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Longstanding investor in Looksmart (and a 70 yr old ex-tradesman), who has a passionate interest in the problems of newspapers along with their success in all their monetisation attempts made, on the web. For the "times are indeed, a changin", I feel. [17th of Aug, 2011 - Print media... More
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  • The STORY Of The CENTURY (So Far.)

    The STORY of the CENTURY (So far.)

    Whilst this is a UK matter, the resolution (or, the 'bottom line') is the same as it is here in Australia or, most any other part of the western world.

    They quote that "power" is arrived at from the "Local Government Finance Act 1992" and subsequent regulations.

    (click to enlarge)


    All corporations are "registered" with and are under the law of the Holy SEE in Rome.

    All states (be it the U.S. SEC "registered" corporate Australia or, a State of Australia, as defined/commonly known), are part of the 193 states of the UNITED NATIONS' corporation - are "registered" with and are under the law of the Holy SEE in Rome.

    The UNITED NATIONS' corporation itself is "registered" with and is under the law of the Holy SEE in Rome.

    Most ALL living men and women working within these 193 states of the UNITED NATIONS' corporation (& from off their Live Birth date or, the given Name/s - eg; Ross James, for me) are then uniquely numbered and as such are 'bonded' at Law. (Held in Rome.)

    They then all become part of and or, are the living beneficiaries of the superior Global Estate Trust (the now, only lawful Trust as the inferior so called "public trusts" are now, all unlawful), with all then being under and protected by the Law of the Trustee, being Pope Francis, and as living men and women. (Just as we mostly all are. Who are born in a hospital.)

    A corporation (being a dead fiction entity, just as this council is, over in the UK and as are all our councils here, in Australia), cannot NOTICE any living man or, woman for Rates Taxes or, whatever. (As it can't type, etc, it's dead.)

    And at this the Pope's law, no living man or, woman can get to punish (apply an administrative sanction/Tax on) another living man or, woman.

    That would then be clearly deemed as being an admission of slavery, if this was the case. (Only a competent Justice and only when found guilty in a proper court of Law can ever get to sanction [or, punish] a living man or, women.)

    The Pope has made this very clear in his Law, issued Motu Proprio.

    [In his advice on the Pope's September 1st, 2013 Law, the Secretary for Relations with States Abp. Dominique Mamberti makes mention of this and the "rule of law", within the following;

    ............ "One of the cornerstones of the system introduced by this law is constituted by the so-called rule of law, as a result of which administrative sanctions .. may be imposed only in cases defined by law." [Itself]]

    Because the Pope has now destroyed the Roman cult that (and, under previous corrupt Popes) had once powered the "fiction of law", we are all now living men and women in matters of Law.

    Subsequently, the very 'fiction' surrounding the NAME "game" itself, no longer exists since September 1st, 2013. At Law. The living sovereign Pontiff has said so.

    The fiction of law now lacks any 'power' at law. It cannot be granted by any living man or, woman, outside of the lawmaker himself, the Pontiff. (There no longer is a "crown", to power it.)

    In court matters (and generally speaking) The 'Crown' is just the name sometimes used for various GOCs, departments or other agencies of the corporate government/s. (Be it Federal or State).

    Time to request a refund (plus reasonable interest) from all of the living CEO's or, men or, women in charge of these (any) organisation that you may have been fraudulently NOTICED from and coerced by or, from relating to anything at all involving, the fiction of law. (Yes, Telco's, Power suppliers, the Banks, Councils, Parking Fines, Rego's, Licences, etc, etc ...)

    Yes, as they had/have no lawful "power" whatsoever for them to have done and continue to do so.

    Hold them all personally accountable and fully (commercially) LIABLE, in that they ought to have known of their unlawfulness.

    Sorry to have taken so long to relay this message on to members. ;)

    The Facebook Group (Join now?):

    Always, only an opinion.


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  • Mark McMurtrie:Gunham Badi Jakamarra - And, Blind As A Possum?

    As posted on Facebook:

    Yes .... "There are none so blind as those who cannot SEE"

    Mark McMurtrie: [True Dave,] "Anyone who wishes to stand under the Sovereign Union Government and wait till they see the light are welcome to do so....., given how closely aligned they are to the crown (as can be seen from the Crown's Federal AB-Original Affairs minister congratulating them on a job well done for last weeks mess at Alice) it may be some time - if ever - that they get free from the Crown and its' behind the scenes agents." [December 8 at 4:00 pm]


    Mark McMurtrie has 20 years experience in uncovering the fraud of the Crowns' claim to Sovereignty or dominion over the land and Tribes of this continent. Mark has a broad and in depth knowledge of how the parliaments of the UK and Australia have fraudulently tried to claim ownership over Tribal lands and people ....... and has been instrumental in exposing the actions of the Crown Corporations' enslaving of Australians without Australians even knowing by using legal processes such as Capitus Dominutio Maxima

    < "Heed the words of this fascinating and colourful (to put it mildly) character with an IQ of 160 and a "photographic" memory for learning law."

    "I am Kokatha and Tharawal, not 'Australian.' My parents' Tribes have never ceded our Sovereignty to the Crown nor any other entity, corporate or otherwise.

    I am fighting for the Sovereignty of the Tribes to be not only acknowledged but respected and taken into account as it properly should be.

    I am a father and grandfather, and am fighting this fight not only for my own people to be free, but so that everyone living here can be."

    Mark McMurtrie, the public face of the Original Sovereign Tribal Federation, has addressed the UN in person regarding the sovereignty of the original tribes of the landmass that has since been dubbed "Australia." >

    What is CROWN?

    The sovereign power in a monarchy, especially in relation to the punishment of crimes. "Felony is an offense of the crown." Finch, Law, b. 1, c. 16. An ornamental badge of regal power worn on the head by sovereign princes. The word is frequently used when speaking of the sovereign himself, or the rights, duties, and prerogatives belonging to him.

    Law Dictionary:
    From a Facebook conversation:

    Mark McMurtrie ...20 years in Law and doesn't yet know there is no corporate crown?

    Mark commented:

    < "and the OSTF has served documents on the Crown to that effect">

    The reply: Begging them to be heard, Mark?

    The (your so called) "crown" you talk of to the "Tribes", is not Law Mark.


    Yes, it's like water of a duck's back. One minute he talks "lore", the next it's Acts and Statutes and when confronted with Law, he shits himself!!

    And I am a little "concerned" about you Mark and as to exactly where you have "positioned" yourself, in life. Yes, I am. :(

    Twice now you have played the "racist" card on me. Not nice.

    Shit stirrer?

    Still don't know where and on whose head that "crown" sits over in Rome, Mark? On the head of the Law-maker himself?

    The Queen? You never stop telling the "Tribes" that she is the "crown", don't you? Why Mark? For you to deceive them?

    Learn Mark?

    That .... it's over... ??

    British parliament and the 'crown' will cease to exist when The Lisbon Treaty comes in to full effect on 1st November 2014, power will no longer reside in Westminster, but in Brussels.


    Magna Carta ...the Crown?

    And Mark ... you always "talk" Acts, Statutes and Legislation as if it were Law? Your law, Mark? (Just wondering.)

    You (after 20 years of studying "Law" - one PR sheet says 30 years), you never did quite learn what Law was about Mark, did you?

    And just who it is that the Judges/Justice answer to, at Law?

    That there IS a Rule of Law? And that even the highest profile men/women in the world answer to it, when called to do so?

    You may find this hard to believe when considering that Obama who is the CEO of the 193 odd 'states' of the UNITED STATES' corporation of, the UNITED NATIONS' corporation- must also answer to the Law.

    Yet, it's clear or, should be that even Obama either answers to or, is expected to answer to, the Law. (Rule of Law?)

    Another question to you Mark: Who has the "power", at Law?

    [Judge Jerry E. ] Smith: (To Dana Lydia Kaersvang-DOJ Attorney)

    "I would like to have from you by noon on Thursday a letter stating what is the position of the Attorney General and the Department of Justice, in regard to the recent statements by the President stating specifically and in detail in reference to those statements what the authority is of the federal courts in this regard in terms of judicial review.

