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Longstanding investor in Looksmart (and a 69 yr old ex-tradesman), who has a passionate interest in the problems of newspapers along with their success in all their monetisation attempts made, on the web. For the "times are indeed, a changin", I feel. [17th of Aug, 2011 - Print media... More
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  • We Live In Interesting Times

    "By default, the Vatican presumed the position of the primary trustee of the Global Estate Trust by the apostolic succession from Peter."

    That would seem pretty clear or, can be arrived at. (Hadn't ever been rebutted.)

    ........."Until JT McBride called the Vatican and Crown on their breach of trust via the world legal/commercial court system, they were not accountable, responsible, or obligated to bring a cure to their breach of fiduciary duty to the Creator - to administer the Global Estate Trust for the People's benefit."

    If I may be bold enough to say (and to be a touch critical as such), I feel there is a need to emphasize - that people need to realize that Pope Francis (as had all previous Popes preceding him), has TWO distinct yet separate "roles", that he plays.

    a) Head of the Roman Catholic Church

    b) Head of the Holy SEE, that controls the "Global Estate Trust" answering only to St Peter's Chair.

    So what I am saying (and in time, I will prove so - within the Federal Court of Australia), is that ALL Trusts established by Corporations around the world are deceptively fraudulent (UNlawful), and must be destroyed.

    In the very 1st instance remedy can be sought (and be justifiably administered as such by the Court's ruling, in Law), and as a consequence this will then ultimately cause the demise of or, will completely destroy MONEY - as we know it.

    .."A legal remedy (also judicial relief) is the means with which a court of law, usually in the exercise of civil law jurisdiction, enforces a right, imposes a penalty, or makes another court order to impose its will."

    The Chair of Saint Peter - Creditor to Bankruptcy of THE CITY OF DETROIT

    Uploaded on Sep 23, 2013

    United States Bankruptcy Court
    Eastern District of Michigan
    Case 13-53846 - City of Detroit
    19 September A.D. 2013

    Matter: [#493] Notice of Eligibility Objection - Filed by Creditor The Chair of Saint Peter - Presenting the people of the City of Detroit

    Always, only an opinion.


    Sep 30 9:10 PM | Link | 1 Comment
  • The Parliament Of The State Of Queensland Has Sealed The Statute Of Westminster 1931.

    The following comment made from within a pretty 'savvy' Facebook Group [The Commonwealth of Australia] has opened up a large 'can of worms' that will surely (soon) have far reaching ramifications:

    Finlay Cocks:

    ........."The Parliament of The State of Queensland (one of the Parliaments of Australia), has sealed the Statute of Westminster 1931.

    The Parliament of Queensland is one of The States of Australia held in the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) in the Australian System of Government where their sovereign is 'inherited' and the Prime Minister of Australia, being an individual private person representing Australian Citizens only, holds a signed commercial contract with the Prime Minister of the Parliament of the United Kingdom, being an individual private person only and representing Citizens of the United Kingdom.

    By the granting of the Australia Act 1986 as held to the Corporations Act 2001 where at section 9 'act includes thing' (and not private living persons), these private people, being no more than members of political parties of governments 'foreign' to the private people (including the Queen) throughout the Queen's dominions hold no more authority over the sovereign people than any other private person as they do not hold the authority of the Crown.

    Commonwealth of Australia is a 'foreign government and political subdivisions' as is the Parliament of the United Kingdom and is held to the sealed Charter of the United Nations.

    They are private people in private parliaments who hold no living people, no assets and have no Queen and they have taken an unregistered executive interest in our Deed of Grant for Land.

    As private people, they have no signed and sealed commercial contract between myself, my wife and the Queen, Mrs Elizabeth Mountbatten of the House of Windsor to interfere in our real property and impose rates over us for that property which is held in our will and testament, our inter vivos trust for our heirs and assigns"

    Finlay Cocks: "Good people please read the above real carefully! Take notes if you wish. It is as DJW wrote and explains away the mystery that has been hidden from us all for the last 40 odd years."

    < Finlay Cocks: "The Parliament of The State of Queensland (one of the Parliaments of Australia), has sealed the Statute of Westminster 1931. >

    It can then go all the way back to the constitutional "unlawfulness" of the Statute of Westminster 1931.

    Unlawful? Unconstitutional?

    ".... it is the Government of Australia that assumed sovereignty in 1931 with the Statute of Westminster and NOT the Australian people-which is where the authority has apparently come to change our constitution without referendum of the people."

    The Statute of Westminster is so clearly UNLAWFUL - - as it was never ever approved contractually by "we" the people of Australia..via any Referendum, of the people.

    READ that Story:

    Always, only an opinion.

    Ross Bradley

    ps; Comment is more than welcome.

    Aug 21 3:33 PM | Link | 1 Comment
  • Reply To The AEC - Australia Must Cancel The Election

    AUSTRALIA must call off it's Election, due in less than 4 weeks time.

    The Australian "System" is ALL, Unlawful. (It has no basis in Law.)

    (click to enlarge)

    .............AUSTRALIA has been SOLD OUT (To the United Nations.)

    My reply to:

    The Australian Electoral Commission, on Facebook. (The AEC)

    The AEC (according to the Act) is tied to or, receives appointment from the GG, who as advised (by you) represents and is "powered by", the Queen of Australia. ("the Governor-General of the Commonwealth of Australia is the representative of the Queen in Australia.") See ** below.

    The Act:

    We (the people of Australia) have "an indissoluble" contract with the monarch of the day who is NOT that same 'fiction' queen, established by Gough Whitlam, at the time.

    Yes. "We" the living people here in Australia are "contracted" to the monarch of the day via - the Commonwealth Constitution of 1900/1901.

    You (the AEC) have told me previously in a reply (* below) that this election is being conducted under the (our) constitution of 1901.

    [I mean] How can "we" the people (like you, the AEC & the Australian Government) possibly be "contracted" to this "paper queen" (the fiction Queen of Australia), who you and the Australian Government must feel, can 'serve two masters'?

    Just as you must feel the current Governor General can, also do? And that she (the Governor General-Quentin Alice Louise Bryce), serves two masters?

    WHEN was 'our' contract (one that is "indissoluble") ever 'officially' dissolved? And if it is said to have been without a referendum (of the people) this would have then breached the law of "our" constitution.

    Larry Hannigan's Australia - The True Australian Constitution

    Wouldn't any possible dissolvement require the approval of or, coming from "we" the people within or, via a Referendum?

    The "Queen of Australia" is purely a "fiction" or, a "paper" Queen, invented by Gough Whitlam. (And NOT any part of the 1900/1901 Commonwealth Constitution ...of "we" the people.)

    AEC .... can you please guide me with a link to any "sealed" document that gives her (our Governor General-Quentin Alice Louise Bryce) this 'perceived power', and one that is assented to by Her Majesty QE11?

    You the AEC, should never refer to the "Commonwealth of Australia" in the same breath of ....or, when you are really meaning, the:


    Business registered address in D.C. (District of Columbia)

    Business Address: 1601 MASSACHUSETTS AVE NW C/O AUSTRALIAN EMBASSY WASHINGTON DC 20036;action=getcompany

    True or, FALSE?

    < In their book, "Australian Constitutional Law and Theory", Tony Blackshield and George Williams wrote:

    The Australia Act was assented to on 4 December 1985 and came into operation on 3 March 1986 when it was proclaimed by Elizabeth II, who traveled to Canberra for that purpose to make it clear that she was acting in her capacity as Queen of Australia. >

    Sue Maynes:

    "Elizabeth never signed the Australia Act in agreement- she signed at the top of the document indicating that it had nothing [lawfully] to do with you and I. ["We", the people of Australia.]

    She never agreed to become queen of Australia either, so that [AEC's] comment is false. The trap in accepting the Australia Act as legitimate is clearly explained.

    ............If it did remove the Statute of Westminster allowing for our constitution to be repealed or amended then it would breach the constitution. So if it could not do that, then our constitution [clearly] still exists.

    But the Australia Act has removed a major part of it and they [the Govt] want us to think that [the] removal is legitimate - can you [now] see the dilemma in accepting the Australia Act as being lawful, creates?"


    "We" the People...Ross Bradley


    * - Q? - Will this Australian election be constitutionally "lawful"? And if so, what constitution will it relate to?

    The reply: (Sic)

    AEC: "Ross, we do our absolute best to ensure that we comply with all applicable legislation.

    The constitition is the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution 1901, with amendments made by sucessful referendums. All federal legislation currently in force is at Comlaw: >

    ** -

    The Constitution (Listen to my Story)

    Aug 14 12:54 PM | Link | 5 Comments
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