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Longstanding investor in Looksmart (and a 69 yr old ex-tradesman), who has a passionate interest in the problems of newspapers along with their success in all their monetisation attempts made, on the web. For the "times are indeed, a changin", I feel. [17th of Aug, 2011 - Print media... More
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  • 200% growth in DSP use - For global Marketplace in 2010
     ..  it's interesting to note the 2010 "predictions" made here [Executing For 2010] by Karin Blake, Snr Lead of Platform Management, Ad Exchanges, at Razorfish

    She calls herself,  'the executioner'.  -  Her number ONE prediction for 2010, is. "200% growth in the DSP market".
    [DSP - Demand Side Platform - Ad inventory buyers - A Media buying platform] ......

    So, she predicts a  "200% growth in the DSP market"....HMmm?

    <The LookSmart AdCenter is a white label, hosted ad serving platform used to monetize traffic through CPC search and contextual text ads.. Empowering publishers & advertising networks to interconnect with each other, the LookSmart AdCenter Marketplace significantly increases the volume of participants in advertising auctions and increases the overall revenue potential for publishers.> and Pay Group International Join the LookSmart AdCenter Marketplace as Premier Partners .....

    was 1st introduced in this article.[When Ad Exchanges Talk to Each Other] - It simply means (as is explained within) that it's where  ....."Supply can originate in one exchange but be made available for sale to buyers from other exchanges". - So a publisher in one exchange can get to sell spots or, inventory to advertisers buying or, coming from within another exchange ....

    Looksmart (from within the above announcement), may well have talked in terms of the AdCenter providing "interconnectability" for publishers and advertising networks to......

    In going back to an August, 2007 Q&A with Yahoo's RMX, being the Right Media Exchange, now devoting itself soley to Premium publishers, only [Ad Exchanges at a Glance - Right Media -], we can learn a lot.

    Looksmart (as an original 'member' on the RMX) were also 'hosting'  (representing) a good number of publishers (like IAC's, at the time ..Yahoo tell us that .. <Sellers range from top-tier publishers like Tickle, Looksmart, Fox and obviously Yahoo!, to the more than 1,000 smaller, niche pubs on our direct media exchange platform, to everything in between.> Q&A given.

    The other 'info' in that link is important but pay attention to this Q&A given.

    10. What are the advantages of an ad exchange serving as a clearinghouse for all billing and payment between parties? 
    We currently do not support billing and payments on behalf of our clients. Clients pay clients directly.

    For it's the basis (I believe) for the (full on) further development of the AdCenter platform, to soon "claim" (or, will slot into) that all important (over-all) management "role". (One of being, "The Fat Controller" between Exchanges) - To eventually become the independent 'nerve center' that's needed for this to all get to come together. The central "umpire" and video replay (Ref) or,  'adjudicator', all in one.

    With Ad Network (then) only getting to interact on a 'pay and receive' basis with their 'own' (established) publisher base and (up the line or, to the next step in the process), direct with the Exchange that they are or, will be entering into the global marketplace on. Both Yahoo and Looksmart (for Yahoo, after the DOJ approval of the Microsoft deal), are both 'on the side of the advertiser'

    Where (previously), and as this Fella in this link explains, [fucina: Advertising Exchange: Ad Exchanges Open Up Your Ad ...], that, Right Media makes its money by taking a cut of each transaction from ad networks and publishers'..and we will then have the new situation, where Looksmart will (now), then get to do like-wise.

    So, Yahoo - as an owner of it's many publisher sites - (including Yahoo Finance and the LOOK chat board, where the poor 'struggler' TROLLS daily) will be paid from (by or, through) Microsoft's publisher Exchange (AdECN), who will then be "managing" all of the Yahoo properties for them.

    Finally, former CEO David Hills' baby is all "up and running". :)





    Dec 23 4:57 AM | Link | Comment!
  • Are Yahoo! trialing "TOTALITARIANISM" on Yahoo Finance? (2)
    From within my own reply [1 Comment] to my previous blog of concern [Are Yahoo! trialing "TOTALITARIANISM" on Yahoo Finance?], I had pointed out that a poster such as ShareCafe in OZ's Mike Mora (who himself is a US citizen, and living and doing business in Fresno California) is not only a deceptive person but is also (as is so clearly proven below), so plainly hypocritical.

    I also felt that he may need checking out to see that he is NOT actively trading the stock based on "information" he may well have recieved privately, that is NOT yet in the public domain.

    Following the removal of my own posts a shareholder and (and a religeous kind of person, as such) posted his disgust at what he (himself) saw on the board as [Evil people] who, (he says)........

    ......"are posting incessant poison on this board. Evil people prevail on this board". 

    Yahoo! permit multiple aliases on their Yahoo Finance boards. And it's sometimes "fun" to use one in a muck around sense ...But to set out to deceive? To reply to your own posts? And when pointed out, have that whole thread (and evidence of such).then, immediately removed possibly by a Yahoo insider ?

    Mike Mora has many aliases he uses to "pump" or,"bash" (according to what side of a trade he is on) and had been proven to have replied to himself with one of his aliases (stock_sensie), that he used again today, in reply to the above concerned shareholder's post ....How "sad" is this?

    Mike Mora says:

    Re: Evil people 
    I wish I had a quarter for every time someone has said that to me.

    You see, Mike Mora currently posting as (poster) "onestockrock" IS (also) the above poster "stock_Sensei" and yes, I had previously shared a couple of E Mails with Mike Mora in confidence, that he correctly points out below....

    Re: Lossie is rattled, that was easy 
    Runtha, yes I spoke with David Hills on the phone and he did in fact tell me that the "aussie distraction" was truly distracting. Elc at the time showed me the actual emails he sent poor Mr Hills.......

    He then proceeds to tell a direct and what is a deliberate lie ...For I have never spoken with ex Looksmart CEO (in David Hills), in my entire life. Mike Mora had inadvertantly used the wrong alias, for that above post.

    Dishonesty and hypocracy and being proven to be of such type? Mike Mora (I gather?)  would simply wish that, he "had a quarter for every time someone has said that", to or, of him. 

    No shame, no gain? No "hide", no Xmas pudding? Or, is it a case of GREED is good and nothing else matters? Me thinks so.

    Sour grapes? Hardly, I just felt that this fine upstanding lad who hails from Fresno California may need a reference or, two...



    Dec 19 3:10 PM | Link | Comment!
  • Are Yahoo! trialing "TOTALITARIANISM" on Yahoo Finance?
    It does very much appear so. Simply get rid of (or, delete) any posts on the Yahoo Finance chat boards that do not have an opinion that is fully in line with the Yahoo fascist "machine"?

    And an example of what I'm talking of?

    Yes Folks, the Yahoo Finance LOOK board has now reached what bashers (and accumulators of the stock) must truly feel is "totalitarian heaven", it would (very much so) appear. You judge for yourself, ok?

    Where the board's two  (brown shirted) "watch-dogs" have achieved the ultimate.

    But shouldn't they just get a room?

    Dec 18 5:11 PM | Link | 1 Comment
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