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  • Axion Power Concentrator 358 August 14 '14: S-1 For $15MM Share Issuance; Changed Loan, IP-Secured MDA; David DiGiacinto Appointed Chairman And CEO [View instapost]

    Agree that there were risks with releasing a consumer application product (ie PbC in car battery format - but unsuitable for car applications), but there are many formats that are industrial use only.

    Axion has, and remains averse to product attributes disclosure, and so denied/s of much needed real world use of their product.

    Since Axion is essentially selling a energy capacitor (but not a power battery) perhaps Maxwell examples would be indicative

    test procedures

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  • Tesla And The Coming Automotive App Economy [View article]
    I doubt loose 3rdparty softeware apps will ever be big in the automotive world.
    Tesla does have The killer app
    free for life, solar powered superchargers

    who wouldn't pay $2,000 for free for life, domestically produced, solar gasoline?
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  • Tesla's Order Backlog And Why It Is Worth More Than Porsche [View article]
    so 3 weeks before arrival, Tesla needs requires the tax paid before they can offload the car from the ship.

    2 points
    That such tax belongs within 'deposits' if not clear if its already disbursed to the government.

    that tax payment is for a short duration of time anyway, somewhat over 3 weeks.

    $228m represents a hard dollar amount that customers are willing to pay before delivery. The rate of change of the deposits represent the rate of change for demand, so its roughly a 10% increase in demand.
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  • Axion Power Concentrator 345 June 30 '14: Definitive Reverse Split Consent Solicitation; Q1 '1 CC Transcript & MP3 Available; Q1 '14 Filing Released;Axion Receives 4 Powercubes Order [View instapost]
    I'm from Oz

    that is talking about installations greater than 30kW, typical domestic install here is about 1.5kW

    Christmas day effect in Australia (or more precisely Christmas holidays) is typically the peak annual electricity demand, it runs from Christmas into new year, and depends on hottest weather days over that 2 week period. Summer - cricket, air conditioner usage, happy attitudes. Solar has already reduced the annual peak in Australia, reducing the need for the most expensive electricity generation (ie the power plant that is need only for 15 minutes per year)

    But the big cost for electricity is not fuel or generation or tax, it is transmission and maintenance. rooftop solar, solar hot water, efficient air conditioners reduce electricity demand, leading to greater unit cost for everyone due to high fixed maintenance costs. Net work costs can were about 50% here, customer service (ie billing service) - 20%, generation and fuel - 20%, carbon tax -10%
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  • Tesla's Real Problem: Energy Density [View article]
    the really simple simple simple way for the BMW i3 to be a road trip car is
    a, real doors
    b, real fuel tank

    neglecting each was/is a style statement.
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  • Iron's Free Fall Has Rusted Fortescue Metals [View article]
    that fmg went from nil resource to 155mtpa is amazing
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  • Tesla's Real Problem: Energy Density [View article]
    Re Korea
    The 10,000 target is a year 2025 target. The Korean government is providing a $60,000 subsidy.

    The lease in California is $21,000 over 3 years, then the car will probably be disassembled for learnings. Thats basically a $100,000 loss for Hyundai per car.

    But the energy density point is, a car is a system,
    an EV like a Tesla has both a frunk and a boot,
    a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle like the Hyundai Tucson has neither, just a large parcel shelf.
    A petrol car like the Hyundai Tucson only has a boot.
    Jul 26 01:23 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Tesla's Real Problem: Energy Density [View article]
    Hyundai is kind enough to release a fuel cell with exactly the same EPA range as a Tesla, at considerably higher price than a Tesla (Price in Korea of Hundai Tucson ix FCEV $144,360)

    Range may be the same, but the EV has both a boot and a frunk, whereas the HFCV has a boot that really is just a parcel shelf with its own door.

    So both in theory and in practice, li ion cells are more compact than hydrogen storage for miles.
    Jul 26 08:49 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Axion Power Concentrator 352 July 24 '14: David DiGiacinto Appointed Chairman And CEO; Share Reverse Split And Authorized Share Reduction Approved; Q1 '1 CC Transcript & MP3 Available [View instapost]
    Daimler would consider that BMW subvents nearly all their leases, but BMW still makes a profit.

    Rail companies consider that the government subvents the trucking industry by using passenger vehicle gasoline tax for road damage caused by trucks.

    Nissan may be coy about the cost of the battery pack (and for good reasons) and factory amortization is a major factor for non-Chinese li-ion battery.

    A manufacturer could subvent all steps of a sale yet still make a profit, Chinese do it all the time, they don't really sell glyphosate etc at a loss. If the incremental revenue of a sale is greater than the incremental cost of a sale, then it is profitable, even if it doesn't carry overheads, or amortization at any step along the way. Just as long as it doesn't jeopardise an existing sale.
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  • Tesla: What About The Model X? [View article]
    Mitsubishi Motors produces about 1.3million vehicles annual

    Outlander PHEV production is to rise from 30 thousand in 2013 to 50 thousand in 2014

    Thats 4% of Mitsubishi motors production just on the phev model. Mitsubishi Motors can not justify making their own sedans anymore because its too hard to make a profit, but with Outlander PHEVs, they can make a profit.