    That letter needs to be at least three pages single spaced, no less, and it needs to be specific.

    [And] It needs to make specific reference to the President's statements and again to the position of the Attorney General and the Department of Justice."

    [Just in case you missed it.] Great story:

    Can't yet SEE it? (An IQ of 160?) Are you...Blind, as a Possum?

    Let me help you and the "Tribes", Mark?

    Rule of Law

    (Here's the Pope's address to the European Parliament in Strasbourg 25/11/2014.)

    < I feel bound to stress the close bond between these two words: "dignity" and "transcendent". >

    < "What dignity can there be without a clear juridical framework which limits the rule of force and enables the rule of law to prevail over the power of tyranny?">

    < "Promoting the dignity of the person means recognizing that he or she possesses inalienable rights which no one may take away arbitrarily, much less for the sake of economic interests." >

    Address commences circa 8 minute mark of video.

    Full Text:

    Just whose "side" are you on, Mark? Are you not ...'running with hare and hunting with the hounds'?

    The OSTF?

    "It is alarming that Mark McMurtrie and his Original Sovereign Tribal Federation is traveling throughout the country denouncing the Interim Sovereign Union, National Unity Government movement."

    Is it a case of ...."Show me the colour of da money", Mark?

    (Or, is it .. Show me your "friends" and I'll tell you who you are?)

    < "Another move by Mark McMurtrie in the past 8 years has been somewhat deceitful in that he went to central Australia and got himself initiated into the Walpiri law in order to gain a tribal name and association. Having achieved this, he now argues that he has the authority of the ancient lore/law of the Aboriginal people which permits him to represent the elders of the law." - Michael Anderson

    (Jumping on the band-waggon, Mark?)

    (Yidindji) Original Sovereign Tribes

    Yidindji -

    Questions, and in no particular order:

    "My parents' Tribes"? What "Tribes" are your parents from, Mark?

    Were both your Mother and Father Walpiri people?

    Were you born in a hospital, Mark? If so, which one? Where?

    Why have you (and, only today) and it appears you have done so purposely - swung the Facebook "conversation" away from the general "discussion"?

    You have maliciously named me as being a "pedo" on Facebook, didn't you?

    Mark ..... Why this LIE? When will your apology be forthcoming?

    Mark McMurtrie
    12 hrs ·
    "Ross Bradley - if you see this pedo stalking your pages - block him and his idiotic behavior....."
    Like ·

    Today you have maligned a very prominent activist also (Michael Anderson), and I am wondering why, Mark? Were my "crown" questions to you yesterday too much for you? Have you only just become "aware" of EXACTLY where the "crown" (itself), sits?

    Mark McMurtrie: "he has been reposting the spray that Michael Anderson did on me a couple of years ago where he takes the piss out of me for (amongst other things) outing pedophiles.......

    I don't know why Anderson would be down on me for outing the pedos, that is interesting in its' own right.....but for some reason this Ross dip shit is trying to use that to take the piss out of me.

    I'll say now what I said then......take as much of the piss out of me as you want-I will continue to out and expose pedos 7 days a week."
    10 hrs · Like · 4

    Mark McMurtrie: "Barry - ask him why he was using Andersons' story about me outing the pedos to try and take the piss......"
    10 hrs · Like
    Mark ...where in any of the "conversation" yesterday did I make any reference whatsoever to your "outing pedophiles....', as mentioned within the linked (Michael Anderson), true story on you?

    You in fact, made yet another mention when interjecting on a 2nd thread. No? You were then removed from the group.

    Mark McMurtrie:"I wouldn't rely on anything a pedo Ross."

    Did you rebutt any of Michael's assertions, Mark? Did you sue him? I mean, you are a "regular" at that (sue-ing people), aren't you?

    Ross Bradley .
    He [Mark] has had a long history of not getting along with his fellow man. (It seems.)

    "McMurtrie's beginnings weren't in law or land-rights activism but panel beating.

