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  • The Debt Paradox That Everyone Should Be Aware Of [View article]
    Great set of articles. cannot wait for the rest.
    The Feds are doing their best to screw everyone in the US, financially and health-wise.
    There has been enough on finance.
    The FDA, USDA, Monsanto etc are doing their best to provide the US populace with such a degraded food supply that, in spite of the best efforts of your overly expensive pharmaceutical based healthcare system, the children of the baby-boomer's will not live as long as their parents and their diabetes laden healthcare costs will be much greater. Their working productivity will be compromised; for instance, by needing to go for dialysis every week.
    There is already strong evidence that the average IQ of US citizens is reducing every year as a direct result of the food that they are consuming. If the bb's were smart, then their grandchildren must be significantly below par.
    In order to survive, the US will have to import hundreds of million of foreign workers to keep production going - Oh, there isn't any production.
    Sorry. No one to look after you in the nursing facility in your old age.
    Mar 1, 2013. 03:11 AM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Welcome To The Top Of The Market, Again [View article]
    Rats !
    Does this include the value of the rats, or just the simple numbers?
    200 getting off & 110 arriving = 1.82:1
    100 getting off & 10 arriving = 10:1
    90 getting off & 0 arriving = infinite.
    Large range in ratio, though no change float level of the ship.
    Isn't it the float level that is important?
    Feb 28, 2013. 02:48 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • John Hempton throws in the towel on his Linn Energy (LINE) short following yesterday's acquisition of Berry Petroleum (BRY). It's a swap of what Hempton believes is near-worthless stock for old, but valuable oil assets. Those assets can generate enough cash to keep what he believes is a Ponzi, rolling for many more years. [View news story]
    Or was it attempt to drive the price down so that he (or an accomplice) could get in at a better price than it was trading at prior to his intervention.
    Be suspicious of deprecating comment.
    Be suspicious of apprecating comment.
    Yen is all over the place - on the value of someone's words.
    Euro is all over the place - on the value of someone's words.
    Dow flicks from + to -, on the value of someone's words.
    Stocks move on the basis of someone's words.
    Who is profiting form such moves?
    Who knows what is going to be said (worded) prior to the announcement?
    Feb 23, 2013. 07:57 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Euro Fails To Sustain Gains [View article]
    Currency Rebalancing?

    The trouble with the so-called ‘Currency war’ (February ’13) is that the US and Europe started it (’08, 09, 10, 11, 12..). All Japan is trying to do at present is to recoup its natural position.
    In the early years of the Euro, the Europeans, I remember reading, were proud as punch that they had a currency that was worth so much more than the USD (nut only because they created it so). This, they were saying, was attracting investment money and helping to build a stronger EU.
    Perhaps the EU got too big headed and added additional countries too soon, which led to a weakening of their position. It didn’t help that countries such as Greece lied about their financials in order to get on the wagon for the ride (presently downhill).

    And the US got too big headed about itself and allowed easy credit, to any and everyone. This blew up and the US, through excessive money creation since the ‘GFC’, exported their problem to other countries through a devaluing the USD.
    If Europe is complaining about Japan now, why did they not complain about the US 5 years ago, and 4 years ago, and 3 years ago….?
    Perhaps it is all in the wording. If the Japanese never mentioned devaluing the Yen, then there would be no issue. If all that they had talked about was to stimulate their economy, all would be hunky-dory with a Yen at 100 to 120 to the USD.

    The easy credit issue also existed in Europe where several countries were spending more than they produced. And the truth of Greece came out.
    Instead of the Powers in the EU doing something, the investors and traders and savers of Europe took most of the investment money out of Europe for a better place…namely Japan, Canada, Australia, etc.
    Who doesn’t have a picture of the historical values of the JPY, CAD, AUD in their mind.

    And most of the money that ‘the Fed’ has created out of thin air is sitting in prison in the vaults of the big banks. It is doing nothing to assist the US to create jobs or to increase spending to increase consumption to increase jobs.

    At first sight, it was considered fantastic that the AUD had reach and then surpassed parity with the USD. But then Australian industry faltered and is struggling, in spite of massive earnings from the miners.
    When China does falter and the thousands of mine workers are laid off, there will be no manufacturing or building base for them to go. Unemployment will rise significantly. All the easy money will vaporise. The tax base will vanish, leaving the Aussie Government with more expenses and less income. This will be when the GFC finally reaches Australia.

    Europe is now concerned about a rising Euro? What a rising Euro meant was that the money was going back home to be spent and invested in Europe, rather than holidaying in some foreign land (Canada, Japan, Australia). It would be being put to work building Europe up from the bottom where real growth originates.

