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  • AMD Is In Serious Trouble, But There's Still Hope  [View article]

    I thought intels buying strong-arm off the digital carcass was brilliant, as well, as it was the networking hw workhorse...

    CPU market is such a brutal market....architecture matters, but process pays the bills, as manufacturing cost is everything, no?
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  • AMD Is In Serious Trouble, But There's Still Hope  [View article]
    With a market cap for all of AMD at $1.4B
    LT debt over $2b
    inventories growing $100m in quarter...

    the acquisition of ATI for $5.6 B in 2006 was a regretful purchase. They borrowed a little over $2b in debt and destroyed what was a nice recovering business. Maybe it was just poorly financed....Debt and chip companies are a tough mix, today.

    Hector Ruiz can claim 100% ownership of that decision. And Sanders hand picked him.

    It is amazing how one big bad decision can destroy everything....and he'll never get blamed for it. It was almost 10 years and 3 or 4 ceo's ago....and now the company is drowning in debt, struggling to finance ANY strategy....

    The deal was probably too expensive, but the killer was the debt.....should have been all stock....and if ATI didn't want that, maybe that should have told you something....(we don't want your stink in' stock)

    Running AMD has to be one of the toughest jobs in the chip biz....

    The 1996 nexgen acquisition was genius....had they not done that, I doubt Ruiz would have ever succeeded (allowing him a lofty stock price, to then fail...)...and he had nothing to do with that. Kinda the converse of Su being dealt a horrible hand, now...

    On the bigger picture, AMD's fall now, could not be much more poorly timed...the down cycle in the highly cyclical chip business seems to be just starting. Look at longterm charts of sndk or mu...That said, AMD usually leads the charge on the downside...
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  • AMD Is In Serious Trouble, But There's Still Hope  [View article]
    AMD is possibly at the end of the road. In the last 40 years there have been several times when they have been KO'd flat on the mat. I often thought the only reason they survived was Intel allowed them to recover.
    Seeing that the DOJ is okay with having only one programmable logic company, I see no reason why Intel will save AMD this time. (when I say save, I mean Intel simply lets their boot off them, and allows them some business here and there....) AMD has a balance sheet that is going to destroy them. They are a badly managed company in an industry that is geriatric....not a good combo.

    I said this a month ago and the critics went on a rampage about the CEO's resume. So what? Unfortunately she is paying for the sins of generations of bad management. I doubt she sticks around to witness the worst of it. I suppose if she were really as smart as everyone says, she would have swallowed the difficult pill of selling off unproductive assets to pay down debt on day one.....but no, they chose to grow out of it...and now, the realization is that they can't....the resignation day looms....On that day it will go sub $1.....Only massive cuts and restructuring will save them. In a way, they are the Greece of chip companies. Overwhelming debt crushing operations. That debt for ATI deal was the dumbest of the dumbest moves ever....

    only one cure. And it is horrible for shareholders.
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  • Northland starts AMD at Outperform, sees a buyout target  [View news story]
    I used to think that AMD was kept alive simply so Intel could maintain its monopoly and at any time, when necessary, tell the DOJ, "look we are not a monopoly we have competition! AMD!" I was surprised that Digital was such an easy acquisition, but it went through....and Intel got all that networking ARM biz...

    Now? There are lots of choices for processors. Clearly, with only two FPGA companies, now one, the DOJ doesn't maybe keeping AMD alive is pointless.

    Certainly trading that way. Look at their books. Why would an Apple want to buy an old cow that had several liens against her? When you can buy as much milk as you want from healthier and multiple sources?

    I hate AMD. Poorly ran, forever, they squandered great assets.....two opportunities for real change, one in the early 80's as PC's first took off, and the other when they acquired Nexgen....the ATI deal was punishing as they overpaid at least 100% for something which has destroyed them (LT debt). It is obvious when you look at the history of the stock price and the date of acquisition....

    Anyway, it looks doomed to me. BWDIK? The stock price is on the floor, groping for a toehold when the overall market is looking very toppy - by a number of TA and fundamental measures (price to gap, margin debt, etc.)....looks a lot like late 2007...right before it fell completely out of bed... (It had fallen from $42 to $12 and looked cheap in Fall of '07....only to become ridiculously overpriced as it fell to a ONE handle in the next two years....good luck all...
    is a good historical read on the sad tale of AMD.....In 1982 AMD was #2 in the top 100 companies to work for. True dat.
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  • Did COMEX Just Receive A Physical Gold Bailout From The Feds?  [View article]
    Question: Could you elaborate on #2? Why was price allowed to rise for so long and so much? Why was it suppressed and why at that time?

    Of course, these questions assume that there are price control mechanisms in place, which the evidence of manipulation of markets like libor and several others, is well documented.
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  • AMD: Bankruptcy By 2020 Unlikely, Further Downside Still A High Probability  [View article]
    Sanders is a putz. I worked for the man in the 80's, so I may know of what I speak..... and he was so blinded by his arrogance that he ran the company into the earth's core. Sooooo many awesome employees left because of the poor management....created a lot of other good companies, though.....wealth....B... just sold themselves for almost $40 Billion. The founders each had almost half the stock. That is wealth....They started Broadcom nearly 20 years after AMD. Sanders hasn't made jack. Madona's house. Sheesh. Henry Nicholas could buy it for a toolshed. That's my point. Sanders, if he was any good, would have serious, double digit billions, but hasn't even one, and I would bet most of that was made on AMD stock that he cashed out thirty years ago and invested in appreciating assets...not AMD. AMD stock today, is worth lest than 10% of what it was in 1983.....that is amazing.....amazingly horrible. It is nearly impossible to find any chip company with a worse 40 year performance. Most are up 10, 20, 50 x their value in the 80' 1/10th....pitiful
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  • AMD: Bankruptcy By 2020 Unlikely, Further Downside Still A High Probability  [View article]
    There is not one AMD manager/employee that is a billionaire. The company has been around since the 70's. They have participated in an industry that began in military products and now is in clothing....going from millions to hundreds of billions,yet these incompetents cannot manage to create any relative wealth. Guess what. They never will. History is on your side. What is their R&D budget compared to competition? What great mind would want to work there when there are so many better choices.
    I'll stop, I've wasted two minutes.
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  • Apple Hit By Ongoing Disaster At Sharp  [View article]
    I can state with some personal knowledge that Apple pushes its suppliers to price points that are unhealthy. This is what you get.
    Yes, it is a free market, but when you participate in an unsustainable relationship, guess what? It does not sustain.

    The electronics supplier market is the exact opposite of corrupted crony capitalism. If Healthcare participated with the same cutthroat mentality, your health insurance premium would be less than car insurance. sigh.
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  • Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. EPS in-line, beats on revenue  [View news story]
    a management disaster.

    How you can be one of the best chip companies in 1983 and be one of the most mediocre 30 years later is mind boggling. Horrible management. Think Argentina. The IC business is hard enough. It is impossible when you have mediocre management.
    And yet, hope springs eternal. The cubs are going all the way!
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  • Gold Is Going Higher Whether Or Not The Fed Tapers  [View article]
    Obviously, it is not either obama or reagan....they both work for the fed and the banks. My point was simply to stop the nonsense that Obama is a friend of the middle class. That logic is a joke.
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  • Gold Is Going Higher Whether Or Not The Fed Tapers  [View article]
    Obama chose Summers as his chief economic advisor on November 24, 2008. This was his choice. On the day before and the day after the HUI index rose 34%. Clearly the market knew then that there would be no banker left behind. And that is what you got.

    You can not be a banker supporting stooge and be pro-middle class. Bankers are middle class parasites, sucking them design. Think not? Who benefits from debt and who dies from it?

    It is no coincidence that the "W" mortgage fiasco turned into a wreck.....and "O" created the mortgage fiasco avoidance by simply helping the banks (by their crap paper), get rid of the howeowner, and now the banks and their hedge fund partners are buying up these homes for cash (soon to be papered) and renting them back (higher rents of course) to the new ex-homeowner, now renter.....

    Yeah he loves the middle class. For the banks, by the banks.
    But what else would you expect? The Fed is not owned by the citizens, nor is it controlled by Congress. It is a private bank, owned by its member banks. Of course they are going to help themselves first.
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  • Gold Is Going Higher Whether Or Not The Fed Tapers  [View article]
    Good Lord. If you believe he has tried to help the middle class you are simply unwilling to open your eyes. The middle class has been gutted for at least 20 years and O hit the accelerator. 50 million on SNAP, 15 million disability, the worst workforce participation in nearly 30 years, and healthcare premiums are about to go through the roof for your beloved middle class.
    Obama also said that we should not go to war without congress. He said that the mere fact that we have to discuss raising the debt ceiling is a statement of Presidential failure.
    He says one thing and does the opposite. Affordable healthcare Act will not be healthcare, not be affordable, but will be an "act". WTFU.
    At some point naivete is simply willful stupidity.
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  • Gold Is Going Higher Whether Or Not The Fed Tapers  [View article]
    I think David Morgan explained this pretty well. There are limits on how many contracts can be purchased on long. There are no limits on how many contracts can be short. None. Obviously, you can leverage the trade short much more easily than long. Unless you can't read, see, or hear, I have no idea how anyone can state that markets are free and not manipulated. They are. It has been legally tried and convicted. Every day. Of course, manipulation happens both long and short. But the futures market, which currently sets the market price, is infinitely easier to manipulate prices down, not up.

    Coincidentally, this is quite convenient for a welfare state that must pay benefits based upon CPI. Prices are low, voila, payouts are cola for you!
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  • Why Inflation Never Came  [View article]
    Nonsense with Greek mathematical symbols attached.

    The fed funneled money to DC and New York. The two hottest real estate markets in the US. Amazing. I can't writ an equation with this, but I'll try:

    EVERY commodity is up in the last decade. copper 500%. oil was deemed $5 forever in 99

    Morons like this author will destroy the wealth of all that worship at the altar of the Fed. Inflation is mandate.

    BTW, my double degree in electrical engineering and computer engineering in the early 80's created a salary DOUBLE my entire cost of education the very first year. and taxes were less, giving more disposable income....Today? You'd be lucky to 70% of the cost at the cheapest school.....
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  • The True All-In Cost To Mine Gold: Complete 2012 Figures  [View article]
    If you could pick up your house and put it in your pocket, and exchange it freely, anywhere in the world, your argument might make sense. Real estate and gold are completely different assets and not at all comparable. At the extreme, there are plenty of houses in the world that are worth far less than their cost to build, built in locations which make no economic sense. The value of a house is a proxy for the local disposable income. Period.
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