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Longstanding investor in Looksmart (and a 70 yr old ex-tradesman), who has a passionate interest in the problems of newspapers along with their success in all their monetisation attempts made, on the web. For the "times are indeed, a changin", I feel. [17th of Aug, 2011 - Print media... More
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  • Looksmart's CEO Jean-Yves Dexmier - THE FRENCH CONNECTION?

    Looksmart's appointment of Jean-Yves Dexmier (to the position of CEO) may well have been more by 'design', rather than simply being convenient. [More »]

    [Executive Team - LookSmart > Pay-Per-Click Search Advertising - Executive Chairman of the Board and CEO. Jean-Yves Dexmier has served as one of.. Steve Markowski joined LookSmart as Chief Financial Officer in August...]

    That a Global consortium of newspapers is a certainty to arrive [I feel] becomes even more interesting, when (as it appears), yet another French Co looks to be involved and up to it's knees, at least.

    This article today caught my eye and invited further attention.

    WWN Has a Stopwatch on Ad Visibility - ...< News: ADOTAS – Considering how much time people [do] spend online, why are our brand dollars still heading to the boob tube?

    Because there aren’t effective tools to measure an online viewing experience [...] More...>

    Created by French firm Alenty

    For Publishers: (And an AdCenter API for publishers, no doubt - IMO)

     Our technology allows you to better manage your available ad-space by:
    • Quantify a ROI for your client's ad campaigns on your sites
    • Improve website ergonomics, to leverage on the visibility of each banners,
    • Ajust CPM (you now have a reliable method to price each location)
    • Justify higher CPM (since visibility could be guaranteed)
    • Better monetize your ad-space...

    A further article (and local to us here in Australia), had me thinking more.

    - World Web Network

    < Catchmedia teams up with Worldweb

    14 September 2009
    Media sales company Catch Media Group has partnered with the Worldweb Network (WWN) to give Australasian media buyers more advertising options on overseas websites. 

    The WWN portfolio includes a number of premier editorial websites including The Times (UK), The Mirror (UK), Singapore Straights Times and the Times of India.

    The move will help domestic advertisers target Australasian users through IP targeting on overseas websites as well as expanding local campaigns to an international market.

    Gavin Merwood, CMG Director, says ‘after a successful partnership with Worldweb Network in Europe we felt the next obvious step was to join forces in the Australasian region.">

    < Reach more than 250 mill. unique users in 80 countries around the world: the world’s local sites network Global provider for local web publishers:

     A unique hub for web publishers to generate more international web advertising revenues

    One-stop shopping across the world for global agencies and clients
    Seamless booking process through an experienced international online team
    Time and cost effectiveness
    Thinking global with a local knowledge.>
    No, it's not RTB (a real time bidding auction marketplace), yet.


    "We manage the entire campaign from booking to invoicing. We are working with the leading ad-serving solutions providers and IAB standards.

    We will integrate your properties into our prestigious media site network based on the world's most established and renowned media brands on the internet."

    Please select one of the following last WWN case study (by sector):
    Travel : Air France
    Global strategic campaign running on WWN national premium publishers
    120 Million impressions video MPU 300*250
    Across 10 countries

    The caption at the bottom of the page tells the story:


    Again .........Check the Countries and the newspapers they are "uniting" with these banner Ads
    Institutional : European Commission
    WWN national news sites to support the HELP program across each European countries
    35 Million impressions
    Across 27 countries

    The site ( - on Alexa) earlier on today defaulted to a, a French fashion site that it has obviously worked with in the past. - See, a traffic 'snap-shot' taken from Google search results, below. (Get Details)

    [ Translate this page ]

    ********* - Site Info from Alexa -1, best mountain, 21.53%. 2, best moutain, 5.68%. 3, world web network, 4.95%. , carrelage roger, 4.27%. 5, carrelage salle de bain, 3.58%

    It was Australia's own WebFirm (previously know as AnSearch) that had told of a Looksmart "connection" to the site. (And it may well have even incurred a $500,000 "fine" and were possibly, sent packing?) - They were firmly declared partners of Looksmart but I'm not so sure now. 

    I had once previously noted the following and, that:
    Here is reasonable proof of Looksmart AdCenter partner in Ansearch's involvement (and through AdCenter, obviously), with the World News site, [ANSEARCH LIMITED - ANH - Ansearch Unveils Global Search ...]

    The 1st "link" (above) has since been killed but the 2nd there, remains 'live'.

    The Ad on this AnSearch page (shown to us over here in OZ) comes with a Google Analytics/AdFac/Euroclick/switch Atdmt/DecideInteractive (which is WPP's 24/7 media, ex Looksmart CEO Dave Hill's old employer), link.....


    Yes, it's now taken off somewhat !!

    Whilst they are "doing their own Ads" at this stage, they offer the following:

    Advert Tracking:
    Providing clients an online Adsystem to monitor total impressions, total clicks, click through%'s.

    This (again) is a "virtual" (AdCenter) private label, just as I am maintaining that Newscorp are themselves doing so, here - IMHO.

    Re: A question for smugglereturn

    < FOSM [Fox One Stop Media] is looking to recruit a digital consultant to assist with its global online ad network, Fox Online Networks.

    The service provides online media buying through the Fox, Star and National Geographic websites and other third-party sites.

    FOSM is headquartered in Hong Kong and also has offices in China, India, Japan, Korea, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan and the Middle East.>

    The question remains . who else's (private labeled) "advertising network" (infrastructure) would they all be using, Googles? (Hardly)

    And the one that they had 200 of their own "myspace engineers" help build (?), a floor above Looksmart, in the Looksmart building down at 625 Second Street.

