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  • Looksmart's publishers to receive 92% in the dollar? [View instapost]
    ## ...Edward says [and NOT Edward West, surely?] that he thinks the announcement, is: .........."Somewhat moot, given the destination is more responsible for driving conversion than the ads themselves".##

    With all due respect to Edward, he may just need to check at for data on the "ClickStream" in-and-outs or, the goings to and away from, where the Looksmart AdCenter platform, is housed....

    And historically, Looksmart have publisher partners over the past few years that include The NY Times, Facebook, Viacom, CBS, REED Interactive, for starters....

    As you can clearly see (& typically), there has been no big announcement by Looksmart ...... And here's Ted West's own way of telling (announcing) about it all, from within the CC:

    <..........."we've introduced optimal pricing in the second quarter, a feature set on our AdCenter platform that gives advertisers the capabilities to segment their ad spend across our network and to bid across the traffic segments to maximize their return on investment. In beta testings of optimal pricing with several existing advertisers during the second quarter, optimal pricing at campaigns has consistently increased consumer conversion, delivered conversions at a lower cost per conversion and as a result earned LookSmart increased advertiser budget.

    I would like to point out that we believe the optimal pricing feature set is unique to the non-proprietary keyword search segment when delivered at our scale of operation". >

    <............"We have improved keyword-targeting capabilities, enhanced network traffic quality and provided advertisers with the tools to manage their campaigns in order to achieve optimal pricing and to maximize their return on investment.

    Specifically, during the second quarter, we introduced SmartRotation and beta tested optimal pricing to improve the AdCenter's performance for advertisers.

    We believe that these performance features are comparable to those from each of the leading propriety search advertising platforms, but also that they are unique at scale among competing non-propriety search advertising networks.

    We fully understand that to replicate these performance features of scale would represent a significant engineering undertaking for any keyword search advertising provider".>

    And that (alone) makes Looksmart so "unique" in this segment of the Market. Almost unchallenge-able. yes, the Co is just about inpregnable!

    To be totally independent (of publishers - in having them at arms-length in an auction environment) and in being totally transparent (and trusted by both parties), is already exemplified by the ramp-up of some "over one billion daily enquiries" that has produced over 2.2 million daily paid clicks.


    So how much is the market worth that Looksmart is working in?

    I'd say that Ted West has been very conservative here. When taking into account the International aspect of this business......

    Ted West says .. "Based on industry estimates, LookSmart competes in the $1.5 billion non-proprietary keyword search advertising segment, providing search advertisers and publishers value across our search advertising network...... Those who compete with LookSmart in the non-proprietary segment share a relatively stable 20% of the overall keyword search ad market".

    Is he saying that Looksmart can get to access that other 80%, I ask? I think he is. And what is virtually or, effectively now becomes ..........a GP of, "8% in the dollar"?

    That's a 'cool' $120 million in revenues per year or, $30 million per quarter. And with opex at less than $7M per quarter in Q2 (and a little over 17M in shares, as issued - plus of course, some 3.5M options that will quickly be 'in the money'), I can see 'dividends' being paid on a regular quarterly basis here, one day soon....

    Is it any wonder that I had changed my "short term" rating back to a buy?

    I mean, Looksmart has near on $30M in cash and a market cap of just $24M .. And a minus $6M Enterprise Value (in reality), for a Co that (with no TAC (as such, to pay) will have in the 1st instance, a potential annual profit of ($120M less roughly $30M opex), yes... around $90 million!!

    Cheers to all shareholders! There ARE much better days ahead, that we can be assured of, and I do hope that you'd all agree.

    And LOOK closed yesterday @ $1.40pps? - Whaaaaaaat?


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  • Looksmart's Q2 Report - Zero transparency, I'm afraid..... [View instapost]
    I had previously written, that .....

    "My real concern (there are others, of course) is the poor percentage of paid clicks that have resulted from (or, against) the doubling of those queries that create opportunity for clicks, now be over 1 billion daily ..."

    But a look at the CC has mad me even MORE confident than ever, thanks to the Looksmart's CEO Ted West's revelations, within it .....

    From within another of my posts written, over on ShareCafe (linked above) in Australia, I have replied as follows:

    ##...And I do think they are all already "hooked-up" but are just not yet, "paying a fee" (that 8% in the dollar) like ASL ( with it's $1.2M are doing) with advertisers probably (currently) getting to go directly to them possibly? ..... And as this is exampled in increased traffic in the case of both the former (and now) 'direct' publisher partners in Cox & [Link] - "re: All LOOK's good to me... (2)" - ##

    And in regards to my own (linked above) "theory" (on this point), CEO Ted West (from within the CC), probably helps to strongly support me, with the following:

    < Our first competitive mandate is to innovate on our AdCenter keyword platform, which is the cornerstone of our keyword search advertising business and the basis for our competitive differentiation and our value.

    As you know through the AdCenter, we provide keyword matching and auction pricing needed by publishers and advertisers to achieve their business goals in search.

    We have a long history of scalability and performance innovation on our AdCenter platform. During the second quarter, the [AdCenter] platform processed well over 1 billion search queries and delivered over 2.2 million paid clicks per day.

    The AdCenter platform is build to scale, and importantly to operate and deliver paid click transactions both quickly and reliably at that scale.>

    It can't become any more clearer to me (and it should help you the reader), than that!

    Looksmart's AdCenter has delivered over 2.2 million paid clicks per day, during the second quarter!

    Looksmart's OWN Ad Network only (only?) had 207M paid clicks in the quarter. And has even increased it's TAC to get them. This all augers so well, really it does!! IMHO.

    Q2 - 2009 Advertising Network Revenues $12.0 - 207M clicks @ .06rpc ($12,420,000)

    Looksmart's paid clicks increased by 23 million (Q/Q) or, by 12.5% and only by 12M or, 6.2%, Y/Y

    Is it any wonder that few have sold following yesterday's Report? (Silly ShareCafe poster Mike Moron did. He "nailed it", he tells Tex - < Out +.21 net ....on 6k shares >, over on Yahoo .....Not only does he tell lies, but he forgets that he "sold" his 1000 shares (following the Q1 Report), @ $0.97cps ...Yes, he "nailed it" then, too!

    And had he held them, he'd be 'sitting on' a paper profit of some .37cps or 38% , from that sell price level. Instead of having a losing trade, that that transaction was! No... They only want to talk of their "winning" trades, do compulsive liars!! Mike Moron "never" loses!!!

    lol !!

    The over-night "course of sales" (as per the Nasdaq site) tells me that accumulation continues on with Market Makers doing their (old) "short and cover" tricks. With that priviledged "fractional" (cross-trade-like) transaction they make, to mostly try and generate sales at the price or, balance-up on their previous sale price volume of shares, they may have 'short' sold. Volume was low @ 24,436 with an av. daily volume now @ 30,000....

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  • Omnicom are now a likely Looksmart AdCenter partner? [View instapost]
    Continued in the form of a comment ....

    ##........I can (almost) confirm that ContextWeb (it's a 'given' in my book) and the Omnicom Media Group ARE (both) "white-labeled" publisher and advertiser partners, accordingly...##

    And with Omnicom's CEO saying they have spent in the region of $2 Billion on their digital approach it's fair to say that they are all over the place..... One I found that is of interest is Resolution Media - Who are an Omnicom Media Group Company. - - And they list Looksmart as one of 12 partners they have, here:

    That means very little in terms of just how (as an Agency), they would be approaching the marketplace with their own Global representations, at this stage of development.

    Particularly in relation to a RTB auction based (display advertising) OPEN (and what is no doubt building), global markeplace. And in regards to any (and, my own) suspected 'white-labeled' AdCenter relationship that I feel they have with Looksmart. (I mean, I believe that I have good enough reason to base my China AdCenter "clickstream" activity on what I feel is their's own early participation. Plus (maybe) even some other countries too, I suspect. -

    It's worth noting that aspect of Looksmart having to 'shed' it's publisher involvements. (With the 'hosting and support agreement', virtually the last of, still yet to go). And whilst this has seemingly been a drag on publisher revenues 'through the front door', (along the way - to take an example, were actually shown to be previously deriving some 15% of their total revenues from it's Looksmart publisher partnership), they are not completely "lost" in terms of Looksmart's own revenue potential.

    The reason this is neccessary (as many would well know by now) is to distance Looksmart from any direct publisher involvement whatsoever.

    Visibilty for advertisers, (other Ad Networks, and large Agencies like those owned by the Omnicom Media Group), must at all times be clearly shown. And this has been stated by Looksmart in their saying that they (with SmartRotation), "are on the side of the advertiser".

    And this is also the reason why publisher revenues have fallen or, remained "stagnant" in a number of past quarters. (What, with the direct involvement providing 89% of the total of around $1.2 million in the first quarter of 2009 or, whatever).

    In fact, with their departure it can be a bonus, no matter who they align themselves with. They simply become a "white-labeled" AdCenter publisher partner (and private labeled, now seems to be the term?) but they all get to remain as a part of or, members of the (buy-sell) OPEN Marketplace.

    Because, as the marketplace grows, so does the bidding activity become more deeply involved. Which results in many more advertisers then being attracted to an increasingly larger publisher base (with more options for Ad targeting to specific audience types), and with both the MSN and Yahoo publisher sites (in total), now to (eventually) fully come on board, display advertising will be a very exciting market-place. Then the newspapers throughout the world get to join in.

    Ok, so I find what looks to me to be a pretty well established publisher Network/Exchange (and again), that I assume are "white-label" connected. Why?

    Well, I note that both and are among an extensive list. . - And as they ( themselves advise of ....

    "Select publishers who have chosen Turn to maximize their advertising eCPM":

    Make no mistake about it, Looksmart are (mostly) dealing in eCPM's (meaning, cost per 1000) display type advertising (yes, and now have "over a billion daily enquiries") and both Cox and were once Looksmart publisher partners!

    And whilst Turn is shown to "offer" these (and many other publishers), for advertisers to access should they choose to do so in a "blind" (to publishers) auction setting (and I would imagine, that they can also access them "direct" - as would be the case in the 12 "partner" situation for the Omnicom Media Group, as was shown above ......... Because (I reckon) this then becomes "ideal" for advertisers to have these options to play with. It's irresistibly attractive!!!! ...................And MSN and Yahoo both realise how attractive it all becomes for advertisers, too!! Let alone the direct "cost savings" when comparing it all to Google's "rip-off" (for so long) adsense pricing.....

    It was the following "endorsement" made by the Omnicom Media Group's CEO (?) of that was very exciting to read .....

    "....Turn is proving to be a valuable partner for us. Since we started using Turn for our large technology client, their team has anticipated our needs and has been exceptionally responsive to our service requests. Even as Turn continues to scale, campaign performance and service have been rock solid. It's no surprise that Turn is doing well. I'm certain we'll be expanding our business with them."

    Allen Stern - do work for (have it as a client) too, incidentally. -

    Conclusion: The reality is that it doesn't matter who has or, who buy or, sell from Looksmart's (AdCenter) "inter-connector" be it to/by publishers or, advertisers ..

    With (both) MSN and Yahoo now in on the scale of it all, they will not only be "selling like hot cakes", large agencies (like the Omnicom Media Group) will be sure to commit more of their client's "spend", the further we go down this road. And with a suspected and CHINA involvement, it may well have been a further part of placing their their 'toe in the water' .....


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  • New Yahoo / AT&T Deal Means New Competition in Many Newspaper Markets [View article]
    Hi Ken Doctor ...

    Nice thoughts, but I'm not so sure......

    "The next shoe to drop may well be Yahoo's expected hook-up with Microsoft on search. If that partnership develops, Yahoo will presumably focus on APT and the display side of the business and Microsoft, using Bing, will power search -- replacing, we would think, the Yahoo search and paid search most of the Newspaper Consortium members use. Lots of potential plusses and minuses to work through there"

    We are IMHO, quickly moving into a "new" world of "co-peting" with each other and one that can provide a "win-win" for all parties involved. But....

    No one wants to declare that this 'change' is on the way .....Perhaps they haven't given it much thought? Have you not heard of a newer, much more fairer (and more reasonably priced) means for an advertiser alternative, to that of an overpriced Google or, the current 'unfair' situation that exists?

    A ‘live’ (Global) OPEN Marketplace that’s RTB auction based (at both ends), whereby quality publishers with quality content will (no doubt) be highly sought after by advertisers? All bidding for placements on a much more ‘healthier’ basis than that, as has been offered by Google et al, for so long now.

    And a marketplace of global scale, where …”a person in Beijing is reading the Times online in London, they should see an advertisement relevant to them locally, not a world away”, said Dr Mathew McDougall, Group CEO and Executive Chairman of SinoTech Group.

    I've my own thoughts on the exciting prospects ahead, for all involved.


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  • Media/Advertising - The future ahead.... [View instapost]
    It surprises me that you write:

    "Pass on Looksmart (LOOK) for the time being. They lost IACI, owners of as an AdCenter client beginning in 2010. Their survival will depend on gaining clients in a troubled ad economy".

    Were you on the "bid" at your time of writing, perhaps?

    You are known to have sold your LOOK shares at a loss @ $0.97 after the Q1 Report was handed down. You posted the above here on July 13th.....

    And yet.....Just three days later, on Yahoo Finance's LOOK board, you post:

    <.....I admit to holding as a trade, looking for a technical bounce after this seller gets out.>

    One of the problems with "in and out" traders like yourself is that (I feel), you lack any form of credibility whatsoever, in what you write.

    You "pump" for as low as a 20cps rise on your meagre holdings and a day or, two later (in many instances, I've noted with you), you are bashing the very stock your were so enthusiastically riding up a few days earlier!

    Are you not poster Mike Mora who contributes over on the LOK board in Australia? Is this not you? Having the hide to post, that:

    "LookingConfident Doesn't Own LOOK Shares"?

    Yet, you pump stocks like KIT digital (KITD.ob) on your 'blogspot' and have a totally different Yahoo alias for both the above, for your other posts on the LOOK board and then there's MIVA and Interclick (ICLK) , LOCM, etc....
    You have been known to have "slipped up" with your multiple aliases and have been known to have replied to your own posts a number of times in the past
    And, you actually state on your blog, that ........."Stocks I am either actively trading or holding include KITD.ob, GOFH.ob, GA, NCTY, LOOK, MIVA, Q's, WWAT.ob."

    You are (in fact), a known "multi-aliased" poster all over the web and I can assure you, are held in very, very low esteem by long term shareholders of LOOK. And are you not the same Mike Mora, who is the principal of a Web marketing Co, too?


    Just wondering?

    Disclosure: Long LOOK shares.


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  • Reply to Thomas Jower's (own), "How to Fix Microsoft for $5 Billion" [View instapost]
    Thanks for your kind words Rita .....

    I simply couldn't get my reply on Thomas Jower's (own), "How to Fix Microsoft for $5 Billion" to stick, so to speak....It wouldn't accept my reply...Not to worry.

    And I do note that this kind of(Microsoft/Yahoo) "deal" is starting to "firm up" in many person's eyes now .... It's a certain, in my reckoning.

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  • Reply to Thomas Jower's (own), "How to Fix Microsoft for $5 Billion" [View instapost]
    ##...Oh, and while Looksmart shareholders are pondering all of the above, check-out that list of "recent" advertisers (that include, the NYT, Microsoft and WSJ for starters), that can now get to "reach" Burst Media's huge Publisher Network, of publisher partners...##

    And ALL have to be "inter-connected" (or, they do need to have that kind of "interoperability"), as has been spoken of, in a previous post.......

    Recent Advertisers

    • Adidas
    • Alamo
    • Allstate
    • Black&Decker
    • Capital One
    • Conair

    • Crest
    • Days Inn
    • Disney
    • Delta
    • Equifax
    • ESPN
    • Expedia

    • Ford
    • General Motors
    • Lane Bryant
    • McAfee
    • Michelin
    • Microsoft
    • NY Times

    • Skechers
    • Sony
    • State Farm
    • Verizon Wireless
    • Walgreens
    • Wall Street Journal
    • Weight Watchers
    • World Wildlife Fund

    Looksmart had clearly told the Market from within it's own Conferance Call (following Q2 - 2006 and) words contained within that transcript ....(sic).. (And we can "only" assume it was meant to be, "AdCenter" and NOT the "typo", in 'ad content' ...)...That....

    ### - The company signed four new licensing customers for its 'ad content' during the quarter.

    These new customers are Active Athlete Media,, NBC search, and Reed Business Information. has signed on to use the product and the company looks forward to working with them. Frazoo,,, Fox TV Stations and The New York Times joined other publishers.###

    Oh,the FULL TRANSCRIPT (of that Q2 2006, CC)

    Naturally, that Link (containing those above very words from Looksmart), is no-where to be so easily found. And the very kind of "CENSORSHIP" (of content), THAT again hilights the urgent need to have this kind of continued GREED form, STOPPED !!

    About Looksmart's (reversed, "clone" of yieldbuild?), SmartRotation....

    ##..LookSmart Delivers Better Value to Advertisers with CPA-Optimized Ad Rotation

    SAN FRANCISCO, Apr 21, 2009 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- LookSmart, Ltd. (NASDAQ:LOOK), the search advertising network and management company, today announced the limited beta test of SmartRotation, a cost-per-acquisition (CPA) driven tool that uses a tracking pixel to automatically optimize campaigns based on the best-converting ad creative. SmartRotation is part of a larger beta test of ad rotation and is the latest addition to LookSmart's award-winning AdCenter, a powerful ad serving and keyword auction platform that enables advertisers to manage return on investment (ROI) through increased targeting and tracking.

    LookSmart's AdCenter processes more than a billion daily queries for LookSmart's syndicated network and is used by thousands of advertisers via self-service accounts, dedicated managed services and bid management through advanced API technology.##


    It's all there Folks....


    Disclosure....Yes, LC is ......Long Looksmart. (LOOK) :)
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  • Reply to Thomas Jower's (own), "How to Fix Microsoft for $5 Billion" [View instapost]
    Following on.....

    [ And an 'insight' (and I have no doubt) into just how 'huge' the market for Advertising (on the web) will grow to. The "one-stop-shop" media "buy and sell" will be both 'offered' and provided for (in part - in time) by the likes of YieldBuild and SmartRotations and also facilitated by LookSmart's own AdCenter "inter-connector", is my opinion.]

    Looksmart (in offering the "male" SmartRotations) is clearly on the side of Advertisers (as Michael Schroen had advised in the WebPro news video) and the likes of Burst Media will then possibly have (or, are probably using, IMHO) the YeildBuild "female" (opposite), and then be working on behalf of Publishers ....

    And that's what they clearly state on their website..You can be either "one or, the other" in this "new" game being played (as has been harped on, for ages here - and why MSN and Yahoo will IMHO, do a deal) and this is clearly stated by Jarvis Coffin, the CEO of Burst Media when he says:

    < "Ad network or publisher network, online networks must decide whom they serve.">

    He also says that Burst serve Internet publishers, in advising that ........

    <"This has been Burst Media's choice from the beginning. Burst is a seller's agent; a publisher's representative.">

    (Ad Networks: Do they Work for Publishers or Advertisers?)

    Burst, as I have previously offered above (IMHO), are probably using YieldBuild to be "inter-connected" via Looksmart's AdCenter to advertisers who are (also) utlising SmartRotations.

    In this testimony from here, they advise that..........

    <"Burst’s BPAC empowers us with robust, intuitive tools for managing creative content and tracking revenue stream">

    (Click on, Testimonials)

    Oh, and while Looksmart shareholders are pondering all of the above, check-out that list of "recent" advertisers (that include, the NYT, Microsoft and WSJ for starters), that can now get to "reach" Burst Media's huge Publisher Network, of publisher partners...

    And finally, yes, they (Burst Media) go a long way IMHO, in helping provide that "doubling" of Looksmart's AdCenter distribution networks to (what is now grown to be), over "a billion" daily queries.

    Looksmart (LOOK) on it's close of (just) $1.13pps on Friday, has a Market Cap of just $19.32M ......In Looksmart's Q1 - 2009 Report, the Company ended the quarter with $30.5 million in cash, cash equivalents, and investments....


    The utter "stupidity" and lack of researched knowledge of those within the market, never ever, ceases to amaze me....But as always, just an opinion!



    ps; Disclosure....Long Looksmart. (LOOK)

    Not too far to go now, Folks, is MHO....Cheers!
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  • Reply to Thomas Jower's (own), "How to Fix Microsoft for $5 Billion" [View instapost]
    In relation to the following as posted above, please take note....

