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Longstanding investor in Looksmart (and a 70 yr old ex-tradesman), who has a passionate interest in the problems of newspapers along with their success in all their monetisation attempts made, on the web. For the "times are indeed, a changin", I feel. [17th of Aug, 2011 - Print media... More
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  • CENSORSHIP - IP "Addy" targeting and electoral mayhem


     This issue of CENSORSHIP on the Internet is really becoming a highly dangerous weapon and even more interesting as we go along.

    Already (I feel), it has shown me ample enough to prove that It has the potential (the firepower) of a real catastrophe (in the wrong hands), in our world today as we know it.......Read on to learn of why this is so...

    I had posted earlier today of the '' blog story [
    Why is Kevin Rudd Australian of the Year? ] of Newscorp's considered attempt at 'sidling up' to the Govt of the day in Australia and only a day or, so before Australia's important day of celebration.

    This article has suggested (among other things) that .....

     "News execs might also be worried about the possibility of the leakage of government advertising away from newspapers to online. And then there are the advertising dollars available from Labor during an election campaign".

    I'd suggest that (with the Internet) a new and whole lot more 'sinister' world is now with us. And that it appears to me, that in the hands of (both) "friend or, foe" it is already becoming a very, very dangerous weapon. - For it's 'mind boggling' just thinking about the unlimited 'tricks' that they can already get themselves up to.

    The message within [ 
    The McCarville Report Online: Blasting The Message: How Scott ... ] had consolidated my early fears.

    And it is the story of......

    "How Scott Brown Used Social Networking Tools To Win In Massachusetts" .... With the advice that ....

    "Beginning Thursday before the Tuesday election, the Brown campaign began what’s known as a Google network blast, an advertising tactic that floods Google content network Web pages in a particular geographic area with display ads from one advertiser." 

    This article went on to explain, that ........

    'amid all the talk of Twitter and Facebook, a slightly less sexy but still powerful tool has often been overlooked — -  the campaign’s ground - breaking use of Google [and use of it's Google network blast], to drive volunteers and voters'.

    That's all very cute and wholesome, right?

    And it would seem to me that even at this early stage of development, that (in my own case), I may well have inadvertantly become an early victim of what is to be no doubt the future, that has already proven to me to be, so very near. All, for a price, of course.

    The last paragraph advises. that ..

    < .."If you were in Massachusetts, pretty much all day every day you would see a Scott Brown ad,” a Google spokesman said, adding that earlier ads encouraged people to volunteer for the campaign, while later ones focused on getting out the vote. >  

    But there may be another "side" to all of this?

    ......Perhaps Mr Kevin Rudd (Australia's Prime Minister) may need reminding that Newscorp already own some 70% of all print media? And that all these (and many being local) "brands" are also, all so busy, 'beavering away' at readying their websites for yet, the so many bigger and brighter things to come?

    Hello Mr Kevin Rudd. Are you listening? Are other leaders of the world, tuning in to what I have to suggest here too, I wonder?

    The "Do no Evils" of the world like Google are agnostic when it comes to the 'issues of the day'. Or, so they would tell you. So too would all the other internet Co's that gather information on each any every one of us. Yes, and it's such vital information on each and every single user in the world, that surf the web. It helps marketers "target" their Ads much better and in a more cost effective manner. 

    But whilst we are in the world of Advertising (I'm heavily invested in the future success, of same), and rather than the "behavioural targeting" of individuals in specific (yes nominated) "geo" locations (think of the electorates, Mr Rudd).. for a price we can have our (your) adds "flood" right down to individual polling booths and into those electorates of your choice. But "guess what" else, Mr Rudd?

    They can even do better in the world we are currently now in. - Because I do believe that the technology already available to the 'dark side' (or, certainly when placed in the wrong hands), spells a dim or, somewhat bleak future for many of those that are considered as being, "off side". - I now need to digress a little. Please be patient here.

    After years of research (many, many hours a day), I had (last week) posted the news over on Yahoo Finance, that :

    < " has not only deleted all my many hours of work [ Note: A recent check - they're still there - just hard to locate], they have totally blocked my IP Address from my getting anywhere near their site, from my IP addy.....More»">

    Now with the "rough and tumble" that goes on over at Yahoo's Finance chat boards, this would seem a pretty 'tame' kind of posting, when compared to many that do include plenty from myself, that have been posted over the years.

    And as an eight years a member (and many links back to my long relationship) with my site here in Australia - see (just some of the many) references to my former site here, at -

    I mean, I know that over 12,000 posts is a helluva lot. I'm passionate about my 'topics of interest' and do not hold back with an opinion where I believe it is needed. I prefer not to be offensive but have been known to have got down & dirty in the gutter, but mostly to have my point understood, whilst down there.

    Stock boards have "minders" who report back to those they are employed by. This is the reply to my (now deleted), initial post.

    Re: 12,000 odd Posts Deleted today in OZ ....]

    But back to Mr Rudd, Google with it's "Do no Evil [and it's a Google network blast] type of 'electoral propaganda' Ads and some more, fine tuned targeting ....

    .....What if we were to collect data (more, in depth type) on those that are not as yet likely to vote for you or, your party (those likely swinging voters) that we have 'picked up' via social chat forums - there are 350M on Facebook alone. - 6 million from Australia? - Hey, we're not the CIA and we certainly don't want another Whitlam "dismissal" repeat, ok? We are simply a "social" site operator. We only share our analytics with others, but for a price, of course.


    Or, consider (also) that through our crawler search engine and with
    E Mail 'text' scouring - We can do that), and can promise you to individually "target THEM
    " with your message? (all, for a price or, a favour - HMmm?) 

