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  • Tesaro (TSRO +13.6%) says it's partnering with the Breast International Group and the European Organization for Research and Treatment of Cancer for the Phase 3 clinical development of Niraparib, an oral, poly polymerase inhibitor for the treatment of breast cancer. The partnership plans to leverage its extensive scientific and clinical expertise and its network of hospitals and oncology research centers around the world to accelerate the clinical trials.  [View news story]
    I was out on technicals and now back in on technicals. The STORY ... "leveraging expertise" ... couldn't be better regardless of the technicals.
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  • The House Agriculture Committee heard some spirited debate this week on if it should be easier for organic food companies to organize industry-wide promotional campaigns, a concept which didn't sit well with many farm-state Republicans. It's been a slow process, but more Republicans have been backing amendments and bills that support the organic food industry. Organic-minded: TFM, HAIN, NGVC, HAIN, BNNY, WFM, UNI, STKL, BDBD[View news story]
    When you talk about "farm-state Republicans" think generally red-state and think "Farm inc." and the need to keep the BIG GUYS, especially the big meat and dairy guys in the driver's seat regardless of the mounting evidence favoring a healthier organic life style for a healthier nation. Labeling turf wars will come into play ... wouldn't want folks to really know what's in those less than organic offerings. That said, I do think some Republicans are starting to get the drift. Watch this battle play out because it really is getting entertaining ... especially for all us Engine 2 dieters.
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  • Grocery store stocks suffer after Safeway's Q1 report indicates a weakening sales and volume trend into the end of the quarter. The lackluster quarter adds weight to the opinion that the dollar store group (DG, DLTR, FDO) and Wal-Mart are taking more grocery market share. Decliners: SWY -16.8%, WFM -1.0%, TFM -1%, SVY -2.5%, NGVC -2.0%, KR -2.0%, WMK -1.3%, HTSI -1.4%, FWM -1.3%[View news story]
    West-Coast-wise there is a clear visible indication that some grocers are taking a wee clue from Whole Foods Markets and our farmer's markets. I live closer to a Raley's and they are clearly adopting a wider selection that includes attention to plant based whole foods and vegan fare. Safeway, which is also nearby, not so much. We also have Trader Joe's for a variety in choice of nutrients and Lucky's seems to be getting a little more into it like Raley's . Price may have most to do with shopper preferences, but living longer, which is becoming more popular, also has an impact on choice.
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  • Private label brand breakthrough: A survey released by Deloitte on brand loyalty could rattle the food and grocery sectors as a whopping 94% of consumers indicate they will stick with private-label or store brands instead of reverting back to costlier options. Industry insiders think even if the economy comes roaring back, a paradigm shift  of consumer attitudes toward food purchases may already be entrenched. The trend could favor Treehouse Foods (THS), Safeway (SWY), Kroger (KR), Costco (COST), Whole Foods Market (WFM) - while creating a headache for Kellogg (K), Post Holdings (POST), Campbell Soup (CPB), Kraft Foods (KRFT), and General Mills (GIS).  [View news story]
    C'mon! It's not all about "taste" and "marketing". The discussion seems to avoid the "nutrition" argument as it pertains to both taste and marketing. Our nation goes waddling along the path toward continued and growing Obesity, Diabetes, Heart Disease and Cancer choosing to ignore the real implications of how nutrition is presented to us by Farm inc. and the Food industry in general. It's kind of like religion. You either choose to ignore it or you pick a side to be on. Presumably, no market wants to alter their meat and dairy mentality in favor of longevity. But any cursory review of Colin Campbell's "The China Study" that addresses the impact of bad nutrition on the American health system can't help but bring some marketing closer to achieving better options for us all. That said, I do see some attention given to "choices" being made by a few of our local grocers here on the West Coast. WFM seems to have gotten that notion started out here and there seems to be a slowly growing awareness of nutrition so all is not lost ... yet. Tighter and more accurate labeling would be nice. And, no ... I'm not 100 percent vegan. O.K. off rant.
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  • Natural Gas And Commercial Transportation: The Hatching Egg  [View article]
    A long but splendid read! Well done.
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  • Netflix Rebuilding Its House Of Cards  [View article]
    Try to imagine Reed Hastings talking to Tim Cook about Twitter in the raw boldness of a troika move. Of course, the deep pockets would have to consider what to do with it's diminishing brain dead trove as it ponders life at the bottom of the trench it finds itself in these days.

    Sorry ... just speculating Cramerica style.
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  • Fundamentals, Technicals Or Insider/Analyst Sentiment: 2012 Review And 2013 Pick  [View article]
    Squeeze time all over ... STKL health food ramp for shorties too.
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  • Fundamentals, Technicals Or Insider/Analyst Sentiment: 2012 Review And 2013 Pick  [View article]
    Great points, Brad. “Lord” (above) and others suggest good reasons to be Big Picture inclined on WFM. I have a solution for non believers. Buy and read “The Engine 2 Diet”. As soon as you finish that book buy and read “The China Study”. Then on your road to recovery from heart disease, strokes, diabetes and general obesity you will not only piss off Big Ag but you will have spent about a month getting where you want to be health-wise … losing weight … and WFM stock price will have spent about a month consolidating to where you want it to be price-wise …losing weight … giving you a healthy re-entry point for both life and riches. :-)
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  • Whole Foods Market (WFM) declares special dividend of $2.00/share quarterly dividend, in line with previous. For shareholders of record Dec 10. Payable Dec 21. Ex-div date Dec 06. (PR[View news story]
    Yes! That will help with my Engine 2 diet.
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  • Goldman Sachs Says To Sell Westport; I Disagree  [View article]
    mip investor noted one possible condition for the 10 bagger potential for WPRT. That rekindled memories of one of my fav 10 baggers which just happened to be another great company with a focus on patented innovations ... Arm Holdings (ARMH) ... way back in the days of the glory runs of the late 90's. Innovation, first mover status, disruptive technology and, seemingly, huge prospective roads ahead put WPRT in a similar category with ARMH, innovation-wise. Someone is thinking ahead at WPRT with respect to the insider buying and lack of much, if any, insider selling going on at WPRT. Scroll down to the chart at:

    That is not to say we don't need to be a little nimble out here because of hedge fund mentalities. Or we can be like some of the larger players and jump in and just stay in for the long haul which just may get shorter.
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  • Investors Don't Understand Apple's Math - A Mistake  [View article]
    Kudos, Bill. I have been an Apple aficionado since I purchased my first Apple 2 many moons back. You provided one of the most cerebral investor perspectives I have read about Steve's baby. Kudos, also, to User 184044's note about the Options Market and momentum/hedge fund traders. I suspect that Peter Lynch might have regarded the Apple behemoth as suffering from "analysis paralysis" based on the sheer number of analysts covering it. It just keeps on growing, as Apple grows, until it becomes a Gordian Knot that becomes progressively harder to untangle. Hence, I agree that the best thing the company could do to unravel the rampant manipulation is to provide a simple, meaningful stock split.
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  • It looks to be 'much ado about nothing' for Westport Innovations (WPRT +9%) this morning as the stock abruptly reverses course to trade markedly higher following its Q3 earnings miss and trading halt yesterday. The stock initially opened down nearly 5% in after it resumed trading during the post-session yesterday, but quickly executed an about-face during the pre-open session and hasn't looked back since.  [View news story]
    I like Westport chart-wise and, technically speaking, it appears to be bouncing off support in the low twenties and rising on volume in response to the company's guidance.
    Fundamentally, I continue to like the story with the China link showing good growing vehicle count; and now with the top India truck maker Tata (with which WPRT is negotiating) on the rise. a link likely to allow Westport to mirror the China prospects as those markets grow, in tandem. If the reborn administration is able to lean toward the clean energy infrastructure support ( specifically nat gas ) talked about in the run up to the election, then perhaps we can join Asia in making this a better planet; indeed, lead Asia in making this a better planet.

    Another sidebar I'm looking toward is a cheap way to outfit or retrofit existing gas stations to become nat gas capable ... redit somewhere ... at, say around $1000 per station. If that happens, katie bar the door.
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  • The Fall Of The Electric Car... And The Rise Of The NGV  [View article]
    Gaucho. Fab Rant! Speaking of Rush ... One more day ... and all of our renowned bright bulbs can turn on the "dim" switch causing less need for electricity, as well :-}
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  • Shares of Whole Food Markets (WFM +3.4%) moves higher after Starbucks powers to a double-digit gain. Often paired directionally with SBUX through good times or bad, the company will release its own earnings report (preview) next week.  [View news story]
    One of the most fundamental indicators of why this company will continue on a positive trajectory, to my mind, is "The China Study" by T. Colin Campbell, PhD and Thomas M. Campbell II, M.D., noted as "The Most Comprehensive Study on Nutrition Ever Conducted". Read that and WFM and the rising tide of emulators makes way more sense. The Engine 2 Diet is another great resource for those who want to ward off the ravages of diabetes, obesity, heart disease, cancer and the like. Like our attention to Climate Change, it won't happen overnight. But, as knowledge spreads and indisputable evidence mounts we generally become educable.
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  • Whole Foods Earnings Preview: Waiting On A Pullback Before We Reload  [View article]
    Thanks for the perspective, Brian. I have a small position with an eye out for the earnings report. Still, beyond that, I have a much more pragmatic fundamental position on WFM. My doctor pointed me to the Engine 2 Diet and the China Study, both of which convinced me toward a whole foods, plant based diet that I recently started. My weight dropped eight pounds in ten days and I feel the cells in my body rejoicing at the avoidance of eating things that had a mother. I think that in general there will be a reaction to "Obese America" that will bode well for Whole Foods Markets. Kind of a rising tide. Anyway, that's my biased Vegan fundamentals take.
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