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  • Brands Can Soon Get To Maximize The Role Search Can Play [View instapost]
    Microsoft says Xbox has some76M Devices.

    Pretty handy to 'find' users on, in real time. Likely why Microsoft fancies Itself a Content Producer, Again

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  • Google Anchors The USER As Being The Currency Of Intent [View instapost]
    First Google -and now, Facebook.

    "Facebook Blurs Desktop, Mobile Ads"

    <The only way mobile ads will live up to their promise is if they cease to be a distinct category. This move should be seen in this light. It’s akin to Google’s recent roll out of Enhanced Campaigns, which tries to make AdWords a consistent environment for advertisers across multiple devices.>

    Yes Folkz ....We are chasing users - not only across a ONE publisher based marketplace but on whatever device they next appear, also.

    “We are running a small test in the U.S. where some people might see ads in the right-hand column that feature larger images."

    And here's an example of a Facebook (larger than life) Expedia ad unit - noticed by Matt Barash, on Facebook.

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  • Senior Forrester Research Analyst- "End-To-End" Is Chasing A Pipe Dream?  [View instapost]
    How's this (larger than life) Expedia ad unit noticed by Matt Barash, on Facebook?

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  • Looksmart - Always The Bridesmaid, Never The Bride? [Facebook To Buy Atlas?] [View instapost]
    “The news [Facebook buying Microsoft's Atlas] should be viewed positively, and suggests that Facebook will pursue an ad network, allowing advertisers to reach audiences using Facebook-based targeting criteria across the web.

    It also increases Facebook’s self-dependence around online advertising infrastructure, in a sector where Google has become dominant.” According to Pivotal’s Senior Research Analyst, Brian Wieser.

    Worth saying again are the words of my final line in the post above. In that (I feel), that those PLA type Ads (across a ONE marketplace), are coming soon.

    An opinion of course.

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  • Looksmart - Always The Bridesmaid, Never The Bride? [Facebook To Buy Atlas?] [View instapost]
    Facebook Deal to Buy Microsoft's Atlas Coming As Soon As Next Week
    Social Network Is Building An Ad Stack to Rival Google
    Jason Del Rey
    Published: February 07, 2013

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  • Google's Acquiring Of Channel Intelligence Does Make Them Look Smart [View instapost]
    Yahoo have a "mess" on their hands in their attempt to block posts.

    I've replied to a post on the "Market Maker" thread, that can clearly be seen here, as being posted.

    Market Maker
    by seekingthetruth935 Jun 21, 2011 11:19 AM
    19 14 seconds ago

    It was in reply to an, [this] older post:

    Re: Market Maker & AmEx/Facebook
    by seekingthetruth935 . Jun 18, 2012 9:52 AM . Permalink

    #...It is clearly obvious to me. That a small part of both Google and Yahoo (the Finance site here, for starters) are working within the Looksmart performance marketplace....#

    Yes, it was back on Jun 18, 2012 when I had advised (again), of this.

    Now Yahoo are, well, making it "official",

    NOT quite the PLA type (when search meets display), as yet.

    "Yahoo! Teams with Google on Contextual Advertising"

    Say you’ve been shopping for boots. If you see an ad for boots, that’s instantly going to pique your attention more than an ad for, say, a car battery. That’s better for users. .......This is why contextual advertising is such a powerful tool.

    Today, we’re excited to announce that we recently signed a global, non-exclusive agreement with Google to display ads on various Yahoo! properties and certain co-branded sites using Google’s AdSense for Content and Google’s AdMob services.

    Always, only an opinion.

    That link?

    Yahoo have more 'house-cleaning' to do, it seems? A need to rid themselves of another "grub", it appears? Another greedy (owned), Fascist pig?

    How sad.

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  • Google Banner Ads For Yahoo? - - Amazon Et Al, To Follow? [View instapost]
    Facebook;s FBX enables advertisers using their own data (which could include data from a user's prior Web browsing activity), to reach consumers - when they are on Facebook.

    "Facebook hosts the final ad creative and serves it to Facebook users through its [own] servers."

    This information is from the ASRC's (Feb. 4, 2013) advice on Facebook's adoption of the AdChoices Icon for interest-based ads served through the Facebook Exchange (FBX).

    Accountability Program is an investigative unit of the Advertising Self-Regulatory Council (ASRC)

    .."The Accountability Program began reviewing FBX as soon as it was out of beta to determine the roles of Facebook & its approved Demand-Side Platforms (DSPs or FBX partners).

    FBX enables advertisers using their own data, which could include prior Web browsing activity, to reach consumers when they are on Facebook. - FBX is also designed so that Facebook does not gain access to this data.

    Further, to ensure that DSPs do not gain access to Facebook’s user profiles in order to retarget when the user leaves Facebook, Facebook hosts the final ad creative and serves it to Facebook users through its servers.

    This is a change from the general model in which the DSP serves the ad, including the AdChoices Icon."

    This very change (away from the general model in which the DSP serves the ad), is a positive step closer to an eventual (Looksmart) "Web-Wide Ad Network" -or, real time search intent based (global) marketplace, that I feel is coming.

    With Facebook the publisher (in fact - all publishers in the Open marketplace) signaling a coded IP "ID" of an available impression, this allows other advertisers targeting the search based user intent through Looksmart's marketplace to compete against those other kindd of (as above) interest-based ads - from advertisers served through the Facebook Exchange.

    This is provided (and also assuming it to be the case-in finding a user on Facebook), Looksmart (at all times), get to serve the ads.

    This not only protects a publisher's user data (for all publishers across the marketplace), it allows Facebook's own advertisers to compete for these unique, search intent based - - and very much PLA-like impressions even when such an impression is available, on Facebook. (Is how I'm seeing it all.)

    How interesting.

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  • Facebook Advertising - Will Soon Look Beyond The Walls Of Facebook [View instapost]
    #....For Facebook (I feel), it's 'Graph Search' ultimately becomes part of a global intent based (PLA type ads) marketplace - and one that involves any/all players of worth....#

    This latest Facebook move may just help to speed-up that likely above scenario, possibly?

    "Facebook to Make Targeted Ads More Transparent For Users"

    Move Is Another Step Toward Web-Wide Ad Network
    Published: February 04, 2013

    "The social network has agreed to start displaying the little blue "AdChoices" icon on its display ads served through its FBX ad exchange."

    ..."Implementing the icon, which brands and agencies use for big online display campaigns, could be seen as another step toward Facebook's third-party ad network. Some advertisers won't buy behavioral campaigns across the web without it."

    Yet, there STILL may be minor complications?

    As .....

    "Facebook's manner of implementing the icon--seen only when a user mouses over the ad--raises questions as to whether it complies with Federal Trade Commission guidelines calling for "clear and prominent notice" when an ad is behaviorally targeted."

    In a previous (related) article by Kate Kaye (January 08, 2013 -with a link to it from on this page), had suggested:

    " Facebook, of course, always publicly stresses its commitment to consumer privacy. .......Insiders say Facebook has been in discussions with advertisers, agencies and self-regulators regarding adoption of the standard icon.

    Behind closed doors, as much as some are willing to pounce on Facebook for ignoring privacy, other agency execs salivate at the thought of a Facebook network that pairs its robust data with the expansive inventory of the internet."

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  • DENIAL - Not Just Another River In EGYPT? [View instapost]
    Yactraq (Open Source Video) is the partner (as linked above) of those suggested 'some' , who are lying in wait.

    Yactraq is now (Aug 01, 2012 - com/blog/ - a certified Kaltura Exchange partner.

    Kaltura Exchange - Kaltura’s unique Video Solution Marketplace, where partner companies and developers showcase and offer their video solutions and services related to the Kaltura Platform to Kaltura’s hundreds of thousands of customers worldwide.

    [Above Link] Advertising and Ad Networks Include:

    Google - DoubleClick for Publishers Video

    OpenX Companion Banner


    "'s OneSource online video ad management platform is a complete end-to-end solution that helps publishers increase revenue, grow streams, and simplify every aspect of ad operations. for Kaltura supports a wide variety of ad formats, ad sources, features and functionalities, allowing publishers to specifically target viewers with their ads, and generate high revenue."

    In regards to PLAs, see the following within my comment made to the link below it.

    " digs up relevant Amazon products and Looksmart ads to populate an ad bar on the bottom of the video at key moments."

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  • PLAs Work More Like AdWords With An Auction-Based Programmatic Bidding Process [View instapost]
    " Bing About To Get Google-Like Product Listing Ads [Exclusive]"
    By Chris Crum · January 31, 2013

    "Pann [David Pann, GM of Microsoft’s Search Network] expects the product listing ads to come to market sometime this calendar year."

    .."The new product listing ads are just one thing Microsoft has up its sleeve for the year."

    ps; Related

    ArtFire Begins Submitting Items to Google Shopping

    "The official asks sellers not to click on ArtFire items in Google Shopping unless they actually want to buy the item, since each click costs the company money, “and our budget is set to a maximum daily spend,” he says.

    "Google Base Submission

    Auto Google Shopping Base Feed and Currency Conversion - When a member lists a product for sale on ArtFire, we automatically feed that product to Google Base shopping; this allows our members' products to appear in searches on the popular Google Shopping search engine.

    .......ArtFire also provides auto currency conversion for international shoppers. ArtFire recognizes where each visitor is located based on IP address and converts the sales prices to local currency using current conversion rates."
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  • PLAs Work More Like AdWords With An Auction-Based Programmatic Bidding Process [View instapost]
    . has a few mentions here on my instablog here @ SA.

    Check the May 27, 2010 (the 1st) entry- and in view of this post on PLAs, with the reference to Google helping Looksmart in my above comment.

    .......Besides the FACT that have long been partners with Looksmart for quite some time now, gives readers some idea of just how long "they" have been working towards this (one marketplace) PLA concept. (who employ former Looksmart VP in Dakoda Sullivan and are said to have an ad platform called OneSource that allows online video content owners to access ads from a number of sources using a single interface), in an earlier post on TechCrunch (in that link -July 6th, 2007), we are told ..

    "When videos play, digs up relevant Amazon products and Looksmart ads to populate an ad bar on the bottom of the video at key moments"

    ..They’re like adsense for video, tying contextual text ads based on the content of a video. It looks similar to what YouTube is aiming for. When videos play, digs up relevant Amazon products and Looksmart ads to populate an ad bar on the bottom of the video at key moments........ They use tags and other meta data, as well as speech to text translations to find out what the video is about."
    YES, Amazon! (Techcrunch as can be seen, has now deleted that link, advising of the above.)

    This article from MediaPost news today adds some more 'color' to the over-all picture, I feel.

    " Streamlines Ad Verification, Enhances Ad Targeting"

    < ........the Platform, Certified Viewability monitors where video ads appear, while verifying the size of the video player and its position relative to the browser viewport.

    ........Buyers can specify whether they want to target viewable-only impressions before the first ad request is sent."

    Read more:

    It's all (that global intent based marketplace), slowly coming together, I feel.

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  • PLAs Work More Like AdWords With An Auction-Based Programmatic Bidding Process [View instapost]
    [From the above instapost]

    #....For Marketers in Looksmart's (global) Marketplace

    "We follow users showing search intent... image, rich media..yes ..we are getting into this...we position ourselves to the OPEN market."

    "we are looking at the IP ... the individual user....but we do watch for IP's with 5 or, 6 clicks... building a quality score" ...

    Video? .."Google helps [us] a lot with this, with video ... we have same standard as Google has... it's easy for them to get it to us."...#

    And 'the show' must (and will) go on, is what I feel.

    "Google AdWords Gets Three Video Metrics Tools"
    by Laurie Sullivan, 3 hours ago

    ....."Google released three new AdWords measurement reporting tools for video Wednesday, which makes me wonder how soon until the engine brings video to text and product listing ads (PLAs).

    ....While it seems that David Tattersall, product manager at YouTube, describes measurement tools for the video site, it makes sense for Google to expand the use on other platforms, such as Google+ and PLAs."

    And THAT (I feel sure), is EXACTLY what Google will soon be doing.

    (Anyone following these developments?)

    Read more:

    Always, only an opinion.

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  • What Is Yahoo's Marissa Mayer ACTUALLY Saying? ('Between Her Lines') [View instapost]
    My post-script (mentioning Dr. Vincent Granville) prompted me to delve into some past posts - over on his AnalyticBridge site.

    There appears to have been some changes made in answer to the following question, in this ....

    "Future of Web Analytics: Interview with Dr. Vincent Granville", story....

    Q: Any success story you want to mention?

    ......................... of multiple Botnets generating more than $10 million yearly in fraud, resulting in developing sophisticated new rules involving association / collusion detection.

    Creation of a list of about 100,000 keywords representing 85% of the keyword pay-per-click commercial universe, in terms of Google advertising revenue. Currently working on a Google keyword price and volume forecaster.

    ......Developing scoring algorithms that are 200 times faster than algorithms available in the marketplace... (without using cloud)."

    THIS, is how I had previously 'copied & pasted' it, here on my blog.

    ["Future of Web Analytics: Interview with LookSmart's Dr. Vincent Granville" on AnalyticBridge:

    ......"Currently working on a Google keyword price and volume forecaster with Dr. Jean-Yves Dexmier, CEO of Looksmart and member of the prestigious French group of mathematicians known as Bourbaki. - - Developing scoring algorithms that are 200 times faster than algorithms available in the marketplace (without using cloud). Read the success stories on our website"] [**cough**]

    I can't help thinking about that 'separation' that's required (to protect data), between players.- This reminded me once again:

    < ........ Collective's CEO Joe Apprendi responded saying they must create a chinese wall between the technology platform and ad network businesses.>

    I find it ALL so interesting, I do.

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  • Yahoo Back to CENSORSHIP of Posts on Yahoo Finance Chat Boards [View instapost]
    Hi boredwithcoincidence.

    Try posting it, as such: (Copy and paste it in your post, as follows.)


    Yahoo are not permitting any posting of "live" Links, even their own.

    It's crazy. But it's likely an engineer's answer to a problem (spamming), rather than that of a marketer.

    Yahoo appears to have been 'dominated' by "engineers" and with Marissa Mayer's recent (her) getting rid of Shashi Seth .... could just be a start to an improvement - on the "corrupt" practices, that we've come to know of, on Yahoo Finance.

    We can only hope so.
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  • Marketers - "What If We Had A GPS That Has Access To RT Traffic Information"? [View instapost]
    #...with advertisers now able to find users (in the Looksmart marketplace), as against all 'users' having to (as they must do, currently), painstakingly find the advertisers ...#

    UNDERSTAND that (above) point made-and you will then understand the absolute "game-changer" that I feel, Looksmart gets to become.


    Today - Yahoo's CEO Marissa Mayer puts it like this:

    "In the future, you become the query........ The query will take into consideration keywords, historic queries, the person's background, location, time, and preferences to process -- and will return custom results.

    If you're the query, you type in search terms or become the passive query where technology identifies time and location to return useful information", Mayer said.

    Read more:

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