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Longstanding investor in Looksmart (and a 69 yr old ex-tradesman), who has a passionate interest in the problems of newspapers along with their success in all their monetisation attempts made, on the web. For the "times are indeed, a changin", I feel. [17th of Aug, 2011 - Print media... More
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  • There Are TWO Bonds. - One "Lawful" And Another, A Fraud. !!

    Back in the Facebook group and away from the Market to discover that there are TWO Bonds. One "Lawful" and another, a fraud. !!!!

    On the Larry Edwards thread "We are all quite interested in the "Name Game" being burdened upon us" and in my answer to the not so accurate video he posted, I then replied with the following:

    When Rom Stover pointed out to the world that there are TWO dates on all (most?) paper copies of (a paper copy of) our Birth Certificate, it made me think.

    I've seen this video before and it too made me wonder:

    With Rom's (such a special) "revelation" and my own further logical assumptions based on previous, limited comprehensions - it became much clearer to me that our 'actual' live birth bond (and at law), has been the means of my becoming part of the Global Estate Trust.

    This (at law), placed me under the jurisdiction of and protects me with the Law of the Holy SEE. - It is a law that dates back to (at least), the Unam Sanctam, when on 18 November 1302, Pope Boniface VIII issued the Papal bull.

    Whether I believe in any unrebuttable presumption (stemming from that law), is of no concern to anyone. The fact is (I'm confident in saying), that I was born into (and at law), this "system of law".

    From that paper copy of (and a copy of) my Birth Certificate (again, as Rom had pointed out to us all), I note the "Registration date".

    This date (5 days after my live birth/actual date, as recorded), is when my mother (shown as an ALL CAPS "person", as N.BRADLEY) unknowingly 'informed' on me and handed me over to being a 'chattel' of the state.

    This act of hers, is/was clearly UNlawful.

    As it can be reasonably assumed that the supposed "CONtract" she was entering into (on behalf of me-as a living male baby and with her as a 'dead fiction' person and not her), was never fully disclosed to her that a fraud was what she was not only becoming a party to - was a fraudulent 'act' being perpetrated by those living men and women of the government, of the day.

    Because (I feel), as the initial Bond (yes, I assume) had been 'shipped off' to the vaults of the Holy SEE (at law), any further Bond that has/had been constructed from my "registration date" (and, as mentioned in the video), would clearly be a fraud.

    There are TWO Bonds. One "Lawful" and another, a fraud. !!

    I hope this all makes sense.

    Always, only an opinion. -


    Aug 25 11:36 PM | Link | 2 Comments
  • It's That "Rule Of Law" Decree, Again. That No One, Is Above The Law.

    It's that "Rule of Law" decree, again. That no one, is above the law.

    In a Facebook group thread "The Rule of Law: its State of Health in Australia", member Sukrit Sabhlok opines, that.."There's no such thing as the rule of law".

    This would mean (basically), that there is no law. That we ONLY have a situation where there are 'Masters' and 'Slaves'. If this was so, then there can never be a 'change' to this predicament that we are clearly in. (Being what then becomes, a 'rule' for them and a 'rule' for us?)

    From within a great linked discussion paper THE MYTH OF THE RULE OF LAW provided by Sukrit (linked below, read it - it's all very interesting from what I have read, so far), I found the following and then added my own reply to Sukrit's view on the matter, that:

    < "There's no such thing as the rule of law" >

    From within the Link:

    < "What Professor Kingsfield knows is that the legal world is not like the real world and the type of reasoning appropriate to it is distinct from that which human beings ordinarily employ.

    In the real world, people usually attempt to solve problems by forming hypotheses and then testing them against the facts as they know them.

    When the facts confirm the hypotheses, they are accepted as true, although subject to reevaluation as new evidence is discovered. This is a successful method of reasoning about scientific and other empirical matters because the physical world has a definite, unique structure. It works because the laws of nature are consistent.

    In the real world, it is entirely appropriate to assume that once you have confirmed your hypothesis, all other hypotheses inconsistent with it are incorrect.

    In the legal world, however, this assumption does not hold. This is because unlike the laws of nature, political laws are not consistent.

    The law human beings create to regulate their conduct is made up of incompatible, contradictory rules and principles; and, as anyone who has studied a little logic can demonstrate, any conclusion can be validly derived from a set of contradictory premises. This means that a logically sound argument can be found for any legal conclusion." >

    "In the legal world, however, this assumption does not hold. This is because unlike the laws of nature, political laws are not consistent. "

    Man made (or, any political) Law has little to nothing to do with Supreme Law.

