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Longstanding investor in Looksmart (and a 70 yr old ex-tradesman), who has a passionate interest in the problems of newspapers along with their success in all their monetisation attempts made, on the web. For the "times are indeed, a changin", I feel. [17th of Aug, 2011 - Print media... More
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  • ACAP Automated Content Access Protocol - Microsoft took interest last autumn
    It was within my very Reply to Thomas Jower's (own), "How to Fix Microsoft for $5 Billion" (Jul 1, 2009), that I had so boldly predicted, that:

    ........"Users can be more easily 'targeted' then, from 'partner to partner' and site to site ..." 

    In fact, there's lot's more that was predicted, ok?

    "MSFT won't need to spend one penny, ok? (But they may care to "donate" some of their 'savings' to you and me?) ...... fact, as a result of what we will soon see become (a happy announcement of search marketing's "Wedding of the Year"  - the Century?), the MSN and Yahoo drawn-out courtship together will get to be consumated! After these two (finally), do get to "tie the knot". IMHO".

    They did.

    Reply to Thomas Jower's (own), "How to Fix Microsoft for $5 Billion"

    And the news today.....

    "This is exactly the kind of area in which Microsoft took an interest last autumn, when it began supporting Automated Content Access Protocol (ACAP), the newspaper business’ preferred system of rule-making for whether search engines can go behind the wall or not."


    Yes, it was (also) In LC's little "pre-amble" that it clearly points to this very FACT, as the future that is so near, is getting closer by each day fading into the past..

    I wrote that LC is a.....

    "Longstanding investor in Looksmart with a passionate interest in the problems of newspapers and their success with their monetisation attempts, on the web. 

    And the "times are indeed, a changing".... I feel... For, history will also show that ACAP (the, Automated Content Access...

    Now who had also talked of this very point some 3 maybe 4 years or, more ago?

    LOL !!

    Who knew?

    "And that with ACAP, the newspaper industry once again .... will not only become a part of our every-day lives, but [it] will be fiercely-enforced along the way ...... And rightly so...

    ...................Where your "free" (Local) "rag", may well even survive and become (as was also predicted by myself back in 2005), the very "lynch pin" between local business and the web!" 

    Nevermind ....

    No one reads my posts anyway. For, We are ALL geniuses in our own lunch-breaks, right? And it's what makes a market . Some sell as we see (others) buy from them...

    With LOOK ... I'm not here to "win friends and influence people" ...far from it ... I simply want to lead shareholders to the "promised land" .... For,'40 days in the desert' is 'a long time in between drinks' as we well know, right?  



    Disclosure: Long and strong LOOK
    Feb 17 6:19 PM | Link | Comment!
  • Havas Digital joins Looksmart's global advertising network.....No?
    The ignorance of some shareholders of Exchange listed companies is so representative of many in the market, is my belief.

    And a fool and his money is so easily parted, as is said to be.

    Their lack of research and blind faith in mainstream media coverage never ceases to amaze me. - - And down-trodden Looksmart are the perfect example of all that's "rotten" in the markets today.

    People don't stop and wonder
    as to why my own 'thoughts' are deleted daily on stock chat forums like Yahoo Finance. Why, I wonder?

    IF I was posting rubbish (all the time), why should/would anyone bother to delete such?

    And IF a company like Looksmart (with a share price value that's - sub $1.00pps) were to announce to the market the following  (tomorrow), what effect would it have on the existing sentiment held of the Co by the market, I ask?

    Havas Digital joins Looksmart's global advertising network...

    I have explained it just now in an E mail (as follows) to just a few, fellow shareholders in the Co and (as such), we sometimes get to share our 'thoughts' with each other ....

    Fellas ....

    What we are not seeing or, appreciating to it's fullest is what I am, in the gradual but continual 'linking up' of partners (players) to the Looksmart open marketplace.

    [Never-mind about global scale - As I have previously posted of the 'reach' of the AdCenter marketplace ....

    When we look at the LinkShare Geographic locations (city, county, postcode or country), being offered, it very much reminds me of that being offered by that of a known Looksmart AdCenter partner in REED's KellySearch. ]

    Each day, many more are joining in to the Looksmart 's (own) global advertising network or, they are gaining access to it, as such.

    Yes, it is not yet transferring to revenues that can have an effect on Looksmart in the eyes of the market, it's clear to see. (And I ask again, exactly how & when is AdCenter and the scale of it's capability, ever to be re-pay it's builder/s? Primarily Microsoft - see Current Report)

    We need to accept and firmly understand that old AdCenter partners like Cox Enterprises etc haven't suddenly disappeared. It is their very presense that AdCenter has been built around. To then come up with an alternate to Google's adsense and search advertising dominance.

    1stly, the prime example of a DSP (Demand side platform - a media Co that has access to Exchanges to buy campaigns for it's many brands it represents) and the starting it's own Ad Network, is shown below here.

    This then allows them to bypass any other Ad Network entry (with a seat) requirement onto an Exchange & into the RTB (real time bidding auction), open marketplace....

    When 'enabled'...

    They can then get to buy inventory on their own publisher networks or, alternatively, buy if it's cheaper on the global (RTB) open marketplace, by being enabled or, coming in direct to or, through an Exchange....

    And here is one of the World's largest Agencies (
    in Havas Digital), telling us how IT (too) will now gain access (to Looksmart's global advertising network) through that above-mentioned long time partner of Looksmart, in Cox Enterprises....

    Shareholders (at times) run around like chooks with their heads cut (chopped) off. Can you only imagine what would happen to the share price value if Looksmart were to announce that
    Havas Digital has now joined it's global advertising network?

    Think about it and relax. []

    Because (effectively), that's EXACTLY what this announcement says. IMHO.

    Media Contacts Partners With Adify On Custom Networks by Mark Walsh
    Media Contacts, the interactive media agency of Havas Digital, has named vertical ad network Adify as a preferred ad network for developing custom networks on behalf of clients.
    "We are streamlining our business to partner with the best and most strategic partners for our clients," said Ed Montes, managing director, Havas Digital North America, in a statement. "We selected Adify Media as a preferred network because it delivers unmatched quality of audience and transparency."
    Adify, a unit of Cox Enterprises, operates more than 200 niche networks, including those run by Six Apart, Pajama Media, the Travel Channel and Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia. It claims a total audience of more than 109 million and has a proprietary ad-targeting solution to select sites where certain users spend more than 25% of their time.
    Media Contacts plans to take advantage of that technology in creating branded networks for clients in the travel, health care and retail sectors beginning in the second quarter and launching one or two each quarter during the rest of the year.
    "The big question is can a customized network focused around content deliver higher engagement than another form of targeting, and that's what we're most interested in finding out with this approach," said Adam Kasper, managing director of digital innovation at Media Contacts.

    While he would not detail exactly what the networks would entail, they likely feature branded content across individual sites and may include third-party affinity advertising as well like other Adify networks. In gauging the success of these efforts, Kasper said the agency would look more to traditional brand metrics such as awareness and consideration rather than conversions or clicks.
    "It's a good thing to have a network focused on these type of upper-funnel metrics because that's the way for digital to gain share of brand budgets," said Kasper. Media Contacts boasts a wide range of major brands including Coca-Cola, Audi, Citibank, Delta and Ikea.
    Rather than seeking particular audiences or affluent consumers through Adify, the agency is looking for new ways to engage clients' existing users. "We're partnering on this because we found [Adify's] technology to be of potentially large value and not because they deliver a specific demographic," he said. "Hopefully, they can deliver whatever audiences we need."

    Link to Story:

    Looksmart's share price value will move when THEY are ready to have it move and NOT before. The question remains, why would all my posts have been removed from boards all over the world (virtually) if I was posting rubbish or, lies that was unrelated to the core of what is happening?

    I am amazed (at times) at the scant regard that (it appears to me) that some have for my constant (sometimes, 10 to 12 hrs a day I will spend, mind you - I love it)  "study", on this space and where I feel that it is all heading.

    Whilst I'm certainly NOT a Rhodes Scholar, as I have so often said before (I'm a retiree pensioner, ex tradesman)..."It's NOT rocket science" ............ And after 4 to 5 years of doing so (and in spite of what is my own 'self-appraisal'), I have already given myself (yes) a PASS with Honours and that's even before the game has barely began to start.



    Disclosure: Long LOOK and happy to be so...
    Feb 17 3:07 PM | Link | 2 Comments
  • RTB (Real Time Bidding) - the key to Looksmart's bright future
    (Real Time Bidding) is the key to Looksmart's future prospects.


    With all the bull-shit and clandestine (the "ducks & drakes") kind of action that's gone on over the past couple of years, I want to add just a couple of additional 'thoughts' to the (a more refined) argument, to date.....

    There is no doubts (whatsoever) that the recent mention of two particular "Johnny come lately" type Co's has caused a stir or, a real 'ruffling of feathers'......

    Posts were totally removed on sharecafe in OZ after drumming home a few points about the following two Co's in particular, on that site.

    Yahoo Finance ..Well, I guess we all know by now of it's relentless form of bastardisation of shareholder's 'thoughts'.

    (Thank you Mikey & Barry. Traitors who have 'helped' immensely)

    Both AdReady [ and voted
    'Best Ad Delivery Platform Innovation'] and Triggit [] we are told, has the technology and an ability to execute Real Time Bidding across the advertising exchanges],  have now arrived on the 'scene' and are 'loaded' with the typical "cronies" that will get to forever 'feed at the trough' like pigs often do.

    I want to point out a couple of things on
    Triggit from my thoughts below.

    Founder Zach Coelius says that Triggit's platform has been bidding and buying ads for customers since July, with early clients that (also) includes Microsoft.

    WOW, Microsoft !!! [And now the recent Looksmart advice that MSN (along with, helped build Looksmart's award winning AdCenter platform - current report - Inserted on July 10th]

    AdReady serves Ads to Yahoo and the NY Times, among many other notables.

    I've always maintained (and from the outset), that both Microsoft and Yahoo would always need an AdCenter API to get to clearly separate them from both each other and thereby make them "neutral"
    (and thus, 'blind' to each other), in an open Ad-publisher marketplace. A level playing field for all.

    This article [Your DSP Has RTB] was written by the same Zach Coelius (the Ceo of Triggit), a Co that's described as being an online technology company. (The same as Looksmart is described as being. Nothing amazing about that.) 

    On the Triggit blog we are told ('features' - linked above) that Triggit bids on over 500 million available impressions a day.

    Yet in the final reply in the above article Zach Coelius advises, that:

    ".... With RTB ..... I can see and buy billions of impressions a day across 100k+ sites without having to negotiate to get my tag on a single site."

    He is obviously referring to the (an) open marketplace.

    In the article he pointed out that before this ........ Media buyers (and their clients) who needed mass impression inventory would have to perform this task over dozens, if not hundreds of sources to achieve scale, since in this highly fragmented space no provider has a dominant share of the inventory.

    A big agency could work with as many as a thousand digital media vendors when you count the publishers, exchanges, ad networks, and intermediaries. Suddenly, buyers were logging into numerous interfaces, pulling and collating disparate reports and are left trusting dozens of black boxes to run their ads in the right places.

    Yet soon ...With RTB ... They will be buying billions of impressions a day across 100k+ sites without having to negotiate to get ivolved directly on a single site.

    Triggit may well have (as stated above) the technology with an ability to execute Real Time Bidding across the advertising exchanges, but will not be "umpiring", between the exchanges.

    You see, both AdReady and Triggit are only a private label (or, white labels) of Looksmart's [AppNexus?AdCenter Platform I feel, IMHO. 

    As it is very clear (or, should soon be), that Looksmart as the "inter-connector" will be providing that "inter-operability" (I feel), to get to see those same billions of impressions a day across 100k+ sites as they are (frankly - practically) not able to get to work "directly" with either "player" [meaning, all], from both sides of the "buy-sell" auction marketplace, equation.

    Looksmart will (I strongly believe), deal between Exchanges and provide the scale. Exchanges (and in some cases may well even be representing both 'sides'), will deal with Ad Networks or, advertisers and publisher from this juncture.

    I can't make it any clearer. Let's hope for the chance of some progressive news as early as today in the US.  As it's my strong "gut feeling" that we should be getting some along the 'long held' lines of a Newscorp involvement, soon. All an opinion, as always

    On Feb 12: closed @ a lowly $0.97 - 0.00 (0.00%)


    Previous brief notes:

    I have 'nailed it down' to two main areas, that I believe are 'clones' of Looksmart's AdCenter, in their 'self-serve' Ads offerings. In fact, it was on the very day that I had introduced Trigget (on ShareCafe in OZ), that Ted West resigned.

    I thought that to be a little too co-incidental at the time and suggested that maybe the board knew little about Trigget?... AdReady have had enormous support in such a short time, too.

    [April 3rd, 2011 - Yet, another? -]
    In the Triggit blog they advise:
    < Triggit provides Real Time Bidding (RTB) technology and services to innovative marketers and their advertising agencies. Specifically, Triggit’s technology individually prices and bids for billions of impressions daily on the real time display exchanges. - Triggit’s media partners include such Co's as Google, OpenX, Admeld, Pubmatic, Adnexus and more.>
    < We have been live with RTB on the Google exchange since September. We were really lucky that the technology we built for bidding on Adnexus and Pubmatic was architected in such a way that it was pretty easy for us to integrate Google’s AdX. >

    (Very lucky, indeed - Note that twice, a mention of Adnexus. I have no doubt they are meaning:
    AppNexus: Home
    - AppNexus offers the industry's most advanced real-time ad platform. Ad networks, DSPs, trade desks and other leading online advertising companies leverage ...)
    Triggit Reborn: New Service Automates Bidding On Real-Time Ad ...

    Founder Zach Coelius says that Triggit's platform has been bidding and buying ads for customers since July, with early clients that include Microsoft. ...
    WOW, even Microsoft !!!

    Note that my long held "tip" that both Microsoft and Yahoo would always need an AdCenter API to separate them from both each other and make it all "neutral" (to all players), in an auction based marketplace, has virtually been effected.

    What a year and behond it will all be....Or, should be.  :)
    Ross Bradley - AKA LookingConfident "LC"

    ps; January 12th, 2011 - —AdReady: Two Microsoft (NSDQ: MSFT) alums join the team: Matt Carr has signed on as SVP of product and business development and Randy Wootton as SVP of sales, service & marketing.

    [I believe - Key-man] Carr was previously GM of display advertising at Microsoft, where he was responsible for the Microsoft Media Network. Wooton was VP of global search and online marketplace at Microsoft, where he was instrumental in operationalizing Microsoft’s search alliance agreement with Yahoo.

    Disclosure: Long and strong LOOK
    Feb 16 7:27 AM | Link | 3 Comments
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