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  • Athersys’ MultiStem® Promotes Recovery After Acute Spinal Cord Injury in Preclinical Study 
    It has worked in stroke treatment when applied within 24 to 36 hours. The recent trial results for treatments between 24 and 48 hours did not meet the end goals. But when the data was closely examined, it was effective between 24 and 36 hours. ATHX is now going to do another trial with this shorter time frame, as early as 16 hours after the occurrence of a stroke. The data from the earlier trial will be used and credited.
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  • Astellas To Acquire Stem Cell Company Ocata Therapeutics At 90% Premium - What Does It Mean For The Stem Cell Sector?  [View article]
    OCATA will continue with Ph II trials in the US. But it will also treat patients in Japan. With the easier regulation, they will likely get it licensed a year or two earlier than in the US.

    This Ph II is basically a confirmation of the results they got in Ph I. The Japanese may accept those results with the higher dosage.
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  • Lessons To Be Learned From Ocata And Others  [View article]
    When companies are taken over, it is always possible another company offers a higher price and the first company raises its offer. Very often, the company who offers cash and better terms, not necessarily the higher price, gets the company. It can still happen here.

    Normally, in cases like these where the principal executives and leaders are the researchers who are behind the science, hence critical to the future success going forward, are given sweet deals to stay with the company. In this case it matters not to shareholders. After selling your shares, financially, it does not matter anymore to the former shareholders. So siding and selling to a hostile company with a higher offer is the more logical choice for shareholders.
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  • Astellas Pharma buys Ocata Therapeutics for $8.50 per share in cash  [View news story]
    ..... a bird in hand is better than a bigger bird in the bush?
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  • Astellas Pharma buys Ocata Therapeutics for $8.50 per share in cash  [View news story]
    I would venture that a lot of these sellers ar $8.40 are those who have bought in the last 2 1/2 months when the shares were in the 3.50 to 4.75 range....... 10 cents don't matter much with their double gains.
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  • Would It Make Sense For Sirius XM To Pursue Rush Limbaugh?  [View article]
    If a Republican becomes our next President, Rush's popularity could rise up once again. Time for SIRIXM to sign him up is now.
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  • Would It Make Sense For Sirius XM To Pursue Rush Limbaugh?  [View article]
    Limbaugh will not only bring new subscribers but also help retain existing subscribers. How much his effect will be, I cannot even speculate. One thing I am sure of is SIRIXM can get him for a lot less than $50MM/yr. The justification for the reduced fee is Rush will still be on Free AM stations... unless he quits them which is very unlikely.
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  • Even When Ignoring Its Questionable Business Practices, Valeant Is Still The Lehman Brothers Of Biotech  [View article]
    He said this - but he is not under oath so legally, he cannot be prosecuted. He is stating a personal opinion. However, his statement can be used when supporting a charge of misleading investors -- unless there was a disclaimer before he made his statement.
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  • Even When Ignoring Its Questionable Business Practices, Valeant Is Still The Lehman Brothers Of Biotech  [View article]
    I have toenail fungus. I have been treating it (via injection between nail and skin using a blunt non-piercing needle to reach all crevices) with rubbing alcohol and it is slowly receding as the toenail grows. It seems to work for me - not recommending, just mentioning my experience. Rubbing alcohol is non-toxic. A bottle of rubbing alcohol is just over a dollar at a local Walmart.
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  • Glaxo's shingles vaccine candidate successful in second late-stage study  [View news story]
    I had it when I was 33. I used calamine lotion to reduce the itch. Fortunately it stayed only on the left side of my neck and did not affect my eyes. The itch lasted for 4 days but the scab lasted another 4 days before dropping out. I had to resists from scratching the sores.
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  • VW to freeze promotions; may offer trade-in discounts  [View news story]
    If you live in Texas and Florida there is no regulation for Diesel car emissions so you can keep your car legally. I imagine some people in those States will want to buy one on the cheap from other States.

    Our climate is going bad as we know it. We are going through a climate change caused by a natural cycle.

    As for those who say Climate Change is caused by humans and want to correct this situation, then until all countries are required to reduce their human population, then all your expensive effort is for nothing, a total waste of effort and resources. Do we hear a call from our political leaders for a reduction in human population explosion? No. No leader wants to call for reducing the number of people on earth so Climate Change can be reduced. Why not? Population control is a must.

    Leave the climate alone, Mother Nature will do the work. The change in the weather patterns is/will cause a drastic reduction in food production. (California's agriculture has already gone down due to years of drought.) There will be food fights... even wars. This will be sufficient to reduce the world's population naturally..... but will take a long time. Fine. The existing population will be better off to expend all their effort and resources to adjust to the Change and enjoy it.
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  • WST Exclusive: Why Chugai And Athersys Parted Ways On Japan Stroke Stem Cell Program  [View article]
    Nomad505 You raised a good question.

    "I wonder if the existing pool of patients who received MultiStem in the 36 hour window from the phase 2 trial would satisfy PMDA?"

    Was the number of patients enough? If not, how many would PMDA want to see? Or would PMDA wait for Ph 3 which I anticipate will have a time frame of 16 hr - 36hr. Did ATHX GvB ask PMDA this questions?
    Oct 23, 2015. 01:09 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • InVivo Therapeutics Reports Significant Improvement of First Patient Implanted with Neuro-Spinal Scaffold™ 
    Knowing he will keep working hard to get full recovery, the news on his ankle's recovery seem to point to Jordan eventually being able to walk again normally..... maybe with a slight limp.... but no cane assistance needed.
    Oct 23, 2015. 12:17 PM | Likes Like
  • Valeant: 70% Downside And Shocking New Information To Explain The Drug Price Increases And Subpoena  [View article]
    With all the revelations coming out, this VRx will have difficulty surviving in the next 6 months. The CEO may be out by year's end.... I have the right replacement for the job who may be available in a month or two..... Carly Fiorina (TIC)
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  • Valeant cries foul over Citron report  [View news story]
    That business model is unsustainable. They jack up the price so high, everyone - insurance, consumers, regulators complain loudly so the politicians are pressured to come up with a law to stop them. That is not a sustainable model.

    Unfortunately, this business model kills other bio-pharma businesses who have sustainable business models as well. This kills innovation and is bad for everyone's health. Sooner or later everyone gets sick and need drugs and bio treatment. Hopefully, when that happens, a cure from a bio-pharma who spent millions in R&D is available.
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