    ........ In 2002, he [Mark] sued the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission for $33 million in damages after losing out on a business grant worth $35,000. His four-year suit was unsuccessful. In 2007, he sued a former friend over money and property,losing again."

    [Should be called, Sue McMurtrie?]

    Mark's best mate (it appears) is a chauvinist in "Peter-Andrew: Nolan©", a men's rights activist who encourages men to fight rape charges with sovereign citizen tactics ..... and bans women from reproducing his name without written permission in red ink.

    On his website Crimes Against Fathers, Nolan ranks McMurtrie among the "Great Australian Heros [sic]".

    Oh, Mark!!

    For you Mark, it's always only been about MONEY, it would seem?

    Mark McMurtrie July 7, 2014 at 11:48 pm

    @ Runs with scissors:

    ........................."I am more than happy as a Tribal Sovereign man not to take from the Crown's thieving marauding minions nor their administrations...

    I do not expect ANY white-man's government to hand over money for nothing, BUT - they SHOULD pay the rent (including back-rent), pay for the natural resources stolen from my Tribes lands, and ASK before they undertake any more trading of OUR heritage, lands, people or law.

    BTW - you would be welcome to stay if you could be so kind as to pay your way."

    You called me a racist, Mark? (Twice.)

    Ross Bradley

    Mark McMurtrie. (Pic.)

    And, me?

    From Facebook, just now: (Sic)

    Chris Heinjus: "There is nothing worse than an evil person who uses a false allegation such as paedophillia etc.

    I am offended deeply for Ross Bradley whom I know so well as a decent and caring human being. A man who cares so much about the world and its future generations that he has devoted his time and effort to studying some of the great deceptions of mankind and is actually DOING something about it-Not just talking about it.

    I see many who knock Ross for his 'eccentricities' (I feel that's a good word to describe you Rossco-as you are NOT the norm...You are exceptional and dedicated passionately to a worthy cause-a cause that is aiming to uncover and right justice.) I understand that some may be frustrated when Ross says "Do some research" or "Didn't you read the thread" etc... Sometimes Ross (no offence meant here) that you are streets ahead of others but sometimes don't quite realise it, or perhaps you are just so frustrated that others haven't yet caught up?)

    I often have a brain meltdown when reading all about the subjects spoken about here. I know that Ross can speak volumes on the subject-to the point where I get lost in the maze of it all! I guess that a past stroke has taken its toll on some of my ability to comprehend a lot of what is said, but I STILL get the gist of it and I realise that we live in a very corrupted world...A world where things will get a whole lot worse before it gets better-BUT IT WILL...

    Thank you to ALL who are fighting this battle and participating in the debate and discussions that I do read from time to time , not only from me , but from the generations to come, who may look back at you all one day and say things like "These folk made things better for the world" and "These people were some of the few who dared to speak up about injustice in the world and dared to do something about it!"

    Having been falsely accused of things due to parental alienation, I understand just how hurtful and how immoral and unjust people can be to others.

    I sincerely hope and pray that this group grows and remains on the whole, united and focused on what this is REALLY about-Not just trying to get out of paying a fine-but exposing a HUGE case of a corrupt system that is enslaving most people and turning their lives into a miserable existence.

    Keep up the good work Ross! Cheers!"

    6 mins · Edited · Like


    Always, only an opinion.

    LC (AKA, Ross Bradley.)

    PS; Join us on Facebook?

    Dec 10 8:51 PM | Link | 3 Comments
  • Here In AUSTRALIA......The Straw That Broke The Camel's Back. I Do Declare!

    [Down under] Here in AUSTRALIA....

    Folks ....THIS, is the BIGGEST Story of the YEAR!!

    Learn of it!! Please!!

    (This is it! The straw that broke the camel's back. I do declare!)

    By Dr David Pascoe BVSc PhD OVH Repro

    His Page:

    ***there have been 500,000 readers of this post in 17 hours; Politicians of Australia, the people are speaking...

    Politicians of Australia, the people are speaking - and you had better listen

    Listen to Alan Jones, as you read this?



    Dear Men and Women of Australia,

    There are two photographs on this page, and while they might look like father and daughter, they are separated by two nations, one ocean and some seventy years.

    Yet incredibly, they are both part of the same tragedy, the kind that leaves deep and irreparable scars on a nation and its people for a lifetime.

    The young woman who was born in 1907. The elderly man who was born twenty years later in 1927.

    The photograph of the woman was taken in the Great Depression of 1936 when the man was still only 9 years old.

    Her name was Florence Owens Thompson and she was a 32 year old mother of seven who was photographed sitting homeless in a tent.

    The image was published across the newspapers of America and it managed to enraged the nation, because people could not believe that Americans could be treated in such a way.

    It forced President Roosevelt to act, to step up and become a leader for his times: he launched soup kitchens, work gangs, programs for the homeless, dams and roads and railways were built - and he gave his people hope.

    John Steinbeck later wrote a book called The Grapes of Wrath which became an American literary Icon. It was about a drought that made the farmers penniless - and how the banks had forced them off their land so they could sell it on to the big powerful corporations. What happened to the farmers of Oklahoma ultimately carved a deep and shameful scar across the American identity that was felt throughout the Twentieth Century.

    The second photograph on this page is of Charlie Phillott, now 87, an elderly farmer from the ruggedly beautiful Carisbrooke Station at Winton. He has owned his station since 1960, nurtured it and loved it like a part of his own flesh. He is a grand old gentleman, one of the much loved and honoured fathers of his community.

    Not so long ago, the ANZ bank came and drove him off his beloved station because the drought had devalued his land and they told him he was considered an unviable risk. Yet Charlie Phillott has never once missed a single mortgage payment.

    Today this dignified Grand Old Man of the West is living like some hunted down refugee in Winton, shocked and humiliated and penniless. And most of all, Charlie Phillott is ashamed, because as a member of the Great Generation - those fine and decent and ethical men and women who built this country - he believes that what happened to him was somehow his own fault. And the ANZ Bank certainly wanted to make sure they made him feel like that.

    Last Friday my wife Heather and I flew up with Alan Jones to attend the Farmers Last Stand drought and debt meeting in Winton.

    And after what I saw being done to our own people, I have never been more ashamed to be Australian in my life.

    What is happening out there is little more than corporate terrorism: our own Australian people are being bullied, threatened and abused by both banks and mining companies until they are forced off their own land.

    ..So we must ask: is this simply to move the people off their land and free up it up for mining by foreign mining companies or make suddenly newly emptied farms available for purchase by Chinese buyers?

    As outrageous as it might seem, all the evidence flooding in seems to suggest that this is exactly what is going on.

    What is the role of Government in all of this? Why have both the State and Federal Government stood back and allowed such a dreadful travesty to happen to our own people?

    Where was Premier Campbell Newman on this issue? Where was Prime Minister Abbott? The answer is no-where to be seen.

    For the last few months, the Prime Minister has warned us against the threats of terrorism to our nation. We have been alerted to ISIS and its clear and present danger to the Australian people.

    Abbott has dispatched Australian military forces into the Middle East in an effort to destroy this threat to our own safety and security.

    This mobilization of our military forces has come at a massive and unbudgeted expense to the average Australian taxpayer which the Prime Minister estimates to be around half a billion dollars each year.

    We are told that terrorism is dangerous not only because of the threat to human life but also because it displaces populations and creates the massive human cost of refugees.

    Yet not one single newspaper or politician in this land has exposed the fact that the worst form of terrorism that is happening right now is going on inside the very heartland of our own nation as banks and foreign mining companies are deliberately and cruelly forcing our own Australian farmers off the land.

    What we saw in the main hall of the Winton Shire Council on Friday simply defied all description: a room filled with hundreds of broken and battered refuges from our own country. It was a scene more tragic and traumatic than a dozen desperate funerals all laced onto the one stage.

    Right now, all over the inland of both Queensland and NSW, there is nothing but social and financial carnage on a scale that has never before been witnessed in this nation.

