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Longstanding investor in Looksmart (and a 70 yr old ex-tradesman), who has a passionate interest in the problems of newspapers along with their success in all their monetisation attempts made, on the web. For the "times are indeed, a changin", I feel. [17th of Aug, 2011 - Print media... More
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  • "Fictions Arise From The Law, And Not Law From Fictions."

    The "fiction of law", is now dead.

    "Fictions arise from the law, and not law from fictions."

    (Well, they once did so.)

    The clearly 'lawful' fact is and remains - as a living women, Lorraine Martin was arrested.

    (Put on your 'thinking caps'. Fascinating story, this one.)

    Ignorance of the law (from the Hearst newspapers), is also no excuse.

    She lost her case (I feel) only because her representation in court (with her, as a living women Lorraine Martin, being the "Plaintiff-Appellant" in this case) has not yet realised that the "fiction of law" now - no longer exists. In that it now lacks any "power" or, backing from the crown. The Pontiff.

    (They then had a need to have been in or, should now go on to the Supreme court, of law. And as a living women Lorraine Martin.)

    The ongoing Fraud of the "fiction"....

    The matter before the court, surrounds: "Plaintiff-Appellant Lorraine Martin brought an action alleging libel and other publication-related claims against media outlets that published accounts of her 2010 arrest.

    She alleged that although the accounts were factually true when published, they became false and defamatory when the charges against her were nolled because, under Connecticut's Criminal Records Erasure Statute, when charges against an individual are nolled or dismissed, that individual's criminal records are erased and he [she] is‚ deemed to have never been arrested."

    The [Lorraine] Martin "Team" misunderstands the effect of the Erasure Statute. That it is her as the defendant (her "fiction" NAME, as LORRAINE MARTIN) that is no longer considered to have been arrested.

    [Page 11/15] - "In short, the Erasure Statute requires the state to erase certain official records of an arrest and [then] grants the defendant the legal status of one who has not been arrested.

    But the Erasure Statute's effects end there.

    The statute creates legal fictions, but it does not and cannot undo historical facts or convert once-true facts into falsehoods."

    That case:

    Always, only an opinion.


    Mar 12 8:03 PM | Link | Comment!
  • Was Obama Answering To The Rule Of Law? ("Do No Harm")

    Rule of Law ("Do no Harm")

    The world as we know it, is changing......

    What if Obama was applying the "Rule of Law" in the strictest of sense?

    That the world of the 193 states of the UNITED NATIONS' corporation (and, at law) now has, no boundaries? And that he (Obama) was under extreme pressure for him to rule this way?

    < "On twenty-two different occasions, President Obama told the American people ..... that he lacked the legal authority to bypass Congress and grant amnesty through Executive Order.

    ....... However, in November he reversed course and issued an Executive Order to grant amnesty to millions of individuals living in the United States illegally." >

    Brian Babin (the representative for the 36th Congressional District of Texas) mentions a lot about, the Rule of Law.

    He thinks it is all and only about, constitutional law. How sad.

    Story: BABIN: Restoring the Rule of Law

    We have a world that's shouting out for that need to adhere to the "Rule of Law", yet it would seem to me that most men/women who are within the corporate governments (certainly those within the 193 states of the UN corporation), are only wanting their own "law", and for them to be 'sovereign' rulers, within their own realm.

    [And] That "they" (themselves), don't answer to law.

    Rule of Law (News)

    Instablog (Rule of Law)

    Always, only an opinion.


    Mar 09 9:32 PM | Link | 2 Comments
  • CROWN Land - This Land Is Your Land/My Land

    It's that "long paddock" or, what is "crown" land in the out-back of Australia or, crown land all over the land - that belongs to the Living men and women, as Living Beneficiaries of, the Global Estate.

    ......"We have nine parcels of public land we are currently working through with the Crown Lands department ....... to be freed up for industrial or residential development" said the mayor.

    Global Estate:


    And it's about all the land that mostly belongs in Trust to "we" the living men and women in the world, and by/through the "crown"- is so easily "stolen" from us and through our ignorance and it is stolen by the corporations, and only to then be monetised. ("nine parcels of public land")


    There's not one piece of "crown" land here in Australia that we (as Living Beneficiaries of the Global Estate Trust) cannot lawfully go and live on and to grow our crops, peacefully and to freely access the, any available water, etc ...

    (Shouldn't we be learning, just why this is so?)

    And it's why we (as travelers) can FREE-ly access the roads that we living men and women can "share", and at law we do NOT need any "Rego" or, a Licence for us to do so. We don't (none of us) need to be "governed" (CONtrolled) by other men and women. (As slaves to them.)

    We all share that one Law - Do no Harm.

    Rule of Law

    Under the "Rule of Law", all men and women are equals, at law.

    And you hear it so often ... "The law of the land is common law."

    What they are really saying is (I feel), that the law of the land is "common" to all. (That we were born into or, that we are living on the land. - that land called Australia, New Zealand, the Americas, Canada, etc.)

    This land is controlled (at law) as part of the Global Estate with the sovereign crown and "lawmaker" (himself), being the Trustee.

    < "The Papal Bulls that sanctioned the invasion and exploitation of Indigenous peoples lands all around the world are still valid." >

    < "However, the legacy of Terra Nullius remains with the Crown retaining the underlying sovereignty of all land in Australia." >

    The question is (does it really need any further explaining?), just who/what is the "crown"? And just who, controls the land? (With ALL the people- the living beneficiaries of the land, as part of that Global Estate Trust. The Pope being, The Trustee.) >

    That Law:

    We all share that one ('natural') Law - Do no Harm.

    The Pope doesn't give that to us.. as the "crown", he administers it... and he is the Trustee...and he is the lawmaker.

    In closing and in regards to that "Doctrine of Discovery". (And as is linked above.)

    They simply cannot "cherry pick" one LAW saying that it is "valid" (for the "originals of the land" to comply with) and then disregard all other Law or, that supreme "system of law" over us all - that comes from the Holy SEE, in Rome.

    "Do no Harm" Yes ... and Woody Guthrie was 100% correct!

    Always, only an opinion.


    ps; Says it all... "is a juristic entity" (Oh yeah!!)

    Mar 04 10:56 PM | Link | 1 Comment
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