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  • Looksmart AdCenter's over 10 billion 'querries' (impressions), daily? [View instapost]
    Testing at all 'intersection' points is (no doubt) required for each and every 'stage' of putting it all together, is how I am seeing it.

    It all takes time.

    And over 5 years ago (when the newly appointed) CEO Dave Hills said, that all he could promise was 'long term' value for shareholders, I guess he wasn't telling fibs. (A 'porky').

    From in the InstaBlog post:

    <.. This 'spike' had in Traffic to it's AdCenter (circa 22nd Sept.), that I estimate to represent well above the 10 billion daily rate (and appears to have been tested in "tandem" - linked on both sites) of impressions (daily), and that it was likely to be a (full on) "all-in" test of the AdCenter technology's "inter-operability" capability, at scale.>

    Many test 'points' to go through 'one by one', indeed.

    PubMatic (from within this here linked TechCrunch article), is described as an online ad optimization service and has an ...''ad server that sits between online publishers and online ad networks like Google AdSense, Yahoo Publisher Network and Value Click.

    Its service (the article tells us) helps publishers manage and maximize their advertising inventory by communicating with multiple ad networks to help them find the optimal ad layout and the highest paying ad network. PubMatic also provide users with a central dashboard to track all their ad networks and ad configurations'.

    TechCrunch advise that noted competitors to PubMatic include YieldBuild and the Rubicon Project. The latter being the topic of choice in a recent InstaBlog post.


    I've had much to say of YieldBuild, too.


    My point is - that in regards to the many and often 'varied' reports ("spin"), that is churned out, no matter what shade of lipstick you want to put on the pig .........Yes, it still very much appears to be (pointing back to), that very same pig. (Sorry Mr President)

    Below is some research "notes" I have on Pubmatic and another couple of those (yes, the) "chosen kind" in Turn and AdMeld. I can't guarantee links will work or, anything for that matter. FWIW.


    It's all "stranger than fiction", is how I'm seeing it .....

    The Turn RTB "news" has not yet made it to Google's news, other than that initial report from Reuters. One would have thought, news .. 'that the company is fully integrated with the Real-Time Bidding capabilities (of leading inventory platforms AdMeld and PubMatic), would be huge news?

    [Note submitted: Pubmatic an "inventory platform"?]

    And, apart from the announcement (as per Reuters) the Turn blog is even more "low key" about it all. -

    Hmmm? Helloo?

    Emile Litvak (Turn's Senior Director, Platform and Applications), simply says .. "today we publicly released some great initial RTB results that we’re seeing with AdMeld and PubMatic".

    I mean ....are we "traveling" nicely or, what?

    ..He almost fobs off readers onto this "story" from Adotas, a site that had OZ barred from access to his site, for near on 3 years or, so ....He then gets to puts his own "spin" on it with .....

    ........"Turn has launched real-time bidding across the inventory platforms of AdMeld and PubMatic. In effect, display campaigns will benefit as marketers can use Turn’s targeting software to instantly bid and buy appropriate inventory from both AdMeld’s and Pubmatic’s platforms".

    Turn ignites RTB on two inventory platforms
    ADOTAS - New York,NY,USA


    That's hardly 'half' the truth of the matter, that is before us .....

    I mean, it was only the day before (on Turn's blog) that the same Emile Litvak tells all, that .... (And I had them as essentially being, a publisher platform - it's more a "two-way" network. Oh well)

    "Although traditional exchanges have been providing lots of value for years, they are rapidly transforming and enabling advertisers and agencies to find their audience in real-time anywhere on the web".

    "Virtually every single traditional exchange and inventory aggregator (and even some large publishers) is now deploying or testing RTB. Demand side optimization platforms like Turn are integrating with their systems, either directly or through 3rd parties. With RTB, we’ve been able to use every bit of our technology in optimized bidding, in budget allocation, targeting, forecasting, etc".

    "As for publishers, Turn is bidding higher for the impressions that really matter. These exchanges also support transparency, so brand safety is not compromised. The theory is that every impression is valuable to someone a lot more than some network average bid. Everybody wins. It’s beautiful.

    "Turn has already been very successful buying on the Real-Time Bidding Exchanges that have deployed. We have been measuring dramatically inAs for publishers, Turn is bidding higher for the impressions that really matter. These exchanges also support transparency, so brand safety is not compromised". -

    "Everybody wins. It’s beautiful. Increased metrics (CTR, ACR, eCPA) for advertisers, and we’ve also seen increased CPMs for publishers".

    "We have been tuning our systems and deploying additional server capacity for a while, and I keep reminding my team that come next year, when volumes of inventory available for real-time bidding will grow, we are going to bid on all remnant traffic out there. I am talking about many billions of bid requests daily. Now that’s a lot of needles in a very large haystack that we can find for our customers".

    Two testimonials on their advertiser page.

    "Turn is proving to be a valuable partner for us. Since we started using Turn for our large technology client, their team has anticipated our needs and has been exceptionally responsive to our service requests.

    Even as Turn continues to scale, campaign performance and service have been rock solid. It's no surprise that Turn is doing well. I'm certain we'll be expanding our business with them."
    - Allen Stern -

    "Turn ramped up MSN's Direct Response program and took extra measures to follow all of our creative and program policies. I've worked with many new networks, and none have run as smoothly."
    - Brody O'Harran - Microsoft Network

    TURN's Traffic indicates that it is in "full swing" with "in and outs" from all the Big Guns. And PubMatic is showing also. (Note Aliba as a 'downstream site', too)

    Upstream Sites
    Percent of total visits to preceded by a visit to the upstream site.

    12.34% 12.12% 9.96% 8.44% 4.55% 4.11% 3.46% 3.25% 3.03% 2.81%

    Downstream Sites
    Percent of total visits to followed by a visit to the downstream site.

    9.88% 8.85% 8.64% 7.20% 5.56% 3.91% 3.09% 3.09% 3.09% 2.88%

    But in terms of Traffic to Turn or, readings of those 'global Internet users, who visit'? There's a number of 0.004% periods (some a little higher) and Turn has a 3 Months average of 0.00287%. It shows yesterday being a "big" day with a reading of ..... 0.0042%

    Looksmart's AdCenter 'doubles' that 0.004% and has a 3 months average of 0.0114% .....Nearly 4 times greater in traffic volume, than Turn has!!!

    Turn ignites RTB on two inventory platforms
    ADOTAS - New York,NY,USA
    The Turn announcement comes a day after Microsoft released plans to launch RTB on its ad exchange AdECN in January. While questions surround whether

    This post (DELETED from Yahoo Finance's LOOK board) has a lot of 'repitition' of information (re-affirmation, I call it) but maybe it does introduce AdMeld's incredible "growth" in such a short period of time and development.

    re: AdMelds invitation only forum....

    Posted By: LookingConfident on 1/14/2010 8:24:36 AM
    Disclosure: Position | Short Term: Buy | Long Term: Buy

    This post should re-assure all shareholders that advertisers are already well catered for with their "buy side" private-labeled ( AdCenter platform. With AdCenter advertisers can target almost every Country in the world. - Every City, Town and post code (or, ZIP Code), in Countries such as the USA, Canada, the UK and Australia.

    Known AdCenter publisher partner in Reed Business operate a B2B product SE called KellySearch and it is 'typical' of the private labeling of AdCenter for publishers. IACI's will do likewise, when it is finally cut free from it's (Looksmart) "hosted" deal. ...

    Those following the story as it unfolds will by now understand that Looksmart's AdCenter was further "tweaked" in the Looksmart (old) 625 Second St building with further technology coming from Microsoft's acquiring of both Atlas and RAPT. Newscorp (also, a huge 'colaborator') , had relocated some 200 odd Engineers into the building who (no doubt) 'constructed' it all to the above geo-targeting capability and plenty more.

