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  • Texas yesterday became the most populous state to say it won't participate in the expansion of Medicaid or create a health insurance exchange, joining Florida, South Carolina and three other states in rejecting these Obamacare provisions. Medicaid insurers that could be affected by state opt-outs include WLP, WCG and CNC.   [View news story]
    As a Texan, Y'all, I have to admit I am not surprised. This is not a true conservative state, it is a bastion of neocon nonsense. Funniest commercial here in TX now is Lt. Governer running for Senate. Says he will close the borders. In TX, the Lt. Gov. is the most powerful person in govt, and the borders are wide open to any one coming in from central America including any Asians, moslems, malcontents and criminals and mafia from any other country. It is a gesture of political nonsense and nothing more from the State who still thinks the Civil war is not over. Backwards in every way here in Midland TX. Home of GHWBush and His son the Shrub. Nothing meaningful or sincere ever comes from TX politics, but we are the 6th biggest economy on the planet so we are taken serious even when it is nothing more than BLUSTER. Only the poor suffer from this thing, so most "real Texans" could not care less. There really is an attitude that if you're poor you deserve it here. We are second only to AZ in "bubba think"
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