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  • 1980XLS
    This is not a risk off correction. It is rotation based on Valuation. $CSWC
    Apr 7, 5:11 PM
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    • 1980XLS: Do not listen to the imbeciles on TV
      Apr 7, 5:17 PM
    • wheelz23: correction and rotation are just nicer words for what it really is- pump and dump...wash, rinse, repeat
      Apr 7, 5:29 PM
    • 1980XLS: Gold does not go down while Brazil rallies in a "Risk Off" environment. It's a valuation "Reality Check"
      Apr 7, 5:33 PM
    • wheelz23: how much lower do you think the market goes?
      Apr 7, 6:03 PM
    • 1980XLS: It's valuation. It's a stockpicker's game now. Correlations are toast
      Apr 7, 6:05 PM