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  • 9to5 Mac: Apple likely bought mapping, online note-taking startups  [View news story]
    AAPL's chart positioning was in a compromising mode when they pre-announced numbers to be in the higher end of the range back in September because the stock was in danger of inching back under its 50 day MA before the announcement due to the fact that the perception was negative for the rollout of the iPhone 5c even though the 5s seemed to be outperforming all metrics vs prior iPhone rollouts. That pre-announcement helped repair the damage that occurred after the intial rollout.

    I highly doubt AAPL will pre-announce this current quarter's earnings because the company is sitting in a really good spot right now and doesn't need the extra good news at this point in time to motivate shares to trend higher in the near term. CHL's secured deal has done that convincingly now and that will be good enough to augment share price appreciation in the near term. We will just have to wait for the epic and history breaking 2014 1st quarter numbers to be revealed at the earnings report in late January. That anticipation leading into the record breaking numbers will cause shares to trend gradually higher into that earnings call date. The focus on the earnings call will be on the outlook, which will bring forward what's in store for the rest of 2014 as far as new products. Me thinks it's going to be an innovative and revolutionary year for APPLE in 2014.

    APPLE iPad & iPhone Rules !!!
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  • China Mobile Finally Gives Apple The Christmas Gift It Wants  [View article]
    Have re-owned AAPL shares since January of 2009 with 800 shares @ 78.88 & 80.81 and have accumulated shares during the May 6th 2010 steep drop @ 200 and small share lots @ 318, 388, 428, and 480 levels. Thanks to TC for finally getting this deal done and the timing couldn't be more perfect with the rollout of 5s & 5c coming 2 weeks before Chinese New Year's time. All the clientele that wants an iPhone 5s will be waiting with great anticipation in getting a GOLD version as in China, it's a sign of great prosperity and status to own the iPhone in that color. I know it is the iPhone of choice over there. Timing is crucial and it's going to be a great 2nd quarter for AAPL in 2014 where it's traditionally a weak one following the tremendous Xmas quarter due to this China Mobile deal augmenting the 2nd quarter numbers.

    2014 will be a banner and recovery year for APPLE and it's very highly conceivable that we will once again visit that 7x century mark and beyond depending upon the new products that are introduced. Can't be any happier as GOOG PCLN AMZN & now AAPL are ALL powering higher in this magnificent bullish market that is setting up to extend into the end of next year.

    Go APPLE !!!
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  • Monster Beverage: A Look At Insider Trading In A Premier Growth Company  [View article]
    This is ludicrous and just the way analysts play their numbers game on Wall Street. It was a RECORD 2nd quarter for MONSTER, superseding any previous 2nd quarter results in the company's history. Can we please focus on that aspect? Also, this same type of perception that Hansen's Natural didn't make the analyst numbers occurred back in Q1 of 2010 and the stock took a temporary gouging due to that report (Due to that 2010 Q1 report HANS traded as high as 44.08 and got shellacked down to 24.01 intraday, but recovered by the end of the week to close @ 37.35 .... these prices were pre-split), but recuperated back above the bullish channel in a few trading sessions later and continued its ascent upwards. I've owned Hansens' (now called MONSTER Bev) for several years now and this was an excellent quarter firing on all metrics of execution and this temporary price reduction is a sale for long term holders. Go through the 2Q conference call with a fine toothed comb and you'll see that their growth has not peaked and will expand to South American territories as well as Asian coverage not yet saturated in those countries. The bullish scenario still remains, so catch your marks and make your investment for the long term growth.

    Bargain discount stock prices don't last very long for this company so gauge your entry level and buy with conviction. Good luck to all.
    Aug 8, 2012. 11:16 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Monster Beverage: A Look At Insider Trading In A Premier Growth Company  [View article]
    Hang in there. The growth on MONSTER is still firing on all cylinders executing with tremendous yoy 28% growth and when the dust settles, MNST will recover. Besides, you have put protection so you're ok. The day to day week to week movements in stocks don't really get me very concerned. It's the long term objective that's crucial and important and I wholeheartedly know with conviction that MNST will recover from this short sighted temp drop working off the excess momentum traders and be trading upwards within due time.
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  • Monster Beverage: A Look At Insider Trading In A Premier Growth Company  [View article]
    LONGs on MNST .... calm down. It's still approximately 2 dollars above the 200 day MA channel and after a night of R&R after this perceived 2 c earnings number 3 mil rev miss concocted by all the analyst's overexuberant expectations, MNST bulls should support the bullish channel in tomorrow's session and in the days and weeks ahead. MNST growth still explosive so have the tenacity to stick with it and it'll pay off in the longer term.
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  • Monster Beverage: A Look At Insider Trading In A Premier Growth Company  [View article]
    You're an ignoramus. Historic product rollout occuring soon. Sell AAPL? Someone needs to stop the insanity BS that you spew.
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  • Monster Beverage: A Look At Insider Trading In A Premier Growth Company  [View article]
    Hey rickyricardo negative faux quotient pusher, just to let you know and make you happy, I sold my highest shares ( a pathetic 88 shares ) @ 68.53 today and bought back those same shares @ 54.28 after hours trading, but I kept my 300 shares @ 15.28/share and 100 shares @ 38.88 intact. Happy now???

    Also, this drop was an Xtreme buying opportunity just as it was for AAPL when it artificially dropped down to 565 after hours on the day of earnings. Prudent and smart long term investors don't freak and remain calm buying back shares of good growth companies like AAPL & MNST so your quotient analysis metric is null and void. Now go play god with my BIDU or CRM or AMZN shares now. Loser.
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  • Monster Beverage: A Look At Insider Trading In A Premier Growth Company  [View article]
    Personally, I've never protected myself with OPTIONS play, but that's just me because I'm from the old school of investing. When I make an investment in an equity, I feel very strongly that the company that I invest in is a credible and worthy component of the market that I would hold for a long duration, whether it be a year or more. Sometimes, after my initial purchase, events occur in that specific company that would cause me to change my mind about holding for a longer duration and then I decide to sell it ( in increments or the whole lot ), but I "never" buy an equity that has high speculation and possible prospects of not doing well in the long term. That is "not" my investing style and I also don't believe in short selling an equity because to me, that is saying that you hope or think the company will fail in its execution and that I will prosper from their misfire.

    In regards to MNST, I wouldn't consider myself a "large" equity holder of the shares since I only have 488 shares, but my cost basis for my highest shares are still 8 dollars above the current closing price with my lowest 300 shares in the 15 area. As for your stance on MNST, that is your opinion and solely yours and you're completely entitled to it, but I stand by my strong contention that it's still a good longer term play whether or not it rises substantially or falls temporarily after the earnings call. The future prospects for the company is bright and they still have much potential growth ahead of it as their products have yet to reach their highest objective saturation level.

    Lastly, thanks but no thanks on your offer of examining the prospects of "other shares" because I've already seen the results of your dismal call on AAPL and that is all that I need convincing me that you have no inkling of what you disseminate to other investors/traders.

    I do agree with one statement you made on your latest post though.....

    "The risk is to high" on MNST.



    Aug 4, 2012. 10:48 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Monster Beverage: A Look At Insider Trading In A Premier Growth Company  [View article]
    Wonderful. According to you, just purchase an excellent growth company's stock at a "much higher" price after they report. Such sage advice. You don't accumulate enormous gains of a good company by purchasing at the "high" point, but when there's perceived distress due to external issues that may or may not connect with the company directly. There are many factors that dominate stock movement from hearsay rumours and movement divergence from supposedly "sage indie market analysts" lol still on AAPL on your "sage" advice. Last quarter after MONSTER reported it closed @ 65.31 and opened the next session @ 73.98. Yeah right, "just repurchase shares if they like the report" as you stipulated. Such "sage" advice. The room for profit has been truncated immensely according to your methodology.

    By the way, I'm not Gordon Gekko by any means making 17 stock errors the past 15 years in investing and I truly despise individuals that flaunt their wealth on any forum, but I've grown my own personal portfolio from 682k commencing in 1997 by 2326% as of yesterday's close so I substantiate that my stance on stocks that hold value for long term holders to be much more on target than yours. Your method of buying high and selling a little bit higher is ridiculous.

    Lastly, I've just bought 288 shares of BIDU just less than 3 weeks ago @ 100.88, so go push your rabid ridiculous methodology on that high growth high PE stock for awhile and lay off MNST until they report and if by chance they fall, that would be another "strong buy" opportunity as AAPL was for longterm shareholders. Long term is always the better choice in good equity!

    P.S. - If you truly cared for another investor/trader going long into MNST, you would recommend buying PUTS instead of outright selling it all before the numbers and forward guidance are revealed.
    Aug 4, 2012. 05:30 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Monster Beverage: A Look At Insider Trading In A Premier Growth Company  [View article]
    I sold out of my last remaining shares of CMG back in late April @ 428 area and I don't have any current positions in any of those equities that you mentioned so why would I comment on stock I don't possess? Also, I don't stick my nose into stocks that I don't own and make irrational calls as you have done. Your AAPL call was/is epic and horrific in stature and just based on those facts, it would deny any other call you may have issued as invalid at best and suspect at worst.
    Aug 4, 2012. 04:22 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Monster Beverage: A Look At Insider Trading In A Premier Growth Company  [View article]
    Your AAPL call was a gargantuan mistake and what made it worse is your adamant stance on it (to short and sell it) even days after their last quarter's earnings call was issued and the stock had not exhibited any further downside movement. It's an epic mistake and not only calls into question your methodology, but also your credibility. If I had listened to your inordinately bad call at selling out on AAPL @ 568, I would be out $43,218 in cap gains on AAPL as of yesterday's close. Not criticizing you, but just showing that your analysis is not infallible and you missed out a short term MONSTER gain on AAPL due to your epic short sighted thinking.

    My regards to your rickyricardo money flow quotient which is about as good as his English. Comprende?

    Go long into MNST with downside put protection if you have any consternation at your entry level and don't pay any attention to "short" sighted analysis that makes MONSTER sized wrong calls. lol
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  • Monster Beverage: A Look At Insider Trading In A Premier Growth Company  [View article]
    In reference to riccaro, I would not put any credibility into his stance on MNST on any level whatsoever. Any individual that would bet against the juggernaut AAPL at this juncture of the company's ascending aperture of continual growth and increasing worldwide dominance isn't worth the time to consider his positional calls on any other stock equity. He urged to sell AAPL in aftermarket at the 568 level after the company reported last quarter's earnings and then proceeded to implore investors/traders to sell at the opening the next day in the 570s and even go all out "short" on it saying it was a "strong sell" even after the 30 point drop. So ridiculous. That was a "strong buy" opportunity for those that were prescient enough to realize the perceived miss was due to a proportionate amount of APPLE buyers of the iPhone waiting for the epic introduction of the iPhone5. This last quarter was a repeat of last year's October quarter where AAPL experienced a perceived miss due to the waiting period between the iPhone4 and then the intro of the 4S. What a doofus for making such a blindsided ignorant call.

    Now back to MNST. MONSTER BEVERAGE just reported a record quarter in their May earnings call and now going into the seasonally strong period of Spring and Summer coverage, MNST's latest quarter will be even much stronger than any quarter it ever reported due to the introduction of new products and the sustained continual dominance and outperformance of their current pipeline of MONSTER drinks and Hansen's Soda still selling at a breakpace speed. MONSTER is not slowing down, but will continually expand its brand name on an international basis. It's only just begun. So many have bet against this upstart company and I've read hundreds of negative reports and commentaries against MNST formerly HANS since I first acquired shares 3 years ago. MNST has repelled and superseded all expectations and left negative naysayers in the dust.

    If you have any consternation over your existing position in MNST, just buy protection PUTS into their numbers next week. Don't sell outright as rickyricardo suggests or you may end up like the viewers that took his advice to exit AAPL or short it. AAPL @ 616 now. What a world of hurt those investors/traders are feeling now.

    Happy and safe investing to all.
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  • How To Play Monster Beverage Ahead Of Q2 Earnings  [View article]
    You're welcome in regards to the earnings call date. Also, I completely understand your consternation about MONSTER's upcoming earnings numbers and forward guidance, but you should realize that not all companies are created equal and I believe MNST's fall of late is related to outside events that have directly and indirectly affected MNST's trading. It is my belief that Chipotle's (CMG) missed execution has somewhat affected the tradedown in MNST's shares even though they're not directly in the same industry, CMG's call that consumerism had slowed during their tracking period unnerved investors all across the board in the food industry ( I bought 300 shares CMG back in November 2008 @ 38.58 and relinquished the last 100 shares back in April this year @ 428.83 because I dine consistently at Chipotle and had noticed traffic had slowed considerably from their usual traffic jams so I sold the last of my shares due to that reason and also that May was coming up ). Well just to let you know, my PNRA (Panera Bread) and WFM (Whole Foods) { By the way, PNRA & WFM took whackings to their stock price much worse than MNST just for your info } stocks have done inordinately well since I've acquired them and they both took a dramatic tumble also due to CMG's missed execution, but when both companies revealed their specific earnings call, longterm investors were well rewarded in their adamant belief in each respective company. I kept all my shares of both companies and they both executed well and gave great forward guidance and both are back up to the their respective highs for the year. Additionally, the other beverage companies like Coca Cola and Pepsi are doing excellent and that bodes well for MONSTER BEVERAGE.

    I believe MONSTER's execution is on the same path as PNRA & WFM and definitely not CMG because their product rolls off the store shelves like crazy, especially during the Spring and Summer seasons. I have 100% faith in MNST as much as the 900 shares of AAPL that I possess. I could be wrong as I've been with FSLR, RIMM, and EA (losing positions in my personal portfolio, but I've been right 93% of the time on all my other investments the past 13 years and that's a good average to me. I hope I have allayed your fears on MNST and I stick by the conviction that they will continue to execute with great numbers. So until I see their product sitting on the shelves collecting dust, I will continue to keep my shares of MNST.

    Good luck to you and all shareholders going LONG into MNST's call the week of August 6th.

    P.S. - Last year when HANS aka MNST reported earnings for this quarter the stock closed @ 35.02 (split-adjusted) on the day of the earnings call and then closed the next day @ 37.96 then proceeded to retrace back to 34.46 the 2nd trading day after earnings call and then closed the 3rd session @ 37.85, 4th @ 38.23, 5th day @ 40.49 and has been tangentially gradiating on a nice upward scaling with only near term breaches of the 50 day MA in early October and late October and then once again breaching it in late November and then on the day it was added to S&P 500, it breach temporarily last month. So this traumatic break of the 50 day is not unusual, but MNST has consistenly recovered from each breach. Just food for thought.
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  • How To Play Monster Beverage Ahead Of Q2 Earnings  [View article]
    Just for your info, I wanted to inform you that I made a call into MONSTER investor relations this past Wednesday and they informed me that the August 6th reporting date has not been confirmed whatsoever and that it would be sometime "during" the August 6th week timeline and most likely the reporting date will be on August 8th after the markets have closed. I asked her if that the August 6th date was not confirmed and that the August 8th date was tentative, could the earnings call conceivably occur before the August 8th date? She replied that it would "not" occur before August 8th, but that the company will issue a definitive earnings date press release this coming week. I felt it was crucial to let you know due to the fact you stipulated that you held PUT options on MNST and that this change in date may have an effect to your strategy. Anyhow, I wish you the best of luck into MNST's earnings call also and for all your dreams and aspirations to realize their potential fruition for you and your family. Happy investing!
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  • How To Play Monster Beverage Ahead Of Q2 Earnings  [View article]
    I've held longterm shares of MNST formerly aka HANS since January of 2009 at a split adjusted 15.28/share and I've bought trading shares on the way up, but always end up selling those for short term gains. I monitor their earnings call aftermarket action closely and the knee jerk reaction each time has been to sell off in the after market when the earnings are released, but the shares recover by the end of the session and end up dramatically higher the next trading day. MNST still has gargantuan growth ahead of it, so suffer the fate of lost shares at your own cost for those that dump their shares when they see a fall in after market. This type of action has been typical of the reaction the past couple of earnings reports because many don't trust the growth prospects of MNST so they haphazardly sell their shares and then experience seller's remorse as soon as the next day. Just a note for those of you that get "sell" trigger happy. Happy investing to all.


    300 shares @ split adjusted 15.28/share, 100 shares @ 38.88, and 88 shares @ 58.54
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