    Other "bells and whistles" were then added to make this neutral "buy-sell" platform the "center-piece" for all involved in the new & fully transparent - efficient (global) RTB media marketplace initiative upon us. It is (also) my belief that the Microsoft's acquiring of AdECN (an active RTB Exchange) will soon prove to be the accepted foundation for the "live" auction marketplace at both the secondary and premium levels. And that already ( a number of 'clones' of AdECN (eg; MediaMath) are already working away at bringing many publishers into the global marketplace. Another example (I believe) is AdMeld.

    The 1st noting of AdMeld 'activity' (that I can recall - in November 2008), was the CEO appointment of an ex myspace chief, from in the following announcement. [ Ex-Fox Exec Barrett Lands at AdMeld ]

    This $7M 'start-up' has come a long way (and quickly), since.

    The news today sees this (and almost, 'all of a sudden') Global operator sponsoring an exclusive forum. [AdMeld to Host Industry-Leading Conference on Real Time Bidding ...‎ - AdMeld will host an invite-only conference on Real Time Bidding ( on February 4, 2010 at the Time Warner Center in New York City. - The AdMeld Partner Forum will gather thought leaders and decision makers from across the online advertising space to discuss RTB’s implications for premium publishers and the industry as a whole.]

    <..Emily Riley of Forrester will deliver the keynote and unveil the findings of a Forrester Consulting study on RTB commissioned by AdMeld. Each attendee will receive a copy of the study.>

    They do very, very well some of these $7M "start-ups", I must say. A 'return' will be enormous, I'm sure.

    < AdMeld ( helps the world’s premium online publishers maximize revenue from ad networks and exchanges, reduce operating costs and protect their brands from unwanted ads. AdMeld’s real time optimization technology generates the highest possible yield from each ad impression, and its suite of tools and services enhance publishers’ understanding and control of their discretionary ad inventories.>

    Looksmart shareholders need to exercise 'patience' whilst these corporate "thugs" go about their business.


    ps; Maybe they took offence to my calling them "thugs"?
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  • The U.S. State Department, a US ambassador & Yahoo! have criticized CENSORSHIP? [View instapost]
    In a final note on my claim that someone in Yahoo! has for a couple of years now, been restricting "the free flow of information" and is clearly on the side of those (who for a long time now), have been accumulating stock in Looksmart is supported here, where:

    A Yahoo! Finance poster (texas16qld) says it all:

    "At the same time that these frustrated shareholders were encouraged to sell, we discovered that three larger investors bought over one million shares on market."

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  • "The Internet needs to be free" - U.S Ambassador to Australia, Mr Jeff Bleich [View instapost]
    The UK have solved the problem. Just get an official badge to display on your website and take the oath?

    < Wednesday, 14 April 2010

    Some of the UK’s biggest digital players have reinforced their commitment to consumers’ online privacy, receiving an independent certificate of compliance with the IAB’s Good Practice Principles in online behavioural advertising.

    The seven organisations - AOL Advertising, AudienceScience Inc, Crimson Tangerine Ltd, Google UK, Microsoft Advertising, Specific Media UK, Yahoo! SARL - have each successfully completed a process of independent verification by leading auditor ABCe to confirm their compliance with the Principles.

    Each company has been issued with an official badge which they can display on their websites, which acts as a ‘stamp of trust’ to reassure consumers that the good practice principles have been implemented, and that these companies are committed to providing transparency and control to internet users. >

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  • The U.S. State Department, a US ambassador & Yahoo! have criticized CENSORSHIP? [View instapost]
    "The Internet needs to be free", is so understandable.

    But as Yahoo! have already proven (in my own situation), it will only be as "free" as the site (control) allows it to be. Or, as free as a site chooses to portray itself (that you may only be 'visiting') or, another that you may even be an active member of (again, in my case with Yahoo!), provided that you only post "thoughts", that are aligned with the 'agenda' of those, that control each site. Yahoo! permit (or, openly practice), "thought control".

    This issue of Behavioral Targeting, just won't go away. And why should it do so?

    We really need to realise that the use of the word "FILTER" is none other than saying, CENSOR. (It's just a nicer way of putting it, ok?)

    The perfect example is here and the newly announced advertising for Twitter, in it's "Promoted Tweets" ......

