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  • Wall Street Breakfast: Must-Know News [View article]
    Poll: Majority Of Americans Approve Of Sending Congress To Syria
    Sep 6 09:29 AM | 22 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • The Coming Economic Collapse, Part 2 [View article]
    this is an investment community discussion site and you will find very little sympathy for the plight of the common man here.
    These people overwhelmingly voted for that dry drunk GWB, for no other reason than they thought they would get tax cuts.
    Spending, bloated budgets, crazy foreign and domestic policy -- who cares. Greed reigned supreme.
    Now that (shudder) a democrat has to clean up the mess (once again), the hypocrits are rediscovering their supposed 'fiscal-responsibility' roots they were ignoring for the last thirty years to be as obstructionist as possible. Politics, like the markets works in cycles. If Obama fails as they are rooting for, then another right-winger can take the helm and get us back on a wartime economy and social conscience. Best for profits, not so good for the people, but who cares about them anyways. The "I got mine" crowd do not care about any future beyond their own.

    On Jun 08 09:08 AM redbaron wrote:

    > Where were all these doomsday writers for the past 8 years? Bush
    > created more debt than all other presidents combined, and now all
    > of a sudden debt is a problem?
    > 'Today we’re addressing how the debt bubble encapsulated the US government
    > as well as why Obama’s Stimulus Plan won’t fix anything.'
    > The first several stimulus plans were Bush Stimulus plans, remember?
    > But now it is not all Obama's fault? Where is some basic fairness
    > and objectivity?
    Jun 8 12:27 PM | 22 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Is The U.S. Bankrupt? [View article]
    ...and that is the key -- uncontrolled military spending. Note that Congress just passed the ~ $650 Billion 'defense' budget with an additional $80 Billion for Afghanistan in virtual media silence. Including the intelligence agencies, 'homeland security' and other pockets of the budget that are really military spending -- we spend more than a trillion a year on what is essentially military spending.

    The military budget is really secret and unlimited.

    Cut this -- significantly -- no 'sequester' shadow shenanigans -- and all the deficit problems could easily be turned around and we could still be the dominant military actor on the planet.

    But we are being deliberately confused and misled with the false argument that we cannot afford to take care of our seniors, provide food security to children and the poor, or provide universal health care to all our citizens.
    Dec 20 11:33 AM | 17 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Why We're Headed for a Collapse [View article]
    Thanks Dave for saying that -- also Guardian's post below are more to the point.
    They outsourced and destroyed the job base, the rich got fantastically richer -- now Mr. Denninger and other poster/cheerleaders here say those "lazy-unemployed" should just quit whining and get out there to take any $7/hour Mcjob that is available.
    How about they repeal the unfair job-killing trade agreements, put up some protective tariffs to protect our manufacturing base so we could actually make some stuff here (other than over priced weapons systems that a few select defense contractors get to rape the tax payer).
    Then they might have a point.
    Dec 10 01:16 PM | 15 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Wall Street Breakfast: Must-Know News [View article]
    I like this Pope.
    He is asking the right questions, brushing aside the cultural war distractions over gays and women's rights and focusing once again and forcefully on poverty -- and more specifically -- the growing inequality grown rampant under vulture capitalism.

    No wonder he makes the right wingers nervous and uncomfortable, the one's who like to cloak themselves as "morally correct". Just see the anti-Pope criticisms in the comments below. He is hitting a nerve.

    Go Francis!
    Jan 6 11:11 AM | 14 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Is the U.S. Dollar the Fed's Next Weapon? [View article]
    Great idea! Our captains of industry under the guise of "free markets" have produced so many of them.
    Perhaps we could export all the failed bankers and CEOs who melted away into the woodwork with most of their loot after bankrupting their companies and shafting their investors, all in the name of juicing short-term profits.

    On Jul 20 09:40 AM The Geoffster wrote:

    > Can we export the uninsured and 48% who don't pay income taxes?<br/>
    Jul 20 09:52 AM | 14 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Wall Street Breakfast: Must-Know News [View article]
    Germany reached nearly 75% renewable power use on Sunday.

    The rest of the world will not sit still, no matter how long we drag our feet.
    May 16 08:34 AM | 13 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • GOP Hearings On Climate Change May Threaten Entire Green Economy [View article]
    That's the whole point Michael.
    The "deniers" do not provide scientific analysis or evidence of their own. It is an industry unto itself completely devoted to debunking and discrediting the science that claims human activity influencing climate change is real.
    As such, it cannot succeed -- as it only has an objective of blocking or slowing the scientific conclusions of others. Just as the Tobacco industry finally lost their long running 'denial' strategy by the 1980's.
    Aug 29 03:21 PM | 13 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Wall Street Breakfast: Must-Know News [View article]
    Any good news to some people is "no thanks to Obama......" We're kind of used to that.
    But if something happens on the other side of the planet, like in Libya for example -- the gnashing of teeth and the wailing for impeachment is deafening. We're used to that too.
    Fortunately, people are leaving the Fox bubble and deciding otherwise, as witnessed on 11/6.
    Nov 29 09:28 AM | 13 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Has Paul Krugman Gone Too Far This Time? [View article]
    Krugman is just saying the President should be tough because he won the election and he truly holds the best cards, no need to fold them.

    If fiscal cliff happens and everything expires -- the Democrats will immediately introduce legislation to reverse the middle class tax cuts (only) and let the Republicans squirm about killing it because it doesn't come with goodies for rich people.
    Reduced military spending hurts the economies of red states big time. Boehner no doubt wants to make a deal. Will the party of "no" cave this time?
    Nov 12 04:41 PM | 12 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Wall Street Breakfast: Must-Know News [View article]
    the 'we shifted the war' argument is preposterous.

    Iraq never attacked us.
    Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11.
    Iraqi security forces under Saddam were never serious players in the espionage/spy world.
    Iraq was already on it's knees when we blasted our way back in there in 2003. They had already been devastated by the Iraq - Iran war, the first Gulf War, and then ten years of sanctions.
    Iraq was already anti-AQ --- Saddam didn't tolerate any of that on his turf. AQ only showed up after we blew the place up and deposed Saddam.

    We 'lost the peace' is a joke. There never really was any peace. For a brief moment there was a cease fire when we bought off (bribed) the Sunni tribal leaders. Maliki didn't follow through by allowing the Sunnis fair representation in the new government.

    We 'won' nothing -- excepting huge profits for our patriotic private military contractors that were paid for by the blood of our military and crushing public debt (with interest) to our children for generations.

    We didn't 'lose' Iraq. It was never ours.
    Jun 13 10:57 AM | 11 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Wall Street Breakfast: Must-Know News [View article]
    Average Detroit pension is $30K per year.

    According to Messeur Carlini and others, this is one "sweet deal" -- very dumb to have 'guaranteed' such a lucrative payday ($30K is six figures, again according to James) on the part of state legislators.

    These people are not eligible for Social Security, so if they get shafted out of their pension -- they are out on the street with nothing.
    And the Wall Street money crowd cheers as more 'middle class' Americans are thrown into old age poverty. We can't afford them. So sorry, spent it all in Iraq, Afghanistan, and trillion dollar boondoggles like the F35. But hey, my portfolio profited handsomely from clever stock picks around that.
    Can't pay a retired Detroit cop $30K per year, but Booz gets billions to hoover up all our communication data and keep tabs on us. Makes me proud.
    Jul 24 09:24 AM | 11 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Thursday: Welcome to 'Flation Nation - Ben and Tim Are at It Again [View article]
    The Tea-Publicans are liars and hypocrites. Worse even than the Democrats.
    Oct 21 01:21 PM | 11 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Food Stamp Friday: True Colors [View article]
    From Bill Maher's weekly show last Friday when he was making fun of the Democrat's new logo, which is a big 'D' with a circle around it:

    "D" is the worst grade you can get without actually failing. Barely passing. "R" is the sound a pirate makes as he robs you and then feeds you to the sharks.
    Oct 8 01:55 PM | 11 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Another Manic Monday: Greenspan Finally Agrees With Me [View article]
    It was the private sector in it's unregulated greed that nearly brought down the financial world, ultimately being saved by transferring their gambling losses onto the backs of the tax-payers.

    Only government has the power to take on entities such as JPM or GS or other behemoths so that the little people (as BP's outgoing CEO calls them) aren't squashed flatter than a pan pizza.

    Hence, it became necessary to convince the people that "Government is bad" and it should leave poor old hapless multinational cartels alone. How much better off we all would be if Government would just be non-existent. The private sector knows what's best and will of course always do the right thing and act in a socially responsible manner.
    Less is more.
    War is peace.
    Ignorance is strength.
    Aug 2 02:34 PM | 11 Likes Like |Link to Comment