    Where my point is and in regards to the "rule of law" - it all centers around the premise that "Supreme Law" applies to all and cannot be challenged.

    And that decision makers (competent judiciary) are answerable only to the very lawmaker himself.

    That just as the "laws of nature" are considered as being from the creator - the "Supreme Law" itself is presumed (at law), to be God's (the creator's) law-and as decreed by, the Pope.

    In his advice on the Pope's September 1st, 2013 Law, the Secretary for Relations with States Abp. Dominique Mamberti makes mention of the "rule of law", within the following;

    ............ "One of the cornerstones of the system introduced by this law is constituted by the so-called rule of law, as a result of which administrative sanctions may be imposed only in cases defined by law." [Itself]

    The John Hasnas:Associate Professor, discussion paper...THE MYTH OF THE RULE OF LAW

    The Facebook Group:

    Always, only an opinion.


    Aug 22 11:25 PM | Link | 1 Comment
  • Rule Of Law - Equal To All, In The Financial Markets?

    Facebook group member Andrew Knox makes a very good point on a thread, when he says:

    "Many of the concepts in this group cannot be proven, instead they are argued. I'd hope that people do not go to court under-prepared as a result of what they read here."

    My reply came as follows:

    I do agree with you Andrew Knox that members need to be fully aware of and comprehend all of (not just a concept), the solution, as offered. And one that can be proven, at Law. And has been.

    ..No man or, women has any lawful jurisdiction over all living flesh and blood men/women, UNLESS they consent. It's that very area of "FICTIO" or, the FRAUD surrounding the fiction of law, that has now been fully exposed.

    To consent is to remain a slave. Under what is only an assumption.

    < "once the fiction of law is seen for what it is A FICTION and they say it themselves in the maxim----'fiction yields to truth, where the truth is the fiction of law does not exist'" ~ Doone SonOfDoone >

    Google [Page 401]:

    Fictio legis neminem ladit [Lat]. a legal fiction must not injure no one. Fictions are only to be made for necessity, and to avoid mischief.

    Fiction. Fictions are 'those things that have no real essence in their own body but are so accepted in law for a special purpose.'

    FICTIO. In Roman law. A fiction; an assumption or, supposition of the law.

    ....."Fictio" in the old Roman law was properly a term of pleading, and signified a false averment on the part of the plaintiff which the defendant was not allowed to traverse; as that the plaintiff was a Roman citizen, when in truth he was a foreigner. The object of the fiction was to give the court jurisdiction.

    Averment: (Aver; to declare or, assert. To set out distinctly and formally; To allege.)

    Traverse: [Page 1055] The denial of some matter of fact alleged in a pleading, whether in an action or, in a criminal prosecutions.

    FOREIGN. [Page 510] Belonging to another nation or, country; belonging or attached to another jurisdiction; made, done, or rendered in another state or jurisdiction; subject to another jurisdiction; operating or solvable in another territory; extrinsic; outside; extraordinary.


    No longer can Policy enforcers and or, those within administrative tribunals coerce or, threaten any HARM to those living men/women who do NOT consent to the dead fiction NAME, that is not them.

    Because as living flesh and blood men/women we are the living beneficiary of the public Trusts constructed around that fiction corporate NAME.

    The Law, says this is so.

    "On September 1, 2013, all the judges, lawyers, police, government officials, and those posing as government officials, and all officers of corporate franchises and entities organized under the auspices of the UNITED STATES and all its STATE franchises become fully, personally, and commercially liable for their actions and omissions against the living beneficiaries of the public trusts"

    A great understanding -

    Rule of Law

    We need to fully comprehend just two areas of "reality" when reading all of the above, and in relation to that September 1st 2013 Law.

    1 - AUSTRALIA and it's "states" (and all corrupt state governments) are now all corporations &"registered" under the UNITED STATES' corporation of, the United Nations. This is part of the planned One World Government that has been 'in the works' for maybe 100 years or, more.

    2 - ALL corporations in our world are "registered" with and are under the Law of the Holy SEE in Rome. The Pope, makes the Law. All living men and women in the western world (and from off our Birth Certificate), are also "registered" with the Holy SEE.

    This makes both corporations (those men and women working within them) and all of us, all become - under that ONE Law. And if the "Rule of Law" is upheld, no living man or, women is, above the Law.

    "One of the cornerstones of the system introduced by this law is constituted by the so-called rule of law, as a result of which administrative sanctions may be imposed only in cases defined by law."

    Always, only an opinion.


    ps; The Group -

    Aug 17 12:51 AM | Link | 1 Comment
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