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  • A World Without MONEY - Ever Thought About It? (Part A) [View instapost]
    Facebook Thread:

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  • God Is Not Religion [View instapost]
    From Facebook...

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  • Letter To The New Under Treasurer Of Queensland (Mr Mark Gray) [View instapost]
    Finlay Cocks:

    ........."The Parliament of The State of Queensland (one of the Parliaments of Australia), has sealed the Statute of Westminster 1931.

    'Commonwealth of Australia is a 'foreign government and political subdivisions' as is the Parliament of the United Kingdom and is held to the sealed Charter of the United Nations.'

    That story:

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  • LOOKsmart - There Are Better Days Ahead [View instapost]
    June 14, 2012

    "Syncapse buys Clickable — Facebook marketing deals roll on"

    Although Syncapse isn’t talking actual numbers, the mostly stock deal is reportedly worth around $33 million.

    .....Among the people coming from Clickable, co-founder and chief executive David Kidder will become a “strategic advisor” to Syncapse, while Clickable chief operating officer Dave Fall moves into the role of chief product officer.

    Fall, a former Google product manager, is seen by Scissons as one of the prizes in this acquisition.

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  • Looksmart (and WPP) subscribe to a "Dumbing Down" of Society? [View instapost]
    It was on Mar 25, 2011 2:59 AM .... (when this above blog-post was published), and the following question was asked:

    < For WPP (& its subsiduary Co Proof Digital Media - in this instance), that 'neutrality' is provided to them (their advertisers), via Clickable's self-service option and private labeling of technology.

    Plus a dedicated expert team to help them create a complete, scalable solution to profit with Facebook, as well as other big ad networks like Google [Yahoo] and Bing.


    Where does Clickable come up with a platform that it can offer Global scale from? >

    Oh don't worry.

    It was likely to be (ONLY) Looksmart. Now we "own" it? Ha!


    < LookSmart also operates Syncapse, a technology-enabled solutions company that uses social media data to help some of the world's most valuable brands understand their customer needs and improve performance, and Clickable, a technology-enabled services company that helps companies and agencies manage their online marketing for themselves and their clients.>

    I now have no doubt now that my Post "Header" was a correct "title line" to go with, at the time.


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  • God Is Not Religion [View instapost]
    Who/what is God? I can't tell anyone .... Here's the Pope describing "money" as being a "god", no?

    Francis says: "The world has become an idolator of this god called money."

    What I do know (as fact), is that there are systems (certainly that of Law), that are built around God. We need to look for and 'exploit' (hold people accountable to), the very laws within that system - that's what we need to do.

    Full Thread:

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  • God Is Not Religion [View instapost]
    When people "work out" that the "new" Pope's Law (the one that began September 1st) applies to mostly ALL of us (as a "corporation" or, Trust, with the Holy SEE having a huge "patrimony" interest/problem in us - that it has been 'usurped' by greedy corporations over centuries), will be that 'beginning of the end', as I am predicting.

    At one "end" (down at grass roots level) the corporate "enforcers" are in full flight with their UNlawful "fund raising" efforts in using UNlawful Statute Law that's totally 'out of control'....

    ....While at the "top end" world leaders are (once again) considering, the stealing of all retirement accounts from their citizens - in preparation for an economic collapse.

    We live in amazing times we do....

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  • "Fruit From A Poisonous Tree" - Woodrow Wilson 1913 And 1921 "Slavery Of Americans." [View instapost]
    It's fact that Woodrow Wilson was the first U.S. president to start visits with the Pope.

    (President Obama and the first lady Michelle Obama meeting Pope Benedict XVI, at the Vatican, July 10, 2009 - Pictured in link.)

    "It’s hard to imagine now that John F. Kennedy, when he ran for president, had to fend off charges that he’d take orders from the Vatican and owed his allegiance to the pope.

    The charges came not from known racists but from the likes of Norman Vincent Peale, one of America’s popular pastors.

    It’s not that the America of 1960, the America of DiMaggio and Sinatra, was brimming with the same anti-Catholic sentiment that fueled the anti-immigration movements of the late 19th and early 20th centuries."

    Full Story:
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  • We Live In Interesting Times [View instapost]
    If we get to see the total collapse of the corporations and MONEY, it is then 60% on the right track, to go forward with. That other 40% is in itself, a night-mare of thought.

    That realization that there's a need for people to 'work for and on behalf of, each other' - all as caring humans, becomes the highest hurdle for us all to get over.
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  • The Parliament Of The State Of Queensland Has Sealed The Statute Of Westminster 1931.  [View instapost]
    Unlawful Acts made by any Government CANNOT be Lawful. (Unlawful Acts made by Unlawful Government, is even more Unlawful. Especially when it can be proven to be, TREASON.)
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  • Reply To The AEC - Australia Must Cancel The Election [View instapost]
    For Jacki (my reply E mail to her follows below), IF you have gotten this far:

    [Jacki]....Search for, find and Understand....the Truth...

    FWIW, here's a copy of my E mail sent to SPER, here in Queensland.

    There's nothing like "getting the message out there", right? ;)

    Monday, 19th of August, 2013

    Attention: Jacki
    Senior Processing Officer
    Tolling Offence Unit | Central Operations and Support
    Customer Services Branch | Department of Transport and Main Roads

    Hi Jacki, [Good morning to you.]

    "In Religion and Politics, people's beliefs and convictions are in almost every case gotten at second hand,& without examination, from authorities who have not themselves examined the question at issue, but have taken them at second hand from other non-examiners, whose opinions about them were not worth a brass farthing." ~ Mark Twain

    THIS (the above) also applies to LAW

    Please be advised that I do NOT consent to any of the following:

    < "If you were in charge of the vehicle at the time of the trip, in order for this matter to be considered, you are required to provide a Statutory Declaration nominating yourself as the driver of the vehicle including the:

    · Infringement Notice Number
    · The date/s in which you were responsible for the vehicle
    · You name, address and drivers licence number.

    The Statutory Declaration must be signed and declared before a Justice of the Peace/Commissioner for Declarations or a person authorised in your State or Territory." >

    In acting on behalf of both myself and my son, you were asked and [you] have failed to provide me with details of the following:

    "My question to Queensland Motorways Pty Limited, in regards to where do they LEGALLY and under what particular Law can they involve my son with their statement they made to me ("It may end up that your son will have to fill out a statutory declaration assigning the notice to you...........I would suggest that your son contacts us regarding this vehicle."), remains unanswered. Perhaps you will be prepared to and can provide me with this information in detail?"

    Bearing in mind that ...the deferred toll amount as [you advise, is] required by a Demand Notice from Queensland Motorways Limited (QML), is simply as is stated......meaning, that it's a Demand Notice. No?

    Now Jacki, you might well say...."It's my job, Ross" ....or, ..."I'm just doing my job" harrass and coerce me? Is that really your job? After all, I have offered to pay "double" the Toll Fee that is in question.

    With the election in a couple of weeks I approached the AEC (the Australian Electoral Commission) a Corporation much like your own.

    They (the AEC) are conducting the election on behalf of this unlawful Australian Government under the (perceived) authority of the Governor General.

    In a reply from the AEC as to where (?) this Government gets it's 'power' from, they advised-that it came from the GG through the Queen of Australia.

    In asking the AEC to provide me with a link to any "sealed" document that gives her (our Governor General-Quentin Alice Louise Bryce) this 'perceived power' (one showing that her appointment has been assented to by Her Majesty QE11), rather than answer me, all my posts were deleted and I was blocked from any further comment or, questions to them. My reply:

    You see Jacki ... (and in reading the Mark Twain quote once again) LAWS are NOT laws simply because you have been told that they are LAWS.

    At this point of time, a 'reminder' to you Jacki of the following (that is) "LAW", perhaps?

    Trades Practices Act 1974 - 60 Harassment and coercion - Coercion at place of residence.

    A corporation shall not use physical force or undue harassment or coercion in connection with the supply or possible supply of goods or services to a consumer or the payment for goods or services by a consumer

    The following is a post I've copied from Facebook, that I found interesting.

    "There are no such things as public servants any more. There are people hiding under the Public Sector Management act (illegal) but who employs them because the corp cannot. It does not matter which way you look at it the staff have stopped existing hence there are no public servants -= they do not have to obey what you say. They do not have to protect you. They do not have to offer fairness and balance. Equality or any human right..And that is what we are witnessing and basically all around the world. Dictatorships as they wrote it without us looking."

    I look forward to your reply that includes a copy of the "Law" that clearly states (and with a reference to the actual date of enactment of this Law), that [and in spite of my generous offer], as I was in charge of the vehicle at the time of the trip - I am required to provide a Statutory Declaration nominating myself as the driver of the vehicle.

    Thank you in anticipation.


    Ross James Bradley.
    Aug 18 08:54 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Reply To The AEC - Australia Must Cancel The Election [View instapost]
    I guess it was my FOLLOWING reply to Gene Nevin that saw all my comments "deleted" and my being banned from posting to the AEC Site...