    2012 Mitsubishi Outlander production was 75,000 units so the PHEV variant is approaching parity with the combustion Outlander in terms of production, and probably is now outselling the diesel variant.

    In addition to making a direct profit on the Outlander PHEV, it also succeeds in getting higher value customers into Mitsubishi dealers who trade in Range Rovers and Audis etc. A boon for Mitsubishi, and boon for their dealers. Compared to how car dealers see the Volt and the LEAF, this is a key success.
    Jul 23 03:56 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Tesla: What About The Model X? [View article]
    The Outlander PHEV and the Tesla model X are very different creatures.

    But the Outlander PHEV is probably the most important plugin vehicle apart from the Tesla, because it demonstrates that automaker can make a plugin vehicle profitably. And that a plugin vehicle can be cost effective versus its combustion engine equivalent, without government support. Todate, Nissan LEAF and GM Volt rely on the government support to make fiscal sense to consumers (primarily via lease, they are obviously sensible lease vehicles)
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  • Axion Power Concentrator 351 July 20 '14: David DiGiacinto Appointed Chairman And CEO; Share Reverse Split And Authorized Share Reduction Approved; Q1 '1 CC Transcript & MP3 Available [View instapost]
    >User 393748

    Li Ion cathodes using differing materials for the particles shells/core is generally different to high voltage cathodes.

    Voltage fade is a specific to referring to lithium ion batteries whose discharge voltage profile changes. Conventional Li ion cathodes only display capacity degradation. High Voltage Li ion cathodes display capacity growth/ degradation/ regeneration as well as voltage fade.

    That is 3 attributes not shared with conventional Li ion.
    conventional Li ion does not display capacity growth, capacity regeneration or voltage fade.

    Li-Mn2O4 actually has 2 voltage planes, 4V and 3V but suffers degradation when it transition between them, so only half the capacity of the cathode is used. That capacity is further reduced by doping to toughen up the cathode near the transition. Li rich/Mn rich cathodes (ie high voltage) can use the full capacity of the cathode, and does so at a higher voltage, so it has roughly 2.5x the capacity of a plain Mn cathode.

    LiFePO4 uses the full amount of its capacity, there is no capacity improvement left. Mn cathodes use less than 1/2 of their capacity, there is significant improvement left.
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  • Tesla's Fuel Cell Threat [View article]
    Sony was the world's best until it wasn't.

    Hydrogen is a process gas from the age of alchemy. It is however, expensive to use, even when it is free. Toyota has announced a price for hydrogen vehicles that is roughly half the price of Hyundai. At the 'launch' Toyota has avoided saying which factory they will produce in, or how many they will make.

    Sometime ago, Toyota would've made a multi-billion dollar decision on Hydrogen Fuel Cells, similar to what GM and Nissan decided prior to introducing the GM Volt and Nissan LEAF. Turns out that Toyota's Hydrogen dreams will need to compete with Mitsubishi PHEVs and Teslas.

    Hydrogen is unlikely to be competitive with electricity to power your phone, fridge or lights. Now or in 10 years or in 100 years.
    same with cars.
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  • Axion Power Concentrator 351 July 20 '14: David DiGiacinto Appointed Chairman And CEO; Share Reverse Split And Authorized Share Reduction Approved; Q1 '1 CC Transcript & MP3 Available [View instapost]
    Envia the company is a fraud but the technology is real.

    Envia misrepresented who they got the materials from, and were not able to recreate them properly.

    LG is also progressing the technology, its quite suitable for both CE and automotive applications, but has some distinctive behaviours that the both important and different to conventional Li ion. (Primarily due to activation continuing during use of battery, so its properties are not static like a conventional Li ion)
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  • Tesla's Fuel Cell Threat [View article]

    Nothing on the road degrades like Hydrogen Fuel Cells. It is primarily an efficiency degradation, similar to how Hyundai overstated its MPG

    The second effect is that lower efficiency reduces the range of the vehicle, similar to how 2011-2012 LEAFs lost range in hot climates.

    So hydrogen fuel cells have an efficiency degradation that also leads to both a power degradation and a range degradation. This is one key distinction between hydrogen fuel cells and conventional vehicles (gasoline and/or electric) Tesla investor's probably tend to hold to the view that hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are foolish, they may not understand why hydrogen fuel cell vehicles don't already ply the roads, but they can accept that hydrogen doesn't power their phone or ipad and that it needs to be competitive in consumer electronics before it can compete with li-ion in automotive applications.

    Current Tesla Model S seem to have improved degradation down to levels that are hard to measure
    Jul 21 09:51 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment