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  • MoPay Dividend Dogs: 3 Lists To Buy And Hold In June  [View article]
    Great lists! If I had the energy, i would like to create a composite risk of the individual security and the sector risks. Risk versus reward is still the name of the game and I have been bit many times during the past 40 years by HiDiv in the a volatile sector. To wit, oil, gold, natural resources.
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  • MoPay Dividend Dogs: 3 Lists To Buy And Hold In June  [View article]
    Given that a market correction of 10 percent or more may occur, I would like to see a ranking by volatility to assess risk versus reward. Also, each sector has a different volatility which must also be considered. If I had the time and energy (I'm 74 and an investor for 50 years), I would create a Composite Risk based on individual security and sector volatilities. Any help anyone? Thank you.
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  • 4 ETF Ideas That Meet Market Needs  [View article]
    SAFE is a great play! There is DEMAND for the services throughout the spectrum of companies and agencies with Datacomm and Data Storage. Great and Timely solution provider investments. I would shop that is excellent.
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  • 2012's Biggest Lie, 2013's Biggest Risk  [View article]
    We should start cleaning up our USA act and stop all of these distractions. The E.U. citizens will not suffer as much as Americans in a Recession/Depression. China will survive fine. It's America's money machine I'm concerned about. We are acting like the kid with One broken leg saying look at Fritz and Pierre with TWO broken legs!
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  • The Toilet Bowl Effect  [View article]
    The technical barrier to increasing to a window size photovoltaic area has not been solved to date. Please note that alternative energy has a future, but whether NENE is simply riding the wave or is doing the research aggressively enough (if at all) except for periodic upbeat news announcements is doubtful. I can't see GE passing up on their patents if they are worth a great deal commercially. I still vote Pump and Dump.
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  • How Do The Chinese View The Gold Market?  [View article]
    The BIG picture is that the top world economies nation states are playing poker with chips called fiat money. As long as a parity of trading value is maintained between the currencies, the number of chips can be increased for each player as long as everyone's chips are inflated to compensate for the deflated chips. 10 dollars for 7 euros is no different than 100 dollars for 70 euros EXCEPT for those NOT sitting at the poker table. The emerging and smaller nations (and China and India) are buying the most gold to not be constantly deflated in "wealth", not currency, and "play the game to keep exporting selling goods". (Cite China mostly)

    In the Eurozone, Greece, Spain, Italy, and Ireland are sitting at the table but have the least number of chips compared to Germany. To keep them in the game, Germany (and France) must keep giving them more chips by creating more Euros (bailouts). The richer nations are left with lower value deflated chips unless they increase their number of chips (or, take some loss in their chips). Greece is the biggest losing poker player in the game so they MUST be given more chips to stay in the EU poker game.

    Within our nation, we pay poker with the world's advanced nations in a similar manner and we keep creating more chips at will to keep our economy out of depression. This is 1971 all over again and the dollar cannot be pegged to gold without creating an explosion in the price of gold. That is why we, and England and Europe MUST keep the price of gold down by manipulation with the cooperation of the International Central Banks, the IMF, and use our financial institutions (GS, JPM, UBS, etc.) to manipulate the gold price fix in London and trading price from increasing "too much". Nevertheless, it DOES increase, albeit slower than free market price.

    Each nation MUST keep creating fiat currency (chips) until the table collapses with tons of worthless chips having no value to trade for "Real Goods and Materials" (copper, sugar, cotton, etc.) needed for human life and survival on a daily basis. At that point which is not far away... CRASH!!!! Gold is the only money left. This scenario is historical and true economics.
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  • Crash Alert: A Toxic Mix Of Events Heading Into 2013  [View article]
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  • Great Northern Iron's Shareholders Are In For A Lake Superior Bath  [View article]
    Why do you ignore the "dividend capture" short term aspect of GNI...especially in December of each year (Dec 2012,2013,maybe 2014)?
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  • 10.50% Yielding Prospect Capital Offers Growth Too  [View article]
    Had a drawdown when they issued X Million of new shares three months ago. Management is there to make money for themselves so Caveat Emptor.