    It was 41 degrees when we touched down at the Winton airport, and when you fly in low over this landscape it is simply Apocalyptic: there has not been a drop of rain in Winton for two years and there is not a sheep, a cow, a kangaroo, an emu or a bird in sight.

    Even the trees in the very belly of the creeks are dying.

    There is little doubt that this is a natural disaster of incredible magnitude - and yet nobody - neither state nor the federal government - is willing to declare it as such.

    The suicide rate has now reached such epic proportions right across the inland: not just the farmer who takes the walk "up the paddock" and does away with himself but also their children and their wives.

    Once again, it has barely been covered by the media, a dreadful masquerade that has assisted by the reticence and shame of honourable farming families caught in these tragic situations.

    My wife is one of the toughest women I know. Her family went into North West of Queensland as pioneers one hundred years ago: this is her blood country and these are her people . Yet when she stood up to speak to this crowd on Friday she suddenly broke down: she told me later that when she looked into the eyes of her own people, what she saw was enough to break her heart

    And yet not one of us knew it was this bad, this much of a national tragedy. The truth is that these days, the Australian media basically doesn't give a damn. .. They have been muzzled and shut down by governments and foreign mining companies to the extent that they are no longer willing to write the real story. So the responsibility is now left to people like us, to social media - and you, the Australian people.

    And so the banks have been free to play their games and completely terrorise these people at their leisure. The drought has devalued the land and the banks have seen their opportunity to strike. ..... It was exactly the excuse that they needed to clean up and make a fortune, because once the rains come - as they always do - this land will be worth four to ten times the price.

    In fact, when farmers have asked for the payout figures, the banks have been either deeply reluctant or not capable of providing the mortgage trail because they have on-sold the mortgage - just like sub-prime agriculture.

    This problem isn't simply happening in Winton, but rather right across the entire inland across Queensland and NSW. The banks have been bringing in the police to evict Australian farmers and their families from their farms, many of them multi-generational. One farmer matter of fact-ly told us it took "oh, about 7 police" to evict him from his first farm and "maybe about twelve" to evict him from his second farm which had been in his family for many generations. You think they are kidding you. Then you see the expression in their eyes.

    And there was something far worse in the room on Friday: the fear of speaking out against the banks: when we asked people to tell us who had done this to them, they would immediately start to shake and cry and look away: They have been silenced to protect the good corporate image of their tormentors called the banks. What in God's name have the bastard banks been allowed to do to our people?

    This is a travesty against the rights and the human dignity of every Australian

    So it's only fair that we start to name a few of major banks involved: The ANZ is a major culprit (& they made $7 billion profit last year).

    ..Then there is Rabo, which is now owned by Westpac (who paid CEO Gail Kelly a yearly salary of some $12 million) According to all reports, the NAB and Bank West are right in there at the trough as well - and all the rest of them are equally guilty. .. For any that we have missed, rest assured they will be publicly exposed as well

    But here's the thing: when these people are forced off their farms, they have nowhere to go. There are no refugee services waiting, such is the case for those who attempt to enter the sovereign borders of this nation. The farmers simply drive to the nearest town - that's if the banks haven't stripped their cars off them as well - and they try and find somewhere to sleep.

    Some are sleeping on the backs of trucks in swags. ...... There is basically no home or accommodation made available to take them. They camp out, shocked and broken and penniless - and they are living on weet bix and noodles. If there is someone that can lend a family enough money to buy food, they will: otherwise they are left completely alone.

    And consider this: not one of them has asked for help. Not one. They just do the best they can, ashamed and broken and brainwashed by the banks to believe that everything that has happened is completely their own fault

    There is not one single word of this from a politicians lips, with the exception of the incredibly courageous father and son team of Bob and Robbie Katter, who organised the Farmers Last Stand meeting. The Katter family have been in the North since the 1890's, and nobody who sat in that hall last Friday could question their love and commitment to their own people.

    There is barely a mention of any of this as well in the newspapers, with the exception of as brief splash of publicity that followed our visit.

    The Minister for Agriculture Barnaby Joyce attended the meeting in a bitter blue-funk kind of mood that saw him mostly hunched over and staring at the floor. He had given $100 million of financial assistance in a lousy deal where the Government will borrow at 2.75% and loan it back at 3.21%.

