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  • What Is Yahoo's Marissa Mayer ACTUALLY Saying? ('Between Her Lines') [View instapost]
    My post-script (mentioning Dr. Vincent Granville) prompted me to delve into some past posts - over on his AnalyticBridge site.

    There appears to have been some changes made in answer to the following question, in this ....

    "Future of Web Analytics: Interview with Dr. Vincent Granville", story....

    Q: Any success story you want to mention?

    ......................... of multiple Botnets generating more than $10 million yearly in fraud, resulting in developing sophisticated new rules involving association / collusion detection.

    Creation of a list of about 100,000 keywords representing 85% of the keyword pay-per-click commercial universe, in terms of Google advertising revenue. Currently working on a Google keyword price and volume forecaster.

    ......Developing scoring algorithms that are 200 times faster than algorithms available in the marketplace... (without using cloud)."

    THIS, is how I had previously 'copied & pasted' it, here on my blog.

    ["Future of Web Analytics: Interview with LookSmart's Dr. Vincent Granville" on AnalyticBridge:

    ......"Currently working on a Google keyword price and volume forecaster with Dr. Jean-Yves Dexmier, CEO of Looksmart and member of the prestigious French group of mathematicians known as Bourbaki. - - Developing scoring algorithms that are 200 times faster than algorithms available in the marketplace (without using cloud). Read the success stories on our website"] [**cough**]

    I can't help thinking about that 'separation' that's required (to protect data), between players.- This reminded me once again:

    < ........ Collective's CEO Joe Apprendi responded saying they must create a chinese wall between the technology platform and ad network businesses.>

    I find it ALL so interesting, I do.

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  • Yahoo Back to CENSORSHIP of Posts on Yahoo Finance Chat Boards [View instapost]
    Hi boredwithcoincidence.

    Try posting it, as such: (Copy and paste it in your post, as follows.)


    Yahoo are not permitting any posting of "live" Links, even their own.

    It's crazy. But it's likely an engineer's answer to a problem (spamming), rather than that of a marketer.

    Yahoo appears to have been 'dominated' by "engineers" and with Marissa Mayer's recent (her) getting rid of Shashi Seth .... could just be a start to an improvement - on the "corrupt" practices, that we've come to know of, on Yahoo Finance.

    We can only hope so.
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  • Marketers - "What If We Had A GPS That Has Access To RT Traffic Information"? [View instapost]
    #...with advertisers now able to find users (in the Looksmart marketplace), as against all 'users' having to (as they must do, currently), painstakingly find the advertisers ...#

    UNDERSTAND that (above) point made-and you will then understand the absolute "game-changer" that I feel, Looksmart gets to become.


    Today - Yahoo's CEO Marissa Mayer puts it like this:

    "In the future, you become the query........ The query will take into consideration keywords, historic queries, the person's background, location, time, and preferences to process -- and will return custom results.

    If you're the query, you type in search terms or become the passive query where technology identifies time and location to return useful information", Mayer said.

    Read more:

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  • Marketers - "What If We Had A GPS That Has Access To RT Traffic Information"? [View instapost]
    In having a 'user's IP addy' as part of what becomes that common "currency" to all (publishers) in Looksmart's Open marketplace - I believe in using 1st party Data ONLY (at all times), it eliminates the use of 'cookies' - that only 'slows down' (and drive away) traffic, to publisher sites!

    < What are some of the inefficiencies of an ad tech vendor?

    Ads are necessary for a site; however, they slow a site down. We know that for every X microsecond the site slows down, you lose traffic. You lose traffic, you lose revenue. It’s ironic that the system you use to generate revenue also decreases revenue for slowing down your site. The ad networks out there should figure out better ways to optimize the performance of ads embedded in the site. It’s also our responsibility because code they run is connected with code we run, and it’s so intricate that one tweak here could have a systemic impact elsewhere. — Publisher A >

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  • Marketers - "What If We Had A GPS That Has Access To RT Traffic Information"? [View instapost]
    From my post:

    #........with advertisers now able to find users in the Looksmart marketplace as against 'users' having to (currently), painstakingly find the advertisers ...#

    UNDERSTAND that (above) point made - and you will then understand the absolute "game-changer" that Looksmart gets to become.

    Is, my opinion.

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  • Open Letter To Looksmart's Mike Onghai/Board, Re: The Performance Ecosystem [View instapost]
    [From the above instapost] ..."Where Looksmart in contributing "User Intent" can help see a ONE Currency - in a (the), ONE Performance based marketplace."

    The subject had been mentioned previously (on Oct 23, 2012), here on my instablog from within a post, entitled: "An Intent-Based Unit Of Trade - Becomes A Targeting "One-Fits-All", Certainty"

    Full story:

    In that post, I quote:

    Murthy Nukala (the CEO, and founder of, writes:

    "If an intent-based unit of trade can be used to monetize cross-device traffic, everyone wins. ..... Advertisers and agencies will be able to maximize the reach and return of their campaigns, and they will benefit from cross-channel economies of scale.

    Publishers will monetize traffic better. And consumers will see ads that are more relevant to their intent."


    ............... Also comes into 'the picture', in regards to 'intent data', PLAs and that ONE (currency and) Open marketplace. Certainly when considering, that:

    "Amazon would be unlikely to directly give advertisers access to its trove of information about individuals’ browsing, purchasing, and product review histories, both because of its privacy policies and a desire to keep its valuable data proprietary. Instead, Amazon would create target audiences, such as people who recently purchased digital cameras. A marketer selling digital camera accessories could then use Amazon’s technology to bid for the ability to show ads to a person in that category."


    And, from this fine article from MarketingLand (back on 9th October, 2012) the following explains it so well:

    <..."Most of the companies that have built technology to perform search retargeting are seeing billions of search events across all the major search engines and well beyond, including on-site searches happening across thousands of websites outside of the search engines.

    They are also serving ads across hundreds of thousands of websites through numerous exchanges and networks.

    This means the user behind the search you are targeting can originate in Google and still be accessible when s/he lands on a website in the Microsoft family of websites within seconds of performing her/his search.">

    That story:

    Finally (and from yet another of my instaposts, I had mused:

    [That] I'm a firm believer in the viral effect to take place of "Search targeting" where users - will be found (and when targeted across a ONE marketplace) based on their real time search intent shown. (In that same marketplace)

    Simply by serving intent based Ads in real time and with a follow-up Ad - that targets the IP address of the individual user" who've made that (each individual) search query.-Across a one publisher base, in that one marketplace.

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  • WHY Don't People Ask Questions? [View instapost]
    Swanson1 .....Your comments contain so much vitriol in them and I wonder is it truly necessary?

    Looksmart doesn't have an ad network?

    It's rather irrelevant now that it's gone.

    LookSmart [HAD Claimed to have] operated one of the largest pay-per-click (PPC) search advertising networks with over two billion daily search queries.

    Peek (who got control so easily) are going to shut the business down as it has no assets at all?

    ..............On January 14th the board of directors of the Company increased the size of the board of directors to seven and appointed PEEK nominees Christian Chan, Mike Onghai, Paul Pelosi, Jr. and Thorsten Weigl - - to serve as directors of the Company. (Probably to assist with the shutting of the business down as it has no assets at all. They'd do that.)


    Mainly it's called - - an independent (global) "Distribution Network" that is shown below, as Traffic - from Alexa.

    Upstream Sites

    Which sites did users visit immediately preceding
    % of Unique Visits Upstream Site

    Downstream Sites

    Where do visitors go after leaving
    % of Unique Visits Downstream Site

    In your 2nd comment you write:

    "Its fine talking about the potential - but its reality that is the main thing."

    I feel that it's uniquely based on user "search intent" & with an extension of PLAs to reach search and social, in virtual real time.

    Best of luck to you, too!

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  • WHY Don't People Ask Questions? [View instapost]
    The 'follow-on post I appear to have lost?

    [Facebook's] Intent Based Marketing And The Individuality Of “Graph Search"? [Edit or Delete]0 comments
    Jan 16, 2013 8:40 PM

    The Editor of MediaPost (Joe Mandese) has posted a good article today about Facebook's "Graph Search" and writes it off as being just another (invasive?) new source of search advertising impressions, and potentially, brand conversions.

    He even poses a question (that apart from agency pundits and industry analysts): "Who cares? Or an even more important question: Why should anyone care?"

    Facebook's 1 billion+ (individual) Users will care, in time. Here's why.

    It's important to note and Joe points out (later in his article) that only about 5% of the world's information has been indexed and archived by search engines and that this (referred to as, "the Dark Web") continues to grow (and it does, daily), not shrink. - But all of this becomes totally irrelevant for Facebook's "Graph Search" as it will ultimately prove an almost 'one on one' search experience, for Facebook users.

    Facebook's "Graph Search" is designed for an individual's experience.

    Joe writes (and rightly so) when his nephew David posts photos of his newborn on Facebook, this then does become very substantive to him personally, but he wouldn't expect others to care of them, much less search it out.

    But it is Joe's grand niece 'Mary Lucy' who becomes of real interest to Facebook and specifically to all brands (all advertisers/suppliers 'local' to his grand niece) who'd like that precious data that relates to new-born babies!

    For them to get to target their products or, service accordingly, be it directly in (or, along-side search results) or, wherever on Facebook 'Mary Lucy' may happen to land.

    This thought can so easily be extended from within a comment made to Joe's article, by a Scott Crider. - He writes:

    ........."I think its far more likely that a search for "best baby formula" on Facebook's Graph Search will return results for content created by Similac, particularly if a few of one's friends have previously "liked" Similac's Facebook page [or, any of those friends who may have even searched for coupons on Facebook? Note the links on that Facebook coupon's page] and/or shared its content.

    Time and again, peer approval/recommendations has shown to be a powerful influencer in purchase decisions, so this could be powerful indeed. Time will tell."

    [Facebook's] Intent based Marketing

    In a great discussion on Twitter yesterday [View conversation] I have learned that (in a reply to my thought)-- 'It's where a user's 'intent' (or, an 'in market' signal) will be served/met by advertisers across an Open marketplace or, on FB'), that "Bing already does this with FB data"

    How about And (in time) Google, Twitter, Yahoo and a plethora of 'approved' publisher networks that can allow their respective advertisers to then find Joe Mandese's grand niece 'Mary Lucy' on pages that she may land on - OUTSIDE of Facebook?

    ["Combining the reach and scale of Facebook with the already massive reach and scale of Google, AppNexus, Pubmatic, Rubicon, OpenX, Lijit, Yahoo!, and the other RTB exchanges only further cements RTB as the go-to method for reaching effective audiences at scale.

    This is especially helpful for advertisers (that will ultimately see - - an inclusion of Facebook's own advertisers soon?) looking to advertise at scale to very specific audiences."- SEL.]

    Facebook won't exactly be so gracious to supply that intent data on to all-comers, like it appears to be doing with it's search partner Bing.

    But what if all players - - meaning buyers and sellers of 'search intent' data, as it is found in RT-real-time (include Facebook & it's advertisers), were all 'enabled' to do so (where that data becomes anonymous to all parties), in what becomes an RTB Global OPEN Marketplace 'Handling' some 100 Billion "events", per day?

    For this to happen, Facebook will need to acquire (Microsoft's) Atlas ad network or, that of Looksmart's own (no longer required), Ad Network.

    Stay tuned, Folkz?

    Always, only an opinion.

    LOOK: $0.97 Up 0.05 (+5.43%) 3:59PM EST [ 5d ]


    ps; Google can turn off any ad network / exchange without notice or process via their search/browser coverage. …

    Disclosure: Long LOOK
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  • SHAME on you Shashi Seth - Yahoo FINANCE is a disgrace !!!! [View instapost]
    A CENSORED post (just now), over on Yahoo Finance....

    #...Sorry to hear of Shashi Seth's departure. (NOT) ...#

    I mean, can you NOW post a 'live' link to a story here, like you could in the past?

    It was under Shashi's command that (because of a few spamming links), this feature was taken away from members here and (I guess?), through-out all of the Yahoo Finance chat boards!

    The web is 'built' on "links" and users will continue to return here after reading an article or, a post on a related topic of interest. Surely this is a basic understanding?

    Isn't this exactly how Facebook is getting so many of it's advertiser messages (ad exposures) presented? With it's members, so often - 'bouncing' from page to page?

    I'll try once more, with a link to my (today's up-dated) blog-post, on a trusted site:


    Nup ..... It failed!! Even with the link 'diffused', it wasn't permitted.

    Sad, Marissa!!


    ps; The link:
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  • SHAME on you Shashi Seth - Yahoo FINANCE is a disgrace !!!! [View instapost]
    Sorry to hear of Shashi Seth's departure. (NOT)

    <.......Sources said [CEO Marissa] Mayer is in the midst of culling top execs, even as some are contemplating departure due to unhappiness under her new regime. >

    What took Yahoo so long? For years now Shashi Seth has stood by and allowed corrupt people to run his show!

    Well done, Marissa! Thanks!
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  • Facebook (Looksmart) - What To Expect In Tuesday's Mystery Press Conference? [View instapost]
    The Facebook news of an involvement in search (that will include results from Microsoft's Bing), has me still convinced that my above PLA 'scenario' is still 'on target', in time.

    I feel that Facebook will now buy Atlas and that whilst there was no direct mention of PLAs, I can definitely see some 'workings' in the making, with both the Foursquare and Yelp involvements.

    As this article sums it up:

    ........."The social media king pins announced a new navigation feature called "Graph Search" - a product that allows users to enter queries on Facebook and get answers in real time."

    And after-all (apart from the obvious scale in Facebook), is this any different than the example given in my above blog-post, in that of a known Looksmart partner, in Feedsmixer?


    ............."Whatever you are looking for answers or want to get answers to your questions, check our Questions and Answers section or join our community now to win...with Feedsmixer"

    SCALE, for 'search intent' based advertising.

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  • Facebook (Looksmart) - What To Expect In Tuesday's Mystery Press Conference? [View instapost]
    UP by 300% now (as @ January, 12th), is Alexa's estimated percentage of visits to - that came from a search engine:

    Estimated percentage of visits to that came from a search engine:
    Search % Change
    7 day 10.4% +300% Change in Search % over the trailing 7 day period
    1 month 4.5% -12% Change in Search % over the trailing 1 month period
    3 month 4.8% -38% Change in Search % over the trailing 3 month period

    This supports my above reasoning that the Looksmart ad network has now closed for business.

    In a reply over on Yahoo Finance, here are my own thoughts on reasoning the stated drop in revenue. (Un that the Co's daily gross margin has decreased from $14,000 as of June 2012 to $9,000 as of January 2013.)

    ...What this clearly tells us (I feel) is that the publisher solution's revenue (for this Q1 2013 period we are in), is already UP ( @ $3000/ day -- and at this point in time, of course), when compared with the $200,000 recorded total publisher revenues - for the Q3 2012 period. ($3000 X's 93 days ='s ??)

    This augers well for shareholders and certainly for the new (64%) 'control' - in PEEK.

    ..............Certainly in knowing that the daily share or, that percentage of an advertiser's spend .......or, what becomes the Co's actual total comprehensive revenue - and when after TAC is paid to the search engines for those RT 'in market' queries that are sold to advertisers, its the comprehensive income or, margin. (This is totally unrelated to the now defunct or, the closed Looksmart ad network - or, that what was known to us as being, the "intermediary business".)

    And yes, I'm meaning that this (the $6,000 and $3,000 respectively), is soley related to the OPEN (global), independent marketplace, Folkz

    Or, that, what is known to us as being called, the "Distribution Network business", as has been stated. (Again. It relates to daily revenues at this point in time - meaning, for the first few days of this Q1 quarter).

    Now, as that publisher base begins to grow quickly in partners (can we possibly get to include Facebook after tomorrow? - who knows?), then the total publisher solutions revenue will also grow, accordingly. And no doubt PEEK will already know of this now, besides their having been told of it often enough, by me.

    More advertisers will be attracted to this anticipated exponential growth of publishers joining this unique marketplace - that can then provide them with the kind of 'scale' the market is screaming out for, and as was best described by the soon to depart, disgraced CEO Dexmier, in the CC following the Q2 - - and as is contained within the amended FORM SC 14D9/A (Filed 08/03/12)

    "When discussing game-changing events for online advertising with our customers and partners, there is strong consensus regarding the significant value that an integrated Search and Display open marketplace would have for them.

    There is a clear opportunity to create value by providing such a marketplace, enabling advertisers, who are primarily focused on search-based advertising and the publishers, who mostly provide display opportunities, to directly meet and efficiently settle - in real time - individual search ad placements."

    And the "Distribution Network" business' $6,000 comprehensive revenue and the $3,000 comprehensive income or, that margin derived from it (for the first few days of this new Q1 period), will have, no doubt too, been efficiently "settled" - in real time!

    (Don't you just love it?)

    .....Now with the huge investment in technology - the many millions that Looksmart have spent (quarter after quarter/year after year), for anyone to even consider the thought that PEEK are shelling out circa $9m to get their hands on circa $12m, is plain madness. PEEK will be making many 'multiples' on any shares they may ever decide to sell to the market, and for many years to come.

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  • Honestly - There Is No Honesty [View instapost]
    While the 'Tweet' says that you should ......"Never interrupt your enemy while they are making a mistake", I'm not in agree-ance with this, at all!

    My reply came, that ...'That may be so. Must it always be a 'win-lose' game? How about a new era - that of a 'win-win' mentality? (Instead of an eternal 'us against them' game ..... that we have been taught to play. Where the victor goes the spoils and 'losers' can please themselves?)

    I'm yet to go through this, but...(In this evolving 'new' economy, we DON'T want 'more of the same', surely?)

    First and foremost, Wyden wants to protect consumers and businesses from ISPs throttling traffic. His goal is to classify such actions as being in violation of antitrust laws:

    “If a provider wishes to slow consumers’ Internet connections in order to discriminate against a provider of content, my view is that they should face the antitrust laws. Sen. Franken and I are working on legislation to do just that — to strengthen the antitrust laws in order to ensure that the major ISPs cannot use their market dominance to pick online winners and losers.”

    In regards to Looksmart (going forward under PEEK's control), this news was heartening to read:

    ("Mr. Onghai plans also to implement various corporate governance improvement initiatives and compliance measures designed to improve LookSmart's disclosure controls and procedures.")

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  • A Few Questions For Looksmart's CEO Jean-Yves Dexmier  [View instapost]
    Hi Ben. Thanks for your further reply to my own posted 'thoughts' on the exciting subject of 'user intent' and of the RT data surrounding it.

    You wrote:

    "It is true that Google is encrypting more and more search data. Why they are doing it remains a subject for controversy. There are many passionate views on that topic and I won't venture there."

    It's clear enough by now (and why shouldn't it be so - - even at this stage of the game as it unfolds?) that the likes of Google and Yahoo search (in fact, most all search engines, plus Co's handling real time query data), are looking to garner further revenues from that very data and rightly so, no?

    There's no mystery nor, should there be any controversy in that.

    How they use or, on-sell their data (these/the billions of valuable RT search queries daily) is the contentious point in the comment that I had made.

    I had felt Chango's Bryan Bartlett & had almost suggested - that for Facebook ("Ads Can Be Bought Using Google Search Data"), Chango are getting this data-directly via Google.

    Yet it would appear now (in your spelling out the many ways to collect search data - - I did fully understand your Myth #1), that this is clearly not the case....... Or, is it?

    In a MediaPost article it's been stated that .."Chango captures about 6 billion search events monthly in North America", according to Chris Sukornyk (CEO and the founder at Chango), which builds a real-time profile of actual searches on engines. (The article says)

    In support of you too, again your CEO Chris Sukornyk states that (within the AdExchanger Q&A - Zach Rodgers), Chango maintains user profiles linked to search activity on approximately 300 million people in North America.

    He goes on to say:

    “Chango is the only FBX partner that allows marketers to target individuals inside Facebook based on the searches they’ve done on Google, Yahoo, or Bing just moments before. This allows marketers to seek our new customers using intent data."

    And that:

    Chango also offers standard site retargeting....... “In this particular case, we compete with all the existing FBX partners.”

    (Within a Facebook's own Auction or, the FBX Marketplace?)

    I can only assume this means - - that competition with all the existing FBX partners is within a RTB (real time bidding) auction that's being conducted by Facebook? (And that clearly it is, new and additional and not your 'standard' site retargeting.) And one, where Facebook provides all players with available targetable impressions?

    Yet its an auction where Facebook's own advertisers could hardly be deemed to be competing fairly (if given a chance) with Chango and all the existing FBX partners - in any auction that's being conducted by Facebook, surely?

    To avoid friction it's now time for a Facebook Ad network, maybe? Along with an independent auction out-side of Facebook that would allow Facebook's own advertisers to then get to compete fairly with all-comers?

    Ben ...I am also struggling with the following Dax Haxman statement on the Chango blog - where he says:

    .."As a reader of this blog, you are probably most familiar with Chango as being the team that solved Search Retargeting, the method by which NEW prospects are found for client based on the searches they conducted on Google, Yahoo! or Bing, but who have not yet visited their site."

    "who have not yet visited their site"?

    If they have not yet visited your own publisher client's site - how does Chango get to make up that ('real-time') profile for them? (That are based on the searches they conducted on Google, Yahoo! or Bing?)

    And (again) "minutes before", in the Co's ....Announcement?

    < As the only Programmatic Marketing Platform (PMP), Chango offers advertisers access to FBX with six key benefits:

    1. Proprietary Intent Data - 6 billion search events captured each month in real-time; advertisers can target individuals on Facebook based on the searches they've done minutes before on Google, Yahoo! and Bing, data not available elsewhere at such proven scale.>


    Chango appear to be enjoying the best of both worlds?

    My views may well be 'passionate' yet I've previously pointed out that Looksmart's own Benoit Vatere (way back on Aug. 24, 2011) stated that ..... "Google and Yahoo are looking for bigger margins"

    Ben ...I'm not expecting any further comment or, your own thoughts on any or, all that I have mused on about, above. (Yet you are welcomed to do so.)

    But...(Competitive sensitivities?)

    In regards to most company's not communicating in a more detailed manner with [the market, and] or, to stockholders- Looksmart's own CEO once said:

    ......"This decision was driven in part by our desire to tackle key technical practicalities before discussing them publicly, and also in part because of competitive sensitivities."

    In the interest of transparency for both buyers and sellers (and way, less BS), it is now about time for ALL to 'show and tell', surely?

    Google's own “Do No Evil” hasn't quite been the case, it seems? There is no need for 'minnows' within the tech industry, to follow it's example, surely? The world is watching....

    (Sorry about the ramble!) Thanks again for your reply.

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  • A Few Questions For Looksmart's CEO Jean-Yves Dexmier  [View instapost]
    It appears Chango have responded to my above thoughts? They have now advised (in a round-a-bout way) that they are receiving data via Google? Bryan Bartlett who tweeted to alert. has (at least) used the same 'header' as has the linked story on


    As Facebook Partners With Chango, Ads Can Be Bought Using Google Search Data
    Bryan Bartlett January 7, 1:00am 0

    Facebook and brands that market on the social network are constantly trying to figure out what users want to buy, but the data users present on the site give a limited picture at times. Now, it seems Facebook has solved that. As Business Insider reports, Facebook accepted Chango (and its major cache of Google search data) into its ad exchange program.

    Read the full article on
    ******* confuse the issue even further, as follows:

    "Previously, Facebook advertisers targeted their ads based on cookies and profile data, such as likes and interests. If users like a lot of photography pages, visit photography groups, and post about photography, they will probably see more ads for camera equipment. But when they search for “Canon Rebel” on Google, that information has been off-limits to those who advertise via the social network.

    However, that may change soon, as Chango is now a member of Facebook Exchange (FBX).

    As Chango notes on its website, the company has information on more than 300 million search users — many of whom use Google as their search engine of choice." also note:

    "Chango CEO Chris Sukornyk summed up what his company could do for Facebook, in an interview with Ad Exchanger:

    None of the existing FBX partners are bringing search data inside Chango is the only FBX partner that allows marketers to target individuals inside Facebook based on the searches they’ve done on Google, Yahoo, or Bing just moments before. This allows marketers to seek our new customers using intent data."

    One comment to this "Google" advice (coming from Sandro), asks the question:

    "I wonder if this is feasible with google keeping more and more user search data on lock down." [?]

    I have pointed out in my most recent instapost that Looksmart's own global marketplace, has been::

    ...Based on real time (1st party) search 'Intent Data '- is the building of an OPEN (global reach) marketplace that's taken years to bring together. And that it receives it's 'user intent' data from the search engines, including Google and Yahoo.

    Is this possibly a case of ..."Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive?" - Sir Walter Scott

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