    Todd, you reacted quite curtly to me on GNI as a "dog" and that "you would sell it ASAP" about a month ago. Well, the stock price went from $68 to $82 in 30 days and they are ex dividend this month to pay their 16.7 percent annual yield in October. You know, it's really identical to a two year CD with 16 % Dividend until at circa September 2014...Plus it does Appreciate in stock price with a darn good alpha. In April 2015, it will be worth about $ 8.00...but who cares about 2015? The whole market will have had a huge drawdown by end 2013, or earlier. Meanwhile, Income is King. Even if it's only for a year or two.
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  • Premarket gainers: EQIX +14%. VICL +13%. APRI +13%. LRN +10%. PLL +7%. CTIC +5%.
    Losers: CCRT -29%. PSTI -17%. FMER -7%. USG -6%. HK -5%[View news story]
    PSTI. When you sell 50 Million shares (dilution about 20 percent increase in capitalization and losing money every quarter) Plus 8 Million of warrants, you are beginning to look like a pump and dump scam with only 3 officers in the company. SELL this dog. I did.
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  • Why Great Northern Iron Ore Is Overvalued  [View article]
    22 % Yield is still over 50% more than AGNC and CYS, both REITs.
    With CDs approaching 0.5% for one year, 22% percent in 2013 and 2014 still looks pretty good to me. In this economic climate, TWO years is a LONG time. The derivatives bubble could bust in late 2013 and definitely by 2014. Those are the real RISKS.

    Good analysis, but the Quants' black box models were based on the same calculations you performed. In this economy, if Europe falls apart, all calculations with assumptions become mathematically chaotic and financially out with tails out to six or more standard deviations.

    One thing to watch our for are Stock Sales in Hi Div REIT's. ARR is selling 50 Million shares and the stock went down 3% in one day after the news. PSEC sold 40 Million additional shares and lost 5% in one day. GNI will not be selling any more stock -- that's one comforting fact.
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  • 2 Perspectives On The 'French Lion In The Grass'  [View article]
    France as well as most of Europe has serious financial problems; BUT, both Germany and France are establishing regulations of banks and hedge funds very quickly now. How can the U.S. rein in its problems when Wall Street owns Pennsylvania Avenue? In France and Germany, presidential campaign funds are limited by law and funded by tax revenue up to a "reasonable" level below $ 1 million dollars. Obama received $ 2 million from Goldman Sachs alone in 2009.

    I will answer the 39% greater purchasing power -- France and Germany don't need it! Universities are low cost, medical care is low cost, mortgages are regulated to be "standard" Principal plus Interest for 15 or 30 years. No crazy refinancing is allowed. These countries have "mothers" looking out for their citizens. No one in France or Germany dies in the streets or goes bankrupt from cancer. Out of work people receive government retraining for up to 2 years and a national job database is maintained to place the graduating workers.

    In a final extreme look, the Scandinavian countries purchasing power is much less than ours, but a qualified young person can become a Physician for zero tuition. What they give back is public service minimums (but still can have a private practice). The main reason our doctors are running from medicare is that they had to pay about $ 500,000.00 for their college/medical school. They need an ROI.

    I believe in a competitive meritocracy in which all education is based on merit of the applicant. That's true competitive enterprise since we are all national resource of trained manpower. To me a farmer growing wheat is doing more for the USA than the CEO of Goldman Sachs who produces NOTHING!

    Mark my words...The situation will be much tougher on Americans since we have no middle class social safety net as in Germany and France. Our money beliefs are choking us all.
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  • 2 Perspectives On The 'French Lion In The Grass'  [View article]
    I agree! France has survived 2000 years of ups and downs, revolutions, wars,...but they WILL survive. Why? Since 1789 the philosophy of France has been to take care of the "people". Start worrying about the USA with our laissez-faire attitude and runaway capitalism. We are crumbling...not France, nor China. Focus on the problem. WE are the problem worldwide.
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  • Why Europe Could Crumble On Sept. 12th  [View article]
    Europe is getting all of the focus in this financial markets calamity. We should look at the problem GLOBALLY, including China, the country with a lot of chips yet to play. China does not want Europe to fail as a major trading partner. China holds a great deal of debt from Europe and the USA. China is the swing power broker in the developing scenario. The BIG picture is a worldwide recession..Not a depression.
    Our markets..It's an election year! If we have Maiden Lane X investing, how can we have a steep decline. We will not, UNLESS Europe breaks up our party. marketsd
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  • Coming Week: 20 Must Watch Potential Market Movers  [View article]
    What I'm seeing in the press and on Seeking Alpha is a lot of finger pointing to China and Europe. There are real problems in both areas; BUT, what about the bad shape we are in? We can only blame ourselves and look inward to fix our economic problems.

    But, how do we do that now that finance, a non-productide service sector has become the sole, if not main, focus of the state of health of a nation. Right now, the USA needs JOBS to provide salaries to buy goods. That's not trickle down whch does not work and is still being pushed during this is BOTTOMS UP. All the rest is a distraction from our common purpose for a strong nation. The financial sector is CORRUPT and CRIMINAL. Time to corral those boys and put them in the pen.
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