the first email that describes the recent problems with the upgrade
    Let me know what you think of this.
    ----- Forwarded Message ----
    From: Bob Lefsetz <>
    To: susan
    Sent: Mon, March 7, 2011
    Subject: Why Apple Wins

    I'm jonesing for an iPhone. But as an e-mail addict, I'm wary. And since they're gonna come out with a 4G model soon, why should I buy an iPhone now, and be locked into a contract?

    So I'm missing out on the apps.

    But I've got great e-mail.

    Everybody I know who's a road warrior uses a BlackBerry. Unless they're on an exchange server, whereupon the iPhone works seamlessly. But I depend on my e-mail and everyone complains about it on an iPhone, assuming you're getting a couple of hundred e-mails a day and time is of the essence.

    Meanwhile, all the BlackBerry hype is about the PlayBook. I don't want a damn tablet, I just want a phone that works, that doesn't require me to study a manual to figure it out.

    RIM is toast.

    Visit the archive:
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  • Is Research In Motion Ready For A Takeover? [View article]
    RIM's so called "management team", the former co-CEO's really made some bad decisions and became besotted with RIM's initial success. These co-CEO's and RIM's Board of Directors became so incredibly arrogant with their huge bonuses and pay package and perks they stopped listening to their customers. I remember emailing a RIM exec 4 years ago to let them know that key music industry insiders were starting to have problems with Blackberry's lack of innovation and poorly handled upgrades, and Blackberry's arrogance was noted back then.

    It appears that Heins is cut from the same cloth as the co-CEO. Yes, RIM is dead if they can't get BB10 launched earlier than sometime in first quarter 2013 and shareholders are dumping RIM shares faster than you can say "fire".

    Anyone care to comment on the 78 million shares traded Friday and on Monday over 36 million shares traded after MS analyst downgraded RIMM and announced that RIM will only survive if they shrink their workforce to 10% of the current number of employees? Of course, Morgan Stanley is somewhat biased because another analyst valued AAPL at $960 by the end of 2012 and American investment banks and hedgefunds are so heavily weighted towards AAPL. By killing RIM, this helps boost AAPL's shareprice and thus helps improve fund performance and thus drives bonuses. Not to mention that RIM has become a favorite target of short sellers and most likely "naked short selling" by investment banks and other unscrupulous wallstreet shark traders.

    RIM has become Wallstreets favorite gangrape victim on a daily basis in the markets and the deluge continues until RIM either sells itself off for chump change or finally gets it act together.

    They should just focus on getting the BB10 device out to market asap and right now it doesn't matter if BB10's new QNX OS is integrated with Playbook, what does it matter if RIM is no longer around? Dump the Playbook and just focus on the smartphone business.

    Whoever made the decision to focus all company R&D on Playbook at the expense of R&D for the Blackberry should be taken out and waterboarded a hundred times since according to the last US President, waterboarding isn't considered "torture".
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  • Research In Motion (RIMM -19.1%) closed with a market cap of $3.8B. After backing out cash/investments, that spells an enterprise value of just $1.6B, or $3.10/share. Of course, some of that cash is likely to burned in the coming quarters by hardware losses and restructuring costs. That leads Barclays to predict RIM's cash balance will fall to $3/share from a current $4.40/share by the time BlackBerry 10 launches. Expected outflows lead MKM to value RIM's cash at just $2/share. (more) (transcript)  [View news story]
    What a disaster today has been for RIM, shareprice down almost 20% on a volume of over 78 million shares traded, average volume is 16 million shares. RIM Board don't seem to case and haven't issued a statement about it.

    RIM is essentially the walking dead, market share headed down, it's so bad that there won't even be a dead-cat bounce on Monday.
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  • Research In Motion - It Only Gets Worse [View article]
    As a longtime Blackberry user and former fan of Blackberry, I am sooo disappointed in hearing about the delay of BB10 until 2013.

    The entire company needs BB10 to be out 4th quarter, not Jan/Feb/Mar 2013.

    What a mistake. Why announce it now? At the very least Heins could have announced the delay later this summer to avoid the stock crashing like it did today, on a day in which NASDAQ is up almost 3% and RIM is down almost 20%.

    What is RIM management trying to do? Deliberately crash the stock so it can be taken private?
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  • RIM's Lesson For Investors [View article]
    I wish I had never purchased any shares of RIM despite being a loyal blackberry customer. I thought they would be able to turnaround in 2012 but with putting off the launch of BB10, they might as well just call it a day because of course the losses each quarter this year will get worse and worse.

    What a black horrible day it is and each day going forward until RIM is either taken private or sold for chump change.

    RIM's board members are complete idiots I'm sorry to say, and add Heins to this.

    On a scale of 10, I would rate RIM's management "team" (of arrogant idiots) about maybe a minus one.

    Unless driving down RIM's stock price to nothing is part of the game to force investors to leave so RIM can be purchased for nothing.

    It makes feel like picketing RIM's headquarters if I lived in Canada but I don't.

    At best RIM's management are idiots, and worse, they're theives for allowing RIM's stock price to plummet and keep on dropping like a rock.

    I hate RIM !

    It's not just losing 20 or 30 percent, it's the loss of trust and respect.
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  • Research In Motion - It Only Gets Worse [View article]
    How could CEO Thorsten allow the launch date to slip to early 2013?

    He's just killed the company, or rather the arrogance of the last two co-CEO's killed the company.

    But how could Thorsten screw up? He should have known that without a new BB10, RIM is completely screwed up, bleeding.

    No doubt RIMM shareprice will continue to drop lower over the next few months.

    What a total disaster RIM has become, a slow motion trainwreck and a model of what not to do for any technology company.

    I'm sorry I bought RIM shares at $11.20. It's a nightmare that keeps giving. I don't see RIM surviving past 2012.

    Thorsten is a real idiot for letting the BB10 launch date slip.
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