    "............With MSN "batting" for the publishers of the world and Looksmart's (own) "independent" technology that's on the side of the advertisers (who get to pay the bills, as usual), it's "game on".... We then have (what is) a totally fair and now a case of advertiser and publishers being "blind to each other" in each and every single (auction based) "inter-connection" that then promotes a healthy and sustainable marketplace."

    And Looksmart already have the "interoperability" or, "inter-connector" answer (through it's AdCenter) to the very question being put here, in this article......

    ...As overall ad exchange liquidity improves due to superior performance (supercharged with RTB – real-time bidding), the market will demand interoperability between all exchanges with data flowing and unlocking value wherever a single impression may match a client campaign’s goals

    Oh, that's right....Until Looksmart's CEO Ted West decides to "tell the world" about Looksmart and the AdCenter "inter-connector", we just can't be sure .... It's all a "secret", ok?

    And it does appear to be so much of a "secret" that posts on anything remotely near being on this subject (on the Yahoo Finance LOOK board) are very quickly "removed" by cyber "thugs" operating on behalf of share accumulators and maybe even, the Co...

    It's a sad position, indeed and one that I'm sure Yahoo's CEO Carol Bartz is unaware of, surely? Let's hope that we haven't a situation whereby Co appointed board "watch-dogs" report back to the Co of anything considered as being "sensitive"? Nah...In this "day and age" that couldn't possibly be the case.....Or, could this be so?

    The easy way out is to simply bar access......And that folks, is what has occurred..... My access to post on Yahoo Finance has now been denied. And this is not a form of CENSORSHIP in the "Land of the Free"?

    SHAME on YAHOO - SHAME !!!

    But (indeed), the "stakes are high" in this revolutionary change ahead (with the formation of a Global Marketplace and "one stop shop" for media buys almost in place) , as can be attested from the following:

    From the exclusive Sun Valley conference in Idaho (and according to this report), we could see the depressed economy taking years to turn around, is what News Corp Chief Executive Rupert Murdoch said on Thursday.

    "I'm shocked at the business mood, which is talking about either that we're at the bottom or going lower, but that it's going to take years and years, like five years at least, before we see any real growth coming out of this," Murdoch told Fox Business Network television in an interview at the conference. [But, I'm not so sure that you mean DIGITAL, Rupert? :) ]

    Then again, this article suggests that Telcos are expected to derive about $56 billion worldwide from non-mobile IPTV services by 2013, according to new data from Infonetics Research.

    The research firm also found the number of pure and hybrid IPTV subscribers worldwide more than doubled in 2008 to 26 million, and is expected to surge to about 155 million by 2013. As a result, IP set-top box vendor revenue is forecast to grow at an average of 14 percent annually between during the forecast period.

    [ VOD (Video on demand) and IPTV (Internet Protocol TV) would be supported by both subscription and advertising or, a combination of both it would appear. Generally speaking the broadband "push" upgrade (speed, etc) not only here in Australia (no doubt), has a lot to do with these projections being made....]

    Funding: -

    From Akamai (in the following link), we are told that ..........Each quarter, Akamai publishes a quarterly "State of the Internet" report. This report includes data gathered across Akamai's global server network about attack traffic, connection speeds, Internet penetration and broadband adoption, as well as trends seen in this data over time. It will also aggregate publicly available news and information about notable events seen throughout the quarter.

    [ And an 'insight' (and I have no doubt) into just how 'huge' the market for Advertising (on the web) will grow to. The "one-stop-shop" media "buy and sell" will be both 'offered' and provided for (in part - in time) by the likes of YieldBuild and SmartRotations and also facilitated by LookSmart's own AdCenter "inter-connector", is my opinion.

    It's the next "GOLD-rush" for smart investors who are prepared to do their "home-work" and are patient. And the "lobby" to support any investment made for the future comes from the top, as this next article clearly shows. ]

    < In a blog entry posted yesterday [contained in that link, below], Young-Bean Song, senior director at Atlas Institute, a division of Microsoft called for the digital ad industry to consider adapting its approach to metrics to mesh with more traditional measures like reach and frequency........ Such a shift is crucial for the medium’s growth, Song argues, particularly when it comes to convincing still-reluctant brand advertisers to shift more dollars online.

