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Longstanding investor in Looksmart (and a 70 yr old ex-tradesman), who has a passionate interest in the problems of newspapers along with their success in all their monetisation attempts made, on the web. For the "times are indeed, a changin", I feel. [17th of Aug, 2011 - Print media... More
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  • Corporate Governments Have Cornered The "Pittsburgh Pennsylvania" Market?

    Maybe he did see or, foretold the reality of the Guy Mitchell's song?

    For mine, his (William Penn's) work is a revelation, I feel. Certainly this unfinished piece as contained within the link below.

    ...... Bear in mind that the CQV Act itself was enacted in 1666 when Penn was just 22 years of age.. the linked story (AN ESSAY TOWARDS THE PRESENT AND FUTURE PEACE OF EUROPE - 1st published 1693-94), tells us .... almost exactly, I feel - what had been destined within Penn's mind, from over 500 years ago.

    As a foe of the Vatican, he would never have taken into account that the Popes (being fully involved in the corruption), would themselves find a solution, at law. ("Motu Proprio")

    "I say .... Justice is the means of Peace" - William Penn

    It appears finally, someone has been listening to his thoughts:

    What a thinker - William Penn (14 October 1644 - 30 July 1718)

    Wikipedia tells us:

    As one of the earlier supporters of colonial unification, Penn wrote and urged for a union of all the English colonies in what was to become the United States of America.

    ........... The democratic principles that he [Penn] set forth in the Pennsylvania Frame of Government served as an inspiration for the United States Constitution.

    As a pacifist Quaker, Penn considered the problems of war and peace deeply.

    He developed a forward-looking project for a United States of Europe through the creation of a European Assembly made of deputies that could discuss and adjudicate controversies peacefully.

    He is therefore considered the very first thinker to suggest the creation of a European Parliament.

    In a nutshell?

    Penn is talking of a/the (one, democratic) European Parliament above- with a ONE "Law".

    And we all must get to know now (just as William Penn would surely have back then), where that law comes from. (And it's fact, that he branded the Catholic Church, as "the Whore of Babylon".)

    Yet, Penn was more about a ONE European Parliament law. And now, there is.

    "Powered by"?

    A one law .. where Peace Officers at the 'coal-face' of society uphold the law - and in a ONE system of law, for all. (Do no Harm.)

    Yes. The unlawful "game" of deceitfully gaining societal "consent" is now over, at law.

    Always, only an opinion.


    Apr 04 10:27 PM | Link | Comment!
  • Constitution, Not Bible, Is Supreme Law Of The Land - Is It?

    ....... "The Bible is the exclusive textual foundation for Christians only-- not so for Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus, agnostics or atheists." (Or, down-under here - for Australia's own Originals.)

    Forget the "issue" within the story ... the question is only about the headline of the story. And it almost equally applies to us, here in Australia.

    The Supreme Law of the Land?

    Story (Montgomery Advertiser)


    It's simple...

    We cannot have a law for one and a law for another... (Rule of Law.)

    The highest court in America and our court here in Australia just cannot "rule" (at law), that the Pope's "law" only applies to the indigenous of our lands, and ..... that it [the law] does not apply to all other people, living on those same lands.

    "The Doctrine of Discovery" -

    Always, only an opinion.


    Apr 01 9:37 PM | Link | 1 Comment
  • Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth The Second Is A Corporate Person - Only A Juristic Entity

    Back when the current Queensland Governor Paul de Jersey was officially sworn into office in mid July, 2014, he made the following oath:

    "I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the second as lawful sovereign of Australia and to her heirs and successors according to law and I will well and truly serve Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the second," he [as the 26th person to assume the position of Queensland Governor], said.

    Following his swearing in and by the very man who replaced him in his previous position he held, as Chief Justice of Queensland (Tim Carmody), the recently departed Premier Campbell Newman (who himself had made both the appointments), commented:

    ........."Queenslanders today are not only gaining not just a new governor but a quality family to be the Queen's representative in our great state of Queensland," is what the ex premier/state member, he said.

    On the Queensland Parliament website we are told that the Queensland Governor .... "is the personal representative of the Sovereign and that the Governor must always remain non-political".

    Even more ..... "One of the most important duties is the opening of the Parliament following a State election and the granting of Royal Assent to Bills passed in the Legislative Assembly. With the assent of the Governor given on behalf of the Sovereign, the Bill becomes an Act of Parliament and thus a law of the land." -

    **Cough** ("the Bill becomes an Act of Parliament and thus a law of the land.")


    Following the recent election, it became even more comical.

    February 09, 2015 -

    "Who Should the Queensland Governor Appoint as Premier?"

    It would very much appear to me that the Governor most certainly becomes a "Team Player", and with a clear understanding of his/her role.

    Queensland/AUSTRALIA - The Royals? ... Never ever had it, and never ever was "the crown" -

    The ongoing deception or, is it total ignorance of those within the corporate Queensland government, the governor and any/all lawful roles in relation to lawmaking or, "policy enforcing" and as to who they/we all answer to (at law), should need no further explaining.

    In recent times (Pope Benedict/Pope Francis) the Roman cult that under corrupt Popes and for centuries had controlled the slavery of the people, was 'killed off'.

    It no longer exists..... and the "crown" remains with the sovereign himself, Pope Francis.

    The Vatican is back to being a church and separate from the Holy SEE as the law making body, with the Pope being it's head or, the supreme power.


    Who controls the crown?

    < Note: Any plan or dealing affecting land standing in the name of the Sovereign (Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second etc) on behalf of a responsible Minister must be signed by a delegate of the Minister in the format:

    "Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second (Minsiter for Police and Emergency Services)". >[sic]

    I believe ....

    That "crown land" is all part of the Global Estate Trust with we as living men and women the Living Beneficiaries of that Trust (and through or, off our Live Birth record), and that (at law), we are all under the law of the Pope.

    We have looked into what are corporate fictions or, juridic/juristic persons/entities previously, in another instablog, Australia - About "The Crown"

    UHMMm? Says it all... "is a juristic entity" (Oh yeah!!)

    As always, only an opinion.


    ps; My strong feeling is that the state Governors and including the Governor General - all (now), answer to the Pope.

    From Canada's corporate "rule book"...

    Mar 24 8:58 PM | Link | 2 Comments
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