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  • Prospect Capital: What To Make Of The Recent Insider Buying  [View article]
    yES THEY ARE OVERPAID. Nevertheless, they could have invested their money anywhere. So purchasing stock is allways positive--unless you think they are stupid investors. But to know that you would needd to see and evvaluate all their invesmennts.
    Dec 30, 2015. 11:24 AM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • BreitBurn's Distribution Move Was Smart, But Management Still Has Work To Do  [View article]
    An additional reason not to believe the crazies dominating the market is the extreme fall in the price of stocks like Kinder Morgan. Analysts consider it a well run company. It's pipeline company, so it is not immediately harmed by lower prices for oil. It keeps charging its customers the same, even if some of its customers go out of business.

    I suppose all the oil producers could get together and force KM to cut its charge for carrying oil. That's about as likely as the Republicans in the house voting against terrorism. (Note that in every European country bombing Syria, the parliament voted so to do. Even in France, where the President of the Republic has unlimited power in foreign affairs and did not need a vote. But here the Rethugs refuse to vote on anything--even a resolution saying "the ISIS guys are mean and naughty.")

    Or as I used to say when the oil giants were headquartered in NY, "They can't conspire because they cannot meet together, since no Oil CEO can find Faith Avenue and 47th Street, even with a map."
    Dec 7, 2015. 01:39 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • BreitBurn's Distribution Move Was Smart, But Management Still Has Work To Do  [View article]
    LINN = Titantic. BREP is a small co,pany. (The titantic was the largest ship up to then, or at least the largset passenger ship. Just like LINN, buying up everything in sight.)
    Dec 7, 2015. 01:25 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • BreitBurn's Distribution Move Was Smart, But Management Still Has Work To Do  [View article]
    Selling at this price is irrational--literally insane. Say one paid as I did 17.68 on average per share. So for every hundred shares, I already have lost about $1,700. If I sell today I will get back $83. Why bother?

    Moreover, keeping the shares is making several bets. (1) Management is smart enough to use the money to cut interest payments and other expenses. In the long run, the investor will make 100-10,000% on current investment of $83. (2) The Middle East is a ticking bomb, even worse than the Balkans in June 1914. Say ISIS sets fire to Saudi Oil wells--or some other such scenario. In the short run, the investor will make 100,000 % on his money.

    In other words, anyone who held on till the stock reached $2--as I did--is STUHPID!. Any one that bought more than a month ago and then sells at 80 cents is insane.
    Dec 7, 2015. 12:44 PM | 6 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Linn Energy - The Status Quo  [View article]
    Investors, we are told are driven by Fear and Greed. Which the comments to this article prove.

    The market has been been pricing in a 1930s style depression. There isn't much one can do about stupidity, but defensive stocks like P & G are down 20% as are oil majors like Exxon, versus Linn's 90%.

    Greed drove us to buy for a high income. At this point, there is nothing to do but hold on. The smartest move is to finger out when to sell LINN as oil prices start to rise. Half way back to its previous price??

    That is what I would like to see analysts start doing. I don't think the 2014 price will be back anytime soon, and a dividend in 2020 won't buy food today.

    Of course, we may all be lucky enough to see a major war break out in the Middle East, solving the over-supply problem. Maybe the Bush was right to lie us into destroying Iraq, thus creating ISIS and chaos throughout the Middle East, It just has taken a while for his fiendish plot to succeed and reward his Texas oil buddies. Nothing could be better for Linn holders than ISIS setting fire to the Saudi wells. Since both Greed and Fear overshoot, oil would go to $400 a barrel ore higher.
    Oct 9, 2015. 12:15 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Linn Energy: A Closer Look Into The Shocking Distribution Suspension  [View article]
    My Line holidngs are down 89%. I should be crying. But instead I am amused by my own stupidity in buying and holding on to this stock. I mean, there cannot be many investors who are as bad as it as I am. Or, if there were others as foolish as me, they've long since been sold out of the market.

    My ignorance was compounded by analists on SA, who kept inventing "reasons" all the way down why one should continue to hold the stock. Thanks guys.
    Jul 31, 2015. 10:57 PM | 29 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Siren Song: Don't Be Lured To Linn Energy For Its Yield  [View article]
    Why does anyone write for SA when he usual response is these childishly nasty ad-hominem comments?

    The problem with the predictions of a Saudi cut in production-- There is no Saudi Arabia. There is no patriotism. There are only 5.000 depraved princes ruling over numerous Bedu tribes and a million foreign workers. The princes have to buy support at home or die. They prefer to buy support. Since Allah gave them immense resources of oil, they don't care how much money they lose in the short run--i.e. which can be as long as the next five to ten years.

    In other words, Linn can and will go bankrupt long before the
    Saudis will cut production.

    What stockholders have to hope for now is that the crazed Republicans (an oxymoron) will get the wars in the Middle East they are trying to cause by rejecting peace with Iran and exaggerating by 1 million percent the danger from groups like Al Quada and the Islamic State.
    Jul 18, 2015. 10:43 AM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Vanguard Natural Resources: Adding Value Or Just Collecting Rocks?  [View article]
    Perhaps 2020. However, especially given the rapidly worsening environment and climate, no one--and I mean no one--can predict oil prices and oil company profitability in 2030 and after. Either governments will become sane and cut carbon emissions. Or they will stay insane, and the constantly worsening climate will end the civilization and economy that uses oil.
    May 30, 2015. 06:42 PM | 3 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Spyglass Resources declares C$0.0225 dividend  [View news story]
    You know more, buff, than I do about all this. the accounting will show whether the dividend can be covered. However, I do not pay much attention to what stock holders do. They act fast and thoughtlessly. For example, LINE fell 25% because the SEC questioned their accounting. Now it's back up, after the company answered the SEC's questions.
    Jul 18, 2014. 07:32 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Prospect Capital: The Recovery Continues  [View article]
    A statement of fact may be correct or incorrect. Opinions are never either correct or incorrect.

    To every question, there is only ever one true answer. Which often is "I don't know." Because a statement of fact is a statement about reality, and there is ever only one reality. As Aristotle said 2400 years ago, at the precise moment in time I write this, your cat is either dead or your cat is alive. Can't be both simultaneously. Fox's "fair and balanced" is literally an insane claim.

    An opinion is a person's statement about his own feelings. It is not possible to know whether he is telling the truth.

    ais pmyour ca,
    Jun 26, 2014. 09:31 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Prospect Capital: The Recovery Continues  [View article]
    Why are guys like "interesting times" nasty to everyone they deal with? They get nothing in return for being nasty.

    I thank you for the article. You summarized the recent events succinctly and in literate English. Even if I already had heard about some of the developments, the summary is useful.

    Re the NII issue mentioned in a later post. I have a lot of PSEC, probably too much. Note that I am not getting 13% on my purchase price. But for the reasons you mention, I think it is safe to wait a while to sell some shares.
    Jun 26, 2014. 09:26 AM | 12 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Western Asset Mortgage Capital Corporation Announces Public Offering Of 13,000,000 Shares Of Common Stock 
    I believed a company does not have to announce share offerings until they are offered. I.e, they do not have to announce it a day, a week, or any time in advance of the offering. For one thing, whether they do the offering depends on management's judgement of their situation at the time of the offering.
    But if a lawyer knows differently, please let us know.

    Hang on CornStove. This happens all the time. Additional stock, short-term investors sell. If you are a long-term investor, the market price usually goes back up, if the company uses the new funds productively.

    However, it also is true that the market can stay dumb until long after a value investor runs out of money.
    Apr 4, 2014. 12:58 PM | Likes Like
  • SandRidge Permian Trust- Q4'13 Results Show Risk And Reward  [View article]
    A good comparison. The Affordable Care and Patient Protection Act of 2010 is inferior to a single-payer system. But it is infinitely better than what it replaced. So, like "Obamacare," PER is less than the ideal but better than the rest!

    Of course, if the Reds win in 2014 and or 2016, all stocks will crash.
    Feb 14, 2014. 09:33 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • SandRidge Permian Trust- Q4'13 Results Show Risk And Reward  [View article]
    So send him a check already!

    Feb 14, 2014. 09:28 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Linn Energy: One Of 2014's Best Yield Plays  [View article]
    This is a capitalist society: Barron's sole motivation is to make as much money as possible. They do that by printing scandalous "inside info" articles. After all, short sellers ought to do additional research after reading a Barron's article.
    Dec 20, 2013. 06:06 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment