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  • Heins' Mobile End Computing Vision Comes To An End; So Must He [View article]
    Alicia Keys needs to go. She's completely useless. I don't even know anyone who listens to her music other than when it's played on the radio. They need to up advertising immensely and really push home the utility of BB10. They seem to care so much for the popculture crowd (Alicia Keys, apps, Q5 colors etc etc) but they pay no attention to hardware aesthetics. They are nice but not "sexy" by any stretch of the imagination. Posted via my Q10.
    Jul 1, 2013. 02:00 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • BlackBerry: Game Over? [View article]
    yeah. made a killing on that straddle and itm sept calls I sold on half.regrettably, while I "made a killing" it broke me just above even! Should have spared the bull leg and just loaded up on otm puts. shoulda woulda coulda. Live to fight another day.
    Jun 30, 2013. 11:11 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • BlackBerry Earnings Preview: Q1 2014 [View article]
    They have new products all year round. So Q1'14 matters the most
    Jun 26, 2013. 05:45 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • BlackBerry: Prepare For Short Squeeze [View article]
    No squeeze until Sept.
    Jun 26, 2013. 02:54 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • BlackBerry And The Hardware Game [View article]
    Apple, Samsung and Nokia don't already offer and who continue to raise the bar in hardware innovations. They will have a non-fascist reliable and secure platform which performs better than what Samsung can offer without all the headache of advertisements on platforms Google offers. Was that a serious inquiry? "What can GPS offer that a road atlas doesn't already do but in more detail. pish posh" Since it's about "hardware innovations" maybe you should send a letter to MSFT and Cisco and tell them to restructure their business around "hardware innovations".
    Jun 26, 2013. 02:53 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • BlackBerry's Call To Greatness [View article]
    This increase in shorts makes me think they are betting on sub numbers coming in low and tanking the stock.
    Jun 26, 2013. 01:17 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • BlackBerry: $30 Target Price Based On Q1 Earnings Estimates [View article]
    I got the email alert on this article on my Q10 before I was able to find it on the website. Weird. Because it usually takes almost an hour to receive emails on new articles from SA. Thanks for the article Elephant. Appreciate it.
    Jun 24, 2013. 07:02 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Throwing In The Towel On My BlackBerry Shares [View article]
    I tote my Q10 around with the WiFI turned on (unless I'm on the road or something). I like to laze around the house after work and troll stock message boards and movie sites on my Q10. Keeps a pretty darn good charge.
    Jun 24, 2013. 07:01 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Throwing In The Towel On My BlackBerry Shares [View article]
    In addition to my previous comment is that my SG2 got EXTREMELY the transistor/surge protector thing on a laptop charger hot. The one thing I am completely blown away by is the sound on this thing. Anyone else surprised by the sound on their Q10? Coming from my Samsung, this thing has killer audio.
    Jun 24, 2013. 07:00 PM | 4 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Throwing In The Towel On My BlackBerry Shares [View article]
    " finds every photo and word document (in the thousands in each case) on my desk top hard drive but cannot find the iTunes song catalogue"

    Back when I was using iTunes I downloaded a song and moved it to my Zune easily and successfully moved it to my Q10. I had absolutely no problems moving my library of music to my Q10.
    I don't understand how you can't go more than a day without charging either. I have had mine since Thursday, so, four days, and have only charged it twice-I haven't been able to put it down since I got it. As of this post (2:31 EST) my Q10 has just under half battery since yesterday afternoon and it's been on WiFi this whole time. I don't even use my PC to check emails anymore so I spend an extensive amount of time reading on this thing and checking emails and texting.
    You can track pretty easily with the "chooser" or whatever it's called by holding your finger over text for a couple seconds to highlight and choose letters/words accurately.
    As far as apps go, Bookmark Google Food. There is a stocks app. I believe it's called 'Stocks for BlackBerry 10' and it's 3 dollars with real-time data and tracking. The there are others for free with similar features (maybe minus RT quotes). Anyways, there can definitely be some improvements but nothing that would warrant switching back to my SG2...ever. Good luck to you sir.
    Jun 24, 2013. 06:59 PM | 4 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Security Breach Overshadows BlackBerry Quarterly [View article]
    Being long BlackBerry doesn't oblige us with offerings of a club or a cult. We are here to gain knowledge about why we are long and to constantly challenge our thesis (whether it be short or long). There is nothing wrong with being bearish on a stock if you think you have legitimate reasons. If someone publishes an article which brings up evidence (questionable at best) of BlackBerry's security then so be it. Continue to do your own due diligence and interpret what you read with subjectivity. As far as I can tell Ziffster (the author) was relaying the recent news with an utmost unbiased position. If anything he applies a slightly bullish perspective in his closing:

    "...It is more likely that foreign government officials sent the intercepted messages using 'public' BBM, rather than BES secured messaging. British Intelligence would only have needed to use the tools already provided by BlackBerry for monitoring illegal activity to intercept these messages."

    As bulls we need to be communicating not only bullish (favorable) news but bearish (unfavorable) news as well.

    Thank you Ziffster

    P.S. No security in the world is "impenetrable"

    P.P.S. Q10 should be arriving tomorrow!
    Jun 19, 2013. 03:56 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • BlackBerry Sales Are Sliding, But Are Still Higher Than Street Expectations [View article]
    Thank you. Looks good to me. Very realistic. Hanging on to shares with itm calls STO on half position as a hedge for earnings. I'm hoping for a squeeze like everyone else but I don't think it will happen at earnings unless they surprise BIG time.
    Jun 18, 2013. 05:59 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • The Case Of The Bid-Button Happy BlackBerry Short Seller [View article]
    Just a tech indicator. Moving average convergence divergence. When the fast line crosses above the slow line that's a buy signal and vice -versa. I don't like to use it cut and dry like that. I prefer to look for divergences in the peaks and troughs to spot bottoms before the MA's actually cross-more reliable than standard MACD analysis imo. The number three is a reliable theme in the world [of trading]. Looking at intraday charts (1m, 3m, 5m, 15m) the third divergence is almost always the mark of top or bottom. You can see the rule of threes with divergence here:
    Jun 14, 2013. 01:01 AM | 3 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • The Case Of The Bid-Button Happy BlackBerry Short Seller [View article]
    No way it started today. This stock has made me cautious and pessimistic. If their tactic is to inflate the outlook of this company and earnings in hopes of a disappoint to have it come collapsing down again (further) I wouldn't be surprised.
    Jun 14, 2013. 12:42 AM | 4 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Security; The Reason To Buy And Hold BlackBerry [View article]
    Indeed Ziffster. Another reason I loathe Apple and refuse to own another one of their products. Ingenious marketing scheme however. "Oh! you want another 16gbs of memory?! Ok, spend 200$ extra and you can have it!"

    No thanks Apple, I think I'll go to and drop 25$ on a 32gb stick. Thank you very much. Still can't understand why people fell into this so easily. Especially when many use their phones as MP3 players now.
    Jun 13, 2013. 05:12 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment