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  • "Fruit From A Poisonous Tree" - Woodrow Wilson 1913 And 1921 "Slavery Of Americans." [View instapost]
    Check (read) the Andrew Knox thread, here:

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  • Letter To The New Under Treasurer Of Queensland (Mr Mark Gray) [View instapost]
    It surely does need to be stopped and it will be stopped. Thanks for your comments.

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  • Ever Though About The Time Ahead, When Money Is Destroyed? [View instapost]
    When presenting in court:

    Rom Stover: "Re: Michael, even better is to offer them a Trustee Compensation Fee for acting as TRUSTEE for their charge, that also removes the presumption that you are their PERSON. It also offers them a remedy, a way to have their charge settled, but your trustee compensation trustee charge may be a LOT more that t he charge, it is still an Agreement Offer in order to settle the Account. If they decline your offer then the charge falls back on to them to deal with. . . Sometimes a "Don't Consent" can bee deemed as a Conflict, so if you at least offer them a remedy, even though it's not good for them, it is still an offer to remedy, and not a conflict.

    Conflict is WAR and WAR can through the trust into the TOTAL CONTROL of the administrator, so for that reason, I don't recommend a "NO CONSENT CLAIM" you want to remain in control of the trust and not give them any reason to place the trust into conflict, (STATE OF WAR)..."

    Doone Barry: "Yes Rom I always conditionally accept offers and remain in honour although I have offered trustee compensation fees amounting to millions I now prefer to accept conditionally upon proof of claim, with conditions scripted to educate the offerer, although I have heard heresay of those that have turned dishonour of trustee compensation claims into commercial liens and onsold those liens on to debt collection agencies all be it at cents in the dollar."

    Doone Barry: "And agreed a belligerent stand is not good. Honour should be kept

    Ross Bradley .
    It makes a lot of sense to me, Rom ...In stating that you, as the living flesh and blood 'person' and beneficiary of the Trust, are (and, as you say) 'offering them a Trustee Compensation Fee for your acting as TRUSTEE for their charge.. ..and that as such, you are now directing him/her then (the magistrate - as the Trustee) to dismiss the matter with no further action required.

    REPEAT, if necessary.
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  • MONEY? It's The Beginning Of The End Of It - When People Start To Realize [View instapost]
    Bankers Arrested In Iceland, Ireland, UK, USA, Switzerland, India...

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  • MONEY? It's The Beginning Of The End Of It - When People Start To Realize [View instapost]
    My Statement of Truth...

    Today I'd like to declare that I do think we are now close to destroying all this fraudulent global system misrepresents in all it's UNlawful fashion.

    I'm excited.

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  • A World Without MONEY - Ever Thought About It? (Part C) [View instapost]
    "Credits can neither be 'created' nor, destroyed"

    On "D" Day (that day when MONEY is D-stroyed), the world begins it's new journey.

    Credits would need to be "earned" from the "value" a person contributes to his/her place of employment and can only be as a result of or, come from that business area trading with another.

    All 'value' business areas - those deemed by the people and now "operated" by the people would only need to have a 'once off' (all, a given right for them) to create just one week/month of credits, and only equal to it's calculated (projected) wage bill, for that agreed upon credit period of time. All digitally, totally transparent.

    The longer the period of time/greater the credit 'start up' requirement, the costlier and uncompetitive the 'goods and services' can become. (A double-edged sword.)

    These fully repayable and alwasys accountable to the people 'credits' are then destroyed as and only when and as that 'start up' sum has been accumulated to do so - and after or, within that given repayable period of time. (Initially factored into the goods and services on offer.)

    Just some more thought".

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  • A World Without MONEY - Ever Thought About It? (Part A) [View instapost]
    What if there were no borders in the world? [Spent 5 minutes to listen to this.]

    Imagine if the only borders that existed were ones that defined a living or farming space?

    Or the space occupied by your community?

    And what if there were no overarching government body to answer to or to protect us?

    Would our communities and tribes be able to negotiate or come to consensus about how to behave in proximity with one another without overarching governments that control entire continents?

    We, the Court of Ages, believe this is exactly where we are headed as a world community and we say, Bring it on!
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  • A World Without MONEY - Ever Thought About It? (Part A) [View instapost]
    Facebook Thread:

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  • God Is Not Religion [View instapost]
    From Facebook...

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  • Letter To The New Under Treasurer Of Queensland (Mr Mark Gray) [View instapost]
    Finlay Cocks:

    ........."The Parliament of The State of Queensland (one of the Parliaments of Australia), has sealed the Statute of Westminster 1931.

    'Commonwealth of Australia is a 'foreign government and political subdivisions' as is the Parliament of the United Kingdom and is held to the sealed Charter of the United Nations.'

    That story:

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  • LOOKsmart - There Are Better Days Ahead [View instapost]
    June 14, 2012

    "Syncapse buys Clickable — Facebook marketing deals roll on"

    Although Syncapse isn’t talking actual numbers, the mostly stock deal is reportedly worth around $33 million.

    .....Among the people coming from Clickable, co-founder and chief executive David Kidder will become a “strategic advisor” to Syncapse, while Clickable chief operating officer Dave Fall moves into the role of chief product officer.

    Fall, a former Google product manager, is seen by Scissons as one of the prizes in this acquisition.

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  • Looksmart (and WPP) subscribe to a "Dumbing Down" of Society? [View instapost]
    It was on Mar 25, 2011 2:59 AM .... (when this above blog-post was published), and the following question was asked:

    < For WPP (& its subsiduary Co Proof Digital Media - in this instance), that 'neutrality' is provided to them (their advertisers), via Clickable's self-service option and private labeling of technology.

    Plus a dedicated expert team to help them create a complete, scalable solution to profit with Facebook, as well as other big ad networks like Google [Yahoo] and Bing.


    Where does Clickable come up with a platform that it can offer Global scale from? >

    Oh don't worry.

    It was likely to be (ONLY) Looksmart. Now we "own" it? Ha!


    < LookSmart also operates Syncapse, a technology-enabled solutions company that uses social media data to help some of the world's most valuable brands understand their customer needs and improve performance, and Clickable, a technology-enabled services company that helps companies and agencies manage their online marketing for themselves and their clients.>

    I now have no doubt now that my Post "Header" was a correct "title line" to go with, at the time.


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  • God Is Not Religion [View instapost]
    Who/what is God? I can't tell anyone .... Here's the Pope describing "money" as being a "god", no?

    Francis says: "The world has become an idolator of this god called money."

    What I do know (as fact), is that there are systems (certainly that of Law), that are built around God. We need to look for and 'exploit' (hold people accountable to), the very laws within that system - that's what we need to do.

    Full Thread:

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  • God Is Not Religion [View instapost]
    When people "work out" that the "new" Pope's Law (the one that began September 1st) applies to mostly ALL of us (as a "corporation" or, Trust, with the Holy SEE having a huge "patrimony" interest/problem in us - that it has been 'usurped' by greedy corporations over centuries), will be that 'beginning of the end', as I am predicting.

    At one "end" (down at grass roots level) the corporate "enforcers" are in full flight with their UNlawful "fund raising" efforts in using UNlawful Statute Law that's totally 'out of control'....

    ....While at the "top end" world leaders are (once again) considering, the stealing of all retirement accounts from their citizens - in preparation for an economic collapse.

    We live in amazing times we do....

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  • "Fruit From A Poisonous Tree" - Woodrow Wilson 1913 And 1921 "Slavery Of Americans." [View instapost]
    It's fact that Woodrow Wilson was the first U.S. president to start visits with the Pope.

    (President Obama and the first lady Michelle Obama meeting Pope Benedict XVI, at the Vatican, July 10, 2009 - Pictured in link.)

    "It’s hard to imagine now that John F. Kennedy, when he ran for president, had to fend off charges that he’d take orders from the Vatican and owed his allegiance to the pope.

    The charges came not from known racists but from the likes of Norman Vincent Peale, one of America’s popular pastors.

    It’s not that the America of 1960, the America of DiMaggio and Sinatra, was brimming with the same anti-Catholic sentiment that fueled the anti-immigration movements of the late 19th and early 20th centuries."

    Full Story:
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