    The BBC commented, as below: (I'll let you be the 'judge')

    < Of critical important to marketers, the ads will be a way for companies to enter the conversation when, [for] as The Times says, "it turns negative." (To date, select companies have created tools to measure sentiment on Twitter, but until now, businesses could do little with that information.)

    More important to Twitter, however, is how users respond to the advertising.

    ......................... from a good 'ol fashioned user backlash, "If Promoted Tweets prove unpopular with users, [then] rival application developers may offer products that filter them out," suggests The BBC.>

    Whaaaaaat? Use -a product .... "that FILTERS them out"?

    It's simple .....Just CENSOR (I mean, "Filter") all such (of those) "anti messengers" and do it (in many cases) during the course of a campaign from their IP address, the source. That'll help to fix the problem, that's for sure.

    So in any democracy, the Govt of the day only need to pay internet Co's (like LOOK), to ban post/posters against their policies during the period leading right up to an election, right? Now that's what you call, 'full blown' Fascism at it's peak.

    By 'scrubbing out' those against them (by filtering them), from their posting of anti Govt messages, life becomes so much easier. The media have been 'paid-off' before today, too. (The best example is the Joe Cocker "Unchain my Heart" - GST 'intro' campaign (here in Australia), where the Howard Government is said to have allocated $420 million to explain the new tax system in the lead up to the introduction of the GST in 2000. (A huge 'spend' of taxpayer's money, to help win the day).

    It's all, no different to (what still is) the old fashioned vetting of 'letters to the editor', that have always been censored. (Filtered)

    They can do lots more with "BT" (behavioral targeting) for political causes. And (for the dollars) Internet Co's with scale will be lining up to 'feed' on the lush of taxpayer money. Just read this Privacy policy here, to see how and why they can and will do so.

    < Information Collection

    We do not record any personal information through the Site.

    The Site does use tracking data and information obtained through cookies and other technologies to analyze visitor traffic patterns and Site usage trends. This data is not used to identify any specific visitor.

    The Site monitors visitor traffic patterns by logging tracking data, which is collected automatically from each Site visitor.

    Tracking data may include information such as the IP address of the visitor's computer, its general geographic location, its browser type and operating system, the referring site, when the Site was visited and how much time was spent on the Site, which pages of the Site were visited and the order in which they were visited, which links were clicked, and past usage of the Site. >

    Well may we 'save the trees' but (with the Internet and new-age media Co's), the more things change, the more they will stay the same and with the permitted use of "Filtering", it certainly would (most definitely) appear that way, to me.

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  • Mike Nolet talks of "The Challenge of Scaling an Adserver" [View instapost]
    < Interoperabilty was 1st introduced in this article. [When Ad Exchanges Talk to Each Other - Link below] by Tim Cadogan the CEO of OpenX (and I feel, that it is yet another private labeling of technology. Yes - there are many out there.) Tim was formerly senior VP-global advertising marketplaces at Yahoo.

    Tim concludes with:

    "My guess is that the importance of the topic, the breadth of technical and operational implications and the raw economic potential for buyers & sellers as good as guarantees that the interoperability theme will become an increasingly real and active area of investment and collaboration over the next few months." >

    In relation to my OpenX (private labeled) feeling, I think that it's simply a 'clone' of Microsoft's AdECN.

    From within this Orange - OpenX 'deal' announcement (story) Tim Cadogan says:

    "What we're doing is adding a layer of regional focus, tools and people to feed in more demand from European people," he said.

    "The value is in being able to have a U.S. buyer, a U.K. buyer, a French buyer, and a Japanese ad buyer, all competing for the same impression."

    And in being describes as a .... 'display ad management start-up' [with] OpenX to offer a multi-lingual, multi-currency ad exchange option for European ad buyers' ...... is what you could call quite amazing, when coming from a "start-up", no?

    The RTB (real time bidding) technology and compatibility with such scale alone (to have a U.S. buyer, a U.K. buyer, a French buyer, and a Japanese ad buyer, all competing for the same impression), is a lot more than a 'start-up' is capable of, many would agree.

    And that "interoperability" between them? Well, that's the "story" theme of this InstaBlog here, Folks

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  • Looksmart - Segmenting into two disparate groups, says CEO Ted West [View instapost]
    A reminder to Mikey Mora (poster, Smart Look) and his "friends" at Yahoo! who are responsible for daily post CENSORSHIP (the deletions of my posts), on the Yahoo Finance LOOK board.

    Get your heads out of that sand and start to realize that there is a far better way than YOUR way. Take your blinders (blinkers) off, pleeease!!

    And could there be a better reminder than that of this excellent article from MediaPost and that of one certain response to it, I wonder?

    Don't "sell your soul" to the devil. The world has seen it all before and God only knows, it's ugly, ok?

    "Preserving 'Mexicaness'" is something you really need to read and a number of times Mikey. Learn from it. Instead of being a "Judas" to the cause.

    < Are we all ready for a United States [a world?] when the majority of the population shares more experiences with people like my wife and her Mexican friends than they do with people that grew up in predominantly white, blue-collar manufacturing and mining towns (where I came from)? It is coming soon. What do you think?>

    Why be a part of the 're-cycling' of the total bastard-ry of the past, Mikey? And, especially you, in view of YOUR very own heritage. Don't leave it all behind. Read this comment (below) and think about it. Hopefully you will.

    "I think this is absolutely terrific for so many reasons it would take volumes.

    Unfortunately, there is a wicked fever [that's] arisen right here in this country [the US] that's reminiscent of the beginnings of fascism and religious idolatry that can [only be] associated with the 3rd Reich and various other extremisms.

    May the force of you and your family's convictions help overcome the voices of denial. The more people understand their own history, the more preserved our own heritage and legacy are". [Or, will be]

    Apr 10, 2010. 10:03 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Is Microsoft's re-launch of AdECN the 'hold-up' to (Looksmart's) OPEN Marketplace? [View instapost]
    It's happening on all fronts.

    In an E Mail through Adotas, the news of a 'merge' between Epic Advertising (Azoogle Ads) and Traffic Marketplace. More of these type 'get-togethers' would seem most likely in the months ahead.

    Dear Adotas Readers, ......................... April 9, 2010

    For well over a year now, there’s been a constant murmur throughout the online advertising industry about the impending consolidation of ad networks. With hundreds of players of every stripe and variety, and with an enormous recession pressuring the sources of revenue for all players in the ecosystem, many believe that consolidation is inevitable. In fact, our CMO wrote an article in August of 2008 in this very publication, asking whether or not hundreds of ad networks could thrive, or even survive.

    That article was written 18 months ago – an eternity in internet time. What’s happened since then? For the advertising industry, the economic effects of the last year have made us all reassess our businesses, the value we provide to our clients and consumers and our place in a slowly recovering digital landscape. In the meantime, the long-expected consolidation seemed to stubbornly refuse to happen. That is, until now.

    As many of you saw last week, our two companies – Epic Advertising and Connexus Corp (Traffic Marketplace) – agreed to merge. We believe this merger represents the first substantial “ad intermediary” industry move of its kind, at least amongst private companies in our sector. It creates one of the largest – and probably the largest – private ad network.

    In an earlier report of the merge (again, Adotas) Epic Advertising CEO Don Mathis says:

    <........The merger is a sign of the maturity of the performance marketing industry, he says, as the conjoined companies will bring a broader base of online marketing assets while taking advantage of technology improvements — both companies offer advertisers the ability to buy traffic on exchanges and on a real-time bidding basis, something that performance marketers must embrace.>

    CPA) basis to find customers in the web, search and email channels. However, this marks the first time in the company's history that advertisers can now create and manage their own cost-per-click ( web campaigns. Epic Ad Center's powerful targeting enables national advertisers to achieve strong results, in addition to local and regional advertisers who can now target campaigns down to the zip code level.

    "The beauty of the Epic Ad Center is that if you're a pizza shop owner in Denver, Colorado you can run effective online marketing campaigns in and around that area and can even utilize coupons to drive your store traffic. Likewise, if you're a national advertiser or e-commerce merchant who cares less about geo-targeting, our technology will use demographic or behavioral targeting to obtain customers," said Nicolau.>


    Please be advised that currently we are only accepting new applications from candidates that reside in the following countries: US, Canada, UK, Australia, Israel, Germany, Italy and Spain. If you do not reside in one of these countries but are interested in future opportunities with AzoogleAds, please complete the initial e-mail verification process.....

    From the "blog" of Chris Dessi, who is the VP of Advertiser Sales for Zanox, Inc [At around the time, when noted]

    He was formerly employed by AzoogleAds .....[And now, possibly with AdKnowledge (who had purchased MIVA), where Chris Dessi had moved to, from Zanox. Is my understanding], He says:

    "AzoogleAds Re-Brands as Epic Advertising"

    My former employer AzoogleAds Re-Brands. This is a great step for AzoogleAds. I wish them the best of luck.

    The Epic Advertising brand will also include the Epic Ad Center (, a do-it-yourself tool-kit for small- to medium-sized businesses that automatically creates display, search and coupon ads on a performance basis. Advertisers are able to target their campaigns geographically, demographically and behaviorally using the ads.

    Recently, the company announced its international expansion throughout Europe, Latin America and Asia-Pacific, and it expects the name change to facilitate that drive. The company plans to continue this expansion throughout 2008.

    "This symbolizes an exciting evolution for our company," says Don Mathis, President of Epic Advertising...."Until now we were known primarily for our performance-based ad services in North America via our Azoogle Ads brand. ..

    Our new corporate name will help to showcase all of our services as a seamless offering to advertisers, highlighting our multi-channel approach to performance marketing. As our company moves forward as a global enterprise, we're working to take performance marketing to the next level."

    About Epic Advertising:

    Epic Advertising (, founded in 2000 as AzoogleAds, is an elite, global performance marketing company, providing advertisers with superior customer acquisition marketing services. Leveraging its industry-leading performance-based ad network under its AzoogleAds subsidiary, and its search engine marketing capabilities under its Bazaar Advertising subsidiary, Epic provides advertisers with direct response marketing services with a world-wide reach that are second to none.

    Epic Advertising utilizes proprietary and patent-pending optimization and targeting technology, and leverages a network of tens of thousands of publishers, to generate extremely high volumes of top quality consumer traffic for its advertising partners. A pioneer in both the online performance marketing industry and in Internet advertising integrity assurance, Epic Advertising brings an intense focus on achieving the highest ROI yield, and scales its solutions by leveraging vast quantities of data, its proprietary targeting and search technologies, and its unparalleled industry expertise.

    Epic Advertising is headquartered in New York, with offices in Toronto and San Francisco. The company is privately held and backed by private equity firms TA Associates and Stripes Group. -
    A clear example of both the global (win-win) aspect that lie ahead and two Co's that see 1+1 adding up to a much stronger ONE.

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  • Tiger Wood's loss (Accenture) may prove a gain for Looksmart? [View instapost]
    Looksmart do appear to be trying hard to 'cloud' the issue in relation to the use of the Cisco software, I feel.

    In paying the 'vendor' direct, Looksmart are stating the obvious when advising that Cisco has agreed to this cancellation and (how gracious of them), at no additional cost to the Company.

    That Looksmart has not made it clear in this (the advice that it has continued on with the use of the Cisco product, is clearly bordering on deception, I strongly feel. The Co should clear this matter up, surely?


    Certainly if you were to take a line through "what qualifies" or, constitutes the being of a deceptive practice (and, all according to the FTC), as copied & shown below and coming from within the recent RTB/BT (behavioural Ad targeting) protest submission to the FTC (by consumer groups), that is now on the table.

    If you 'transpose' shareholder for consumer (when reading the following, found on page 30 in the link), you will see exactly where I am coming from:

    72. The FTC will make a finding of deception if there has been a “representation, omission or practice that is likely to mislead the consumer acting reasonably in the circumstances, to the consumer’s detriment.”106

    73. First, there must be a representation, omission, or practice that is likely to mislead the consumer.107

    The relevant inquiry for this factor is not whether the act or practice actually misled the consumer, but rather whether it is likely to mislead.108

    Second, the act or practice must be considered from the perspective of a reasonable consumer.109

    “The test is whether the consumer’s interpretation or reaction is reasonable.”110

    The FTC will look at the totality of the act or practice and ask questions such as “how clear is the representation?
    How conspicuous is any qualifying information?
    How important is the omitted information?
    Do other sources for the omitted information exist? How familiar is the public with the product or service?”111

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  • RTB? It's a proper mess. And (currently), a 'catch and kill your own'? [View instapost]
    From my post:

    < So what's the big "hold-up" all about? Time (once again) has told us, that just as 'Rome wasn't built in a day' so too a (the) global marketplace needs every detailed aspect of it all working in proper order, before moving on to a 'next step'.

    My Co of interest (Looksmart) is in the process of moving it's "control center" or, the AdCenter advertising network (and the 'management' of a secondary or, remnant Ad global marketplace?) from it's old HQR's (at 625 2nd) to it's new (and just down the road, to now be 'housed) at 50 Second Street, San Francisco.

    Could this be the delay?

    I suspect there's (also) a lot that involves the likes of Microsoft (AdECN), Yahoo and Newscorp. Who all have pressing (own) needs required to be dealt with first. Then there's the "BT" kerfuffle that has yet (still), to fully die from off the scene.
    Yes, that "BT" (Behavioural targetting of ads to individual users) 'kerfuffle'.. - Adotas leads with the story on this controversy today.:

    "Privacy Advocates Take Aim at RTB"

    Adotas points out that the FTC (Federal Trade Commission)' has been sent a 32-page joint complaint from the CDD, U.S. PIRG and the World Privacy Forum urging the commission to investigate the threat to online consumer privacy within the real-time data-targeting auction and exchange marketplace.

    The full submission (I'm only at page 12 of it, as yet but it's all very interesting), can be read here:

    This involves all of us, including both me and YOU. (You and I)

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  • Tiger Wood's loss (Accenture) may prove a gain for Looksmart? [View instapost]
    In relation to the Looksmart - Cisco "deal", Looksmart clearly state that:

    <As previously announced on December 14, 2009, LookSmart, Ltd. (the "Company") and Cisco Systems Capital Corporation ("Cisco") entered into an Agreement to Lease Equipment whereby the Company would lease from Cisco certain hardware, software and maintenance services (the "Lease Agreement") for a total of approximately $1.1 million. The Company has decided to cancel this agreement and pay the vendor directly, and Cisco has agreed to this cancellation at no additional cost to the Company.

    The cancellation of the Lease Agreement shall be effective as of March 18, 2010.>

    LOOKSMART LTD Files SEC form 8-K, Termination of a Material Definitive Agreement - EDGAR Online (Thu, Mar 18)

    Yet, this is typical, as to how it's being reported.

    Yes ...."The Company has decided to cancel this agreement and pay the vendor directly", is the advice from Looksmart. PAY THE VENDOR DIRECTLY.

    And, in yesterdays "down-ramp" of the Co (by the Co) they go to the trouble to make a point of telling all that may care to read (in reply to what is a 1st stage 'de-listing' notice expected "action"), that:

    < Management's expected action:

    LookSmart said it is considering its options in order to comply with the minimum bid price rule within the 180-day grace period.

    On March 18, the company reported a fourth-quarter net loss of $935,000, or 5 cents a share as revenue fell to $12.8 million from $14.9 million in the year-ago quarter.

    LookSmart also said it terminated a lease agreement with Cisco Systems (CSCO) at no cost to the company. >

    My you really are TRYING hard, Looksmart. It's pathetic!!

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  • Yahoo! continue deleting posts of interest ... Is this China or, what? [View instapost]
    The sad thing is that CENSORSHIP of my posts can only be coming from Looksmart (the Co, wanting to keep shareholders completely in the dark) or, from those who are proven to be slowly accumulating shares at such a low share-price level. Corporate "thuggery", what ever way you care to look at it. Market makers are 'strangling' the SP value, daily. The stock trades some 60% below it's EV, rated @ $1.62 per share.

    I am NOT banned from Yahoo, receive no warning E Mails from them (at all), yet someone (a person in Yahoo) removes posts on an 'individual' basis. My post (in reply to a thread on another board) remains in tact. But for how long after posting a link to it, here?

    Corrupt? You betcha!! Why else would they bother?

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  • Google's Leaving China: Lessons For Others [View instapost]
    Google's participation in China's censorship measures were a restriction on human freedom in that country and elsewhere?

    Yet, it goes on almost daily on Yahoo, under our very own nose?

    Thanks for your thoughts.
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  • "SPIN" - Rio Tinto turns to Henry Kissinger over China ties … [View instapost]
    And "spin"? Could you ever get a better example than here where a strong "leg-up" is given to Yahoo, in the following article that I have posted in full.

    Mobile is "hot", and contrary to what the article from Silicon Alley says (that if Foursquare get bought, it's going to crawl into a dying company, get buried, then forgotten.), I feel it will be a lot different.

    With the soon to be full-on convergance of media buys to a "one" (stop-shop) platform, Yahoo (now, as a full-on advertising Co), plus through it's Microsoft deal and it's RME can, and will see it boom..

    "SPIN" doesn't get much better than this, in my opinion.

    From Silicon Alley - Insider.

    < "Gowalla Should Pray That Yahoo Buys Foursquare"

    Mobile startup Gowalla should be praying that its rival Foursquare gets bought by Yahoo.

    As noted by a commenter on our previous post, it's "the one thing that could save Gowalla!"

    Why? Because the two services do pretty much the exact same thing, but so far, Foursquare is kicking Gowalla's butt.

    If Foursquare goes to Yahoo, it's going to crawl into a dying company, get buried, then forgotten. (Foursquare cofounder Dennis Crowley experienced this firsthand at Google after it bought his last company, Dodgeball. No doubt, he's learned from it.) Meanwhile, Gowalla will be free to keep building its service totally unencumbered by an entrenched parent company.

    If Yahoo doesn't buy Foursquare, then Foursquare will raise a big round and continue focusing on squashing Gowalla. Then the companies will have to continue their fight to the death.>

    The Story:

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  • Mike Nolet talks of "The Challenge of Scaling an Adserver" [View instapost]
    And yet another reminder of what Looksmart's recently departed CEO Ted West had advised the market (and, from within the CC following the Q2 quarterly Report.) - Part of which, includes the following:

    - "We also believe that a scalable keyword auction platform, such as LookSmart's Ad Center platform will be critical to driving growth and value through the non-proprietary segments."

    (a) - "Today we believe LookSmart is the only non-proprietary keyword search platform that has the scalability and return on investment performance features needed to serve the entire non-proprietary segment."

    (b) - [So, ].. "This positions LookSmart to deliver greater value to search advertisers as we increase the volume being run across our Ad Center platform."
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  • Re; The Issue Of Re-targeting - - Google Clearly Have A "Conflict Of Interest" [View instapost]
    In relation to that "standardisation" of Data across the Looksmart (global) OPEN advertising marketplace the Co have only just today announced that a prominent scientist (the "expert") in this field has now joined Looksmart to continue to improve this important area.

    Vincent Granville, Ph.D.

    Vincent Granville has successfully solved problems for 15 years in data mining, text mining, predictive modeling, business intelligence, technical analysis, keyword and web analytics.

    Vincent is widely recognized as the leading expert in click scoring and click fraud detection. Over the last ten years, he has worked in real-time credit card fraud detection with Visa, advertising analytics with CNET, A/B testing with LowerMyBills, online user experience with Wells Fargo, query intelligence with InfoSpace, click fraud detection with major search engines and large advertising clients.

    Vincent was formerly Chief Science Officer at Authenticlick. In the last few years, he successfully launched DataShaping, AnalyticBridge, AnalyticBrain, AnalyticTalent, Frenchlane and many other websites. Vincent is a former post-doctorate of Cambridge University and University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He was among the finalists at the Wharton School Business Plan Competition and at the Belgian Mathematical Olympiads.

    Great stuff!!
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