    “Brand advertising budgets represent about two-thirds of a $186 billion advertising market,” Song wrote. “Yet, only 5 percent of their overall marketing budgets are spent on the Web.”


    [ Yes, this will soon, all change and it will change quickly, too! And that, you can be assured of. IMHO.]



    ps; Disclosure....Long Looksmart. (LOOK)

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  • Bullish Thoughts on Microsoft (Even Though I'm Not Happy with Them Overall) [View article]
    "And it's success in internet search is by no means guaranteed with the launch of Bing".

    I'm surprised how few understand where Bing, MSN and search advertising are heading. As an investor you really do need to learn more of the "revolution" that is almost upon us. And relating to that huge Global market that will see MSN's 'share' get to grow at the expense of the likes of Google. Register (free) at the link provided below and read my own thoughts in this regard.

    It is my opinion that MSN and it's PubCenter, is a platform that will "anchor" the future prospects of publishers and on a Global scale. The evidence that this is so is already compelling. Cheers!

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  • Yahoo's Bartz Wants 'Boatloads of Money' from Microsoft: Hasn't that Ship Sailed? [View article]
    I thought that Steve Ballmer made it clear that it has little to do with any acquisition of Yahoo....It's 'other' business that is on the table, I would imagine. Fox business reports that Steve Ballmer, when:

    Asked whether this new search engine brand has any impact on the company’s aspirations to nab Yahoo’s search, Ballmer said:

    "I think there’s a lot that can make sense in terms of a search partnership, not an acquisition… whether such a thing will happen I don’t know."
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  • Somebody Acquire Microsoft's Online Business ... Please [View article]
    "They need ideas, and a merger is not going to give them that."

    I'd agree that a merger is not the solution and never was. But I'd also suggest that current talks between Microsoft and Yahoo may well be considering yet another "idea", that can work.

    One that can successfully achieve the need for the separation of both advertisers and publishers, for BOTH parties.

    It's worth noting that Looksmart's AdCenter was named "Best Search Engine Ad Platform" by Search Engine Strategies. This award was made during the first day of its 10th annual Search Engine Strategies (SES), San Jose conference last year. SES is the leading global conference and expo series dedicated to search advertising. And MSN have recently disbanded it's own ideas of having an adCenter for advertisers & publishers to 'get together'.

    I'd now go as far as suggesting that a "logical" move and probably the one being 'fine-tuned' (in their discussion at this very moment), is one that would see the existing Yahoo Publisher Network get to "join" up with MSN's new (beta), 'pubCenter'.

    This would then see Microsoft's 'pubCenter' now BUYING Ads from both Yahoo (from all their existing advertisers) and others in Yahoo's Open (Right Media) Ad Exchange (like Google's Double-Click) and not surprisingly (like-wise), then buying for yes (and you better believe that it is possible), BOTH the existing Yahoo & MSN publisher sites.

    And with both MSN and Yahoo (now) "co-peting" like this, they are then providing that necessary and what will become an inevitably required 'NEUTRALITY' (or, complete transparency), for both (all of Yahoo's) advertisers and Microsoft's (suddenly, got much larger), 'pubCenter' and all it's 'new-found' publisher sites.

    Yahoo have a strong (Global) Ads Network in place and MSN continue to drag the chain in this area...So why would they see a need to 'duplicate' this exercise, when the ONE operation between them (being that, of both having to buy in Ads in a 'blind' auction marketplace), can be more efficiently achieved from the ONE (neutral) publisher platform?...Besides the obvious efficiencies and costs savings the simplicity of this type "deal" would present, think of what strong effect such a "combined" effort would then have on Google?

    I also suspect that Looksmart's INDEPENDENT to all parties (own, "white-labeled") AdCenter for Publishers may well be that vital 'part' that's being utilised within MSN's 'Beta testing', is my guess....And why not?

    It does come as no surprise to me (too), that Looksmart have themselves (in the past few days) announced a new tool called 'SmartRotation' and it's one that offers the same two creative 'rotation options' that Google does. Whilst it's primary function is said to have an advertiser's "interest" (at heart), it will also have an ability to optimize on a CPA basis.