    And Looksmart have certainly told and assured all (certainly shareholders who read & partners like APEX Pacific, BidRank, ClickTracks, LivePerson, MakeMeTop, Omniture, Trellian and Atlas), that, with AdCenter, it does "private label" to both publishers and advertisers:

    <.............."We use proprietary and licensed software and databases to receive and analyze advertisements, campaigns and budgets, match search queries to advertising, analyze web-page information to match advertising to relevant content, integrate third-party ads, detect invalid clicks, serve ads in high volume, and track, analyze and report on advertising responses and campaigns." >

    Learn more of AdCenter Folks

    It's all STILL looking good. Yet no 'real' revenues coming from either, as yet.

     But (for ordinary shareholders), will they be serving up 'more of the same' in the Q4 Report or, are they 'fine tuning' a "deal" (or, two) announcements, maybe?

    We can only have patience and see it all unfold. Yes, the sooner the better.


    Disclosure: LONG LOOK and longing for some positive news.... :)
    Mar 15 4:10 AM | Link | 2 Comments
  • Mr Murdoch in Abu Dhabi ... “if a wind blows, ride it.”
    At the opening speech of the first Abu Dhabi Media Summit, Rupert Murdoch is exhorting Arab nations to open up and let creative talents flow.
    < “if a wind blows, ride it.” As I speak, there is a powerful wind blowing through this region. This wind is the creative energies of your people, who are aching to make their own mark on the world around them.>
    Meanwhile (and from in the above linked story) ... More, of the very "same" that I have been "trumpeting" for the past 3 to 4 years or, more:
    "Murdoch On Transparency"
    Also from the Abu Dhabi Media Summit, Rupert Murdoch kicked things off with a keynote address urging the Arab TV media community to open up.
    His exhortations ironically echo digital's promise:
    "A more transparent advertising market means having effective tools to measure who and what people are watching.
    Advertisers and creators need metrics that tell them who they are reaching and how effective their message is - or else they are simply throwing money in the dark.
    A more transparent advertising market will also encourage media buyers and sellers to compete for business." 

    What's even more exciting (in this emerging marketplace) is today's news that more than $100 billion will be spent within the region with ambitions of becoming a global media hub:

    From a WSJ (paid article), preview.


    DUBAI—World media leaders, facing falling revenues in crucial markets like the U.S. and Europe, will gather in Abu Dhabi this week, hoping to tap the oil-rich emirate's ambitions of becoming a global media hub.

    The United Arab Emirates' capital, which plans to spend more than $100 billion to diversify its largely oil-reliant economy, will host the inaugural Abu Dhabi Media Summit from Tuesday evening.

    Industry giants such as Google Inc., Warner Brothers and Publicis Groupe have all signed up to debate how they can explore media opportunities in new growth markets.


    Within the WSJ article ["Media Giants Converge on Abu Dhabi"] .....

    < Fox International Channels said it was moving the Middle East operations of its global online ad network to Abu Dhabi and setting up an office here..>

    Back in November (last year) I had felt, that the Yahoo - Maktoob deal is enormous ....

    Mar 10 7:01 AM | Link | Comment!
  • WebProNews - Yahoo on Coming Changes to Ad Platform
    A 'one fits all' (universal) set of Analytics in a coming global marketplace (is/was, what I have believed) has now almost, clearly surfaced. 

    The WebProNews article today kind of helps confirm my own (and, long held) thoughts, and as was mentioned within my Instablog post of only a few days back:  

    [Omniture 'standardising' Analytics - 'Line in the sand' clearly drawn].

    WebProNews - "Yahoo on Coming Changes to Ad Platform"  - (an article on the Yahoo - Microsoft deal - & talking with Yahoo's David Pann, Yahoo’s Vice President of Search Advertising)  does kind of indirectly support my view in their own pronouncement.

    They make it clear that the online marketplace will definitely see many changes in the coming months as Yahoo and Microsoft implement their search agreement.

    Omniture had also recently announced a (current) full set of partnerships that included: Eyeblaster, DoubleClick for Advertisers, Microsoft Atlas, APT from Yahoo! PointRoll, Mediaplex, Adform, EyeWonder & D. A. Consortium. Publisher or, inventory suppliers named, include Rubicon Project, WPP Group's 24/7 Real Media, FOX Audience Network, Tribal Fusion, Traffic Marketplace and Collective involved.

    Facebook (itself) has a 'foot in both camps' with it's own Network involvement told of in separate announcements that include the fact that Facebook ad data will be added to Omniture's SearchCenter. (Plus even, a 'sell side' (?) marketing dashboard. According to yet another report)

    That Microsoft and Yahoo were always going to be involved elsewhere (with an "across the board", third party analytics) and certainly at a much larger scale  was almost telegraphed when Microsoft (itself) had closed it's own adCenter analytics, end of December, 2009.

    This should be possibly clearer to see now with WebProNews telling us in today's article, that ..........

    < The advertisers that use Yahoo’s ad platform will soon be migrating to..
    Microsoft’s adCenter-The full transfer is anticipated to take place over the next 24 months and will begin in the U.S. >

    Whilst speaking moreso of their own 'get-together' with WebProNews (and, he could well have been talking of a global marketplace), when Yahoo's Pann said:

    “It’s really a win for advertisers with a single buy getting access to more inventory, it’s a win for consumers for a greater relevance, and it’s a win for consumers and publishers since they have greater access to a new set of participation and inventory." 

    In the meantime, 'the $64 question' still remains ....How do they all get to eventually, fairly "inter-operate" with each other, at global scale?  Who does get to administer ('transact' and or, 'watch-over') that 'trusted' set of analytics, on behalf of them all? Both the sell and buy sides?



    LOOK: On Mar 9: $0.98  

    Long LOOK and happy to be so, too!!

    Mar 10 5:05 AM | Link | 1 Comment
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