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  • Android Money Is Financing Microsoft's Lumia Phones And Tablets [View article]
    Great article, thank you.

    I believe it was two or three quarters ago that there was $1B undefined revenue in their mobile division, and $222M was windows phone. I suspect that the majority of that one billion was android royalties.

    MSFT needs to compete with MSFT...because only MSFT can win. 1. Drop Windows Phone/RT licensing fees & keep enforcing Android royalties. 2. Let the ex-NOK folks finish their Windows skinned Android phone (all MSFT services, no GOOG services....yet still called Android.) 3. Assist the OEMs (Intel at CES) with merging Android, iOS and Windows...but only sell MSFT services and apps.

    MSFT is holding every card in the deck right now, despite the press articles. But the cards won't be valuable forever.

    Long MSFT.
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  • Microsoft: Why Lumia Earnings Barely Matter [View article]
    It is about selling the MSFT ecosystem. GOOG and APPL are weak in corporations, governments, living rooms, cars...far behind MSFT.

    A cheap phone may get that purchaser to realize: Hey, all of my stuff is synced on my phone, tablet, PC and TV! Hey, I just bought a movie from the Windows Store and it plays on every device I own! Hey, I forgot my XL doc at home...and here it is on my phone!

    I vote for cheap devices, and make up the difference in the ecosystem side.
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  • Microsoft And The Complicated Gaming War That Is Unfolding [View article]

    "I'd say they'd sell it for $15-$30 before it goes free."

    Good point. I was oversimplifying by saying Windows will be totally free. MSFT would be foolish to drop the price too soon...and be foolish to wait too long.

    The "free" part of an OS seems to matter more to OEMs...just look at Android. OEMs pay MSFT licensing fee for Android, but it is much cheaper than the windows fee.

    There are now 12,000 unique Android devices out these OEMs go nuts over "free" (even though they have to pay MSFT.)

    MSFT would be wise to plan the ramp down of paid-for Windows for the average consumer and consumer device. Sooner or later that is.
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  • Microsoft And The Complicated Gaming War That Is Unfolding [View article]
    Good thoughts, may be true. Speculation in tech is always a roll of the dice. But...

    #1 "The graph above depicts that roughly 10% of this user base is logging into Steam daily."

    True, but Steam is a background app that most never disable after playing the one or two games they are interested in. Most games are single-player...meaning they have a short lifespan and after "beating" the game, steam becomes a leach running in the background.

    #2 "I feel the most appealing feature of this OS is the price tag -- free."

    Windows will be free, very shortly. Charging for OSes is over.

    Steam will have some success and I wish them the best. But Gabe has fired emotional bombs publically...and that is always a questionable sign of a leader. Tim Armstrong of AOL anyone?
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  • Microsoft Is Already The Number One Smartphone Devices Maker [View article]
    The Android revenue seems to be on track for $4 billion per year. Last quarter, MSFT disclosed windows phone made $222 million, yet their income was $1.2 billion.

    The undisclosed $1b could very well be android royalties.
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  • Microsoft, Its Time To Get Your Apps In Gear [View article]
    @Seeking Great question, you got me to run the reports in my bug tracking system.

    I can't comment on support costs for native Android/iOS apps, as I write using Xamarin cross platform. My same code runs on Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, iOS, Android and OSX.

    But after running the bug reports, iOS, Android WP8 and Windows 8 are running approximately the same bug rates.

    I had 64 web site bugs reported over the last year. Only 13 Windows 8/WP8 bugs (combined.) 12 iOS and 17 Android.

    All in all, apps are lightweight and about equivalent regardless of platform.
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  • Microsoft, Its Time To Get Your Apps In Gear [View article]
    Having written an app for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 7/8, there is no excuse for 1st nor 3rd parties holding off. With 120 million windows 8 users, and another 100 million windows phone users...I have to scratch my head.

    Many phone apps are relatively simple compared to their web/desktop counterparts. My app is extremely feature rich and only took me about 3 months full time with one developer. Many apps are much more simple and should only take weeks of development.

    For a mere investment of weeks of development + weeks of testing...your app is exposed to a 250 million people. AND the same app runs on both windows 8 and windows phone coding changes!

    Even being a distant 3rd place in both phone/desktop, any reputable company (and MSFT!) should be porting every app to Windows/WP 8.

    Just boggles my mind that this is not happening en mass.
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  • Steve Ballmer Is Leaving Microsoft - Before You Open The Champagne, Be Careful What You Ask For [View article]
    "I think it is foolish for the markets to assume Mr. Ballmer's departure MUST be a good thing."

    Fantastic article. Ballmer's shortcomings were because of lack of "sizzle" at the expense of being all "steak". He wasn't sexy, but he took very good care of the MSFT bottom line for a decade.

    And Ballmer must have been involved with the change to "devices and services" that began 3+ years ago, and should finish in 2 years. MSFT looked into a crystal ball and saw the 2015 market...and is accurate so far.

    IBM did not have this foresight, and as successful as they are, IBM lost the consumer war. MSFT has a chance to stay in the consumer game in a strong way, because of the changes they made in 2010.

    Now MSFT will hopefully get a sexy and competent CEO, who can give the department heads freedom to execute the broad-brush strategy.
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  • Shareholder Activism: Why Apple And Not Microsoft? Microsoft Cash Screams For ASR [View article]
    "The bottom line is that something or someone has to light a fire under MSFT to drive shareholder value."

    Point well taken, but a fire was lit in 2010-ish when MSFT began the shift to Devices and Services, started designing the surface tab, designed windows 8, released Azure, partnered with NOK, etc.

    MSFT products are premium, amongst the best in the market. On all fronts. The problem is acceptance and 'going viral' like Android has, and iPhone has done.

    Image, marketing execution, bad press...who knows what the issue is. But MSFT is rich with innovation and urgency.
    Aug 22 07:23 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Microsoft: Bing Continues To Gain Market Share [View article]
    Thanks Jacob.

    I did not see the Bing Rewards system mentioned.

    Login to with your:
    1. Microsoft Account
    2. Facebook Account

    You will then get reward points for searching. This gives rewards just like your major credit cards. Amazon/Starbuck gift cards, etc.

    Being frugal, I find that this is a very nice perk.
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  • Microsoft: Betting The Ballmer Bounce [View article]
    Ballmer has done a great job on the financial side, otherwise Gates would have fired him long ago. Firing Ballmer would cause a stock spike, until the new CEO starts to blow it worse than Ballmer ever could.

    MSFT has a cultural problem that has been improving the last year or so.

    MSFT is in the best position of all of the tech giants, with solid products in 5 major consumer spaces (pc, tablet, phone, TV and car.) Entrenched in consumer, business and government. No other giant is positioned as well.

    But enter the cultural problem. Play song or movie on the Windows platform and you will see what I mean. Media Player, Media Center, Zune Player and the Win 8 (Xbox music) music app. Disjointed app inventory. Departments stonewalling other departments. No teamwork.

    The reorg and the recent innovation frenzy will probably get the house in order.
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  • Will Microsoft Milk Google Also? [View article]
    Great article, thanks. I also have been wondering how Motorola and Google have been able to operate while in clear patent violation territory.

    Patent trolls give me the creeps, but this is a clear case of direct competitors trying to keep their ideas from being blatantly copied.
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  • Microsoft: A Low Risk Play In The Evolving Cloud Ecosystem [View article]
    Very nice Matthew, thank you for a cool-headed article.

    MSFT is dead center of a massive shift from software to devices and services. This is a huge shift that takes half a decade...and should be completed around 2015. The landscape will favor MSFT after this transition.

    MSFT is also much less exposed than AAPL and GOOG, since they are well diversified and entrenched. Much like your IBM example. Cash on hand, world class employees/management and a treasure trove of R&D prototypes...MSFT has nothing but options.

    I collected MSFT at $35.05, but plan to go long again very soon. And despite GOOG's success, I am thinking of shorting. All it would take is one strong competitor in advertising, and GOOG share price will drop significantly. AAPL I am reconsidering long, as all it would take is one new product (iWatch) and the stock will climb.

    Very interesting times we live in.

    Disclaimer: I am a software professional, not an investor. So take my experience with a grain of salt.
    Jul 25 05:02 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Windows Phone Grows Modestly As Android Dominates [View article]
    I disagree. Same old rule of business and warfare: Expand then consolidate. Rinse and repeat.

    MSFT just change the game massively with Windows 8, Xbox One, Windows Phone 8 and must consolidate.

    Expect another massive set of releases Q4 2014 or 2015. Then to have the dominant ecosystem (by total number of unique users) in 2015.
    Jul 2 04:58 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Why Microsoft's Dumb Move On Xbox One Might Actually Be Smart [View article]
    @Jean-Christophe, thank you for your gamer-oriented thoughts. I agree with your position.

    MSFT is behaving like a negotiator lately. First offer benefits publishers too counter-offers with complaints. MSFT/publishers sweetens the deal, community counter-offers. Etc.

    I very much like the way MSFT is behaving. Seemingly heartless to begin with, then they soften up to find a good balance point between the community and publishers (and the MSFT bottom line.)

    Long MSFT.
    Jun 17 12:00 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
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