    "I work in and for the government of the day" [Gene Nevin]

    I guess that you Gene (in having a/your contract or, workplace agreement with this U.S. registered private corporation called the AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT) would then understand that you have 'signed' this agreement in accordance with "their" rules?

    [And, as such] You are a virtual shareholder.

    As "we" (the people of Australia) do not have any agreement and are NOT 'contracted' like you are Gene, we are not and won't be responsible for any debt that your "boss" is running up, on behalf of it's shareholders. (Like you.)

    Ordinary Australian people have an indissoluble "contract" with the 'monarch of the day', under the Commonwealth Constitution of 1900/1901. Whereas YOU (Gene) have your very own "lawful" contract that binds you to the 1986 'set of constitutional rules', that you have agreed to become a member of and as I've posted, you are 'lawfully' bound to.

    That includes you having a share of the debt and repayments related to any & all the unlawful "acts" that your employer ("the corporation"), may or, will have to pay back.

    ............The Nuremburg defense ("I was only doing my job") will apply in that it will NOT get to save your 'skin in this game', that you are Lawfully contracted, within.

    Unlawful Governments CANNOT make laws, that are Lawful.
    Aug 14 11:20 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Reply To The AEC - Australia Must Cancel The Election [View instapost]
    Government employee Gene Nevin posts: "Dude I work in and for the government of the day , I understand the constitution and legislation better then most. My point was not personal I mean lets all have our say, be thankful we have a proper vote and a say in a democratic process.

    I do care about the vote but I do not care why people question the process!!!"

    (Click on AEC hyperlink.)
    Aug 14 09:50 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Reply To The AEC - Australia Must Cancel The Election [View instapost]
    The AEC's reply: [Is not good enough] :(

    Note that the Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918 (the Act) has some 6 pages of "changes" made to it, since 1918!!


    "Last night we received a lot of interest regarding under what law the AEC conducts the federal election, the role of the Governor General, how we define elector versus voter, and some questions regarding the constitutional qualifications of candidates

    The AEC administers the conduct of federal elections under the provisions of the Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918 (the Act).

    The Governor-General is the Queen’s representative in Australia. The position has ongoing responsibilities within the political system and its powers are often debated.

    The Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918 at Section 4(1) provides the following interpretation: ‘Elector means any person whose name appears on a Roll as an elector.’ The AEC uses the words elector and voter interchangeably.

    Following on from the definition there were comments regarding compulsory voting. The AEC itself does not have an official view on whether enrolment and voting should or should not be compulsory. this is a matter for the parliament to decide. the AEC conducts all elections according to the law in force at the time. The AEC has put together information on compulsory voting in practice which is available on our website at:

    The AEC has also put together information regarding constitutional disqualifications for intending candidates which is also available on our website at:
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  • Reply To The AEC - Australia Must Cancel The Election [View instapost]
    Sue Jess:

    "AEC supposedly has a piece of paper somewhere which they have been told is a law; enforceable onto human citizens of this land. This is a lie as it would require the correct authority under very 'specific' guidelines to make a created idea a law.

    When Whitlam and Hawke criminally, unconstitutionally and unlawfully changed our Constitution to suit their own and 'foreign' agenda's, it was not done within the 'specific' guidelines of our Constitution by way of Referendum (Section 128).

    The Royals Styles and Titles Act 1973 removed the crown and replaced it with a statutory instrument; the Queen of Australia. Our Great Seal was changed, which was our law making seal. It was replaced with a corporate stamp.

    The Commonwealth (we the people and the crown) was removed (unlawfully) from all titles under which the Government are meant to function. A Referendum was held in 1999 to turn Australia into a republic but on the 24th of November 1999, Australia said 'No'. This made no difference as our Constitution had already been unlawfully suspended weeks earlier and registered as a Corporation belonging to D.C.


    This means the current 'Government' is a fraudulent corporate entity that has NO AUTHORITY over any Australian citizen, law, act and/or act amendment, tax, court ruling, commissioned office or officer, judge, police officer, lawyer or anything that requires the ultimate Royal Assent, (more often via the Governor General) and is NULL AND VOID!

    This is nothing less than a DICTATORSHIP with the masquerading government just 'appearing' to act under the Constitution, oblivious to the average Australian, who is losing common law rights daily, excessively and unlawfully.

    Any church leader, employee or officer of a supposed Government department who is aware of an act of treason being committed is required to follow through with an investigation; informing or exposing the crime or they will risk being found guilty of 'Misprision of Treason' (concealing treason) which is punishable by 2 years in prison. With great power comes great responsibility."
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