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  • Insiders Are Buying BioTime: Should You?  [View article]
    When an equity must dilute at rates better than 5% a year for the foreseeable future, and is committed to deals that will end with 3 months burn in the bank--thereby making the next round of dilution imminent, and has a year-to-date pattern of insider selling far larger than what is mentioned in this article, it's a p&d waiting to happen.
    Biotime itself puts its bv under 1/2 and declining; its filings put sales forecasts at 1/4 of its burn.
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  • High But Well-Managed Risk, This Company Is One To Watch Out For  [View article]
    While that is to some degree likely true, it has no bearing on BTX--at least on the "long" side, since it is doing virtually nothing with autologous stem work.
    It is working for a CE Mark for a patented recipe for an aluronic acid gelatin (think rooster combs--since that's the ultimate raw source) that it bought from University of Utah, and to which it will owe royalties if any revenues ever come. After a CE Mark, the story goes that BTX will pursue the Euro equivalent of an IND as a specific means of embedding (possibly autologous) stem cells in surgical repair. Many millions of $$$ away, with only about $6 mm in hand not already spoken for.
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  • High But Well-Managed Risk, This Company Is One To Watch Out For  [View article]
    West did not found Biotime, though he went onto the BOD in 2002. He became CEO after a debt/equity swap kept the doors open after consecutive "going concern" reports by auditors.
    There's not a single bit of actual data in this article, other than the 1000x error in gross revenues. Science-of-aging neglected to mention how much of that revenue ($2.2 million) was a diminishing CIRM grant.
    It's actual "sale of research products" for 2012 was less than West's compensation package.
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  • Investing In The Stem Cell Sector: An Overview  [View article]
    A good key to understanding that the current mt caps are reasonable to high might be found in one not on the list: BTX, which hold itself out as the picks&shovels supplier to the industry--which once traded at 77 based purely on corrupt figures for potential market. ACTC has that problem in spades, while being, as the author notes, perhaps a place to play chicken poop bingo with a grand or 2.
    ISCO, as noted, is stumbling and fumbling its way towards product sales in another mkt as an alternative to dilution; and has heavy insider buying of T-stock to maintain the present burn. However, it too is currently off 80% plus of its highs, due to those highs being based on irrational guesses about mkt demand.
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  • Geron: Still Standing  [View article]
    This is the first rational and honest review of a "stem" tech I have read since 2010.
    The BTX deal further concentrates the 19th century driven corpsicle/singularity crowd back into quarantine, a good for the entire sector.
    FD: Clients in gern ~ 1 7/16 net basis.
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  • Insight On Advanced Cell Technology: An Interview With Gary Rabin, Chairman And CEO  [View article]
    So, Lincoln Park must NOT be a " a really sophisticated institutional investor,"
    In reality, reality, really sophisticated institutional investors don;t care if an enterprise is "listed" anywhere. They look at the time/distance of roe.
    The reason for the r/s is to expose actc's storyline to a larger set of technically illiterate retail buyers, who will suck up the t-stock actc has to issue for years to come to cover its burn rate.
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  • Parkinson's Disease: 3 Different Firms, 3 Novel Approaches  [View article]
    Excellent overview.
    However, one point: "leverages on it parents expertise to build products that can provide marginal revenue streams." While the revs after cog, cos, are not as yet in the millions, as a percent of isco's operating expenses they are substantial and growing.
    Isco mgt got flimflammed in establishing its original sales channels, but is correcting that.
    A reasonable cosmetics industry standard for rate of growth can have isco meeting its r&d and g&a burn a few quarters out.
    fd: clients in isco.
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  • BioTime: Regenerative Medicine Company Backed By Dubious Stock Promoters  [View article]
    Captain H,
    Granted btx is a "story stock"--something Ben Graham never thought about. Since btx has been around since 1992, and the current ceo has been around as a board member since 2002, there are data points for checking the story.
    when i look at stocks like btx, isco, actc, stem, etc my model is
    1x actual book; plus
    3x reality based estimate of the i/p; plus
    50x sales.
    btx says its the premiere "picks&shovels" supplier to the cutting edge. the premiere co in the world for "picks&shovels" is cat--it sells for 0.8 sales.
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  • BioTime: Weak Pipeline Unlikely To Deliver  [View article]
    While from my point of view you are being optimistic about biotime, it needs noted that no chmp designation is ever sought until a CE mark is in hand. The CE mark is not any kind of self-proclamation, but the result of independent auditors review. it's the eeu equivalent of "gmp." The eeu prefers that something can be made according to plan before deciding to approve it.
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  • Stem Cell Technology's Bright Future  [View article]
    "actc the sleeping giant" is credible due to the fact that it is sinking ever deeper into the financial ooze, and will eventually be dug up as a fossil of the age of scam.
    "should be vigorously supported" rotfl.... then keep buying the treasury stock. after all, there's an endless supply.
    Jul 2, 2012. 05:54 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • 2012 Biotech Freight Train  [View article]
    "and was virtually debt-free. " The SEC appears to disagree, given the recent actions.
    The elctrocuting part of any article on actc is the refusal to actually reference what their filings say about the virtual impossibility of dilution dropping to 7% a year....ever.
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  • BioTime: Regenerative Medicine Company Backed By Dubious Stock Promoters  [View article]
    "stock promoters" are a tool for those who cannot get a hearing from the rational or informed--not for "scientists" or entrepreneurs.
    Those who read cox's paywall pumps as part of dd for short-term momo plays and long term target acquisition for shorts have benefited. The only real difference for his paid reports and his free ones is the date of publication.Agora has been a smoke machine since the 90s, without the average newbie ever learning.

    Apr 26, 2012. 07:27 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Buffett's Bursting Bubble  [View article]
    If Buffet were a "capitalist " he would describe gold exactly the way he did in this year's annual letter.
    If he were an honest capitalist he would add that the capital utility of gold is that it is a play toy for game boys who don;t know the difference between playing board games and creating wealth.
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  • Evidence That Warren Buffett Manipulated The Silver Market In Late 1990s  [View article]
    There's no "academic" anywhere in that rant. Buffet's silver plays are well documented in the 10ks for the period. Including his disappointment at how poorly he did with it.
    The present price of silver is its own comment of the fallacies in this article.
    Feb 19, 2012. 04:51 PM | 4 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Geron And InVivo: The Race To Cure Paralysis  [View article]
    at least he's being straightforwardly hucksterish in his biotoursim venture.
    elsewhere, some of the corpsicle cult are arguing that nviv is a reason to drink koolade with mikey west's new recipe for roostercomb soup.
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