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Longstanding investor in Looksmart (and a 69 yr old ex-tradesman), who has a passionate interest in the problems of newspapers along with their success in all their monetisation attempts made, on the web. For the "times are indeed, a changin", I feel. [17th of Aug, 2011 - Print media... More
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  • Looksmart - Now a PENNY stock...
    Looksmart had traded as Chess Depository on the ASX in Australia, under the 'tica' symbol (stock-code), of LOK ... LOOK closes @ $1.00pps, today..

    The 'old' (Australian) value has now officially reached, $0.01pps or, 'junk' status..

    re: ..Here comes AdKnowledge ] - ##... AdKnowledge had also bought the Media division of MIVA back in March. - Adknowledge Acquires SocialMedia's Ad Network; Its Seventh Buy In ... - 18 Nov 2009 ...        Online ad firm Adknowledge has bought the ad network business belonging to ... Adknowledge Buys Media Division of Miva For $11.6 Million ...

    The news (as Tex has pointed out over on Yahoo an hour or, so ago), is that Looksmart has "official" representation now in the UK and Europe, in general ....

    Peter Smith, Adify’s VP of business development, has left the ad network builder to co-found a new venture.

    He joined the company in 2008 from performance ad network Miva, where he spent more than six years. Miva was acquired by Adknowledge in March ( 13 March 2009). ...##


    I do have this distinct feeling that with the sudden departure yesterday (was it really a dismissal?) of Looksmart's CEO Ted West, the opportunity to "bury" many 'sins of the past' has suddenly, now become a reality.

    .....In what is surely a "dog eats dog" world, (and with any an opportunity being presented to the board, Ted may well be THE perfect example of the 'dog' being served up a little of it's own 'dog-food'? Time will tell.

    I'm not so sure. But, 'I wasn't born yesterday', ok?  :)

    Let's now see the dramatic "change" get to unfold before out very eyes.....

    The introduction of a new poster or, two to the Yahoo board  [ View Messages - View Messages ] - and again, by banning 'old faithful's' IP (from his being able to post), can go a long way to help 'pre-condition' long suffering shareholders, to what lies ahead for them. [ Re: ceo fired ] - At the same time, "maintain the rage" and be sure to have the 'paid per post' dogs of the board, even increase their ferocity. [View Messages] -

    And .... Yes Folks, witness another "miracle" as it happens, and of the kind that even Australia's beatified and about to be canonised (St) Mary McKillop would have (herself) found so dam difficult to have achieved, is about to happen before your very eyes as we edge that little closer to the year of 2010 ..

    AdKnowledge is a known AdCenter partner of Looksmart. Up until the recent "new" website was erected, AdKnowledge was there "singing the praises" (of Looksmart's wonderful technology), sitting there for all to see, embeded on the 'old' website. Much has been written of AdKnowledge (on this thread here) and of it's it's remarkable "growth" - certainly since becoming a supporter of LOOK.. Well done Ted West, ..............may well they say, because "nothing" could ever save Ted W..? (With my apologies to Gough Whitlam - I loved it!)

    The news today (and a lot 'bolder' and much more 'expansive' that that of the previously mentioned other 'suspected' couple, in "Triggit" and "AdReady" - [re: CEO Resigns - The wrap on it... ] ) ......tells the marketplace that this same Looksmart partner:

    Yes .... < Adknowledge, the largest privately owned online ad network, today announced a new release of its self-service auction marketplace, BidSystem 3.0 (, which gives advertisers the ability to bid for leads on a CPA (cost per action) basis within Facebook and MySpace applications. All other ad inventory within the BidSystem network will continue to be auctioned off on a CPC (cost per click) basis. ..Each day, millions of consumers are playing thousands of games on Facebook and MySpace.>

    I'll let you read it all. There's nothing in it really that you haven't been reading of on this thread, for well over three years now. Those that HAVE followed this "miracle" that is now being predicted to happen and starting, early in 2010 .will know "exactly" what I mean.  :)

    LOOK: Official close price on the Nasdaq Exchange, $1.00pps This is the exact equivalent of $0.01c for LOK shares, pre; the 20-1 'parity' move (in line with US share price) and with the 5-1 consolidation then taking place.

    A "same" $0.01pps that a ASX Co Poseiden [Poseidon bubble - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia], had languished down at for a couple of years, before taking off ...

    In time, the records WILL show, that (yes) "History" does repeat itself.

    re: ..Here comes AdKnowledge


    Disclosure: One of ('it's now time to go') Ted's long-time sufferers.





    Dec 15 10:39 PM | Link | 1 Comment
  • Is the USA truly the land of Freedom of Expression? - (C)
    With the sacking of Looksmart's CEO announced yesterday, the opportunity to buy up "cheap" shares (has most certainly been considered) by 'market manipulators' and their 'foot soldiers', who post daily on the various stock chat forums, over at Yahoo. IMHO.

    The LOOK board is a classic example, of such a ploy ....

    With my own access to post replies (in defense) being BARRED (once again), "bashers" can post as they please, with little resistance coming back in replies from shareholders. Well done Carol Bartz?

    Typical of such (in the past 24 hrs) are as follow:

    <the CEO and President has quit and left immediately there is something massively wrong at LOOK >
    <there is something seriously wrong at LOOK for this clown to quit >
    <watch them dump this tomorrow >
    <no one knows about West being fired yet and the stock has dropped 7% in after hours>
    <will go and stay sub $1 today >
    <a terrible piece of news about West and the market will hate it.>

    <the Frenchman will wind down operations. Nowhere to go from here, nowhere to hide.>
    <The bid on Level 2 shows two chumps willing to buy at .79 >
    <"i do not think they could raise any money at even 50c a share from my valuation of the company,its barely worth 20c a share." >

    This poster (posts over in Australia under an alias of Mike Mora- View Messages) truly is (I believe) a "desperado" in the proper sense. And he has (also) told me personally in the past, that he operates Internet Marketing for Small Business, and successfully? A FREE "plug" for you Mike :) - Would you truly, even buy a 'used' car from such an operator, I wonder? Or, have a campain or, two organised in his capable hands? 

    Just how sad it that, I ask?


    Dec 15 12:43 PM | Link | Comment!
  • Looksmart sack it's CEO - Ted West had to go....

    LookSmart Announces Ted West to Resign as President and Chief Executive Officer -

    <...West has stepped down from his role as President and Chief Executive Officer of the company, as well as resigned his seat on the company's Board of Directors, effective immediately.>

    < "On behalf of the Board of Directors, we want to thank Ted for his contributions and efforts as President and Chief Executive Officer over the past two years, and wish him success in his future endeavors.">

    The board has spoken and have spoken well. No "half measures" were required in this situation. And understandably so. - - - I do hope that all board members and staff can stay strong and, will bond together and remain enthusiastic on and for, the road ahead.

    Australian shareholders may note ....

    ...I had then followed it up, with yet another:

    #.. AdReady are also another of those "suspect" representatives or, agents on-selling the Looksmart AdCenter under a private labeled arrangement, like I have suggested over here in OZ (only yesterday), that "" are doing... [Visit website] ..#

    Link: [Advertisers Are Scrutinizing and Optimizing Says AdReady CEO Finn]

    Looksmart's (now) 'ex' Ted West had a duty to seek approval from the board on most things of importance when acting for and on behalf of the board and shareholders.

    Ted West was (at all times) supposed to be working for Looksmart, NOT the IAB, Yahoo, Microsoft, [ re: Partner in ABCSearch (b)] or, soley for "himself". It was NEVER Ted's game, only. Full stop.

    It makes you wonder if, following my posting of (what appeared to be) the "fabulous" progress (in it's traffic growth), that's being made by the Looksmart partner's (and such an insignificant search engine) site, that, the board then got to ask a question or, two? ("The straw that broke the camel's back"? - Ya neva know, of course.)

    His sacking will now see Looksmart start to progress and surely there'll be a little more 'transparancy' shown in that regard, for the "eyes" of loyal and intending shareholders.

    Looksmart do have a "last card manilla" (in Google) IF they happen to be pushed around a little by the 'powers to be', in MHO. And the Co should never discount a fully confident 'doubling up' on that last card. (Only, if need be?), As it remains a "winning" possibility and to be used as "strong" leverage in any unfair or, totally lop-sided (negotiation approach), that may be put to it. (Ask me how?) 

    Nothing has changed in some minds & it will always remain (it seems?),  that "all's fair in love and war" and business?

    Hope not
    - And that we can quickly get on track with the "main event", just around the corner in the new year. I would also suspect that (and, in spite of a few thousand shares used up in so stupidly selling the SP down to a dollar, in the A/Hrs), those that are 'in know'  WILL support the share price now that this decision has finally been made.

    And that for Looksmart, the newspaper industry (& their all their digital endeavours), there will remain for all involved, some "Glimmers of Hope" [VIDEO:)


    Disclosure: Shareholder of LOOK


    Dec 14 11:24 PM | Link | Comment!
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