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  • From the CBO Director's Blog: "Under current law, the federal budget is on an unsustainable path, because federal debt will continue to grow much faster than the economy over the long run. Although great uncertainty surrounds long-term fiscal projections, rising costs for health care and the aging of the population will cause federal spending to increase rapidly under any plausible scenario."  [View news story]
    We all know this..they all know why is the stock market going up..and treasuries holding..and gold stagnating...I can't figure it has to change and I think it will happen overnight..not a slow trend...
    Jul 17, 2009. 01:37 PM | 9 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Do More Gold ETF Outflows Mean Even Lower Gold Prices Ahead? [View article]
    to use GLD as the Gold market bellwether is wrong....its a Wall street scam..used to manipulate the market....and it does it well...many day traders involved...i would not be an "investor" in GLD...its just a casino play...
    Apr 18, 2013. 08:35 AM | 8 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Going over the fiscal cliff "looks like where we're headed," says Senate Majority Leader Reid. S&P 500 losses accelerate, -0.7%[View news story]
    I for one....its not that we don´t have enough revenue.....we SPEND to much....that is what the Democrats have to that is why those so called Tea Partiers...Rape-Publi-... not voting for new taxes...they think and I do to you have enough....way more than enough...its time for the Democrats to cut the freebies...or put this country out of business...which is exactly what they will do...we need to cut 1.4 trillion a year...where is that going to come from Democrats..what is your plan...and how are you going to do that when you add millions a year to welfare programs...
    Dec 27, 2012. 11:20 AM | 8 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Russia could make a radical shift in policy and allow western crude producers to own oil licenses in the Arctic, Energy Minister Alexander Novak has told the FT. Until now, Russia has awarded such licenses only to state-owned companies, with foreign firms taking just minority stakes in projects. However, Russia needs to attract Western know-how and money for it to fully exploit its Arctic resources. [View news story]
    Yeah thats it..have the foreigners build it and then the State will just take it over..." spilled a drop....your are out..we are taking over"
    Oct 5, 2012. 07:09 AM | 8 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Initial Jobless Claims: 367K vs. 370K consensus, 363K prior revised (prior week 359K). Continuing claims flat at 3.28M[View news story]
    Dropping off the roles and onto food stamps and are right no depression..just out right stealing from the government now....its free money...phones now too...Entitlements ...the non producers...
    Oct 4, 2012. 08:39 AM | 8 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Bruno Iksil - the "London Whale" in JPMorgan's (JPM) risk-management unit - is said to be leaving the bank in the wake of the disastrous trade that has cost $2B and counting. (earlier fallout)  [View news story]
    He should go get a job with the Post office or only lose 2 billion would be a selling point in his resume...
    May 16, 2012. 01:32 PM | 8 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Felix Salmon on Jon Corzine's resignation: "I’m sure you’re sad - that often happens, when you become the living embodiment of the destructive greed of the 1% and a hate figure for millions. But are you sorry?... Chances are, Corzine will never be prosecuted, let alone convicted, and that he’ll enjoy [a] comfortable retirement... But right now, when it matters, he can’t even bring himself to say he’s sorry."  [View news story]
    Well he has a lot more time to help with Obama´s re-election campaign now I think
    Nov 4, 2011. 06:15 PM | 8 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Evergreen Solar (ESLR -13.3%) down sharply after Massachusetts pulls tax breaks for the company following the closing of a plant and elimination of 800 jobs. The state will now try to recoup some of the $58M in incentives it gave to the firm for the Devens, MA facility.  [View news story]
    LOL....what a joke...if they would have given the money to a new Oil still would have been there...with employees....and all investments intact....
    May 23, 2011. 12:32 PM | 8 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • The "distressing gap." The gap is due mostly to the flood of distressed sales, which have kept existing home sales elevated, and depressed new home sales - since builders can't compete with the low prices of foreclosed properties.  [View news story]
    They..the builders made thier money 5 years ago....get over it...
    Apr 23, 2011. 07:43 PM | 8 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Congressional leaders are set to meet Pres. Obama tonight to nail down a budget. While some worry about a potential government shutdown and others welcome it, this argument is about lowering the deficit by a measly 0.4% of GDP - "spitting distance" in the coming U.S. fiscal meltdown.  [View news story]
    yes...a measly 4 billion or so....they are fighting over....when they should be cutting 1.6 TRILLION...what a joke but I am not laughing
    Apr 6, 2011. 06:35 PM | 8 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • New York Fed chief Bill Dudley doesn't usually face a spirited crowd, but found one in his speech to the Queens Chamber of Commerce when he tried to play down inflation. Peppered with questions about food, he noted you can buy a much more powerful iPad 2 (AAPL) for the same price as the first model. Says one respondent: "I can't eat an iPad."  [View news story]
    bbro..the % is going up every day....and add in interest charges...fees..taxes.... going up fast
    Mar 11, 2011. 11:29 AM | 8 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Why Warren Buffett is optimistic about the future of the U.S.: "We didn’t work harder [than other nations], we didn’t have a better climate, and we didn’t have better resources. But we definitely had a system that unleashes potential... We’ve been through at least 15 recessions, a civil war, a Great Depression... But this country has optimized human potential, and it’s not over yet."  [View news story]
    So if I have a coal mine in my back yard I can just start a company and build a mine and electric powerplant and get in we have Lawyered ourselves to death.....I would be building 50 nuclear plants right now if I was the USA...not one is even close to starting....but to come up with a new copkiller video game....that is what we will be know for in the future
    Jan 5, 2011. 10:02 AM | 8 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Private sector payrolls climbed a stronger than expected 67K (consensus +40K), while government jobs fell by 121K - including 114,000 temporary census workers who finished up their work. Long-term unemployed fell by 323K to 6.2M, but involuntary part-timers rose by 331K to 8.9M. (NFP report)  [View news story]
    This is being ballyhooed all over Bloomberg this am....but at 67, many years to recover the ones we lost in the last two years...???????...and how many will NEVER come back......will you fire up the factory in Mexico first or guess Mexico is more profitable...
    Sep 3, 2010. 08:44 AM | 8 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Teenagers are allowed to drive, vote and parent, but their financial illiteracy is killing us, Brett Nelson writes. Schools need to start teaching assets and liabilities, because "if the U.S. aims to compete - for anything - on a global scale, its populace has to be financially literate. And it isn’t. Not even close."  [View news story]
    I agree...... but it will never happen...I suppose English first and Math second...but a finance class and even a business class would be great..but it will NEVER happen....keep em dumb and feed them propaganda....its the third world way...
    Aug 25, 2010. 06:02 PM | 8 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • The world's addiction to debt-financed consumption risks putting the U.S. on the verge of another recession, Robert Arnott says. The ripple effect of the debt crisis is the impact it will have on the rich, Arnott predicts. Wealthy consumers around the globe are likely to rein in spending to pay higher taxes and to protect their nest eggs, bolstering a worldwide slowdown.  [View news story]
    someone said trickle down economics doesn´t work....just watch when the rich quit spending...
    Jun 15, 2010. 05:01 PM | 8 Likes Like |Link to Comment