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  • Micro-Hybrids: The Fuel Efficiency Innovation Of The Decade  [View article]
    Perhaps you could share the letter to others who are also Axion shareholders?

    You could email it to me jvanwest (at) gmail (dot) com
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  • Axion Power Concentrater 13: Beginning Sept. 26, 2011   [View instapost]
    Are any of you familiar with this company?


    It looks like they have a very interesting technology if it is cost effective could be a nice solution. I also wonder if it would be made better with stop start?
    Oct 4, 2011. 09:14 AM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Axion Power Concentrator 10: Beginning Sept. 11, 2011  [View instapost]
    We all want some good news like yesterday. I think that we have to keep in mind they haven't got a product to sell yet, not without the gen 2 line certified and running rate, all they have are some prototypes (advanced prototypes). With good news the price will climb if JP is right about the market dynamics, although im not so sure it will be from NS. All we know is that they are likely to purchase another round of batteries for ONE train. The stock didn't move much at all after the Q2 CC where they said that the first train order went out the door.
    I am preparing myself for much of the same at least through this year and waiting for confirmation that the Gen 2 line is where they want it to be, and then we can see how the business develops i.e. SMALL orders for fleet testing OEM and luckily next year a contract from NS to start retrofitting a small number of trains. Although as Maya said I will be plenty happy if I am wrong about this timeline. I think that we are a couple of years out at least from seeing any electrode facilities being built to supply a large number of electrodes maybe it will start in 2013. Which is fine by me because it gives me time to acquire some more shares.
    Sep 16, 2011. 11:06 AM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Researchers Prove The Law Of Diminishing Marginal Utility In Electric Drive Technology  [View article]

    I am curious if you know what their roadsters cost per Kwh is? Have they released hard numbers like A123? Im assuming that the graph you are referring to puts that cost at 650"+". My question is why would the model S all of the sudden have costs dramatically less, and why are they not using that lower cost for their roadster? Lastly the bigger question is are they taking a hit on the battery cost and making it up somewhere else in the vehicle, have they published numbers similar to A123 as to what the gross margins are for their batteries and or packs?

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  • Axion Power Poised To Dominate Energy Storage For Stop-Start Idle Elimination  [View article]
    As others have stated already, however I will state it again, the white paper from axion does not say that there is absolutely no positive sulfation because there probably is sulfation as you claim. THAT being said the test shows that the battery can cycle for over 100K in simulated start stop application, which would lead one to conclude that any positive plate sulfation was not enough to dramatically affect the performance of the battery. Even after 100K cycles the battery is still recharging in less then a minute, it is not "dead" yet.
    You have concerns about Axion which is valid, everybody has there own opinions, nobody is forcing you to invest (which by the way what this website is all about). My suggestion is to give it a rest and move on.
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  • Axion Power Poised To Dominate Energy Storage For Stop-Start Idle Elimination  [View article]
    Thanks for the prompt response. Much appreciated as always.
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  • Axion Power Poised To Dominate Energy Storage For Stop-Start Idle Elimination  [View article]
    Can you post a link to JCI presentation? Many thanks in advance,

    On another front your state that "Battery manufacturers have pinned their hopes on AGM because it is currently the best available technology" what about Li? I know it is far too expensive, but it is available and it would allow SS to function as designed for long periods of time?
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  • Axion Power Concentrator 8: Beginning Sept. 1 2011  [View instapost]
    I have to say I dont like the reorganization of the website they did a while back. They used to have a tabs for a wide range of categories such as alternative energy, and within that more tabs for the different types. That is how I stumbled upon you John, however now all of those are gone and I cant seem to find much articles at all now on alternative energy ( I know they are there, just dont know how to screen them). Anybody have any suggestions?
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  • 4 Bargain-Priced Stocks In The Energy Storage Sector  [View article]

    I know there isn't any published data about the cost of the PbC, however I have been wondering if it contains 30% less lead than an AGM why is it more expensive?
    I am curious what a break down of the costs for a typical lead acid battery are, I am naively assuming lead is a major component in total cost?

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  • It's Time To Kill The Electric Car, Drive A Stake Through Its Heart And Burn The Corpse  [View article]

    Great article I think it is one of your best as it ties together many of your themes logically. I think most of the EVangicals and commenters who think you are completely off base fail to truly understand the implications of resource scarcity, which is happening in real time right now. They all assume that we humans dont follow the laws of nature and that everything will continue on as is happy go lucky. Here are a couple of articles to chew on as to the scale of the problem.

    This one tackles the wind and solar believers as a fix for all, it discusses the size of a battery that would be needed to store energy to power the U.S. alone, not the rest of the world.


    This one tackles others who think that the world economy will continue to grow as it has forever until "we are colonizing the stars"


    They are clearly quick back of the napkin exercises, however they do spell out the scale of the problems that most people are just to myopic to see.

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  • Axion Power Concentrator 6: Beginning Aug. 22  [View instapost]

    read a few comments up
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  • Axion Power Concentrator 6: Beginning Aug. 22  [View instapost]
    SEC filing:
    David Anthony from Quercus resigns as director. Was that the guy who was at the shareholder meeting? Any thoughts?
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  • Axion Power Concentrator 5: Beginning August 17, 2011   [View instapost]

    I have been looking back at some of your past articles and comments on Axions revenue ramp in the coming years. You have consistently said you thought 2011 was going to be slow progress on all fronts with maybe a demonstration or two, and that 2012 would be the year of significant revenue ramp. Im not trying to pin you down, I think that it is always wise to believe everything will take longer and cost more then you think, but do you still hold to your earlier projections? The certification of the Gen 2 line seems to be taking longer then most on the outside thought (wether thats reasonable is another question)? It sounds as though automotive wont come in until the 2013 model year at the earliest, im wondering if that is getting into the game a little late? I wonder how East Penn is doing with the Ultra battery on the stop start front?

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  • Axion Power Concentrator 4 RE: 2011 Second Quarter Conference Call  [View instapost]
    Just read the 10-Q, it seems that they have not heard from the DOE yet concerning the grant the following is from the report.

    "In the United States we recently received notification from the Department of Energy(“DOE”) that our proposal, under the Vehicles Technology Program DE-FOA-0000239, had passed the first round of criteria testing and had advanced to the final round of review. Our proposal was jointly submitted with a “top three” US vehicle manufacturer and the grant, if awarded, will extend for a three year period. The DOE announced on June 27, 2011 that the evaluation process is taking longer than first anticipated and that a formal announcement of selections will not occur before
    August 15, 2011 timeframe."

    we will see what Granville has to say tomorrow.

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  • Notes And More From The Axion Shareholdrers' Conference: Concentrator 3, Beginning August 7, 2011  [View instapost]

    I agree with your assessment. I think the conference call will be an update on the existing projects, something along the lines of "the work with NS, BMW is continuing and progressing nicely etc." I hope they provide more concrete guidance on the Gen 2 line, it has been 6 months since it was delivered, although this call is for the Q2 timeframe so perhaps they will only speak to 3 months post installment? As we all know there isn't much without the Gen 2 line certified and running at rate. Without that it will be more of the same updates on existing projects.
    My greatest interest will come during the question and answer stage. I have listened to many of the last CC and there hasn't been many questions asked, I agree that after the shareholder meeting and thanks to Maya and others who went, there are alot of us who have questions we want answers to, however we will see how many of them join in and actually ask the tough questions. Unfortunately I will be just waking up from under anesthesia and will not be able to call in. I will enjoy listening to the play back!
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