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  • Zeltiq Aesthetics (ZLTQ) Q3 2014 Results - Earnings Call Webcast [View article]
    A true American medical device growth story unfolding. Lucid management, material top and bottom line beats powered by increasing installed base utilization and accelerating practice adoption.
    Furthermore, anticipated derivative product introductions will soon add to the mix driving earnings forward well into the future.
    How long does a company with these quantifiable growth attributes stay independent?......CVA
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  • Lexicon Pharmaceuticals (LXRX -3.8%) slips after Morgan Stanley cut the shares to Underweight and reduces its price target from $2 to $1.50. The firm says it's ratcheting down LX4211 sales/royalties expectations based on its analysis of the internals, which consequently leads to a lower DCF value and a reduced rating. [View news story]
    Seems the timing of the MS piece was possibly designed to coincide with the GS presentation by! Perhaps it was coincidence, perhaps it was the result of IB considerations...btw, was LXRX on the MS restricted list?
    Bottomline, price action was more positive then I expected in a bad tape. In fact, LXRX traded like a champ. A partner is certain to be announced, soon.
    LX-1032 efficacy is grossly understated by the MS analyst. I am hearing it has immeasurably improved the quality of life of those in the trial; over and above the standard of care..sandostatin. Although we are all anxious for a deal to be struck, now that we are in the company provided guidance window, let's not forget that LXRX has developed an elegant discovery platform that will only gain in stature once the first deal is done and LX-1032 earns FDA approval, both of which are not "if's" but "when."
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  • "Ackman has given us the opportunity to buy a company at a discount ... and for that, I thank him," Carl Icahn tells Bloomberg following news of him gaining two board slots at Herbalife (HLF +6.3%). Asked if he would add another 10% of the company to his near 14% stake, he says he's not sure. [View news story]
    Putting the HLF debate aside, isn't the real "loser " in the context of the dialog Carl Ichan? Hey Carl, there's a fine line between assertive and A-hole....just as there is between tough guy and a loud mouth.....thank you for your transparency.
    Mar 4, 2013. 10:47 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • "The risks of being out of the game are huge compared to the risks of being in it," says Warren Buffett (BRK.B) is his annual letter, continuing to pursue elephants after being shut out in 2012 (he's already bagged one this year). He chides his fellow CEOs and the "uncertainty" meme about why they're not investing, noting Berkshire spent a record $9.8B on plant and equipment last year. "Of course the immediate future is uncertain; America has faced the unknown since 1776." [View news story]
    Hearing TYC close to deal.
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  • Investors Wait On Developments For Lexicon Pharmaceuticals [View article]
    I appreciate your comments. My intention was not to denigrate anyone that has taken the time to discuss LXRX; on the contrary, my cap is tipped to Brian.

    It's just that the LXRX story will soon become a focus topic of discussion for EVERY "life science" talking head, analyst and "trader" out there; convincing themselves, as they attempt to convince others, they have been familiar with the name for a long time.

    That said, the LXRX story deserves accuracy from the get go to attract and more importantly retain, end-users as a shareholder base (btw, LXRX management does an outstanding job of disclosure, they sure don't need me to support their efforts.)

    Some additional thoughts for your consideration. Dr. Sands and his team have done an outstanding job in the area of drug addition to managing their day to day financing. Remember, LXRX is not conducting one trial, but MULTIPLE drug trials. As you all know, these potential products are not niche indications, i.e. diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, glacoma, and the various GI indications (I am taking the liberty of rolling-up LX-1032 (carcinoid), with the under appreciated collective population size of LX 1032's ulcertive colitis indication and LX 1033 for the IBS indication.)

    These studies cost money and a lot of it.

    Some months ago, I was as initially upset as anyone when I saw the most recent raise hit the tape. Just as we were developing a nice bid no less! But after a few moments of consideration, two LXRX motivations occurred to me: 1. The raise was relatively small. Turns out it had to be used or it was lost. Ask yourself, going into talks with multiple potential partners, as LXRX has stated it was doing....does a strong balance sheet help or hinder your bargaining leverage? 2. This raise I suspect, was placed in strong end user hands, which is exactly what any effective company management working towards building sustainable shareholder value is paid to do. (have you noticed the quality of the bid recently?) I sure have.

    Bottomline.....Brian has LXRX right, where it counts. 2013 will become a transitional year for LXRX....starting soon, and running right through and beyond. There always are peaks and valleys to profit from. But the day's of owning a low, single digit "heirloom stock" as I call them, are quickly drawing to a close as LXRX progresses to commercialization in a big way.

    Jan 4, 2013. 12:36 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Investors Wait On Developments For Lexicon Pharmaceuticals [View article]
    Brian....with all due respect, although we are in general agreement that LXRX holds much promise in the short, intermediate and long term as an investment vehicle, there are some, shall I say, more than "knit picking" holes in your presentation.

    First, Carcinoid syndrome is a very dangerous diagnosis. Perhaps your presentations deficiency is attributed to space constraints; nonetheless, liver mets...pancreatic mets...and lung mets are three additional "favorites" of carcinoid tumor development you did not are bone mets and in some cases brain mets. Furthermore, "carcinoid syndrome" results from a build up of peripheral serotonin ( as well as other tumor secreted hormones.) This condition can lead to a "carcinoid crisis" a serious and dangerous condition that if unrecognized or mistreated can be lethal.
    Your understanding of carcinoid, as presented in your article frankly fails to convey you possess a working knowledge of the disease LXRX-1032 is being developed to treat, although your conclusion is correct.

    The current, first-line treatment for carcinoid in clinic is fact a hormone suppressor! LX-1032 has demonstrated excellent efficacy in trials in the treatment of a number of carcinoid induced symptoms. It is a promising and efficacious combination therapy with sandostatin that will be universally adopted by attending physicians on ALL carcinoid patients. ( understanding is the under appreciated, but ENORMOUS market for LXRX's trial designed to investigate IBS, ulcerated colitis...etc is none other than LX-1032!)

    Moving beyond carcinoid, LX-4211 IS a diabetes blockbuster...dual SGLT works....shorts have lost all credibility with their discredited and desperate "bladder infection" claims of old. A big pharma partnership is forthcoming. I expect extremely favorable terms given LXRX's strong balance sheet and institutional sponsorship to support its bargaining leverage with multiple big pharma dance partners.

    Being actively involved in numerous life science ventures, in all stages of development, I submit my opinion with an investors perspective. LXRX's real value is evident in both its practical (ie current trial candidates), as well as, theoretically limitless discovery potential made possible through LXRX's discovery platform.

    In conclusion, the breadth and depth of drugs LXRX has in development is unlike ANY company in this space I have ever analyzed and invested in. I would encourage you, Brian, and other readers, to evaluate LXRX from the perspective of it's elegant discovery platform to get the most useful appreciation for what this company is on track to becoming.
    Jan 3, 2013. 05:11 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
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