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  • No MENTION for Looksmart in most dispatches.. But ....  [View instapost]
    Acquisio SEARCH keep "bobbing-up" in my looking around and in regards to 'scale' they advise that, they ..

    .............."are, an international company with clients clear across the globe (hellooooo Australia, China, what's up?) and [that] some of the largest interactive agencies on the planet using our software to make themselves more efficient, and more profitable. We've come a long way, but there's more work to be done."



    Why perform repetitive account editing tasks when Acquisio SEARCH can do that for you? Save time. Boost campaign ROI. Work more efficiently and effectively.

    Automate campaign management across Google AdWords, Yahoo Search Marketing and Microsoft adCenter campaigns. Empower your paid search marketing efforts with advanced optimization tools and enjoy features such as:

    •Cross-engine bulk editing
    •White label, client-ready automated reporting
    •Automatic report scheduling and emailing
    •Consolidated data across search engines
    •KPI and budget tracking >

    Yes, Acquisio offer campaigns across Google AdWords, Yahoo Search Marketing and Microsoft adCenter ...... With White label, client-ready automated reporting....


    Much has been posted here on my InstaBlog (of Acquisio), and it is my feeling this Co is "all over" Looksmart's private-labeling of the AdCenter 'scale' as offered, via the AdCenter global marketplace.


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  • BRANDS will play "catch-up" ONLINE and pretty soon, I'd say  [View instapost]
    "The New Upfront: TV Is Just Video"
    Publish Date: May 14th, 2010

    <Why Advertisers Are Getting Agnostic About Where Their Video Ads Appear...>

    < The second reason that this year’s upfront will be different from years past is because of scale.

    Rob Master, media director of Unilever, said in the Wall Street Journal on April 26 that .......“rate increases could push dollars away from TV.” Mr. Master could not have made this statement unless scale existed online, and online video in particular.

    With scale in video today exceeding 33 billion streams per month, according to ComScore, online video can support a $6 billion market (today, it’s only $1 billion).

    Clients such as Reckitt Benkiser and Mr. Master’s Unilever are moving considerable budgets into the medium to capture those first-mover advantages, but we’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg. This year’s upfront promises to be the catalyst.>


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  • Looksmart - Microsoft and Yahoo, et al...  [View instapost]
    The bevy of lies being told on Yahoo Finance by the remaining two disgruntled shareholders, continue to be in need of correction.

    SeekingAlpha's "SmartLook" (posting as onestckrock) and another former LOOK supporter (in "Bazzaroid" - smugglereturn), make the most outlandish claims only to be proven wrong, daily.

    ##.. funny i thought Yahoo was serving the ad side of things for MSN ...##


    My immediate reply:

    WRONG again.

    Whilst everyone is in the process of clearing up ALL the LIES that YOU are perpetrating, you need to get the above view that you hold "corrected". Don't post on things that you DON'T understand about bazzaroid. - It continues to make you look sillier and you do such a good job as it is at doing that, already.

    Yahoo's Jeff Hecox advises:

    < ......."All Sponsored Search advertisers will use the adCenter platform for their paid search campaigns following their transition, & the Yahoo Sponsored Search system will be decommissioned">

    The other point of interest here (for shareholders), is supporting what I (myself), have been posting for ages now.

    < There are differences in features between Microsoft's and Yahoo's products, and Yahoo says they can't guarantee that all Yahoo features will be matched in Microsoft's. This was in response to a question about tracking URLs.

    - The companies are reviewing the current reporting capabilities offered by each to determine which reports and data will be offered to advertisers >


    DATA ??? OMG !!! No analytics with Microsoft's adCenter & they are reviewing reporting capabilities???

    Yes ..........and I've made no secret on just where they will BOTH be getting their analytics from, when considering that Microsoft's adCenter platform will NOT be providing such, at all. Yet ..... "All Sponsored Search advertisers will use the adCenter platform ...



    And smuggleroid ("smugglereturn-hemorr... IF you were to do yourself (yet another) favour and read my own InstaBlog posts on Seeking Alpha, you would have read of:

    [The full set of partnerships include: Eyeblaster, DoubleClick for Advertisers, Microsoft Atlas, APT from Yahoo!, PointRoll, Mediaplex, Adform, EyeWonder and D. A. Consortium.]



    Best you SHUT UP with your LIES and I suggest that the other board's "fool" (in your 'buddy', onestockrock), should be doing likewise. He continues to post what is, yet another LIE.

    ##..The hype about a replacement is all hype. No one can find a client as big as IAC/ASK, there is not one...##


    In spite of the many posts made here relating to Looksmart's advising (those who can read and comprehend), of the fact that Looksmart's AdCenter platform was "built" in co-operation with both Microsoft and IAC, you STILL want to "trot-out" such rubbish kind of LIES.

    To think that both Microsoft (WITH all of Yahoo) and IAC won't be using a private labeling of Looksmart's AdCenter platform (and, with that "one-stop-shop" analytics), is so ludicrous that it's almost laughable.

    I have also told you (previously) that IMO, with the integration of Microsoft's Atlas Solutions (with it's adCenter - Microsoft advertising), into the marketplace (then Yahoo's own properties follow, plus newspapers, magazines, social sites, etc), the AdCenter global marketplace will quickly grow to 20 Billion to 30 Billion impressions (or, more) daily, and that comes pretty soon, too. (Q3 - Q4 2010)

    Mikey, like the smuggleroid, you need to take a back seat and simply "watch and learn" here. You show you know so little of what's (really) going on with Looksmart and you continue to post accordingly.

    LOOK's share-price value (IMO) will move through $2.00pps as early as next week some time. Watch and learn is my advice for you two dills.

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  • HMMmm? - Facebook Trumps YHOO, MSFT On Display Ad Serving   [View instapost]
    Market Makers need to be pulled into line, is my opinion. Why?

    Well, here's the typical Market-Maker "short and cover" in the one instant, as recorded on the Nasdaq, only today.

    NLS Time (seekingalpha.com/symbo...) NLS Price NLS Share Volume

    10:03:59 $ 1.5201 1,000
    10:03:59 $ 1.52 400
    10:03:59 $ 1.52 600

    10:00:25 $ 1.56 100

    Simply "Step it down" with 1000 shares & cover with 1000 shares in the same movement. (ALL, @ 10:03:59 ) - No one is able to 'get in between' such a move, so..... It means that you can have a situation of 10 or, more consecutive buys yet they (the MM's) can knock them all on the head, with such a dastardly move.

    It has to be illegal, surely?

    And this is in the true spirit of "creating a market"?

    It's corporate thuggery gone crazy, that's what it is .... Yes, they CAN short one to ZERO under this very "licence to steal" activity.


    WAKE UP America !!!

    It's the "system" do I hear someone say? Hellooo?

    Mark Cuban (the owner of the Dallas Mavericks basketball team, and an active investor) wrote a great InstaPost blog just yesterday, hinting at real problems that are so obvious. Well worth the read and consideration, too.

    "What Business Is Wall Street In?"



    ps: And heres the above example (of MORE than 10 consecutive buys) with a neat little "sell" of 200 shares, to bring it down once more.

    NLS Time (ET) NLS Price NLS Share Volume
    10:26:39 $ 1.56 200
    10:26:21 $ 1.5856 1,000
    10:25:29 $ 1.59 600
    10:25:29 $ 1.59 5,600
    10:25:29 $ 1.59 100
    10:25:29 $ 1.59 100
    10:25:29 $ 1.59 600
    10:25:29 $ 1.59 200
    10:25:29 $ 1.59 1,000
    10:25:24 $ 1.58 2,700
    10:25:24 $ 1.58 100
    10:25:17 $ 1.58 500
    10:25:17 $ 1.58 100
    10:25:17 $ 1.58 1,700
    10:25:17 $ 1.57 100
    10:25:17 $ 1.57 100
    10:25:17 $ 1.57 100
    10:25:17 $ 1.57 100
    10:25:17 $ 1.57 500
    10:25:17 $ 1.57 200
    10:25:04 $ 1.58 100
    10:25:04 $ 1.58 2,400
    10:25:04 $ 1.58 3,200
    10:25:04 $ 1.57 100
    10:25:04 $ 1.58 100
    10:25:04 $ 1.58 500
    10:25:04 $ 1.58 1,500

    Read more: www.nasdaq.com/aspx/nl...

    Thank God I'm an investor in spite of current conditions, as explained by Mark Cuban. There must be change!!!!
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  • Looksmart has that (neutral) global scale within it's AdCenter  [View instapost]
    .OpenX gets plenty of attention from within a number of my Instablog posts here including this one.


    The announced OpenX 'deal' with Orange (in EU) is yet another answer to the question put in the following article, from Nov., 2009

    "Will Microsoft Exit the Ad Server Business"?


    It's worth a read for those following this space. Microsoft (with the Yahoo 'deal' to taken over the bulk of the advertising), will continue with it's Atlas Solutions as an 'enabled' INDEPENDENT operation, just as Google has been suggested (in my post) as doing, likewise.

    < Google (it would seem?) must then be able to operate in a neutral 'fashion' that 'independently' allows them now to 'fairly' bid for their own publisher inventory, and to the satisfaction (we can only assume), of all ad buyers that operate in the DoubleClick Ad Exchange marketplace. >

    IMO, they will ALL soon get to do so and offer that (neutral) global scale (in using the Looksmart API connector), operating as 'equals' within it's (Looksmart's) AdCenter Marketplace.


    Well, they have been busy, to say the least. My (today's Instablog - Linked below), is full of many possibilities that surround Accipiter, Rapt and Atlas technologies (and, all acquired by Microsoft) to have (with the help of 200 odd of Newscorp's 'myspace' engineers), then built that award winning Looksmart AdCenter platform. IMHO.


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  • Welcome to Looksmart's (global) AdCenter marketplace, Folks!!  [View instapost]
    ##..I'd even suggested that the real important publishers and advertisers on the web had now gravitated towards the Omniture set of analytics and the use of the Click Forensics (click fraud), detection expertise. ..##

    My thought is, that by "standardising" analytics across the Looksmart marketplace both advertisers and publishers can (at all times), get to be comparing 'apples with apples', is the idea ....

    Now Facebook (a long time, known Looksmart AdCenter partner) , has come that much closer to Omniture ... (This is all starting to add-up so nicely, IMO)

    The article here from PaidContent tells it all .....

    "Facebook And Omniture Deepen Their Ties For Analytics And Marketing"


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  • No MENTION for Looksmart in most dispatches.. But ....  [View instapost]
    An Apple shareholder over on Yahoo Finance (timrawa) is showing an interest in investing in Looksmart. He asks a good question too, when in reply to my own above thoughts that I had posted.

    He/She says:

    < "I am new to this stock. Yet to make a purchase. Doing the homework. I am curious, what experts do you refer to? What would be some of the possibilities of not being mentioned.">


    I replied to him/her, as follows:

    Good question and I'll do my best to answer it.

    Note the pages of search results here (on a site that is the very hub of the "industry"), a site where all 'players' are discussed and where regular Q&A's are posted for others with invited comment, to be made on.

    My random search query on the site was for a mobile Ad Network called "AdMob", that was recently purchased by Google.


    Do a search there for any others that you may know of within the industry. (Try MediaMath, Right Media Exchange, AdECN and DoubleClick - then try other 'players' like, The Rubicon Project, YieldBuild, Undertone, DataXu and I could go on with dozens more)

    All of the above have pages and pages of results of "players" within the Looksmart "space" but not ONE of these "experts", not ONE makes any mention of (within ALL those article that they have written on their Co's and other players),that right, not even one mention of the word, LOOKSMART...Nothing about a Co that had it's AdCenter, named “Best Search Engine Ad Platform”?


    Now do a search for that very word ... L-O-O-K-S-M-A-R-T

    I would be most interested in you immediate thought as to why you think this is so? And why you may not feel it is a concern, that this is so?

    In an additional post reply I added:

    And this leads to the 'obvious' reason why, when a comment I had made suggested Looksmart (ultimately) had an important role to play in relation to "inter-operability" (yes, do a search for that term on my InstaBlog at Seeking Alpha - learn about what it all means), only to see this industry expert site (AdExchanger) then DELETE my comment and a link to any reference, on Looksmart.


    There is a lot to learn about Looksmart and few understand where it's at, let alone can see the ultimate (huge) role, it will get to have.

    Is it any wonder that accumulation from insiders and those that should know has been going on now for (at least) three years or, more.

    A good friend (on Facebook) asks the following question and one that shareholders in Looksmart cannot or, prefer not to ask or, even harbour the thought on, of what "Chris" (a non investor in the markets), has put to me:

    <"All very complicated to me Ross, but I assume that is exactly what they are TRYING to do?

    Are they literally trying to let stocks drop to nearly nothing and then an 'associate' picks up the pieces and makes a 'killing'? Am I on the right track mate? If so, it would seem that someone will make a hideous profit...Would this be classed as insider trading? If so would that also cause a major melt-down too...If it's exposed, that is? Is that why they keep blocking your blogs, perhaps? Must be some pretty big names involved then...">

    My reply to you here Chris, is as follows:

    Chris, they are not only "letting" the stock get low they are driving the value down daily hoping to get shares surrendered by frightened and unsuspecting shareholders, who sell to them. It's a "game" they play, ok?

    Besides, the luxuray of having stock options (millions of them), issued to BOD and staff members, down at these very low levels. All, instant money (when converted), at the expense of shareholders. They have many reason to be 'silent'. As the Co also has certain (what they call profit sharing) employment performance "bonuses" set in place, that range between 25% and 50% in increases to their annual deals, to return the Co to profitability. (This 'attracts' the right staff, is what is argued.)

    Now Looksmart is NOT Yahoo, ok? But to give you an idea of the "pigs at the trough" culture that exists (across the board), at this level, Yahoo's 1st year CEO (Carol Bartz) has just "paid herself" $47.2M for her 1st year in the job.


    And this goes on "in perpetuity" following a return to profitability in the very next quarterly Report, handed down in 3 months time. It all 'begins' then. This "game" Chris is ONLY for the fool-hardy, the patient or, the brave ... The most corrupt game there is!!!

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  • Has Microsoft now joined the Looksmart AdCenter Marketplace?  [View instapost]
    The "key" to Microsoft's analytics (to be or, is being used for it's adCenter and it's Atlas Solutions) is (I do believe), a UK Co called, Accipiter. [ I do see Looksmart providing a "unified" (the one) set of analytics across it's whole marketplace. this will then allow AdCenter platform buy-side 'users' to (at all times), get to always be comparing "oranges with oranges", in their targeting.)

    Read of Accipiter in posts, here:


    Read from this part down, in the linked post, below:

    < There are (already) "signs" of a Microsoft-Hearst newspaper "model" (?) being quietly assembled. (I do believe)

    I've recently seen this Ad being served (powered) by Microsoft's Atlas under the (re-direction) 'guise' of yet another Microsoft acquisition (of some time back), in a UK Co called, Accipiter.>


    It's 'complicated' but it is all logical and can show that Accipiter (through re-directions) had been appearing on Looksmart's Alexa traffic reports as coming to and from Looksmart's AdCenter and probably through hosted sites zerolag.com and 6topsearches.com that do appear to be 'stable-mates' and God would only know who they may well be representing, and under the shielded "host" cover that is being given by those two sites. I strongly suspect, this is Microsoft.

    Clients - zerolag.com/clients/

    A 'snap-shot' of traffic (from Alexa, at the time), is shown here:

    Percent of total visits to looksmart.com preceded by a visit to the upstream site.

    * 22.19% google.com
    * 13.77% discover-facts.com
    * 7.35% yahoo.com
    * 4.14% ask.com
    * 3.21% 6topsearches.com
    * 2.14% google-analytics.com
    * 2.14% zerolag.com
    * 2.01% 7search.com
    * 1.87% searchenginewatch.com
    * 1.74% google.ca

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  • News Corp may Spin-Off it's Fox Audience Network? Helloooo?  [View instapost]
    When it comes to what I believe will ultimately end up being a "controlling stake" in Looksmart ......

    The long time "favourite" of mine (Newscorp) is making more moves and further "clearing the decks" to fully ensure that there is no confusion relating to any perceived "conflict of interest", in any of it's future digital dealings...Is my opinion.

    First there was that above "strong" news (and, almost coming straight from the horse's mouth), that...."News Corp may Spin-Off it's Fox Audience Network"

    Now comes the advice that:

    < Fox Networks, the online division of FOX International Channels (owned by News Corp), one of the largest international online ad networks, has taken the decision to abandon its U.S. Hispanic online advertising representation effort.>

    < [The] Fox Network decision to abandon the U.S. Hispanic market is relatively surprising as there are many new entrants who want to capture the high growth rate at a time when many offline ad budgets are going digital.>



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  • Looksmart's Q1 - 2010 Earnings Report? - "It's all GOOD"  [View instapost]
    It's madness, it really is. The pre-market (with just 4300 sold), has Looksmart's share-price down. Market Maker or, short seller?

    It doesn't matter, but it's crazy all the same, IMHO.

    May 5, 2010 Market Close: $ 1.55
    Last: $ 1.42 Pre-Market
    High: $ 1.55
    Volume: 4,300 Pre-Market
    Low: $ 1.42

    Price Pre-Market
    Share Volume
    08:26 $ 1.42 900
    08:26 $ 1.42 2,500
    08:21 $ 1.55 400
    08:21 $ 1.55 100
    08:21 $ 1.55 400
    Yahoo have managed to ban my IP address once again. Can't re-sign in, at all. Two good posts from Yahoo worth a "gander" at.

    Is Apple the "New High Quality Distribution Partner"


    ##..For a CEO in the search distribution business to say "they are of the highest quality" means the partner is a first tier search company, which would mean its either Google, the MSFT/YHOO combination or a new player that would be deemed first tier simply because they entered the race. The only company that would be perceived that way is Apple...##

    Great 'food for thought' and I concur with your thoughts. I do feel that it's Apple myself, and have my own reasons to support this.

    As a matter of interest, I have included the following in my InstaBlog post at SeekingAlpha.


    In the Q&A from the CC following the Report:

    Q - John Gilliam: Okay, interesting. Okay, very good. I believe you mentioned and I may have misunderstood my phone did something strange during the call but that and you said you're currently integrating a new high quality distribution partner?

    A - Jean-Yves Dexmier, Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer: That is correct. We signed a new high quality distribution partner and we are currently integrating their traffic in our whole network.

    Q - John Gilliam: Could you give us an idea who that is?

    A - Jean-Yves Dexmier, Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer: No, sorry but very high quality definitely.

    It reminds me of AAPL...and the recent "buzz" about Apple, the recent rise in the share-price value and (it's no surprise at all to me), mainly attributable to the same John Gilliam asking the above "Q" to the CEO. (Keep your friends close?)
    And the poster's next post:

    LOOK Really Profitable in Q1, but will easily be in Q2


    Both well worth a read.

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  • Newscorp's "Controlling Stake" in Looksmart ?   [View instapost]
    Shareholder "Rooka" posted a link to an interesting article (over on Yahoo), where Mr Murdoch is quoted as saying .....

    “We’re in final discussions with a number of publishers, device makers and technology companies".

    UHMmm? .......... "Technology Companies"?


    Stay tuned, Folks !!!

    (Nice find, Rooka)

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  • Looksmart - Comparing exciting CHARTS over the past two days  [View instapost]
    It should be noted, for those with very little understanding of both Looksmart and the global marketplace "roll-out", with what I believe is the exciting position the Co holds (in its being uniquely "independent" in a global marketplace), that the Co has made mention before (and, within at least one announcement), and has advised of the following:

    The market has been told by Looksmart, that:

    < The LookSmart AdCenter is a white label, hosted ad serving platform used to monetize traffic through CPC search and contextual text ads.

    Empowering publishers and advertising networks to "interconnect" with each other, the LookSmart AdCenter Marketplace significantly increases the volume of participants in advertising auctions and increases the overall revenue potential for publishers.>

    < The Looksmart AdCenter platform shares distributed advertisers across LookSmart's Marketplace of white label publishers.>

    < Advertisers within (or, who access) the LookSmart AdCenter Platform gain access to CPC auction technology and extended distribution channels of the LookSmart AdCenter Marketplace.>

    This may help to: seekingalpha.com/insta...

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  • Would Apple Look Smart to Enter Online Search Fray?  [View article]
    Yes, a great "food for thought" possibility but why is it that my own comment on this subject made here was deleted, I wonder?

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  • Would Apple Look Smart to Enter Online Search Fray?  [View article]
    Nice post John Gilliam but, Hmmm?

    < If you didn't hear it here first, you saw it guaranteed here first - Apple will be a major player in search and we think it will occur sooner rather than later. >

    Check for my own post in the link below:

    "Apple will become a huge player in Ad Marketplace"


    I see Newscorp as the "pea", myself.

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  • Apple will become a huge player in Ad Marketplace  [View instapost]
    Thanks for your interest KingMen and those two questions you have put to me. 1stly, Apple are reported to have sold over one million of it's devices already and it is said that many more are prepared to wait for the upgraded (3G) version, to come.


    I've written much on Apple and reason enough why it will (itself) become it's own Ad Network. The 'info' surrounding a 'hand-held' DSP in Acquisio (who also have an App for Apple's iPhone and say they are "Designed For Agencies") are, is what I believe, just that "one step" away from linking up with or, into a huge (global), Looksmart OPEN marketplace. This info is contained near the bottom of a lengthy post in the 2nd of these two links, here.



    Apple (since Google bought AdMob) has every reason to do so. To start it's own Ad Network and yes, get to use the only (truly) independent technology available, in Looksmart's AdCenter.

    The structure of the award winning Looksmart AdCenter (& the simplicity in it's API 'connector' for both publishers and advertisers) along with Looksmart management will allow jumbo Exchanges (like Microsoft's AdECN and Yahoo's RMX) to operate along-side all other players in a fully transparent (& fair to all) marketplace. Allowing them to have their existing own, advertisers (Microsoft - through it's adCenter & Atlas Solutions) and their publisher sites competing with each other, all on an equal basis. Looksmart's AdCenter management blindly 'separates' them, to do so.- Apple (through it's Quattro acquisition), should do like-wise.

    Apple (very much) appear to be positioning its iPad to be THE "reader" for newspapers and premium ads/content. Steve Jobs has already 'telegraphed' this in a kind of way, with his very early message on Porn.


    Yahoo too (themselves) have told all that their RMX (the Right Media advertising Exchange) has now positioned itself for a Premium advertisers seeking quality audience inventory. Where advertisers are then given an assurance of "safe" positioning on all inventory where their Ads may finish, in a placement.

    Yahoo have a network of 850 odd US based newspapers (with the likes of Hearst and others being shown to be taking on Microsoft technology - & very much similar to Looksmart's own connector) and I believe that with other Global newspaper publishers all taking on board both Bing, for their search and by (also) joining up with a (that) Looksmart enabled (now global) marketplace, we will see Bing (alone), then being 'permission-ed' to aggregate both current (daily) news and all their respective historical (archived) content in a vertical-ised fashion. - wn.com/

    Whilst there is a long way to go yet it's clear (or, should be to all) that Google (already, with it's $25 billion in Ads Revenues), has become the obvious 'enemy'. Google have proven it can all 'work'.

    Google with it's huge publisher base (do appear to me), have already been 'enabled' (and through it's DoubleClick Exchange), to participate in that coming, global marketplace. (In a submissive fashion, simply as another player.) Yes, only as a participant, and not as THE 'controller' of what will be a huge marketplace.

    I also think (ultimately) Google and many other search engines will have their access to news & aggregation of newspaper content taken from them (under ACAP provisions), leaving Microsoft as the new "power", in that regard. In my profile I had stated that I feel that history will also show that ACAP (the, Automated Content Access Protocol), will get to be (ultimately) "enforced", and giving the lost power back to the newspapers, after these past (and, early rise of Google) years have gone by. - seekingalpha.com/user/...

    That's where I see Apple and their future objective with it's iPad.

    Whilst Looksmart claim an interest in the "secondary" (remnant) Ad marketplace I do feel (and, under white labeled conditions), the AdCenter technology can so easily be 'split' & they Looksmart, can then get to operate the two separate marketplaces.

    A few years back Looksmart detected a run on it's shares (just 17.2M, 'as issued') where it appeared that a Co called Sidus were buying up big and this slightest 'whiff' of a hostile 'take-over' then saw Looksmart quickly enact a "poison pill' protection mechanism that had effectively "valued" shares (in the form of a type of bonus) that could be issued by the Co to shareholders as a 'protection,being were in the $12pps region. This effectively 'quashed' any further action by any possible (then or, future) 'predator', on the Co.

    To answer your other question (re; Apple as a takeover candidate), it has always been my very strong belief that (both) Microsoft and Newscorp had virtually built the Looksmart AdCenter to it's scale, with the above over-all "picture" to (then) not only be a possibility, but to see it all eventually, become a reality.

    But all my 'reckoning', that's all. I've always posted that Looksmart are NOT for sale, but a buy-in "controlling stake" of the Co, would seem a natural for a Newscorp (say, a 60% control) and yet still see the Co (Looksmart) get to operate in that desired ("unique", and) 'independent' (to all advertiser and publisher players), fashion. The 'cash' provided would be handy for an acquisition or, two, too!!

    Sorry about my (long winded) "rave-on" in my reply. Hope it makes some sense as to what I am (ideally) seeing, ultimately.

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