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Longstanding investor in Looksmart (and a 70 yr old ex-tradesman), who has a passionate interest in the problems of newspapers along with their success in all their monetisation attempts made, on the web. For the "times are indeed, a changin", I feel. [17th of Aug, 2011 - Print media... More
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  • Looksmart - Oracle? Goods And Services Exchanges?

    In any One World Government 'scenario' (and rest assured, that's a set in concrete 'plan' of all of the 193 franchised member states within the UNITED NATIONS' corporation), we already virtually have that ONE Law "system". It comes from the Holy See, the Pope.

    The many (and different) factions within the U.N. (like the AG21 mob), have virtually now been brought to their senses by the Pope Francis September 1st, 2013 Decree or, Law - and as such, they are now unable to get their own "dream" up and running, by using any further coerciveness.

    Proper Ecclesiastical 'Courts of law' will/are yet to deal with them.

    The (this) Law has now stopped any/all "slavery" nonsense, misusing the corporate "Legal" NAME.

    The Law now - is down to "Do no Harm" ... as a core footing or, foundation. We people, simply don't yet realise this.

    Learn why?

    I'd like to seriously think (valueinvestor007) that Looksmart does have a small, yet unique role to play in that coming, world ahead.

    Along with Oracle, et al .... To become part of that Global Exchange that is (or, will be) needed, inter-connecting people and along the lines of the existing global telecommunications infrastructure.

    There is an unstoppable global crisis looming that requires a global solution.

    With the "resources" of the world being returned to the rightful owners of those resources - the Global Estate (being the living people of the world - to pass on to the next generation, as such), those who are involved, will still get to "manage" those same resources and they will be rewarded.

    That's their "expertise", and an expertise that's central to all people's needs.

    People who grow food will "exchange" food/value for reward. (Digital credits?)

    All people can/should/will have free access to basic needs like hand held communications and all/many may/should get access to trade for (top shelve) "exotics" or, services, on a supply/demand basis.

    The raw resources of the world (to be then shared by all the people), will virtually pay for the FREE food/water/shelter for all, in our new world ahead. (On a cost plus, basis. Non profit.)

    And a solution needs to begin now. (Along with that need for unique digital passwords.)


    It's going to be a very long road if we don't start preparing for that inevitability that lies ahead. Many billions will starve to death if we don't consider this.

    What do people think the FEMA camps are about?

    If they are not to imprison the thieves and law-breakers? The many people who will become so desperate for food for them to feed their starving families. (Scenes like Baltimore will soon be seen, world wide.)

    We really need to start the "conversation" among "Tech" companies and with the Banks, our local councils etc, in these initial stages.

    We do have the land and councils have the needed (the people paid for) Human Resources (plus suitable gardening mech-aids), for them to start building/growing survival, 'local' food gardens, etc

    This is a global crisis that requires a global solution.

    Goods and Services exchanges?

    [Sweat] Equity "exchanges" can so easily be established by using existing Pi 'data' (on people), already contained within banks/local councils, and in most/many communities.

    Trading in a one fits all unit of or, via, digital credits/debits?

    People getting to access digital "Exchanges" (much like telephone communications- globally) can then get to "inter-act" between each other or, through these many exchanges, that can be accessed by all who have been "pre-qualified", and who wish to "trade".


    Always, only an opinion.


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  • This Corporate "System", Is Broken. Can't Be Repaired.

    We are now arriving at the "business end" when talking of the new world ahead, that awaits us all.

    Much-like a broken piece of (shattered) glass - and so often when an object or, thing is 'broken', we will quickly come to realise that a replacement becomes an only solution.

    This corporate "system", is broken. It cannot be repaired.

    The total corruption and fraud associated with Banking (and the fiction of money), has been well and truly documented. Exposed. Unlawful.

    So too is the corporate "involvement" within the legal system. It's broken.

    Yet, Banking and the "Legal" system continue to so blindly 'carry on regardless', if only to be heading towards an almighty collapse - one that can do no one any good, at all. Including all the crook 'bankster' fraudsters, who continue to embrace it.

    Under the Law and the Rule of law that we have and with well intended un-selfish planning, things can be carefully rectified.

    The Global Estate can then be returned to it's rightful 'owners', being the living people in our world. For them to then pass on to the next generation. And where a new beginning can be just that, and begin. An end to the unlawfulness.

    Whilst I can agree with much of this author's finding, I don't agree with all of it. How much of it do you agree with? -

    CORPORATIONS (Corporate persons)

    Readers should always remember that all corporations can only "talk" (contract) with another corporation. (At law.)

    Also realise that all corporations are "registered" with and are under the Law of the Holy See - in the Vatican City State, Rome.

    (The Pope's law.)

    This means that any alleged legal 'contract' with any corporation has been (or, it must be) conducted through a dead corporate fiction entity or, through that established "Legal name".

    Up until the destruction of the corrupt Roman cult (by the two living Popes), this deceit was being supported, by the Law.

    A long time argument about the unlawfulness of the above is that there was clearly a lack any such "disclosure" of or, about these arrangements upfront and that this was then - - never clearly or, not understood by both the living parties involved in any such 'alleged' contract. - And therefore making any such contract null and void, 'ab initio'. (From the beginning.)

