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Longstanding investor in Looksmart (and a 70 yr old ex-tradesman), who has a passionate interest in the problems of newspapers along with their success in all their monetisation attempts made, on the web. For the "times are indeed, a changin", I feel. [17th of Aug, 2011 - Print media... More
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  • Yahoo! - Is back to post CENSORSHIP on it's LOOK Finance board. (1)
    My spirit was high yesterday when I waxed lyrical of the Yahoo! Birthday. And I had congratulated CEO Carol Bartz in no uncertain terms.

    My previous post was made in the best of 'faith' in my wishing of a ...[Happy Birthday Yahoo! - Here's a Tip to help Ms. Bartz celebrate], but I've got a "sore" head now and clearly, it's not from my 'over-celebrating' at all.

    My son and his partner had opened an account on Yahoo Finance and asked me to post my "thoughts" on their behalf. (He is a shareholder, himself). "She" had put her details on the membership form with me then posting as a female.. I can live with that. :)

    And after-all I (myself) had been barred access under my own steam, as I had often protested of many times on my blog, here. CENSORSHIP is a nasty piece of fascism that surely must be fought (tooth and nail), under any circumstances.

    In fact, it was another member here on Seeking Alpha (who posts on a ShareCafe Finance site in Australia as Mike Mora), who had announced the ceasement of my Yahoo membership.

    "Smart Look" (a disgruntled shareholder), who is known to me as Mike Mora, a small business operator in Fresno California. "Sierra Web Marketing".

    I'm not sure if I'd be rushing out to buy a "used car" off him? Other may choose to do so though.

    Smart Look on my instaBlog "Yahoo Finance is a disgrace Shashi Seth".. "Let it be known you have been kicked off Yahoo!.."

    Mike Mora's comments should speak for themselves.
    And he really does handle the truth very carelessly, I might add.

    I have now asked Mike Mora the following question in my post made today (under my son's partners alias), over on Yahoo!:

    < Who is in this possible 'conspiracy' with you? Surely NOT Looksmart, Mikey? They couldn't be that silly, could they? Perhaps a contact to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission ("SEC") may get to the bottom of it? > 

    The post: (And it's content, has since been deleted)

    Re: Microsoft and AdECN

    The main (this) post removed yesterday concerned a Co called Acquisio.

    < .........."Integrate data from Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing and Microsoft Adcenter into one easy to use management and reporting tool designed specifically to save you money, while improving your firm's performance".>

    It went unnoticed but that's to be expected.

    ..I had also opined, that when Microsoft do get their AdECN publisher Exchange 'on the road' (and, do re-introduce it, soon), it will then help to "cut out" the 'middle-man'. (The Ad networks).

    This then allows for larger publisher members who can have DSP (demand side platforms - agencies, and the big advertisers), to then come directly through the AdECN 'exchange' (and the "inter-connecting") process to reach them (with the private labeled AdCenter, providing the 'enabling' of both DSP's and publishers), and will then get to save publishers that extra cost.


    [n a not-atypical scenario, a publisher may only receive $1 of a $5 cost-per-thousand media buy once all the middlemen have taken their tithes. Where does the rest go? According to an estimate from Tolman Geffs, co-president of investment bank Jordan Edmiston, it gets divided like this: The agency ($.75), ad network ($2), data provider ($0.75), ad exchange ($0.25) and the ad server ($0.25).]

    But what are DSP? It would seem that everyone is one, these days?

    And yes, that initial (the top) paragraph does refer to Acquisio who advise they help to automate PPC management across all major platforms.

    And (I M H O) Acquisio (who also have an App for Apple's iPhone) are just that "one step" away from linking with Looksmart OPEN marketplace. But time will tell, as always.

    Pretty innocent speculation one must surely feel?

    Unless (of course) it is all being removed by Looksmart? My concern is where does Mike Mora (who "trades the stock") get to fit in? Is he appointed by the Co, to specifically "watch the board"?

    Does this then not make him an "insider", should that (in fact) be the case?

    Mike had posted to me:

    had most firmly declared in a post, that I should:

    <........................Keep it personal and OFF LOOK .....................>

    And in much stronger terms:

    <..................... you must be, and will be stopped.....................>

    I mean, just WHO does he 'work' for or, on behalf of?

    And a conspiracy can be as few as TWO persons, no? - Does he "trade" on the "what's hot" and what's "not" basis? On the advice he could be recieving back from the Co? Why does Yahoo! knowingly "support" such bastardry?

    Yahoo knowingly assisting FRAUDULENT activity? - Italian Judge

    Yahoo knowingly assisting FRAUDULENT activity? - Italian Judge (2)

    Wouldn't that constitute (Mike and a Yahoo acomplice) as being insiders though? Why is he obsessed, I wonder? IF he is a "bone fide" poster,no problems, at all.

    But he is clearly NOT, in my view. He had once told me of a "friend" working in Yahoo! He "went right off the handle" in reply to my own thoughts yesterday

    Latest posts deleted, less than 2 hours ago. (And, circa 5.00pm Bris. Aust time)

    Re: Not here to "win friends and influence people"
    lookshareholder@y...Rate it3-Mar-10 08:45 pm
    "But the Emperor has no clothes!"
    lookshareholder@y...Rate it3-Mar-10 08:36 pm
    Re: Not here to "win friends and influence people"
    stock_sensei3-Mar-10 08:26 pm
    Re: Look Who Crawled back from another banning
    lookshareholder@y...Rate it3-Mar-10 07:54 pm

    Re: Looksmart's Q4 Report
    lookshareholder@y...Rate it3-Mar-10 06:29 pm
    Re: Expected next earnings release: (As predicted)
    lookshareholder@y...Rate it3-Mar-10 06:22 pm
    Re: Expected next earnings release: (As predicted)
    lookshareholder@y...Rate it3-Mar-10 06:19 pm
    Re: FACEBOOK deal ...NO DEAL
    onestockrock3-Mar-10 06:08 pm
    Re: FACEBOOK deal ....(Omniture)
    lookshareholder@y...Rate it3-Mar-10 06:07 pm
    Re: You can be guaranteed one thing
    onestockrock3-Mar-10 06:05 pm
    Re: Expected next earnings release:
    texas16qldRate it3-Mar-10 05:45 pm
    Re: FACEBOOK deal ....(Omniture)
    lookshareholder@y...Rate it3-Mar-10 05:42 pm
    Re: FACEBOOK deal ....
    lookshareholder@y...Rate it3-Mar-10 05:29 pm

    Continued in a follow-up post....

    Disclosure: Long LOOK

    Mar 04 4:12 AM | Link | Comment!
  • Happy Birthday Yahoo! - Here's a Tip to help Ms. Bartz celebrate
    Yahoo can only go forward from here. The 'message' is from within a NY Times 'Bits' (Blog) birthday interview [A Yahoo Birthday Party With Carol Bartz] where Ms. Bartz said Yahoo would likely acquire some companies this year as it furthers its push into content and advertising.

    Ms. Bartz (also) said she expected that Yahoo’s recent loss of market share in search would get to end soon as Yahoo focuses anew on making search prominent in all its properties. “Search revenue will grow this quarter,” she said.

    But it was the Yahoo! CEO's appearance on the CNBC's Power Lunch today [Yahoo's Bartz: Company Would 'Absolutely' Entertain Buyout Offers‎] that got me thinking. (Isn't she so charming? - yes,she is!). Certainly when Ms. Bartz spoke so boldly about the 600 million users that Yahoo! do happen to have.

    Here's a "tip" and a means of further capitalising on this luxury by extending the very 'social aspect' within many of those sites that Yahoo! users visit regularly.

    Yahoo! should carefully consider doing a shared revenues deal with Google and permit the posting of videos from Google's YouTube to some of those social sites. eg; By allowing the embedding of video clips from YouTube to be played from posts made at (say) Yahoo Finance (as an example), it will then get to enhance the user 'visit' to such a site. 

    (When discussing a Co as being a likely "takover target" in recent times, Australia's own Sea Biscuit and a "people's champion" video came to mind, to post. - -Yahoo! Finance doesn't support a link. (Sadly ...sob ..It's enough to 'excite' any investor or, animal lover. Especially the ones that go fast! - And to see them race 'live' with someone as nice as Ms.Bartz on your arm is even better, too!)

    They'll (Yahoo users) stay a lot longer and get to enjoy their regular visit much more by a slow morphing into that increasingly popular 'social aspect', that such a move can bring. OPEN Ads can so easily be both targeted and accounted for by a 'neutral' (and independent) "inter-connector" such as is (I feel) already envisaged (and a long-held belief, by this writer), within a growing global advertiser-publisher marketplace. All video sites (in fact - a means to an end) should be 'co-peting' along these very same lines.

    The ubiquitousness of both web content (and when combined with some  supporting "shared-revenues" geo-d and or, behavioural type Ads), would then seem such a 'natural' revenue share that would surely prove to be a "win-win" for all concerned. Most of all in the above case, Yahoo! users.

    "Use it or, lose it"?


    Disclosure: Long LOOK and happy to be so.
    Mar 02 9:47 PM | Link | Comment!
  • "DSPs Stir Up Drama" for Publishers.- Is it bluff?
    Publishers are concerned..........."The mining of data is the problem, I feel. And whilst marketers are being inundated with all sorts of wonderful claims of 'rocket science' analytics, those same marketers are possibly 'pushing the envelope' far to hard, at this early stage of the game. Publishers are clearly in a state of "shock-horror" and is it any wonder why"?

    And I had felt this way for some time now. A suggested solution? It's not too late for a clearly defined premium and secondary marketplace. (Link)

    From comes the story that (in spite of some probable, early 'bluffing' going on), publishers are far from being happy.

    ......."Publishers are mainly concerned with pricing and data. Sellers fear that advertisers may pay a decent CPM to cherry-pick a specific target on their sites but may not buy much else, resulting in smaller purchases overall."

    "DSPs, such as VivaKi (Publicis) and Cadreon (NYSE:IPG), were a hot topic last week at the Interactive Advertising Bureau annual confab in Carlsbad, Calif., with publisher sentiments ranging from wariness to downright paranoia."

    Story: "DSPs Stir Up Drama"

    < Not every ad seller is as concerned.

    We are approaching this as complementary to our direct sales,” said Peter Naylor, svp of digital media sales for NBCU.>

    < But to date, he said the dollars being spent have been purposefully modest, and NBCU has been deliberately cautious. “We’re taking this campaign by campaign.”>

    < Some believe that much of the DSP fear is a byproduct of the recession. “There are a lot of misconceptions over DSPs,” said Michael Barrett, CEO of the yield optimization firm AdMeld. >

    < ..Barrett, who previously ran sales at AOL and Fox Interactive Media, said that DSPs were primarily aimed at improving efficiency, not appropriating data, which could happen during any ad buy. He acknowledges that some sites could see order sizes shrink if DSPs isolate the most desirable visitors. “But the question then becomes, ‘What are you going to sell them—stuff they don’t want?’”>

    < .........George said that Cadreon has already worked with 27 different ad networks. But more than 50 percent of its business has been done directly with publishers.

    < Yet many publishers doubt just how much inventory is flowing through DSPs beyond small tests; some contend that the entire trend is overhyped, and not something they need to worry about right now.>

    < Said one prominent online ad seller. “These businesses don’t have a sliver of the market. At best they aspire to be a sliver in 36 months.”>

    In addition to my 'suggested solution' (top link), a premium publisher would then (only) need set an 'own' minumum CPM rate (using that suggested [a] minimum "bench-mark" rate on a desired (and specifically  targeted) site, as a starting point), and wait and see if advertisers then, get to reach them? (They'll quickly get to 'find' each other and come together, no doubt)


    Mar 01 7:14 AM | Link | Comment!
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