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  • Tiffany & Co. Earnings Show Economy Stinks For All But 1%ers  [View instapost]
    The growing divide between the rich and poor as seen in the $TIF earnings... check this out:
    May 21, 2014. 01:43 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Basing Chinese Stocks Heating Up  [View instapost]
    To all of our followers, great job profiting from ZOOM! As you can see in this post, the call was nailed!

    here is an update:
    Sep 21, 2010. 11:59 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • McDonald's Corporation (NYSE:MCD) Slams Into Support  [View instapost]
    European Stress Test Does Little To Markets

    The stress test results were released and seven out of ninety-one european banks tested failed. They will most likely need to raise about 3.5 billion euros to survive. This was announced by the Committee of European Banking Supervisors. The markets chopped up and down initially but have settled down around the flat line once again. The SPDR S&P 500 ETF (NYSE:SPY) are trading higher by $0.08 at $109.45. Volume spiked on the announcement but has since quieted down.

    As the above post stated, McDonald's Corporation ( was a buy at the sixty minute 200 moving average at $68.95. It has since bounced beautifully back to $69.32. Easy scalp money there going into the weekend.

    Gareth Soloway
    Chief Market Strategist
    Jul 23, 2010. 01:16 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Toyota Motor Corporation (NYSE:TM) Gets Slammed Again...Is It A Buy?  [View instapost]
    Re: Toyota Motor Corporation (NYSE:TM) Gets Slammed Again...Is It A Buy?

    Alerted below on the Rant and Rave Blog. TM Buy between $72.00 - $72.50. Toyota Motor Corporation (NYSE:TM) just hit $74.20.

    Click Here To See Alert Post!
    Feb 3, 2010. 12:23 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Cataclysmic Event On Horizon For Markets...Either $107 Or Huge Drop Coming Based On Blast In Next...  [View instapost]
    Per My Last Post On The SPY...Market Does Not Break Green Trend Line, Thus Higher It Goes For Another NICE Trade.

    You are privy to the best technical guidance in the world. As I stated in the previous post on the SPY the only way this market will start to collapse is if we close below and confirm the green trend line break. That did not happen after we tested it early. Therefore, as I said before, this market will head higher to $107. The only way this changes, is if the green trend line is broken. The dollar again has started to go lower, everytime this happens, the markets move higher. Day after day, week after week. It seems the dollar is pushed up at the open only to move lower throughout the day. Rinse and repeat. In addition, continued positive comments continue to flow from every top official from the President to the Fed Chairman. This has kept this market afloat and moving higher. Bravo folks. But how long can you keep it floating?
    Sep 16, 2009. 11:26 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment