• bullchin
    $UNXL Looks like calm before the storm.
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    • Chris DeMuth Jr.: What do you think $UNXL is worth? If I offered you the whole company, what would you pay? Hard for a value investor to understand $UNXL.
    • GrantOakes: I think you need to look at what the company is doing and where it's going to be 6 months to 1 year down the road.
    • Chris DeMuth Jr.: Those are the right questions. I don't know the answer to either. I ask myself the same questions regarding the $UNXL CEO's previous co.
    • bullchin: $UNXL, everyone is trying to look down the road 6 month and it appears unlikely to happen,
    • GrantOakes: I see mostly vertical movement with a few, minor declines. Buy UNXL and hang on until the end of the year and you could see $60-$77
    • Chris DeMuth Jr.: Why not $78? or $178? Is there any limit to what UNXL is worth? I am curious how this should be valued... Seems limitless.
    • bullchin: $unxl Unlikely. Management doesn't have experience for growing the firm.
    • InvestorDaliy: this stock should go to 1,000 i mean why not?
    • GrantOakes: $1,000? Not likely. I LOVE UNXL but it probably won't go past $75 this year.