    And coincidentally (and like Microsoft's pubCenter), Looksmart's 'SmartRotation' is also (only) currently available to certain select advertisers as a part of it's OWN, 'limited beta test'.

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  • Hedge Fund Portfolio Tracking: Renaissance Technologies (Jim Simons), Q3 2008 [View article]
    And advice of some 1,278,900 shares in Looksmart. (7.51%)

    Most interesting!!
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  • Earnings Preview: ValueClick [View article]
    I'm not so sure and do anticipate the possibility of a 'surprise' from VCLK.

    I note that traffic to a ValueClick search engine ( is UP dramatically throughout the Q4 period (according to Alexa) and that it continues to show a rise even more-so, during the month of January and behond.

    I have my suspicions this (simpli, an AdCenter partner of LOOK) is VCLK's "gateway" to the Looksmart (Global) OPEN Exchange and that other similar partner site indications (again, as recorded via Alexa), show a same type of pattern if not as 'spectacular', in rises.

    My own theory is that ValueClick may well be serving a great deal of US local 'geo-targeted' Ads to many Global site visits, coming from US based users.

    Should VCLK do well, it should then point to other (like Looksmart - LOOK), doing some-what similar. And as a long time shareholder of LOOK, I'm more than interested in the Stanford view being proven to be wrong.

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  • Warren Buffett Might Put ValueClick in the 'Too Difficult' Pile [View article]
    ValueClick's "gateway" (?) in - it's Global users are UP by 710% in the past 3 months.

    "LookSmart Reports Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2007 Results"

    When Looksmart released it's (above) Q4 - 2007 Report (on Feb 28, 2008), the CEO Ted West did advise the Market of the following:

    "Looking to 2008, we continue to execute our strategic plan to best position LookSmart for significant revenue growth and progress towards profitability in online search advertising.

    Core to our growth strategy will be investing in the development and extension of our Ad Center technology platform, marketing it and selling it to online search advertisers through Advertiser Networks, and to Publishers through private-labeled online search advertising solutions."

    So, ..."Core to our growth strategy will be investing in the development and extension of our Ad Center technology platform, marketing it and selling it Publishers through private-labeled online search advertising solutions".

    On July 19th 2006 Looksmart had announced that:

    "LookSmart's distribution network includes selected, 'monitored syndicated publishers' and search engine partners that maximize advertiser ROI. Distribution partners include CNET's, Cox Interactive, InfoSpace (Dogpile, Webcrawler), Localcom, and Viacom".


    I've a long held "theory", of Looksmart having to 'forgo' those additional revenues once enjoyed from the monitoring of syndicated publishers, and that for it to then become that "totally independent" EXCHANGE (for both advertisers and publishers alike), Looksmart has had to do so. Effectively, LOOK will have then gone on to stop monitoring (on behalf of publishers) and as a consequence, fore-go that percentage of click revenues attached to such type of service. Some short term 'pain' for long term 'gain', maybe?

    And the emphasis is on how Looksmart clearly had described those early day Network partners as being "MONITORED" (syndicated publishers) whereby (IMO), Looksmart apparently did all the monitoring for them.

    So, by Looksmart then "teaching them" (all), how to operate their OWN "white labeled" PUBLISHER CENTER (AdCenter) they can then see them operate freely, and without Looksmart having anything to do with their "ask/buy prices" or, bids, for any of their inventory in the 'day-to-day' operation of the Looksmart Global Marketplace's auction based platform.

    And in their doing so (I believe), Looksmart can then go on to "white-label" the Licencing of (many) Publishers, and lots of other Ad Networks, plus Publisher Networks and even Global Brands, too....

    And Looksmart then get to remain INDEPENDENT (blind) to ALL of their individual "bid's action" (at both ends of the scale), until such time as, (after) the moment that a "connect" (between such advertisers and publishers), has been registered. Is how I'm reading it all.

    And if the Global user "activity" to AdCenter partner in (and, is owned by ValueClick) happens to be any indication, Looksmart have done a mighty fine job over the past 12 months or, so. - ( - it's UP 710% in the past 3 months)

    Q4 results (for both) will show a little of what's to come in both the 'near' and 'long' term future for Looksmart and ValueClick, no doubt. I'm excited!!

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