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  • Herbalife's Shocking Confession  [View article]
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  • Herbalife's Shocking Confession  [View article]
    Don't get so emotional.
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  • Herbalife's Shocking Confession  [View article]
    In MLM's it is a fact that there will always be recruits. It is also a fact that many will explore the opportunity out of a number of emotional choices such as friends and family do sharing moments. Anyways those that join and follow the system by selling and of course, buy the products they used to buy from their recruiter, now get it from their own ordering at discounted prices. They recruit and repeat the process teach their recruits the same. That's an active member. Then there are the ones that join and do nothing. They are new and they are a member but contribute nothing to grow their team, don't sell and many stop buying the product but did from their recruiter. Idiotic to say the least but when some join, they become hermits and even the recruiter can't locate their recruit. Believe me, I know. So, does the member thing make sense now?
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  • Herbalife's Shocking Confession  [View article]
    Skeemp Lapoonski: thanks for clarify and helping to make my point much better understood.
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  • Herbalife's Shocking Confession  [View article]
    Sorry, here is link for Jimmy Meyers knew this guy on this link when I was younger and he made it huge with PRIMERICA and he tried recruiting me in my early 20's.

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  • Herbalife's Shocking Confession  [View article]
    "In legitimate business, money is made by selling to customers. In MLM, money is made by from the purchases of recruits and not from the selling of products to the PUBLIC."

    I managed retail operations for over 20 years and believe me, your statement couldn't be further from the truth.

    As a manager, my employees broke their horn and got paid hourly. My salary was derived from those broken horns and so was my boss, his boss and all the way up to the CEO. This in the corporate world is the real pyramid that everyone has come to accept as the norm; modern day slavery to say the least. In this "legitimate business", the CEO makes the most $$$ and limits how much pennies to his $$$ you can make. The CEO doesn't set up a plan for your success but he surely has his laid out for him/herself. In legitimate businesses, commissions on sales start low for the seller and higher into management yet, in MLM it's the other way around.

    Surely, some or many try to operate their MLM IBO their own way as in all MLM's and give the companies a bad reputation but those who follow the systems achieve success they never dreamed of.

    I knew this guy on this link when I was younger and he made it huge with PRIMERICA and he tried recruiting me in my early 20's. I have sat with him for dinner after he has made it but didn't want to leave my slavery lifestyle just yet. He is a multimillionaire having a team of multimillionaires below him by following their proven system; similar to HLF's. It works for those who really want it but even in Primerica, bad apples exist there too. Trust me, I know.

    This one here Eddie Ayala was a cop in Bronx NY and also joined Primerica making millions. I used to hang out in his home in upstate NY.

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  • Herbalife's Shocking Confession  [View article]
    A new member packet is under $100 and not much commission is made from that member. Far more is made by growing a team who not only use the products they used to buy and pay more for but train them to be self sufficient so hey can train their team(s). It not easy work but that is what many new members believe because it seems so. If it was really easy, then everyone would be doing it.

    Here is HLF's statement of average gross compensation which clearly states that no one gets paid by simply recruiting/sponsoring a new member. So how is recruiting more profitable than selling?


    Go to an HLF meeting if they have any and learn out it's supposed to work and not how some are doing it.
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  • Herbalife's Shocking Confession  [View article]

    Sure it is. If it weren't for Ackman, none of this would be going on and these pyramid, scam, Ponzi and people abuse conversations would not exist in HLF's media. If it weren't for Ackman, HLF would be trading at near $300/share levels by now consistently growing share price and dividend. So if it wasn't Ackman, then who started the charade? I actually liked it and was hoping to see the price come back down into the $20 but the accusations don't seem hefty enough. Come on Hedge Fund Bill, do it again. I need to grow my portfolio.
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  • Herbalife's Shocking Confession  [View article]
    Steve Harvey has been forgiven for far more than these fyi numbers.
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  • Herbalife's Shocking Confession  [View article]
    You are correct so much with the scenarios it isn't even funny but this one really is hilarious yet sad. This girl I know is a true leader. Once recruited, she has her recruit generate a list. Make them customers first and the go for the recruit to help the newbie build the team. It's in her best interest for long term residual income. Product knowledge is a must and her recruits schedule with her to see their potential recruits before they are offered the op. She was a business owner/manager for many years so she holds it down and knows how to train. She's a gem and her recruiter/upline really got lucky. But yes, you understand many of the scenarios so much I would swear you are an IBO or was one, a disgruntled one that is.
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  • Chimera Investment declares $0.50 dividend  [View news story]
    If the $$$ was split between holders of that period I would probably be $2/share richer and the payout is controlled. The free-for-all special could end up paying out more than the settlement amount causing dilution. Where will they get the extra cash from to cover if it exceeds $95M? I doubt it will but the possibility exists. Maybe they felt it was going to be a hassle to do their searches and some may have been deceased, etc. Anyways, glad I held on to this beaten down dog that has resurrected and others are taking notes. I'm thinking an increase in payout may be coming next quarter.

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  • Herbalife's Shocking Confession  [View article]
    "All Failed Distributors end up as Customers, this is the end user..
    and for that matter all Volume rolls up to the top of the pyramid.."

    talent, that is true when the business is done incorrectly.
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  • New York Mortgage Trust At A 36% Discount To Book Value Is A Huge Bargain  [View article]
    I reduced the drip to 50% from 100% and am focusing on driving a stronger position on CIM using NYMT payout. CIM has not only declared their quarterly but also a special which they did one two years ago too. From here, I can see CIM hit $20 by years end. They are up 4.5% in two days but there is still plenty of room for growth and a 14% payout is juicy. NYMT has missed three quarters with each one getting worst. I don't know that it can get any worst but I'm not abandoning them. This team is know to face adversity and come out ahead of the rest. I'll await the declaration which more than likely will be covered by ROC (portion) but I'm not longer building that castle except for the 50% drip.
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  • Herbalife's Shocking Confession  [View article]
    True, but not all. Most become members having been a customer and were offered the opportunity to become their "own boss". Here, they would be trained to sell and naturally, as a customer, they now buy the products at a discount. Using the same technique that enticed them to become an IBO, they repeat the process with their warm market (friends, family & coworkers, etc.). As their confidence grows, they work the cold market by introducing the product and then the opportunity. No IBO should be sitting on more than two weeks of the best selling inventory. If properly managed, they could run it with no inventory as they can get product quickly or if desperate, another IBO may have and help by swapping/costing. This is no scam, however, some ruin it for many by running their teammates to ruin and those will hate the company. I know someone who is quite successful in Herbalife and has a deep team that is also very wide and she runs it smooth. Once a customer believes in the product as it works as intended, she asks if others she knows would benefit from it and show her how she can make money and save some too. She ensures that every potential recruit is willing to work hard before approaching with the opportunity as many are simply customers. Early on, as with any MLM, many are excited that they are starting their own business but do nothing at all to get to first base. Qualifying your recruit is more important because it will save you a whole lot of time, energy and frustration. It doesn't pay to have a team of 100 if not one earns you a dime but cost you. The only way to fail in HLF IBO opportunity is if you don't work it as intended. In Real Estate, however, you can go without selling a home for months no matter how hard you work it.
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  • Valeant Collapses On SEC Investigation  [View article]
    What a well thought out response to a question that was probably rehearsed many times over in an attempt to extinguish an inferno and do what? Make everyone believe nothing huge ever happened, okay, I know, Mr. Pearson said so. He's committed alright.
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