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  • Use Weakness On Canadian Wireless Decision To Buy Rogers, Bell [View article]
    Rocco, I'm wondering if you have an opinion on Telus.
    Mar 15, 2012. 01:14 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Will Lululemon Go The Green Mountain Way? [View article]
    If it is the case that the yoga trend is not sustainable, why even introduce Gap and Nike as possible competitors to support your point? Isn't the fact that there are burgeoning competitors evidence that the trend is gaining momentum, instead of losing it? You describe this as a momentum stock, but I don't think this is an accurate description at all, and I think you misunderstand the retail sector that makes Lulu an intelligible investment. Lulu self-identifies as a luxury brand - so equivocations with Gap and Nike or Greenmountain Coffee are not useful or accurate.
    Mar 14, 2012. 10:42 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • 2 Reasons To Sell Lululemon [View article]
    You are so wrong about this. How much of retail consumption is driven by any kind of practical, pragmatic "need"? Been in a mall lately? checked out the line-ups in the Apple store? Consumer demand is driven by desire, largely, not "need". I mean come on! Your argument makes it seem as if you have no insight whatsoever as to what drives consumption and the whole retail sector. When you come up with something that people WANT - they will buy it, whether they have the money or not (sadly). This is what this company has achieved, and this is what they're selling. They've created a brand, an image, a whole aesthetic and set of values that go with it, and people love it. There are so many directions they can go in: cosmetics, footwear, gear...spas - you name it. They have presented themselves as a luxury brand that is achievable. They've tapped into the aspirations of a market that I don't think anyone even knew existed, or maybe they just created it. Yeah, I think they'll do just fine in Asia.
    Mar 2, 2012. 02:52 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • 2 Reasons To Sell Lululemon [View article]
    I just don't think you've got a read on what is driving demand for this product - it's not about "quality athletic clothing" - it's about lifestyle, and it's about values. Have you read the "manifesto"? They are selling the manifesto, and that's what folks are buying as a tangible good in 3-dimensional retail space. Hey - it's a LOT easier to buy values than to actually live them! I think if you want some insight into the social-psychology that is driving the economics here, this link (which I just found, while in search of the corporate "manifesto") might give an idea as to how bound up in "lifestyle" lulu lemon really is, and how loyal (fanatical?) their customer base. Lulu lemon has built or exploited or developed a whole culture around this brand.
    Mar 2, 2012. 02:27 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • How Trading Apple Can Bring Both Rags And Riches [View article]
    It's never too late to be a millionaire! My grandfather's investments paid for my education, and I will be forever grateful to him for it. I only hope to be able to do the same for my family (when I have one).
    Mar 2, 2012. 02:08 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Lululemon: Rising Sun Or Downward Dog? [View article]
    This is aspirational consumption - I don't know about lulu but it's clear that the yoga trend is just getting bigger, ie. "hot yoga" studios that attract a full house at $20.00 for 60 min. of sweating, and memberships that go for over $1,200.00 a year. This is a suburban market and it's just starting to trend - how long will it last? As long as the yoginis can keep re-inventing the "practice" and creating a market for high end gear. Lulu lemon is part of a huge cultural trend that is just getting going - they are the Apple in this market.
    Mar 1, 2012. 02:50 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment