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Longstanding investor in Looksmart (and a 70 yr old ex-tradesman), who has a passionate interest in the problems of newspapers along with their success in all their monetisation attempts made, on the web. For the "times are indeed, a changin", I feel. [17th of Aug, 2011 - Print media... More
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  • Calling Queensland's Chief Justice Tim Carmody To The Rescue?

    It's hard to communicate with the Registrar of the Queensland Supreme Court, when they won't even reply to my reasonable E Mail requests concerning an Application for a Judicial Review.

    Here's hoping to God that they don't develop "gate-keeper" fever, as life sure is difficult enough at the moment.

    Let's go back now to that September Tim Carmody "Queensland corporate government" Chief Justice appointment - and the kerfuffle that it caused.

    Separation of powers

    Supreme court Justices must at all times remain or, be totally independent from the state. (Please make a comment if you may feel that this is not necessary, if you feel this is so.)

    < "The prominent human rights lawyer Geoffrey Robertson QC says that Queensland, like many jurisdictions within the international community, needed to adopt a model to appoint judges similar to that used in the UK."

    "It leads to judges being more representative, it leads to judges who are not necessarily in the pocket of the government or conservative," he said. >

    Yet... Opinions, differ.

    < University of Queensland law Professor James Allan has warned that the UK system is "appalling" and "incredibly incestuous", arguing it essentially allows judges to pick their own successors. >

    Geoffrey Robertson [a brilliant] QC says Queensland needed to adopt a model to appoint judges similar to that used in the UK.

    He's a worry?

    Yes. This University of Queensland law Professor "James Allan" becomes a concern for me, and he is a very outspoken man on many matters, it does appear.

    James Allan -

    Professor James Allan of the University of Queensland, and a regular commentator on legal matters in "The Australian", in a recent opinion piece concerning the controversy surrounding the appointment of Chief Justice Carmody, is quoted as saying:

    "If, like me, you want your judges committed to interpreting the legal texts in the way they were intended by the democratically elected legislature, and in line with their plain meaning, then uber-smart judges are simply those with the resources to avoid such constraints"

    (click to enlarge)

    The author- Patrick Anthony Keane, a Justice of the High Court of Australia comments: "Just think about that: a really smart person ... is more likely to make an awful judge. Perhaps Professor Allan should try to get out and meet more judges."

    (Bottom of page 3, top of page 4):

    I loved this piece by the High Court Justice when he says (Bottom page 19):

    "the Reformation, [] which fixed the character of the common law and its processes as something quite different from the civil law system rooted in the academic treatment of Roman law and canon law."

    What is he actually saying?

    I feel that this High Court Justice is saying that ... "the civil law system [is/was] rooted in the academic treatment of Roman law and canon law."

    And if it can be easily proven to people that the Roman cult (that powered the "fiction of law", prior to February/March of 2013) is now dead - where then, does the Australian "civil law system" now get it's power from, for it to be lawful?

    Gee...Pope Francis has clearly "killed" the fiction of law. It no longer exists. His Sept. 1st 2013 Decree (made Motu Proprio) was the "icing on the cake", in that department - it can also be reasonably argued.

    More evidence - (Pages 19/20.)

    Furthermore (High Court Justice P-A-Keane adds):

    "Sometimes, in our enthusiasm to maintain our independence, including our independence from each other, we lose sight of these institutional connections without which we could not even begin to face the challenges of doing justice to our rights-conscious and self-confident fellow citizens."

    What "institutional connections" is he referring to?

    We live in very interesting times, we do.

    Always, only an opinion.


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  • The Law Of The 193 Corporate States Of The UNITED NATIONS' Corporation.

    Here's the real story of just why any/all Statutes, Acts Legislation, Road Rules and council By-laws, and all FINES, NOTICES, etc are not Lawful, as they are man-made (by living men and or, women) within all of the 193 corporate states of the UNITED NATIONS' corporation.

    If they were Lawful (and if they were binding in a court of proper law), this would be slavery. (Slavery is highly unlawful.)


    In our Facebook Group...

    Max Kowalski´╗┐asks: "My legal person is illegal which makes me unlawful and therefore l do not exist and therefore l can't break the law if l don't exist. If any peoples out there understand this,can they explain it to me please."

    What was that?

    <Your legal person is illegal which makes you unlawful and therefore you do not exist and therefore you can't break the law if you don't exist? >

    What is LEGAL?

    1. Conforming to the law; according to law; required or permitted by law; not forbidden or discountenanced by law; good and effectual in law.

    2. Proper or sufficient to be recognized by the law ; cognizable in the courts; competent or adequate to fulfill the requirements of the law.

    3. Cognizable in courts of law, as distinguished from courts of equity; construed or governed by the rules and principles of law, in contradistinction to rules of equity. 4.

    Posited by the courts as the inference or imputation of the law, as a matter of construction, rather than established by actual proof;

    Law Dictionary: What is LEGAL? definition of LEGAL (Black's Law Dictionary)

    Does a "Legal person" (any dead corporate fiction entity or, construct) NAME, conform with the Law?

    For it to do so (to conform/comply) it must have the backing of law, to begin with. If it doesn't, it becomes unlawful.

    No living man or, woman can make a Law for any other living men and or, women within the 193 corporate states of the UNITED NATIONS' corporation.

    This means that the UNITED NATIONS' corporation and all those 193 corporate states cannot make Law.

    To do so, would be slavery. (Slavery is highly unlawful.)

    Any/all Statutes, Acts Legislation, Road Rules and council By-laws, and all FINES, NOTICES, etc are not Lawful, as they are man-made (by living men and or, women) within all of the 193 corporate states of the UNITED NATIONS' corporation.

    If they were Lawful (and were binding in a court of proper law), this would be slavery. (Slavery is highly unlawful.)

    [193 Corporate state] Government corporations

    Legal NAMES (those "Legal persons" or, dead corporate fiction entities or, constructs) are used by living men and or, women within all our so called government corporations to enforce their "corporate" (man made) Statutes, Acts, Legislation, Road Rules and council By-laws, along with all FINES, NOTICES, etc on you (and other living men and or, women), as they have constructed a "Legal person" (Legal NAME) for us all, to enable them to do so.

    This (all the above) had been necessary because corporations can only legally deal with, another corporation.

    This is referred to as being the 'fiction of law' or, only the 'colour of law' and at all times it deals with dead corporate entities.

    Proper binding Law (itself), is only about living men and or, women.

    [ What is the Law? (The 'Color of Law'?) - ]

    This "fiction of law" is now dead. It is unlawful as it now lacks any sovereign "crown" support (at Law), to "power" it.

    What does this mean?

    All "Legal persons" (and at Law) are "registered" with the law making body (of the 193 corporate states of the UNITED NATIONS' corporation), that is called the Holy SEE that operates within the Vatican City State, in Rome.

    Most all living flesh and blood men/women here in Australia and from off our 'actual' live birth bond (and at this Supreme law) are born into the law of the Holy SEE - and this has been the lawful means of our becoming part of the Global Estate Trust. (Both under and protected by the Law of the Trustee.)

    The Pope (Francis) is the Trustee.

    This Law is for Living flesh and blood men/women. (And it is administered by the Judges and or, Justices who all answer to, this 'Law of the living'.)

    As stated, this live birth bond/record (at law), places us under the jurisdiction of and protects us with the Law of the Holy SEE. - It is a law that dates back to (at least), the Unam Sanctam, when on 18 November 1302, Pope Boniface VIII issued the Papal bull.-


    The Pope (Francis) is the "boss", the CEO or, the Lawmaker.

    The Roman Cult

    For centuries (certainly since the Cestui Que Vie Act 1666), a procession of corrupt Popes headed up a mafia style mob called the 'Roman cult' (made up of many Cardinals, Bishops all from within the Vatican church, from the 'Roman curia', from the Holy SEE and from within the Vatican's Bank) had actually "powered" the fiction or, had virtually allowed this form of slavery to be enacted. (At what was all very corrupt Law, to say the least.) And as part of (a share of the) the "spoils", these corrupt Popes as the lawmakers - were providing the "power source" that enabled it.

    When Pope Francis became the new Pontiff (and sovereign Lawmaker or, what is the "crown" in Law), following the standing down of a corrupt Pope (in Benedict), he immediately closed down this corrupt Roman cult.

    He (Pope Francis) 'sacked' all those who were involved and is still hunting them down. No longer was there any "power" being given by the lawmaker (at law) so as to 'drive' the "fiction of law" or, the "Legal person" NAME game as we know it or, as has been described above.

    His September 1st, 2013 Decree (delivered "Motu Proprio" or, 'in his own words') makes no bones about the personal LIABILITY at law, that there now is for all of those living men and or, women who are coercively enforcing "slavery", as has been described.

    All courts outside of proper courts of Law (courts with competent Justices answering to the Law) are not Lawful courts. They are what are described as being "Administrative Tribunals" that deal only in the unlawful fiction (the Legal person), and all those living men and or, women involved who are all answering, not to law, but to the corrupt corporate state/s - must ultimately face the full force of, the Law.

    They will.

    Always, only an opinion.


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  • The STORY Of The CENTURY (So Far.)

    The STORY of the CENTURY (So far.)

    Whilst this is a UK matter, the resolution (or, the 'bottom line') is the same as it is here in Australia or, most any other part of the western world.

    They quote that "power" is arrived at from the "Local Government Finance Act 1992" and subsequent regulations.

    (click to enlarge)


    All corporations are "registered" with and are under the law of the Holy SEE in Rome.

    All states (be it the U.S. SEC "registered" corporate Australia or, a State of Australia, as defined/commonly known), are part of the 193 states of the UNITED NATIONS' corporation - are "registered" with and are under the law of the Holy SEE in Rome.

    The UNITED NATIONS' corporation itself is "registered" with and is under the law of the Holy SEE in Rome.

    Most ALL living men and women working within these 193 states of the UNITED NATIONS' corporation (& from off their Live Birth date or, the given Name/s - eg; Ross James, for me) are then uniquely numbered and as such are 'bonded' at Law. (Held in Rome.)

    They then all become part of and or, are the living beneficiaries of the superior Global Estate Trust (the now, only lawful Trust as the inferior so called "public trusts" are now, all unlawful), with all then being under and protected by the Law of the Trustee, being Pope Francis, and as living men and women. (Just as we mostly all are. Who are born in a hospital.)

    A corporation (being a dead fiction entity, just as this council is, over in the UK and as are all our councils here, in Australia), cannot NOTICE any living man or, woman for Rates Taxes or, whatever. (As it can't type, etc, it's dead.)

    And at this the Pope's law, no living man or, woman can get to punish (apply an administrative sanction/Tax on) another living man or, woman.

    That would then be clearly deemed as being an admission of slavery, if this was the case. (Only a competent Justice and only when found guilty in a proper court of Law can ever get to sanction [or, punish] a living man or, women.)

    The Pope has made this very clear in his Law, issued Motu Proprio.

    [In his advice on the Pope's September 1st, 2013 Law, the Secretary for Relations with States Abp. Dominique Mamberti makes mention of this and the "rule of law", within the following;

    ............ "One of the cornerstones of the system introduced by this law is constituted by the so-called rule of law, as a result of which administrative sanctions .. may be imposed only in cases defined by law." [Itself]]

    Because the Pope has now destroyed the Roman cult that (and, under previous corrupt Popes) had once powered the "fiction of law", we are all now living men and women in matters of Law.

    Subsequently, the very 'fiction' surrounding the NAME "game" itself, no longer exists since September 1st, 2013. At Law. The living sovereign Pontiff has said so.

    The fiction of law now lacks any 'power' at law. It cannot be granted by any living man or, woman, outside of the lawmaker himself, the Pontiff. (There no longer is a "crown", to power it.)

    In court matters (and generally speaking) The 'Crown' is just the name sometimes used for various GOCs, departments or other agencies of the corporate government/s. (Be it Federal or State).

    Time to request a refund (plus reasonable interest) from all of the living CEO's or, men or, women in charge of these (any) organisation that you may have been fraudulently NOTICED from and coerced by or, from relating to anything at all involving, the fiction of law. (Yes, Telco's, Power suppliers, the Banks, Councils, Parking Fines, Rego's, Licences, etc, etc ...)

    Yes, as they had/have no lawful "power" whatsoever for them to have done and continue to do so.

    Hold them all personally accountable and fully (commercially) LIABLE, in that they ought to have known of their unlawfulness.

    Sorry to have taken so long to relay this message on to members. ;)

    The Facebook Group (Join now?):

    Always, only an opinion.


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