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Longstanding investor in Looksmart (and a 70 yr old ex-tradesman), who has a passionate interest in the problems of newspapers along with their success in all their monetisation attempts made, on the web. For the "times are indeed, a changin", I feel. [17th of Aug, 2011 - Print media... More
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  • Publishers Should Create 'Toll Gate' For Premium Content?
    I just wish they would be a little "moore" truthful in their dealings with many 'fringe' players in this fledgling
    digital advertising - publisher industry. (As I'm seeing it all).

    The fore-runners (the many early starters) in the business of Ad Networks (in particular) are appearing to me to be, well, almost "wood-duck-like" the further this all goes. (Many won't survive).

    Instead of the IAB (Club) continuing to 'spin' all sorts of stories to shield what would obviously appear to me to ultimately be, a 'win-win-win' overall for those concerned (or, I mean, at least for those that come through the other side) - so it's time they got 'fair dinkum' (yes, "moore" honest) for a change, is how I feel.

    This somewhat (and yet, another controversial type article of diatribe coming from the IAB's poor pathetic attempt at being a 'flag waiving' public relations machine, of late) has IMHO, more than raised the ire of those that should (or, could by now), know better.

    Certainly if a few comments that have been made on the 'theme' contained in it, are anything to go by.

    And I'd imagine (?) like [-minded] consumers (& in regards to this
    'Toll Gate' idea) - there are many of them (& myself), who just won't "buy it"..

    < David Moore the IAB board of directors chairman, posed the question to attendees during his opening remarks at the IAB Annual Leadership Meeting 2010 on Sunday night in Carlsbad, Calif.

    The digital premium content model is broken and advertising alone cannot support the cost of premium content, according to Moore, who laid out several predictions that will change online advertising forever.> 

    "Bold Predictions From 24/7 Real Media's Moore: Publishers Should Create 'Toll Gate' For Premium Content" by Laurie Sullivan

    The very 1st comment made (Mark McLaughlin's) and the link he has provided does tell it in pretty good fashion, I feel.'tpayforcontent

    McLauglin points out (and rightly so, I feel), when he writes ...........

    "do not lose sight of the value of the advertising supported model. ... We are in the middle of a complex media transformation and a brutal recession".

    That with
    the advent of real-time bidding (RTB) that has barely started, there are many changes that lie ahead and certainly (it would appear), for a sustainable (and profitable, at that) future for the very players that the IAB's board of directors chairman, has so kindly gone in to 'bat' for.

    And with the very (global) 'nature' of RTB whatever happened to those stories getting about, like..... (as an eg;
    Sep 2008).

    "The Guardian is a strong brand to work with. The site showed a global audience of 20.6m unique users and ... over 186m page impressions in July's ABCE audit, which just goes to show how popular the product is internationally." - The Guardian signs ad inventory deal with Ad2One - (Yes, it's a 'pay-wall')

    It was only yesterday that I had read of the 10 Things to Consider When Choosing an Ad Network - Food Blog Alliance

    ........."Ads for the most part work off of a CPM model, or "Cost Per Thousand" impressions..Let's just say you can get a $3 net CPM for all the ads (combined) on your pages. That means at 1000 page views a day, you'll make $3 per day from those ads, or $90 a month."

    Have those International "uniques" suddenly stopped reading the news on The Guardian, I wonder? It's the smaller and dedicated publishers I feel for, unless they have a 'unique' (and vertical-ised) type content, that they can then (hopefully) survive on.

    And a (such) "worse case scenario" for the UK's Guardian, means?

    [186m page impressions/1000 ='s 186,000 x's $90 ='s $16,740,000, no?]

    The UK's Guardian (12 months) ='s $200,880,000 - resulting from those International "uniques".


    ps; [Added 3rd of Feb, 2011 - How do those eCPM's (that were quoted 12 months ago @ just $3 net) appear NOW (for the Guardian et al), when "users" are NOW capable of being 'targeted' across the whole web and at the individual impression level? 

    The steady 'rise' in share-price value shown here in recent times is 'no fluke' and tells the story to unfold, is what I am saying.;range=1y]

    Disclosure: Long LOOK
    Feb 24 9:21 AM | Link | 1 Comment
  • Looksmart "watch-dog" Mikey Mora says Kevin C. Howe - Now "Shorting" LOOK?
    The Looksmart "board-watcher" over on Yahoo Finance's LOOK board is pretty good at having posts removed and helping to 'arrange' with Yahoo, my banning from posting replies to him, on that site. Yes, it's so blatantly clear, that it's a straight out case of CENSORSHIP, Folks.

    Well done Yahoo and 'new boy', Shashi Seth...

    "Yahoo Finance is a disgrace Shashi Seth.... "

    Mora is now able to freely make posts (un-challenged), the likes of the following:

    "...the biggest partner they could have gotten was ASK and that didn't do a thing for them. Who on EARTH could they partner with that would double the SP"?

    Re:Listen clearly Hobbit tex

    ...... I do wonder as to "when will the pennies ever drop" for Mikey and as to how long it will take him to get to realises that an advertising network partner like Google (collectively), is now providing 34.34% of all traffic being recorded coming into Looksmart's advertising marketplace?

    That's into the 'chief role' of AdCenter (and, that's "management") or, at least the bulk of the portion of it (?), that is showing on Alexa (below), at

    And where the 'recording' and the main "management" (the "inter-operability") aspect of the growing Looksmart's global (& independent) AdCenter advertising marketplace, happens to be housed.

    And, that whilst that longstanding partner like, do happen to have their own 'owned-and-operated' search site, it was clearly explained by Gill Brown a VP of Looksmart - in my previous post .....["Looksmart's Gill Brown - SEM is expected to grow 15-20% in 2010"] ....that .."the vast majority of their traffic comes from other sources".

    The remains of the "hosting agreement" (to end shortly and if in fact, not already) is showing it recieves just 4.38% of traffic that is coming out of AdCenter (enquiries), to it's sites, as it shows on

    "Biggest Partner" Mikey?


    Upstream Sites

    Percent of total visits to preceded by a visit to the upstream site.

    Downstream Sites

    Percent of total visits to followed by a visit to the downstream site.


    Mikey Mora then follows up with yet another of his classics in his very next post.
    Re: Expect a new HIGH for 20

    He says to Tex:

    "........did it ever occur to you this Howe chap is lending his shares for shorts? - Likely closer to the truth. Hedging may be one way these trapped funds can escape with anything above .50."

    Kevin C. Howe (Looksmart's largest shareholder) has increased his holding from holdings of 1,281,819 shares to now hold 1,693,119 in all. - 7.50 % up, to 9.88% [Comment post - Looksmart? - Well .."BlackRock and Sidus are BUYING" ]

    The 'short' position on Looksmart's total of an approx 17.2M shares (as issued) has in fact more than "doubled" in recent times, according to the Nasdaq site.

    1/29/2010 4,733 91,092 1.000000
    1/15/2010 2,046 102,678 1.000000

    As can be seen, the number of additional shares of LOOK "shorted" totals a massive 2687 and the 'brillance' of Mikey Mora's thinking says, that Looksmart's largest shareholder ( this Kevin C. Howe chap who has added an additional, over 400,000 to his total of late and, this can be clearly seen above),..... "is lending his shares for shorts" - Hellooo?

    I mean .............Just how clever is this Mikey Mora, I ask?  OMG !!



    Disclosure: Long LOOK and happy to be so.
    Feb 24 1:36 AM | Link | Comment!
  • Looksmart's Gill Brown - SEM is expected to grow 15-20% in 2010
    Here's a "positive" out today .....

    Gill Brown
    (Looksmart's Vice President of Advertising Network Sales), says:

    "A lot of promising projections have been made when it comes to search ad spend in 2010.

    Efficient Frontier
    made an optimistic projection for the upcoming year (SEM [search engine marketing] is expected to grow 15-20% in 2010) and we feel similar positive sentiment."

    Yes, and Looksmart? .... "we feel similar positive sentiment"

    Full article:
    .Mapping Out the Non-Proprietary Search Space: Part III Written onFeb 23, 2010 
    Author Gill Brown 

    cartographerADOTAS – This is the last entry in a three-part series on the non-proprietary search space. Check out part one and part two.

    As this series on the non-proprietary search market comes to a close, hopefully we have shed some valuable light on the broader search advertising industry, beyond the “big three” search engines — Google, Yahoo! and Microsoft.

    In parts one and two of the series, we discussed what the non-proprietary search industry is, why it matters and what the challenges and opportunities involved really are. In this third and final portion of the series, we’ll explore specific non-proprietary search partners, how you can make the most of your ad spend with them and what to expect from the industry at large in 2010.

    re; these “supplemental search networks,” as one ADOTAS reader termed them?

    Notable companies in the non-proprietary search industry include our company, LookSmart, as well as companies like Ask, AdKnowledge, 7Search, and Some of these companies, for instance, have their own owned-and-operated search site, but the vast majority of their traffic comes from other sources.

    So, how do you choose? (bla, bla, bla .....)

    Do they have conversion tracking capabilities?

    Can they meet your campaign goals? Can they tailor your campaigns to help you achieve your specific success metrics (ROI, CPA, page views [see below], etc)? Do they offer a customer support team that is geared toward helping you achieve success?

    2. Power of the Platform: Make sure your non-proprietary search vendor has advanced targeting and tracking capabilities to help optimize your campaigns and reach your goals more efficiently.

    • Geo-targeting
    • Ad scheduling/day parting
    • Keyword targeting
    • Site-level targeting and budget capping
    • Ad rotation

    How many queries do you process daily?


    This is a very good article to read in full. As is the one linked below.  It goes a lot further and simplifies the Ad Network existence in relation to publishers.

    I feel when Exchanges get to be more fully "up and running" (when Microsoft re-introduce their AdECN, for starters), more competition will then increase CPM payments due to the increase in advertisers being introduced to select (available) publisher inventory.

    This will help the Looksmart AdCenter 'management' side of the Looksmart advertising network as a higher (that percentage) handling fee (for the "inter-connecting" of Ad/pubs through those Exchanges), can then be anticipated.

    10 Things to Consider When Choosing an Ad Network - Food Blog Alliance

    That means at 1000 "page views" a day, you'll make $3 per day from those ads, or $90 a month. Depending on the ad network, and the time of year (more spending ...

    Ads for the most part work off of a CPM model, or "Cost Per Thousand" impressions. [Yes, those "queries "] - Let's just say you can get a $3 net CPM for all the ads (combined) on your pages. That means at 1000 page views a day, you'll make $3 per day from those ads, or $90 a month."

    Any above comments made are (in) my own honest opinion, as always.


    Disclosure: LONG LOOK
    Feb 23 9:34 PM | Link | Comment!
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