    < Once a FRAUD is revealed, ALL contracts, ALL document, ALL actions resulting from the initial FRAUD are all rendered NULL & VOID - from the beginning - Ab Initio, Nunc Pro Tunc.

    FACT: There is NO Statute of Limitations on the CRIME of FRAUD! >

    It's also important for us all to note that living men and women contracted within all corporations, must act as dead corporate fiction entities (Juridic entities/fiction, persons) for or, on behalf of that dead corporation (called, a Juristic entity), when wishing to conduct any such contract with other living men and women. (At law.)

    As a result, should any living man or, woman now choose NOT to accept being that "Legal" entity (to be that legal NAME), then no further business whatsoever - can then be, conducted.

    The corporate policy "enforcers" are now ALL breaking the law (the Pope's Decree/Law Motu Proprio, a law that commenced on 1st September, 2013), when either by deceit or, through coercion (by threat or, through force), any attempt to make this necessary 'connection' - becomes unlawful. (Or, being what is required at law or, that "corporation to corporation" connection, requirement.)

    There is a solution and one that is fair and just to all living men and women who will ultimately get to "share" the Global Estate, and as is intended, at law.

    More on that of course, in a post to follow.

    Always, only an opinion.


    Apr 25 8:38 PM | Link | Comment!
  • Banks - What To Ask Them? (About That "Money")

    In our Facebook group, the question was asked:

    "What questions do you need to ask the Bank?

    It's such a good question from Steve Murphy and one that really needs a proper understanding of what are my own thoughts, in regards to these scurrilous, unlawful loans. (Money is a fiction. Promissory notes. Besides the actual currency in circulation being FIAT. Has no gold backing.)

    The loan was a fraud, ab initio. (As such, should always "be treated as invalid from the outset.")

    There was never any full disclosure upfront that you were virtually loaning yourself (so called) "money" - that with the bank's interest and FEES then added on, is to be repaid from your own sweat equity. (So, it's only a 'promise' made, to pay for something invalid.)

    (A great story explains it all. -

    The loans are set up in the form of a Trust, "registered" and are controlled by law.

    (The Roman Curia has created all the law forms giving rise to legal fiction entities- trusts, corporations, cooperatives, public utilities, and foundations.)

    Under the Pope's Decree (1st September, 2013) the manager or, juridic entity (the man/women who acts or, acted on any loan for or, on behalf of the Bank - a Juristic entity), is now fully responsible and commercially liable for his/her role in any such fraudulent loan.

    Juridic -

    Under the Rule of Law, no one is above the law. And from off our live birth record (and at law), we are both under and protected by the law, as living entities directly dependent on the Holy See and listed in the registry of canonical juridical persons kept by the Governorate of Vatican City State. (As are those Bank personnel.)

    Yes (for mine), from my live birth bond, and as a Living Beneficiary of the Global Estate Trust I would advise a Bank manager that I am (we are then) both under and protected by the law of the Trustee himself - being Pope Francis of the Holy SEE, from the Vatican City State in Rome, Italy.

    Although Anna von Reitz (and we are so glad to have her as a group member now) hasn't gone as far as we have - in our own saying that "the fiction of law" is dead - it may be better phrased in our now saying that any unlawful use of the "fiction" (the legal NAME - public Trusts), has no "power" now, at law.


    It's clear that the two living Popes have destroyed the Roman cult that with the backing by (or, being the "crown" support, of) the many corrupt Popes (Vatican Bank, et al), who as sovereign lawmakers, had all presided over, much of the unlawfulness.

    This has now been "killed off". It's dead.

    Although this would still have the (inferior) public Trusts under the law of the Holy See. (Being "registered" through the Roman curia.)

    Are the Trusts LEGAL? They are if they are conforming to the law.

    (If it's not Lawful it isn't Legal? -

    Are the Bank managers acting lawfully in any enforcement of their fraud? No they are not.

    Proving that in a proper court of law is clearly the difficulty.

    The Bank manager (or, the juridic entity- the "lender") only acts/had acted on behalf of the dead (juristic) entity corporation, being the Bank.

    The Bank manager (or, the juridic entity- the "lender") did not "lend" anyone, any money.

    He/she simply (the Bank manager or, the juridic entity- the "lender") enacted the loan and continues to perpetrate, the fraud.

    Q? So, where do you get your "power" from (at law - what crown?), for you to feel that you can enforce your unlawfulness on me, (Mr or, Mrs) Bank manager?

    (Are we not all "under" that same crown or, that supreme law?)

    As a corporation can only deal with another corporation, the loan Trust was established using a Legal (ALL CAPS) NAME, for the/any living man/woman borrower to act on behalf of as the beneficiary.

    Yet, we have proven this (above) to now lack the crown's support, at law.

    So, it's dead. The game is over.

    Again, our proving of all of this in a proper court of law is clearly the difficulty. And much rehearsal of and a tight line of questioning would be required, for us to accomplish that. (The video here says that no one has won, yet.)

    We have Law and the Rule of Law... yet, we take no notice of the highest form of law? Is that really how it works?

    Mr/Mrs Bank Manager .... If you are under the law, then you answer to the law.

    Is that too difficult to take on board?

    All, just an opinion, of course.


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