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  • More on gold and sentiment: Another measure is the CFTC's Commitment of Traders report. By that gauge, traders are clearly huddled on the long side of the boat, but not to an extreme level. (Previous: Hulbert's index[View news story]
    I do not agree with you alan.greenscam. You should learn the difference between money and gold. Money is only worth the paper it is printed on. It is a promise that you MIGHT be able to buy some bread and butter with it. But if the issuer of that money breaks its promise and tells you it is only worth half, than you can only buy half a bread and half the amount of butter with it. You have the risk of the counterpart. So, right, money is to spent and to live on. You need it, but do not save it. Gold has value. 1 ounce of gold, will always be 1 ounce of gold. No counterpart can change that, ever. You don't pay bread and butter with gold for as long as you got money to do so. When the money issuer breaks his promise on money (cuts it in half) and you are running out of it, you can exchange your gold for money and will receive twice the amount you paid for it (in this example), because the gold price will have doubled. You are as rich as you were when you bought it, no more no less. Gold does not make you rich, it protects you from money depreciation. Gold is value, money is promise.
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