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  • Advanced Cell Technology On The Doorstep [View article]
    This tells me Cohort#4 has 4 patients for AMD and 4 for SMD left to treat in the US. It implies Cohort #2a trial is complete; this is the most important cohort since they are patients who are in the relatively early stages of AMD and SMD, and hence, are likely to be more responsive to the treatment and will have better results.
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  • StemCells, Inc. And Advanced Cell Technology: The Race To Treat AMD [View article]
    This is in addition to the great comments above and Ryan Pollack's below.

    Not mentioned anywhere is the fact that ACTC is thinking of or has already requested the FDA to waiver the trials for 200,000 cells cohort. ACTC thinks the results are so good at 150,000 cell cohorts that the 200k cohort cells is not needed. Furthermore, ACTC is thinking (maybe wishful as some would say) of applying for "compassionate" approval (sorry, at this moment the proper technical term escapes me). If they get the FDA nod of approval for both, ACTC will be a blockbuster stock.

    At the last CC, management was rocked by Rabin's forced resignation and the SEC $4M fine. At that time they did mention that an update is forthcoming so resolution to these questions will hopefully be answered in the very near future.... like in the next few weeks, perhaps?

    Should ACTC live up to our expectations and really come up with great trials update, the stock price will zoom up and their money problems will disappear. In the meantime, all we can do is wait patiently.
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  • Advanced Cell Technology: Took A Hit Or Preparing To Throw A Knockout Blow? [View article]
    Wonderful article. Thanks for doing your research. Esekla's hidden PhD's claims reminds me of the Cold Fusion debacle in the 1980's that was so sensational it rocked the Nuclear Science world but could not be duplicated and eventually proven to be scientifically wrong..... except here, the claimant is in hiding, not out in the open.
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  • Advanced Cell Technology's Intellectual Property Takes A Hit [View article]
    Factual, clear, accurate response. Thanks Jayren4 for taking the time.

    Esekla, by now, with a lot of responses in and you having to defend yourself every time by stating that your article has been misread is time you should accept your article was poorly written and maybe it is time to end your agony by withdrawing it?
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  • Advanced Cell Technology's Intellectual Property Takes A Hit [View article]
    Furthermore, the effect of this new discovery on iPSC cells on ACTC will not materialize, assuming you are right on the subject patents, until 10 to 15 years from now. In less than 5 years ACTC would received FDA approval on its hESC cure to macular degeneration and would have evolved into a multibillion dollar company or would have been bought by a big pharma. Hence, this article amounts to nothing to well informed investors.
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  • Advanced Cell Technology's Intellectual Property Takes A Hit [View article]
    Esekla, are you trying to lower the price so you can buy shares low knowing that very good results from the trials are about to come out? As you yourself wrote:

    "To summarize briefly, Advanced Cell Technology estimates the total addressable market for Retinal Degeneration to be $25-$30 billion.", then why the emphasis on iPSC patents which are immaterial at this time since ACTC has not even started a Phase I trial on it?
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  • Advanced Cell Technology: Look For A Breakthrough In 2014 [View article]
    From the three years I have owned ACTC shares and followed its progress, this is what I saw:
    1. It got $ 35 million financing from Lincoln Park instead of selling shares. This is non-dilutive.

    2. Gary Rabin resolved the 50 or so lawsuit caused by dilutive financing from previous CEOs.
    3. Gary Rabin was against partnering with big pharma because, with a successful trial, the stock price will be big enough for the company can go on its own. If partnering is warranted in the future, ACTC will be negotiating with big pharma from a position of strength.
    4. Gary Rabin I believe was able to settle the case with the SEC without a significant financial penalty to ACTC.

    5. When Dr Lanza accidentally blurted out to a reporter that a trial patient vision improved from 20/400 to 20/40, Gary Rabin, upon learning of the accidental blurt, had to make a quick public announcement of the fact to avoid the SEC from punishing ACTC for not making a formal public disclosure.... He succeeded and the SEC did nothing.

    6. All indications are, the last trial of 150,000 cell dosage has been safely successful and could have shown significant improvement in the vision of the trial subjects. Results should be published in February in a peer reviewed publication.

    As far as I know, Gary Rabin was very protective of shareholders interests. Why he was asked to go we will never know. All I want now is the new CEO will be just as protective of the shareholders interest or more as Gary Rabin.
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  • Advanced Cell Technology's CEO Discusses Q2 2013 Results - Earnings Call Transcript [View article]
    Stock price is even a bit lower today in-spite of the "good results" discussed yesterday at the conference call. Could this be a case of the public waiting for the SEC announcement of the penalty it is going to impose on ACTC? Could it be that the stock price is so low the public is suspicious and hence, very hesitant to dive in? Hard to say. We will just have to wait for the October meeting or the SEC announcement, whichever comes first.
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  • Why Speculative Investors Can't Ignore Advanced Cell Technology [View article]
    There is an medical/research event in October (can't remember the name) where they will be presenting their trial results. Management is being extra careful not to release any statement that can be taken by the SEC as hyping the stock. Hence, they make none. Can't even have a shareholder meeting that my result i a news leak..... besides wanting to conserve cash by avoiding the cost of a meeting. I am speculating.
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  • Why Speculative Investors Can't Ignore Advanced Cell Technology [View article]
    I do not want to be over optimistic here but come October, the results of the latest trials, approved in last month will be released in a public forum. It should confirm the great results of going from 20/400 to 20/40. Should this happen, the stock should go holy bananas!

    I would like to ask these questions --

    When is the company going to hold the yearly shareholder's meeting? Is this in October?

    The shareholder authorization to do a reverse split was allowed to lapse last Dec 31, 2012. Will there be another shareholder vote to re-authorize a reverse split? There has been no company announcement on this. Why? Is it because, with great result announcement anticipated in October, ACTC stock will go so high a reverse split will no longer be necessary? Will the stock price be so high at that time all NASDAQ listing requirements will be met?

    Anyone has an opinion on this?
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  • The Fast Paced World Of Advanced Cell Technology: An Interview With Chairman And CEO Gary Rabin [View article]
    Thanks Michael. We all look forward to the next press release between now and next August when ACTC is scheduled to discuss the results of Cohorts 2a and 3. Wish you had asked him if this August schedule still holds and when he plans to hold the Annual Shareholder's Meeting.

    I sense ACTC is holding back on the meeting date until the CFO is up to speed on matters he is now responsible for.
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  • A Breakdown Of Advanced Cell Technology's Latest Conference Call [View article]
    As Reuter's reported May 15, confirmed by ACTC CEO Gary Rubin today, a patient's vision of 20/400 was improved to 20/40.... That, Gentlemen, is indeed Tantalizing!!!
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  • 2 Stem Cell Research Pioneers And Where They Are Today [View article]
    Per the last Investor conference, ACTC plans to do RS as soon as the issue with SEC is settled. Hopefully this will be after they have published the results of the 3rd cohort with younger subjects sometime this summer.
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  • ACTC And The Ghosts Of Christmas [View article]
    I believe ACTC will announce the reverse split ratio before the end of this month provided they can report a very positive result for their second cohort of 100K injections. With good results in efficacy, the stock should jump multiple times and would be a good basis for the split ratio number. Assuming past patterns, they should already have the results on hand and are under review by the Medical Board. The Board's decision to move forward to the third cohort would be great news for the company and its stock price should jump.

    If a good result cannot be announced by the end of December, I expect ACTC management will ask shareholders for an extension of their authorization for a reverse split.
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  • The Potential Giant Killer That Is Advanced Cell Technology [View article]
    This is the first article on ACTC that has detailed how its treatment threatens the existing market for wet AMD. It presents a "big picture" perspective for the treatment. Thanks for writing this eye opening article (no pun intended).
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