    The last thing these people need is another loan: they need a Redevelopment Bank to refinance their own loans: issuing a loan to pay off a loan is nothing more than financial suicide.

    The reality is that Joyce cannot get support from what he calls "the shits in Cabinet" to create a desperately needed Redevelopment Bank so that these farmers can get cheap loans to tide them through to the end of the drought.

    Our sources suggest that those "shits in Cabinet" include Malcolm Turnbull - Minister for Communications and the uber-cool trendy city-centric Liberal in the black leather jacket:, Andrew Robb - Minister for Trade and Investment and the man behind the free trade deals, the man who suddenly acquired three trendy Sydney restaurants almost overnight, the man who seems to suddenly desperate to sell off our farms to China - and one Greg Hunt, Environment Minister and the man who is instantly approving almost every single mining project that is put in front of him.

    At the conclusion of the meeting, we stood and met some of the people in the crowd. My wife talked to women who would hug her for dear life, and when they walked away people would suddenly murmur "oh, she was forced off last week" or "they are being forced off tomorrow" . Not one of them mentioned it to us. They had too much pride.

    The Australian people need to be both informed and desperately outraged about what is being done to our own people. This is about every right that was once held dear to us: human rights, property rights, civil rights. And most all, our right to freedom of speech. All of that has been taken away from these people - and the rest of us need to understand that we are probably next.

    In the last four weeks the Newman Government has removed all farmers rights to protest to a mine and given mining companies the rights to take all the water they want from the Great Artesian Basin - and at no cost to them at all.

    And all of this has happened under the watch of both Premier Newman and Prime Minister Abbott.

    Until Friday, we used to think of Winton as the home of Waltzing Matilda: it was written at a local station and first performed in the North Gregory Hotel. I think it was Don McLean who wrote, "something touched me deep inside…the day the music died"… in his song American Pie, and for us, last Friday was the day music died.

    We will never be able to sing Waltzing Matilda again until we see some justice for these people, and all the farmers of the inland.

    This is no longer the Australia we once knew: no longer our country, no longer our people, no longer the decent caring leaders we once remembered.

    Right now, the banks, the mining mates, the corrupt politicians and all the 'mongrels in suits' have won - and the Australian people don't have a clue what has been done to them.

    Like the American Depression and the iconic photograph of Florence Owens Thompson, there is a terrible, gaping wound that has been carved across the heartland of this nation.

    We need to fully grasp that, and to understand that our people - dignified, decent and honourable old men like Charlie Phillott - have been deliberately terrorised, brutalised - and sold out.

    In one sense, Charlie Phillott has become the symbol overnight of every decent Australian: the simple right to live out our lives on the land we love - and the land we are still free to call our own. At least until some dangerously persuaded corrupted trendy liberal theorist decided to strip all that away.

    The truth is, no Australian was ever consulted about whether or not they wanted to see their land mined into oblivion or see our precious water poisoned and given away for free, whether they wanted to be driven off their land by the greed of banking executives who saw the chance to make a profit by wiping out the weakest and most vulnerable amongst us.

    No Australian was ever consulted about whether or not we wanted to see our beloved homeland sold on the cheap to greedy faceless foreigners just because some slimy two-faced minister managed to convince a weakened prime minister to meekly carry out his bidding.

    Nobody has asked us. We the People. Not once.

    So if we are ever going to do something, then we'd better realise that it's now only two minutes to midnight - so we'd better move fast.



    Please share this as widely as you can across Australia.

    You are now the only truthful means we have to spread the message.

    Contact politicians, contact newspapers, radio and television stations. Demand that your voice is heard.


    Charlie Phillott (left) The Australian December 2014:

    Florence Owens Thompson (Dorothea Lange) March 1936 (originally photographed in b&w and retouched)

    Folks ....THIS, is the BIGGEST Story of the YEAR!! Learn of it!! Please!!(This is it! The straw that broke the camel

    This is so sad.


    Dec 08 11:39 PM | Link | 1 Comment
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