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  • BRIC to BIC to BICI? [View article]
    Indonesia has abundant rice, fish, coal, oil, gas, copper, nickel, geothermal and specialty woods in various stages of development.
    It has the added value of being geographically situated on the shipping lanes between China, India, and Australia.
    For researching the trade information on the various countries, you might consider consulting,, and linking up with the U.S. Department of Commerce's two bureaus , U.S. Commercial Service and International Trade Administration.

    On Jun 26 11:13 AM feelofficer wrote:

    > A silly game...
    > Despite Russia's perilous investment circumstance... it ranks as
    > a world power rich with technology, resources and population to maintain
    > it as a (somewhat) worthy investment.
    > What does Indonesia have but population?
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  • Small Steps (and Money) to a Transport Overhaul [View article]
    "Given public confidence in and excitement about spending, there will be a willingness to pay higher taxes." Really? Is that to happen before those willing to pay higher taxes lose their livelihoods and businesses, or afterwards?
    As for the two governors and the mayor, are they now affording their infrastructure investments?
    Jun 25 09:27 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Conservative Republicans Better Start Appreciating Bernanke [View article]
    I for one am grateful for "kneejerk GOP obstuctionism." Perish the thought about how things would have turned out without it.
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  • Does Growing Debt Burden Breed Nationalism? [View article]
    Your points are well taken. Your feared scenario will be less emotional and more constructive as the legal immigrants learn to assimilate into the cultural mainstream (for lack of a better term).

    On Jun 25 02:23 AM Michael Clark wrote:

    > I agree with you. 'Illegal' immigrants should have no rights in America
    > -- and should be deported. We have a legal immigration process that
    > needs to be used and supported.
    > The discussion was on the coming backlash against outsiders -- and
    > if that comes it WILL BE emotional, and all the arguments of the
    > rational folks about 'legal' versus 'illegal' won't make a lot of
    > difference to the dark skinned legal immigrants walking the streets
    > in America.
    > I hope it does not come to this. But it IS happening in Australia
    > and England and Europe now. I would not be surprised to see it come
    > to America, especially as unemployment benefits run out and the government-in-bed-with...
    > bailouts prove to be merely the tossing of matter into a black hole.
    > Let's put the blame where it belongs, on the bankers, not on the
    > immigrants who are merely trying to find a way to survive.
    > One silver lining of the depression is that illegal immigration is
    > slowing down -- there's no work in the U.S. for illegals to get.
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  • Does Growing Debt Burden Breed Nationalism? [View article]
    Hatred of immigrants is not the issue here. The imposition upon the taxpaying public for services rendered for illegal immigrants is what is in question. It is a key element in the troubled fiscal situation of the California government. We need to clamp down on public services provided to illegal immigrants. The legal citizens,
    being rational, are getting more emphatic about this. There is no point to undermining our fiscal and social integrity for the sake of past injustices. Or maybe that is the point with those who want to control the public monies.

    On Jun 25 12:09 AM Michael Clark wrote:

    > I agree that 'illegal' is the key rational issue here. But hatred
    > of the outsider is an emotional, not a rational, response. Hatred
    > of the 'illegal immigrant' can easily become hatred of anyone capable
    > of being an illegal immigrant -- that is, dark skin, accent, trouble
    > with English. We saw how Japanese immigrants were treated in World
    > War II compared with German immigrants. I don't remember too many
    > German detention camps set up in Wisconsin.
    > If people start beating up 'illegal' immigrants in the streets of
    > America, I don't think there will be too much investigation to see
    > if someone has a green card or is a U.S. citizen.
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  • Does Growing Debt Burden Breed Nationalism? [View article]
    The author needs to understand that it was the illegal--add the word illegal--immigration that became a hot topic. The justified populist outrage is certainly there if you would care to get out of D.C. once in awhile and open your ears. And also open your mind while you are at it; those opposed to illegal immigration are not xenophobic.
    Jun 24 11:38 AM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Is U.S. Starting a Trade War? [View article]
    The sooner we come to our senses and adopt an America First mentality, the sooner we can reach an economic equilibrium, all other considerations held equal. The trade in human beings and their livelihoods should be restricted not in a harsh dictatorial sense but in a discouraging taxing sense. This will benefit our country in general not just any special interest group. The international trade in goods and services is fine so long as it doesn't undermine the economic security of this country. This country is supposed to be represented by American citizens, not foreign interests. We are responsible for our living standards, not them. We need to be more self-reliant in our economic activities, not less so. We need to be friendly with foreign powers in an even-handed way, not a placating way. I mean these comments in the way exemplified by President Harding, not currently by President Obama.

    On Jun 24 08:27 AM Stephen Metzger wrote:

    > Your suggestions amount to the same thing: A restriction on trade.
    > We are repeating the errors of the 30s at home and abroad. Bring
    > on the war (I don't mean trade war).
    Jun 24 09:16 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Is U.S. Starting a Trade War? [View article]
    According to this author, we are supposed to outsource our manufacturing labor and consume and import foreign products. How bright is that? No, this activity or attitude cannot be stopped but it can be taxed. Some kind of revenue-neutral, carrot-and-stick taxation strategy could be brought to bear against what some consider free trade. Free for whom? A tax reduction of an equivalent amount should be granted to those manufacturers keeping their work within the borders of this country and employing legal citizens.
    Jun 23 02:58 PM | 6 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Flaws in the Deflation Case [View article]
    The chart shows that the debt burden ballooned during President Reagan's time. Inflation cooled off during that same time frame. The stagflationary W-shaped recessionary period of 1979-1983 took a couple of years to heal. Perhaps extrapolating some conclusions from that time period will provide some insight into the current inflation vs. deflation arguments. I would suppose that the current bloated debt figures will tend to bolster the deflation argument.
    Jun 22 05:45 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • When's the Right Time to Worry About Inflation? [View article]
    The current inflation in commodities will depress the rest of the economy for awhile. That process will in time drag down the inflated prices in commodities. The economy should bottom when this inflation vs. deflation impasse reaches a rough equilibrium and when most of the private debt load has been paid off or writen off. Keeping interest rates low and reducing the government expenditures and taxes should hasten the bottoming process so that we can work on a healthy recovery sooner than later.
    Jun 22 03:37 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Russia's Near Term Is Far from Rosy; Long Term Is Another Story [View article]
    It is hoped that in some future year wave energy technology will evolve to the point where it will be economically practical. This might have certain geopolitical ramifications. This development could enable the European countries to better manage their energy capacities without the over-reliance on imported Russian carbon-based energy.
    Jun 22 02:41 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • What's the Real Cost of the Cap-and-Trade Program? [View article]
    I have yet to hear a persuasive argument that cap-and-trade is a solution to the excessive carbon outputs in emerging markets. For instance, will it reduce the slash-and-burn deforestration in the Amazon Basin and the Congo Basin? Will it reduce the incidence of coal mine fires in India, China and elsewhere? Or is it just up to us to bear this cost? It sounds from this article is that the answer is "indefinitely."
    Jun 21 02:23 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Two Proofs That Global Economy Is Not on the Upswing [View article]
    The global economy will probably continue to weaken somewhat in the overall sense. However, the global trade patterns will change in favor of those countries with trade surpluses and savings. The emerging markets seem to indicate such a global transfer of wealth. The various countries are probably now in the process of figuring out how and what to trade with each other in order to get out from under their over-reliance on American and European consumption. They recognize that the American and European consumers are tapped out. If China is successful with their stimulus program and infrastructure investments, many other countries will follow their example.
    Jun 21 01:41 PM | 4 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Why Not Start Defaulting on Your Credit Cards? [View article]
    "There is no dignity quite so impressive, and no independence quite so important, as living within your means."---Calvin Coolidge
    Jun 16 10:18 PM | 9 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Global Warming Could Be Double Previous Estimates - MIT [View article]
    That's allright. Take care.

    On Jun 15 04:30 PM jmmx wrote:

    > :)
    > Great talking with you VB. Perhaps we will meet in another forum.
    > We have about beat this old horse to death!
    > Good luck to you in all your endeavors. Let's hope that my more pessimistic
    > moods are overdone! :)
    > Regards to you and all your family.
    > JMMX
    Jun 15 10:34 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment