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  • IBM A Strong Holding In These Volatile Times [View article]
    The reason there is so much interest in IBM stock right now is that the forward P/E is at a historical low and the stock is down for the year. The market overall is considered to be close to fair value. So value investors and mutual funds are looking for stocks to buy.
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  • IBM A Strong Holding In These Volatile Times [View article]
    In the early 1990s, IBM made a decision to become "lean and mean" and as they continue to sell off less profitable businesses, and buy new ones, it confuses analysts who are trying to compare one quarter to the next. Analysts are stuck in a rut of just looking at revenue or business segments or income, without understanding what IBM has clearly been doing for at least the past 20 years. As long as analysts do not understand, they may get some investors to sell or avoid buying IBM. But then when IBM has market share in all these leading new businesses all over the world, it is going to be obvious that the stock is dirt cheap compared to any viable competitor. Many competitors actually work with IBM on projects and lease their patents. IBM will work with any hardware or software or application on any project in any country if it is a highly profitable venture. Otherwise they won't. It's kind of like Apple, who doesn't intend to make cheap cellphones. It isn't profitable to hire the most intelligent engineers and train them to the highest level of skill to push a commodity product at a cheap price just to grow revenue.
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  • IBM A Strong Holding In These Volatile Times [View article]
    On CNBC this morning before I woke up, Steven Mills, IBM senior vice president, explained how "Big Blue" intends to stay competitive in a constantly evolving tech industry by developing a way to take advantage of real-time connectivity data.
    But everywhere I look it seems that the video is cut off at the end.
    You can tell from the questions that people do not understand what IBM does, or has come out with in the past few years. It is good that IBM finally came on tv, and I hope they do it again.
    What investors would like to know is how much revenue may potentially come from all these new ventures.
    He was overly accepting of their line of questioning though. If you know anything about data processing you know that the comment about "everything is open" is far from true. At least he let them know that IBM is a leader in business social applications.
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  • International Business Machines: A Road Map To Reasonable Valuation [View article]
    "In tandem with the strong earnings growth, IBM shareholders have enjoyed a compound annual return of 5.9%;" What dates are you using for your annualized return? Most periods I have checked have over 9% total annual return.

    The last stock split was May 27, 1999 [2:1] so 1999 may not be a good date to begin with your calculation as it went to a high that summer. Looks like all the market crashes in the first decade of 2000 were buying opportunities.
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  • IBM Is Undervalued And Revenue Could Grow [View article]
    Another announcement today on an IBM deal, which is almost a daily occurrence.
    "ARMONK, N.Y., Sept. 24, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- IBM (NYSE: IBM) today announced a $27.9 million Smarter Education project with Gwinnett County Public Schools (GCPS), the largest school system in Georgia. Demonstrating great trust and confidence in IBM's technology and long standing partnership with the district, the Gwinnett County Board of Education unanimously approved the deal to realize and expedite the classroom transformation vision of eCLASS by naming IBM lead strategic technology partner and chief systems integrator for the initiative."

    Revenue will eventually turn up, probably in the next 2 quarters.
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  • IBM Is Undervalued And Revenue Could Grow [View article]
    About IBM MobileFirst
    As the first new technology platform for business to emerge since the World Wide Web, mobile computing represents one of the greatest opportunities for organizations to expand their business. Based on nearly 1,000 customer engagements, more than 10 mobile-related acquisitions in the last four years, a team of thousands of mobile experts and 270 patents in wireless innovations, IBM MobileFirst provides the key elements of an application and data platform with the management, security and analytics capabilities needed for the enterprise.

    From the announcement today on Deutsche Telekom's new cloud service.
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  • Outerwall: Long Thesis Remains Intact And Sell-Off Represents Opportunity [View article]
    I sold my shares because management did not come through on earnings, they pay no dividends to hold their stock, and the consensus EPS trend is going down. Earlier in the year, even when the stock beat earnings expectation, the stock would sell off on earnings. So the EPS trend going down must be the problem.
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  • FAB Universal: Overlooked By The Financial Community [View article]
    On Sept 20, Douglas Polinsky sold 68% of his holdings of FU.
    On Aug 22, Denis Yevstifeyev sold 100% of his holdings of FU.
    Here are their bio's on Forbes. The second guy may know something that made him sell all of his holdings.
    The two of them together have sold almost a million $ of stock.
    Jim Rogers invested $220,550 on Sept 13. He is not listed on Forbes.
    From wikipedia,
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  • Apple's Loser Strategy [View article]
    All of this arguing over which operating systems in PCs or other devices are better is a mute point. Customer demand drives what is available. No company in this economy is going to invest in an operating systems unless it is highly profitable or a requirement from their customers to get their business overall. The reason Unix exists and continues to exist is because the kernel is free and because entire countries like China use it. It certainly isn't as good to people who study operating systems.
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  • Dollar Tree Has Good News, But Faces Serious Resistance [View article]
    I wouldn't pay this for DLTR. You need to be buying stocks that are selling cheaper but have good opportunities ahead for price appreciation. Online shopping is providing growth for many stores such as Macy's, which sells all the premium brands that have run up in price such as Nike and Kors. Dollar Tree sells dollar merchandise and obviously doesn't have a website. Why would a dollar store be worth more than a department store on a sales basis or on an earnings basis or on a book value basis? The market has mis-priced stocks and you need to figure out when to buy the cheap ones and sell the high priced ones.
    Macy's expects comparable sales in the second half of 2013 to increase in the range of 2.5 percent to 4 percent. This would calculate to a full-year 2013 comparable sales increase of 2 percent to 2.9 percent
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  • FAB Universal: Overlooked By The Financial Community [View article]
    Last October the stock was cut in half. And the share count is going to more than double ahead. The stock price may go up or it may go down, but I do not think it is a good investment.
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  • Is This The Right Time For Bulls To Enter IBM? [View article]
    I don't invest in IBM to see cash on their balance sheet. I expect them to do something with their cash or give it to me. Right now they are buying back their stock and buying other companies to build out in their growth segments.
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  • Outerwall: Investors Throwing Shares Out After Poor Price Initiatives [View article]
    I gave up on this company. They just sound like they don't know what they are doing. Redbox is a great business. So it's obviously the management that's the problem. Maybe Icahn should do something about them.
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  • FAB Universal: Overlooked By The Financial Community [View article]
    I have given up wondering why people continue to get scammed. No wonder half of them probably can't pay their bills. Right now they are giving their hard-earned money to someone who hates the USA and thinks China hung the moon.
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  • The First Metric Regional Bank Investors Should Know [View article]
    I got out awhile ago and just wondering when to buy RF back. I think they are having a review today by the government on their books. Sorry I can't remember where I read that.
    I'm buying Reits today and MLPI.
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