    Recent comments (Feb’13) from various officials about a currency war, and that they are going to do something about it at the G7 and the G20, is destabilising the forex market and has stopped the flow of Euro back to its home. So it goes back on holiday for another year or two, forestalling the rebuilding of the EU.

    The Forex market was restabilising the world currencies. So what if exchange rates overshoot a bit. The market will find its natural levels, without the interventionist comments by “officials”.
    Let George Soros make another Billion or 2 (perhaps some of it from my account).

    The ‘not so great’ ‘Lesser Britain’ (are they in, or are they out of the EU.) is another that has gone the way of the US. Created money that sits in dark vaults of banks, doing nothing to stimulate growth. Their economy is faltering. They have a new bank chief who will create more money out of thin air (no more is printed because it is only electronic money) to sit in dark bank vaults (or bank computers) going stale. GB will export more of its financial woes through a devalued Pound. (perhaps a pound now has 12 oz). More LBP (Lesser British Pound) to the Guiness.

    Also, Why is every comment by an ‘official’ met with such dramatic fluctuations in the forex market? Why are supposed experienced investors and traders so quick to press the buy or sell button the instant someone makes an announcement?
    Is it FEAR, Uncertainty ?
    Perhaps a topic for another time, another forum.
    Feb 15, 2013. 04:36 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Draghi Strikes Again: Talk, But No Change [View article]
    If, as we 'dumb money' investors are told to do, the real investors and traders are doing their homework and investing/trading based on their research in the respective markets..., Why does it matter what these over-glorified entities such as Draghi say about the conditions. He basically said that the European 'condition' is improving (slowly), and everything Euro gets hammered.
    Last month he was a little more positive and everything Euro rose, to recent time highs.
    Why do investors/traders hang on the words of these people? Because the 'managed' press tells them to?
    One can only suspect the existence of an element manipulation. These people are not isolated form government connections, but to suggest such may be considered to be a little sacrilegious, perhaps.
    It pay to be a little sceptical about the intentions of all market analysts, especially central bankers.
    Feb 7, 2013. 11:04 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Silver ETF Holdings See Massive Spike, U.S. Mint Runs Out Of Coins [View article]
    One suspects that - if there were an equivalent amount taken out of the ETF and placed back in the market, there would also be a negligible change in the price ??
    If all those silver dollars were to be sold back to the mint (6 million oz in one month !), then there would also be little effect on the price of the product ??
    Jan 19, 2013. 02:01 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • The U.S. Dollar, Obama And The Gold Standard [View article]
    You have done it too !
    Who taught you lot about charting ?

    MA 9, MA 18, MA 36.
    When in a daily chart, these actually refer to 9, 18 & 36 days.
    When in a WEEKLY chart, these actually refer to 9, 18 & 36 WEEKS.
    When in a MONTHLY chart, these actually refer to 9, 18 & 36 MONTHS.

    The MA period is the underlying period of the chart...daily - days;
    hourly - hours. etc.

    and I am a relative novice to trading,... but not a novice to reading data, and other data related services.

    There may be charts that do give the daily MA for whatever period the chart represents, but I am yet to see one in the trading arena.

    Your final analysis may be correct, but the detail needs to be attended to.
    Good luck.
    Nov 25, 2012. 06:35 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • The RBA surprises about half of the prognosticators, keeping its benchmark rate steady at 3.25%. The statement though, is not exactly a hawkish one, and the bank mentions the aussie as "higher than might have been expected, given the observed decline in export prices and the weaker global outlook." The ASX 200 +0.2%. The aussie +0.6%, and buying $1.0428. [View news story]
    Just goes to show...the pundits got it wrong...again.
    Should have gone the contrarian way.
    Nov 6, 2012. 02:36 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Gold Can Correct By Another 10-15% [View article]
    Have you ever wondered why the 200 ema on a daily chart is so different to the 200 ema on a weekly chart ?

    I think not.

    One has to ask whether you, or any who read your report, really understand the chart. For example you refer to it as " the 200-day EMA on the weekly chart, which is at 1388 " and to " to its 200-day EMA of 1668 on a daily chart. "

    What it actually is, is the 200 period ema on the period chart...whatever it is the period that you ask for in your charting software.
    ie, the 200 week ema on the weekly chart.
    on the daily, it would be the 200 day ema on the daily chart.

    This is the same for other charting functions...whatever it is that the candle the period for that chart.
    I have seen other writers make a similar error in reading of the chart, but until now I have not pulled them up on it.

    Here is your opportunity to put them all right...
    Nov 4, 2012. 09:17 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment