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  • Seeking Alpha is back up and running! [View news story]
    Thank you SA for your blunt candor. After suffering through 5 years of a President whose rally cry was "its not my fault" it is extremely refreshing to see you guys just step up to the plate and say "we screwed up." Although we stock news junkies were left fiending and scratching our arms yesterday, im sure were all relieved to know SA is back up and running. Now, dont let it happen again ;)
    Oct 4 07:08 AM | 25 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Why Apple Is Still A 'Don't Buy' [View article]
    If were going to talk about technicals, are we really going to ignore 1) that SHARP bounce off of the 200day after hours (were talking within seconds of it touching it) and then a failed attempt to even break 590 today before rallying back to that 610 level (closing above 600$). we all know the MM's were holding those levels to keep the option premium they sold. The after hours action was a very important tell, one that the shorts had thus far not revealed: where were they itching to cover? Despite the bearish talk of folks like you, the truth is you and your ilk lack the conviction to stay short AAPL at the 200day level. And now we have evidence, 2 pieces of evidence, as it was almost certainly short covering in the afterhours that caused such a radical bounce off the 50day, so quickly. Now, since we all know that it is frequently the case that when everyone is saying "580-585" is the level to buy, you rarely get the opportunity. In fact, I believe the opportunity has passed and was available only to the rare few lunatics who trade after hours.

    we now know the ipad mini white has sold out already, and they have the potential to pre-sale 5million of these in one weekend. Which may hurt them as it could perhaps be frontloading demand, which will, of course, result in jacka$$ analysts raising targets for apple to later "miss". Why would they sell as many ipad mini's as iphone 5's in a weekend? when tablets are more niche? Price Point. The status associated with a premium product can now be obtained for 329$, and this is occurring against the backdrop of a consumer sentiment # out today at 83. 600$ for a full ipad was too much of a $$$ commitment for people to just say "F it, im getting one". In 3 months time we will be hearing about how apple cant produce enough mini's and how amazon is facing a threat from the mini. As usual, the bears run their mouths about the lack of viability of an apple product (as occurred with ipod, iphone, ipad, and now ipad mini) and yet again they will be wrong. AND as usual, there will be no point in which they ever have to account for their failings.

    The easiest thing in the world is to be a permabear. Eventually, you're right. There's just too many Apple Nouriel Roubini's getting their 15 minutes of fame right now for me to think this stock is going anywhere but up. The reality is, apple and its bearish short sellers coexist in a delicate ecosystem of their own requiring homeostasis where apple knows the shorts are necessary to move its share price up. If everyone's a believer, they've already bought. And the shorts know that there are limits to how much a 130bln cash rich company will allow them to take down their stock before they throw out a massive share buyback program or go private. After all, with 130bln, they dont NEED investors cash. So plunk down 80bln at the current price and they can accumulate 20% of the outstanding shares, decimating anyone short and causing the cost to short the stock to skyrocket. And co will still have 50bln left for acquisitions. But really, theres nothing out there worth half that amount that is worth apples money to buy.

    So in the end, people like this author and other bears are just young inspiring John Paulsons, hoping to make one good gutsy call to make a name for themselves. Unfortunately for them, theres nothing subprime about this company or its products. Only its bearish critics.
    Oct 26 07:20 PM | 17 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Wolfgang Franz, who heads Germany's economic advisory panel, rips into Paul Krugman's critique of Bundesbank President Axel Weber. Franz: "Where did the financial crisis begin? Which central bank conducted monetary policy that was too loose? Which country went down the wrong path of social policy by encouraging low income households to take on mortgage loans that they can never pay back?"  [View news story]
    Paul krugman is another one of the liberal elite who like to play revisionist after their policies fail and find some other scapegoat for it. Germany has it right: when it came to housing we actually out-liberal'd Europe. No small feat...
    Jun 23 08:13 PM | 17 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • The ugly and uglier assessments of the Congressional Budget Office should serve as a wake-up call for Obama, Nile Gardiner says, to stop his "reckless" spending that threatens to bring on America's decline. "It is not too late to reverse course, but so far there is not a shred of evidence that the president is willing to do what is necessary."  [View news story]
    Why is no one willing to entertain the notion that Obama is doing exactly what he meant to do: weaken american power and standing. If you don't think liberals believe America is too powerful and see themselves as agents of the international good will, instead of national, then you are missing the big picture. His own supreme court nominee is a huge proponent of using international law in US court cases. Obama's behavior is only perplexing to those naive enough to think his interests are pro-america. His "reckless spending" is not reckless, its intentional.
    Jul 2 04:56 PM | 15 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Apple's Positive Uncertainty: Universal Remote iPad [View article]
    Android is garbage. All you idiots who like to act as if android is something other than the equivalent of a cheap chinese knock-off version of Apple products and iOS. You can get a 40$ Versace knockoff bag in chinatown and yet people still pay 400 for one. Know why? Because they dont want some piece of crap bag with shoddy stitching, which is exactly what android is. And your comment is accurate: Android will copy it. Exactly what it attempted to do with iOS and quite poorly. Dont worry android, you guys will always have a lock on the low-end cheap crowd, with your freeware operating system. Some of us still believe that you get what you pay for.
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  • General Growth Properties: Ackman vs. Hovde vs. Me [View article]


    No one is disputing those points. I think you are missing the idea; which is that if your primary interest was making the case that the two main institutions involved in a marketing battle are both producing misleading valuations for GGP, then you would need to include yours to make that point! You purposely withhold that information and tell us, the readers of SA, to purchase the right to read that information from you. But we didnt come to you saying "hey can you run a valuation for us to see if Hovde or Ackman are full of it ?" You chose to put out an article on SA disputing Hovde/Ackman analyses but then you withhold your own because we are not subscribers.

    It just feels like you shouldn't have chimed in on the topic in the first place if you didnt want to release information that you (rightly) deserve to be compensated for; but which also is vital to making your point. By withholding that information, this article sounds exactly like what davidbdc said: an infomercial.

    All I know is that people have been disputing Ackman since the stock was at 60 cents. At this point, the onus is on these other parties (not you, per se) to back up their points if they are going to dispute Ackman.

    Dec 27 05:02 PM | 14 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • So far, so good when it comes to Q2 earnings reports, but Paul La Monica is struck by the "sobering" disparity between what CEOs are saying and what they're doing. "It's as if [they] don't fully believe what they are saying... If companies are so jazzed about the future, why is the economy still mired in a jobless recovery?"  [View news story]
    Yeah, a 1 trillion dollar healthcare bill creating a brand new expenditure during a recession. yeah im sure that had zero impact on new job considerations. Pending tax increases....yeah no impact there. And the only thing daft is the fact that you think Obama has no impact on US hiring....that and Britains performance during the world cup.
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  • The markets right now are at a key inflection point, says Bob Macke. The S&P 500 closed at 1220, which, for Fibonacci enthusiasts, is an exact 50% retracement of the recent selloff and a massively key resistance level. No matter what you think of the analysis, "market voodoo" or the "holy grail" of indicators, the Fibonacci ratio is one of the dominant strategies in the futures trading pits in Chicago - and 1220 will be a significant hurdle when the markets open on Monday. (video)  [View news story]
    Seeking Alpha, you are aware you are posting an article from oct 13th and you are making it appear as if this person said this today? because I was about to put a scathing post about him being an idiot because we closed at 1224.58 on the s&p, breaking the 1220 range and the former intraday high of 1222. Not only that, we rallied INTO THE CLOSE on a friday, which indicates a hunger to keep risk on over a weekend. All of these things are bullish signs and indicators this "significant hurdle" was just overcome. So nothing about this posting makes any sense including the last line which sounds like it was written by someday who slept through all of today. Which was a pretty nice day. Minus the rain in nyc =/ ...oh and those idiot protesters.
    Oct 14 07:43 PM | 11 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • So far, so good when it comes to Q2 earnings reports, but Paul La Monica is struck by the "sobering" disparity between what CEOs are saying and what they're doing. "It's as if [they] don't fully believe what they are saying... If companies are so jazzed about the future, why is the economy still mired in a jobless recovery?"  [View news story]
    ANSWER: because this president attacked and alienated businesses in this country, and they will not reward his behavior. They are sticking it to Obama by holding off on new jobs. Why bring on new employees now when you can wait for a scenario where you have a crippled, pathetic lame-duck president facing at least the house in repub control. the true rally/recovery begins nov 5th: when the nation is wrestled from the control of this socialist tyrant.
    Jul 13 06:22 PM | 9 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • The March Rally May Indeed Have Legs [View article]
    In reviewing these comments, I am seeing much of the same bearish sentiment that has helped this bull rally continue to surge on since March. I love the fact that there are so many of you alphabet soup bears out there worrying about "W's" when you should be focused on "$'s". Without you folks hiding in your home-made bunkers with tinfoil hats on, the bulls would be without any counterpoint; and the market rally might have died off due to a dearth of negative sentiment to balance it out. When everybody is bullish, it’s sometimes a signal to get out. So I encourage you guys to maintain those money market and savings accounts at their current levels, because the rest of us are really enjoying making money. Its been fun! And you do get a smug sense of satisfaction when you watch bears on TV making absolute fools of themselves every week. We bulls are not mindless drones drooling over this 55% rally we have had. We are smart investors. We buy protection - a put here, write a call there; maybe a sell after a nice conviction run in a particular position. We really don't consider ourselves cock-eyed optimists.

    What is not lost on me though, is how much the ulterior motive for bearish sentiment has grown in light of the rally. I still share some bearish sentiment regarding the economy, mostly due to a seemingly inept administration, a failing congress and a “main street” too stupid to see past compensation at banks to the real causes of the crisis. Those things do give me pause. But when I hear a bear these days talking about the market, I cannot shake the feeling that many are now being purposely deceptive. Why? They've realized their thesis is wrong and that they need to get into this market now - but "not at these levels." One of the rare times Jim Cramer has been right is when he said that bulls do not have a monopoly on attempting to influence a market in a certain direction. We are all very familiar with the guys who write articles or go on tv shows and start touting certain stocks. Yeah, they probably own them! We all know to have a healthy skepticism of someone who starts plugging for a stock or sector. But what is noticeably absent from the market psyche, is how this tactic can easily be employed by bears, and has been for the past few months. Its a guerrilla tactic that the bears have hoped would eventually weaken confidence in the market. This tactic amounts to a group of 10 people surrounding a gymnast on a balancing beam shouting "you're gonna fall! you're gonna fall!". Five gold medals under his/her belt, but somehow, that gymnast will fall. That is what is going on here; and it is also why the bears have only gotten louder and more shrieking as the rally has continued on. If the gymnast hasn't fallen, you need to yell louder, start jumping up and down, flail your arms a little bit. Every now and then, though, you get a type of individual who is able to zone-out all that background noise and complete his/her maneuvers despite the heckling. That is what has been happening with the market for the past 7 months.

    And that is what you all are. Hecklers. You missed the boat, and rather than sucking it up and buying on a 4% correction (there have been a few), you continue to rant and rave, slamming your shoes on the proverbial table, yelling "we will bury you" like some modern day Khrushchev. Its asinine. Give it a rest. Just a buy a dip like the rest of us normal people and cross your fingers that an S&P 1150/1200 is possible by December 31, 2009.

    Oh and PS - for the record, one poster (logicalthought) made a comment about the author’s age and experience in the market not being as long as his. Last I checked, its these “experienced fund manager” types who have underperformed by 55% over the past 7 months. If that’s what ‘experience’ brings, I think I’ll have a 3rd grader handle my money in the future. Such condescending hubris is often more telling of its source, than its intended target.
    Oct 29 10:39 AM | 9 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Insurers are taking an even more cautious stance on Questcor's (QCOR -4.1%) Acthar, according to a Citron Research report. The short seller is now claiming that Humana (HUM -1.5%) has issued a new Commercial Preauthorization document containing a new, specifically asterisked preauthorization for reimbursement for Acthar, which it contends is part of a pattern of insurers taking a more restrictive stance on authorization policy with regard to the drug's reimbursement. [View news story]
    I mean come on, "claiming" ?!!? I claim that Astrazeneca is bidding 50$ for qcor. Please post to your newsfeed.
    Oct 19 01:57 PM | 7 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Insurers are taking an even more cautious stance on Questcor's (QCOR -4.1%) Acthar, according to a Citron Research report. The short seller is now claiming that Humana (HUM -1.5%) has issued a new Commercial Preauthorization document containing a new, specifically asterisked preauthorization for reimbursement for Acthar, which it contends is part of a pattern of insurers taking a more restrictive stance on authorization policy with regard to the drug's reimbursement. [View news story]
    Seekingalpha, shame on you. you should know better than to post news from such a questionable source with a HUGE history of fraud.
    Oct 19 01:56 PM | 7 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • "Based on our checks for in-store pickup at 100 U.S. Apple retail locations over the past week, we believe [iPhone 5] supply remains extremely limited," writes Gene Munster. That leads him to cut his FQ4 (September quarter) iPhone (AAPL -0.7%) forecast to 25M units from a prior 27.2M. He's keeping his FQ1 target of 49M units unchanged, but cautions some of those sales could shift into FQ2 if supply constraints last for more than 3-4 weeks. (previous: I, II[View news story]
    even more stupid is he didnt bother doing channel checks for the price reduced iphone 4's and 4s which have been selling out. The untold story here...
    Oct 4 07:20 PM | 7 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Republicans have blocked Pres. Obama's jobs plan, but how would they add jobs? Basically, "allow more pollution," Paul Krugman claims. Perry and Romney have "put weakened environmental protection at the core of their economic proposals... claiming favorable employment effects from removing restrictions on oil and gas extraction." All they would do "is make us poorer and sicker."  [View news story]
    Honestly Seekingalpha, I dont see why Paul krugman's pieces are always featured on your news feed. To my recollection, you dont publish articles of any obviously right-wing economists to offer balance so why do you insist on publishing so many pieces from Krugman who's partisan bias always outweighs logic, reason and sound economic policy. You can't argue that joblessness is such a severe situation, but not severe enough to allow for any increase in fossil fuel development? This is the same BS argument used for the Kyoto Protocols that insisted climate change was severe and required such carbon caps: but NOT severe enough to have these protocols applied to china or india. Your continued coverage of Paul Krugman really diminishes your reputation. he is simply intellectually disingenuous for the sake of his political bias and if you insist on covering him, why not offer some balance to your market currents feed?
    Oct 21 06:33 PM | 7 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • If a debt deal comes in the next three days, you'll probably be tempted to join a relief rally in equities. Don't buy it, says James Saft: Weakness in areas like housing and consumer spending isn't going anywhere, and the trend toward U.S. austerity likely won't change until "after the beginning of the recession it will help to cause."  [View news story]
    Why does a Reuters blogger get any more recognition than any other blogger? Its unfortunate because there are many high quality discussions and analyses out there. This was one of the worst pieces ive read and its extremely myopic. First off, the only thing rotten to the core right now is this presidency and this congress. As soon as we can get both to stop "intervening" in markets is the moment you will see job growth. Second, corporate profits continue to beat expectations in the range of 80% upside eps beats. Third, corporations balance sheets have never looked better and we now know their cash hoardes outmatch the US Governments. Fourth, there is a disconnect now between the individual economy, the unemployment rate, job growth and US spending. That is precisely because american corporations were smart to pursue business overseas.

    Also, in 2012 there is a NEW hope for change, that will usher in a President that has ACTUALLY RUN A BUSINESS. Not this farcical "community organizer" president. These 4 years are really going to amount to an exercise in futility by the American voting public.

    For now, stop listening to some idiot at Reuters and remember MONEY TALKS. Follow it. Listen to it. And take profits when you've gotten enough of it from an investment. Thats how you'll make money. reading this guys article will only make HIM money as you line his pockets by contributing to his pageviews and clickthrus.
    Jul 30 09:53 AM | 6 Likes Like |Link to Comment