    We can do even better ... We can identify "
    trouble makers" and of the likes of this writer who (as has been hilighted) we can now, even "ban" IP's for you, from their participating in any discussions had on the site or, their viewing of the sites of your choice. But again, for a price
    , of course. [See postscript]

    Instead of a "
    network blast" we're calling it, "anti-Ads" advertising. (Triple "A"). And, we can almost guarantee you of (always) getting our (your) targeted man or, woman. And that's not bad, eh?




    You are not authorized to view this page The Web server you are attempting to reach has a list of IP addresses that are not allowed to access the Web site, and the IP address of your browsing computer is on this list.

    Please try the following:

    • Contact the Web site administrator if you believe you should be able to view this directory or page.
    HTTP Error 403.6 - Forbidden: IP address of the client has been rejected.
    Internet Information Services (IIS)

    Technical Information (for support personnel)

    • Go to Microsoft Product Support Services and perform a title search for the words HTTP and 403.
    • Open IIS Help, which is accessible in IIS Manager (inetmgr), and search for topics titled About Security, Limiting Access by IP Address, IP Address Access Restrictions, and About Custom Error Messages.






    Jan 25 2:45 AM | Link | 2 Comments
  • Why is Kevin Rudd Australian of the Year?
    NOTHING amazes me much these days. Certainly when there's a need to influence the Govt. of the day.

    It's "Australia Day" over here in OZ tomorrow and we get to celebrate the "Freedom of our Land" ...Free from who?

    ............From, comes the following:

    < Silly season reached a sort of climax this weekend, when The Australian announced Kevin Rudd was its Australian of the Year “because of the way he dealt with the global financial crisis.”>

    < For the conspiracy-minded, and I know there are one or two of you out there, one might wonder whether News Ltd feels the need to get on the right side of the Prime Minister, having managed to get itself thoroughly offside with him since the 2007 election.>

    <If the prognosis for anti-siphoning reform isn’t bad enough, News execs might also be worried about the possibility of the leakage of government advertising away from newspapers to online. And then there are the advertising dollars available from Labor during an election campaign. ALP hardheads might wonder about the efficacy of advertising in newspapers which are editorially hostile to them.

    In short, there are several reasons to think the usual balance of power between Labor and News Ltd has, however temporarily, tilted in favour of the former.>

    Nothing ever changes, it would seem?.

    Yes, in a Democracy you 'can' get to change the Govt of a land but you 'can't' change the way business is done, with ... The Govt of a land.

    Jan 24 7:14 PM | Link | Comment!
    CENSORSHIP is 'alive and well' on the Yahoo! Finance Message Boards - Yahoo! advise members of the following:

    "What improvements would you like in Yahoo! Finance Message Boards? Please send us feedback." Please check the feedback area for my following point being made on CENSORSHIP.

    My reply:

    Yahoo .... Thanks for this opportunity to strongly suggest that you have a flawed policy on Posts being "deleted", on your chat boards.

    The daily "censorship" of posts to the LOOK board needs attention from the highest level .... My three posts today (are below), so let's now see just how long they last?

    This is costing Yahoo "impression" revenues besides being good, old fashioned censorship that goes agains the very core of "freedom of expression"....

    IF your own means of (the TOU button) having posts deleted is FLAWED, then fix it?

    Subject Author Rating Time Posted (NYSE:ET)  
    OT - Why is Kevin Rudd Australian of the Year?

    Sentiment: Strong Buy
    lookingconfidenta... Rate it 39 minutes ago
    SHAREHOLDERS - Be aware...
    Shareholders should take note that certain posts containing relevant (and important) informatio...

    Sentiment: Strong Buy
    lookingconfidenta... Rate it 52 minutes ago
    Re: Google & "The Boiled Frog"?
    ##.. Click fraud directly increases the profit of Google. The syndicate between Google and the ...

    Sentiment: Strong Buy
    lookingconfidenta... Rate it 24-Jan-10 04:09 pm

    SHAREHOLDERS - Be aware... 25 minutes ago Shareholders should take note that certain posts containing relevant (& important) information continue to be "DELETED" by the pair of "fascist minded" GRUBS here, who watch over this board like hawks.

    So much for Hillary Clinton telling China of their dastardly "censorship" and how they should clean up their draconic ways.

    And we get to celebrate "Australia Day" over here tomorrow? Whaaaaaaaaat???

    It would appear that what Looksmart's own Gill Brown has to say, is not considered as being "fit" for consumption here on the Looksmart board.


    Recent POSTS (and whole threads) removed, include some of the following.

    View: Simple | Summary
    Subject Author Rating Time Posted (ET)

    Re: Google and LOOK
    ##.. if you cannot leverage existing clients to pay more for your CPC offering, they must belie...
    Sentiment: Strong Buy lookingconfidente Rate it 20 minutes ago

    Re: Gill Brown with the "good oil"....
    ##.. ...
    Sentiment: Strong Buy lookingconfidente Rate it 34 minutes ago

    Google and LOOK
    the Q4 report from Google showed just how tough things are in the internet market. Google ba...
    Sentiment: Strong Sell smugglereturn Rate it 46 minutes ago

    Re: 12,000 odd Posts Deleted today in OZ ....
    "Best we look in our "own" backyards, me thinks... For censorship is very much "alive and well"... onestockrock

    How sad it that? And these kind of people are entrusted to decide what is right or, wrong to read in your life? More fool the people, I say. And if the cap fits, then wear it....And more fool to Yahoo! for allowing such a blatant form of censorship going on, on it's site.



    I simply post an opinion and as a LOOK shareholder am not at all about the winning of any popularity contest, with my opinion expressed. I simply wish to retain as a member, my right to express such opinions.

    Please. Can you help?


    ps; It is not good enough to see posts being deleted, simply because ..."we don't like him and the things he says"

    Jan 24 5:26 PM | Link | 4 Comments
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